Winter Watch Prediction on “Maine Shooter”

October 26, 2023

Feels like a manifesto is coming. Mr. Card is alledged to have been in a mental institution in the summer. Also a white guy and a veteran.  This will be a pre-crime and gun control narrative.

Will be curious to see how close I am on the script. I predict a manifesto emerges centering around anti-war and/or “antisemitic” sentiments combined with extreme conspiracy theory tomes. Of course we all know that mindset leads to such perps senselessly targeting innocents in a bowling alley.

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  1. My father and I were listening to multiple police coms with scanners and they continually referred to multiple shooters . At least two different BOLOs went out for vehicles, and there were many calls to dispatched about armed “men”. After it went out that they had a suspect in custody the State Police Helicopter landed for fuel and said they would be continuing the search after. EMTs were instructed to return to the command center, a tent in a parking lot, after the event was slowing down.
    Defiantly synthetic.

  2. The sheriff’s office released images of the shooter using a “high-powered assault-style rifle.”

    It is ever thus …

    • First “Ban Assault Rifles” ad spotted on U-tube – they are in the can, obviously.
      I am looking for “on the FBI’s radar” – and, of course, the manifesto – anti-immigrant, MAGA to be expected – perhaps less so just now “anti vax”
      “synthetic”? different than “hybrid”? .. do we have EMT action video ? (or just empty triage mats?)
      there do seem to be many with less than mortal wounds – that suggests it actually happened …

    • A reminder :

      Under Bill Clinton, Joe Biden wrote the 1994 Crime Bill which included the Federal Assault Weapons Ban which came into force on September 13, 1994 and expired on it’s 10 year sunset clause.

      The Sandy Hook production on December 14, 2012, featuring “assault weapons”, naturally, occurred after an interval form the expiry of the FAWB of 6666 days …

    • This stuff is easy – breathless ABC “breaking news”

      “Suspect consumed ‘conspiratorial’ content online, investigation finds”

      I like that: “consumed” … in my line of work, mentally ill people are said to “consume” state funded mental health services/therapy, etc.

  3. Obviously the American military – as it exists today- should be disarmed and conscripted to mental hospitals as a result of this made for tv shooter’s example.

    • This homicidal “thinking” is more apt to be caused by “safe” pharmaceuticals. Remember how dual citizen – owned pharma instructed their tools in D.C. to grant them civil immunity back in (I believe) ’84? Further, notice how dual citizen media consistantly ignores how many of these (manufactured) lunatics are either ON or attempting to come OFF of “safe” pharmaceuticals?

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