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Neo-Stasi Operatives are Rapidly Taking Control of America

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‘It is just when people are all engaged in snooping on themselves and one another that they become anesthetized to the whole process. As information itself becomes the largest business in the world, data banks know more about individual people than the people do themselves. The more the data banks record about each one of us, the less we exist.’ — Marshall McLuhan, ‘From Cliché to Archetype’

The Crime Syndicate in control of the U.S. and elsewhere is making it known that surveillance of speech and thought is being turned into actionable response (aka oppression).

They are completely removing the mask.

Tracking and apprehending boogeymen and phantoms is big business and is an integral part of the corporate/runaway government financial looting operations. That was made clear when low-reputation Facebook (aka Fakebook) began contacting those being dubbed “extremists.”

I asked during recent podcasts how Fakebook even knew what sites “Jessie” was availing. And who were those “experts” to whom Fakebook was referring.

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We can logically assume that the same neo-Stasi posse that is tracking Jessie for Fakebook is behind another initiative to snoop on and burst in on your SMS text messages, especially those involving adult conversations around topics like Covid-1984.

The term “fact checkers” has turned into a Orwellian Big Brother parody, much like “experts.” They are “also planning to engage factcheckers more aggressively and work with SMS carriers to dispel misinformation about vaccines that is sent over social media and text messages.”

The puppet dementia Joe administration is in the thick of the fray.

Google also operates its own internal intelligence agency complete with foreign regime-change operations that are now being applied domestically. And they’ve been doing so without repercussions for over a decade.

In 2010, Google CEO Eric Schmidt created Google Ideas. In typical Silicon Valley newspeak, Ideas was marketed as a “think/do tank to research issues at the intersection of technology and geopolitics.

An internal document regarding the Pentagon’s Countering Extremism Working Group (CEWG) from last April names the individuals and groups that are slated for membership in a subcommittee that specializes in setting targets for the Defense Department, Department of Homeland Security and Department of Justice. Note the presence of privately funded lobbying orgs, like the ADL, SPLC, MEMRI, and ACLU.

For example, the ADL considers Fox News’ Tucker Carlson to be a domestic extremist. Recently, the same group declared that calling attention to Israel’s human rights abuses is also “extremism.” By deferring to the ADL’s guidance on these matters, the U.S. government is criminalizing the opinions of millions of Americans.

According to an article in McClatchy D.C., an app for police officers only will allow cops to place “ideological extremists” on a federal watchlist.

The National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC) is moving quickly to build a new mobile app that will provide police with unclassified yet sensitive federal intelligence information on potential threats, two White House officials said.

“Once the app is ready, you can, if you’re a cop on the beat, get those sorts of FOUO [For Official Use Only] products from your federal partners on your phone, said the senior White House official, who spoke with McClatchy on condition of anonymity. Frankly, that’s where it should be — it should be at the fingertips of those on the front lines of this.”

The Postal Service’s law enforcement division, the Internet Covert Operations Program (iCOP) is reportedly using facial recognition technology, combined with fake online identities, to ferret out potential troublemakers with “inflammatory” posts.

iCop claims the online surveillance, which falls outside its conventional job scope of processing and delivering paper mail, is necessary to help postal workers avoid “potentially volatile situations.”

The ‘Big Guy’ Biden on his knees in the Oval Office, groveling before the President of Israel earlier this month. PHOTO: Times of Israel/Haim Zach/GPO

A month ago the “Big Guy” puppet President Joe Biden’s administration announced their Stasi-like plans to create the means for “family and friends” to snitch on one another — to fight the bogus exaggerated threat of domestic terrorism.

In a teleconference on Monday, a senior administration official told reporters of a plan that sounds reminiscent of the Minority Report by attacking “pre-crime.”

“We will work to improve public awareness of federal resources to address concerning or threatening behavior before violence occurs,” the official said.

The official went on to explain how this would work, which involves family members and friends snitching on each other.

“And on that, I would just note that one of the things we’re talking about is the need to do something in this space, like the see something — ‘if you see something, say something’ — concept that has been promulgated previously by DHS.

“This involves creating contexts in which those who are family members or friends or co-workers know that there are pathways and avenues to raise concerns and seek help for those who they have perceived to be radicalizing and potentially radicalizing towards violence.”

Notice how they use the word “potentially” to imply that certain, completely legal, political speech has the “potential” to incite violence.

Then, as if big tech censorship and spying wasn’t enough, the official mentioned “increased information sharing” between tech platforms to help combat this potential for radicalization.

This week, as whites all over America are being killed or beaten within an inch of their lives, the FBI puts out a new call to report “hate crimes.”

Not to be outdone is a line to spot “suspicious behaviors” and report them to the FBI

If you’re like us, perhaps you’ve wondered what kind of people are being enlisted into the Stasi system and so-called counter-extremist operations.

According to court documents submitted as evidence in a bombshell civil rights lawsuit by Supervisory Special Agent Karen Veltri against the Department of Justice over allegations of systematic sexual harassment, personal retaliation and a general culture of reckless depravity during her time serving in the Las Vegas FBI’s counter-terrorism unit.

When Veltri complained about misconduct and perverted behaviors in the office, the Supervisory Special Agent Robert Bennett nixed it.

Bennett, who appears to be bisexual, is also alleged to be a chronic alcoholic who kept a shotgun in his office along with his LGBT rainbow dildo.

The plaintiff alleges multiple instances of the agent taking drunk naps in FBI cars during work hours and blowing up her work phone with bizarre incoherent messages, including one where he talks about wishing he could see Justin Bieber’s penis.

Despite fears of retaliation after clashing with agent Cucinotta, Veltri sent the text messages and comments to the FBI’s Equal Employment Opportunities department. Nothing happened to Bennett. Instead, SAC Rouse and Assistant SAC A. Cynthia gave the him awards for his politically valuable high profile “domestic terrorism” frame up of “white supremacists.”

While drunk and playing in his office with rainbow dildos, Bennett led his unit in the politically important “domestic terror” arrest of white men who the FBI was claiming were white supremacists planning to frame Black Lives Matter for violence in Las Vegas during the deadly chaos in the summer of 2020.

Bennett was also responsible for investigating leads into Trump supporters who entered the Capitol on Jan. 6. SAC Rouse gave him an award for this endeavor, despite serious complaints about his behavior towards other agents.

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8 Comments on Neo-Stasi Operatives are Rapidly Taking Control of America

  1. This is just another example of the crime syndicate massaging the overton window away from constitutionally protected speech. Saying racist things about any group, as long as it is not menacing, is protected, and they want to move people away from this truth. Hence they invented “hate crimes”- there is no reason to differentiate the “why” of a crime- any law enforcement worth their salt knows that…
    “Proof of motive is not required in a criminal prosecution. In determining the guilt of a criminal defendant, courts are generally not concerned with why the defendant committed the alleged crime, but whether the defendant committed the crime.”
    And their invented oxymoronic exception…
    “ A HATE CRIME is one crime that requires proof of a certain motive. Generally, a hate crime is motivated by the defendant’s belief regarding a protected status of the victim, such as the victim’s religion, sex, disability, customs, or national origin. In states that prosecute hate crimes, the prosecution must prove that the defendant was motivated by animosity toward a protected status of the victim. Hate-crime laws are exceptions to the general rule that proof of motive is not required in a criminal prosecution.”
    Historically, prosecution of people based upon motive is undertaken by law enforcement grasping at straws when they lack any real evidence against those people. No body? No murder weapon? No problem! We got motive! This is a clear bastardization of criminal justice investigation, clown world style.

  2. Any law enforcement worth their salt knows that finding motive is unnecessary: “In determining the guilt of a criminal defendant, courts are generally not concerned with why the defendant committed the alleged crime, but whether the defendant committed the crime.”
    And their oxymoronic invented exception:
    “In states that prosecute hate crimes, the prosecution must prove that the defendant was motivated by animosity toward a protected status of the victim. Hate-crime laws are exceptions to the general rule that proof of motive is not required in a criminal prosecution.”

    Prosecutors usually search for motive when they lack real evidence and are effectively grasping at straws. No body? No murder weapon? No problem! Search for a motive! This is a clear bastardization of criminal justice investigation, clown world style.
    Racist speech, as long as it’s not menacing, is constitutionally protected, and this is an effort by the crime syndicate to obscure this truth. They’re obviously manipulating pajama people’s overton window on what is acceptable discourse.
    I hear constant platitudes about the rank and file FBI agents being good people… I’m not so sure about that… There’s only 35,000 of them in this whole country, and stories of their agents being degenerates are plentiful. Surely there are a few good people there, but I reckon they start a job search quickly once they “read the room”. Almost 10 billion dollars annually for this bad joke… What, pray tell, is NOT a looting operation at this point?

  3. Why is this happening? Several reasons, but for me anyway it’s because too many folks are addicted to social media, posting political stuff on Facebook, Twitter, etc or their “right-wing” alternatives just because…dopamine hits or what? Yes I have a Facebook page but these days I rarely post on there (Happy Birthday, Happy Holiday, stuff about my books)…and mostly I just use Facebook Messenger for close friends and family. No Twitter, no Instagram, no TikTok (don’t use videos), etc. Fact is Big Tech “partnering” with CIA/FBI/NSA and their foreign equivalents are simply mining data…it’s all about the data and then selling the data or using it for nefarious purposes. And then of course “smart phones” (I do NOT have a cell phone and I NEVER WILL!) selling privacy everywhere. Not only are millennials and even kids addicted, but it’s gotten so bad even us old folks Boomers are now addicted to it. One reaps what one sews, and, hopefully, one o’ these days a “paralled structure” samizdat-type “social media” community-wise will be formed by folks fed up with cancel culture, accusations of “white supremacy” and the like, and “the dindus” trying to take over the world (to the point where even their fellow blacks are fed up with it!) and sanity reigns, finally. As I say on my blog often: “Let the woke bury the woke,” based off a Bible passage coined by Christ Himself: “Let the dead bury the dead.”

  4. Dudes and ladies,

    If you are really ticked by this information, then simply follow RW’s lead, and move abroad. Plain and simple (pun intended).

    Please realize that although “the grass may not greener on the other side”, you could lose a great deal of this nonsense by choosing a place that will not tolerate such behavior. You have everything you need, right now, to begin a change / relocation, and if the USA ain’t your “cup of tea”, then move on, go with God, create the wonderful, and simply divorce this nation.

    RW did it, and so could you. Heck, I am working on it. The process is not pretty (can be clunky at times), but even working through it provides a sense of innate peace. All of you, that I have spoken to, are extremely wise, worldly, and more than able to make it work…so just start now.

    Listen: RW, BGNZ, myself, and perhaps a few others know that the U.S. is the largest debtor in the history of the planet. Further, there is no infrastructure to grow the nation out of its dilemma. Perhaps a WW2 economy could grow enough exports to escape its current path, but the factory infrastructure does not even exist to the level required at his point (it did in the 1940s). So not only would you need a massive economic shift, but you would also need to, first, create a system of industrial workhouses to actually employ in such an effort (we do not have this capacity, currently). The nation is beyond bankrupt, and lacks the necessary output to even begin to address a proper economic recovery.

    Maybe a cryptocurrency / block chain device will buy time; however, it will not end the eventual destination of being destitute. The best a move such as this can do is delay the eventual pain of the addiction’s finality. A shared, global, currency is still a punchline for many reasons that I will not even begin to get into here, so sharing the debt burden is beyond our current position in time.

    So what is there to do? Move! Leave! Shut off the lights, close the door, and walk away. Find a place in this world that makes you very happy.

    My, very simple, 2 cents worth.

    All my best,
    Simple Citizen

    • I see your point SC, but do we really owe anybody anything? Isn’t the debt just a bunch of ones and zeros owed to foreign bankers that have no ability to recover such debts (no enforcement arm)? My only debt is my home mortgage. Once that’s paid off, what debt do I owe? I have no intentions of running away from people who say I owe them money when I don’t. What legal standing would any law enforcement officials have, to force me into a situation, where I have to do things against my will? I know a lot of people are not in as good of a situation, as I am and for them I hope the best. I’m not leaving America, even if I have to eek out a meager existence hiding in the woods or a cave or some place the crime syndicates don’t have any interest in. I think maybe that’s how our ancestors did it thousands of years ago. They went to the most harsh inhospitable places of the world in order to escape the tyranny of civilization. When the time comes we will do so again in my opinion. Thanks for your insight and I always appreciate your responses even if I don’t always agree with you.


      • Nick,

        You rock and the feeling is mutual (always enjoy your posts both when I concur and when I do not, because you make me think and I am appreciative for that “spark”).

        If you do not mind, I am going to (respectfully and humbly) offer two thoughts regarding our conversation:

        My post was not just for you and me. It was for the single lady who may be 50+ on a fixed income who is seeing inflation rise and violence in the streets. It was also for the parents who do not wish to have CRT and Trnany reading hours fostered onto the young minds that they cherish / love.

        My own main reason (that of our family) for going is adventure! That came first and then the other support for the choice fell into place as the devolution continued.

        Now between you and me (and anyone else reading this), I do think the United States is going to swing back to a renaissance of sorts and much of the recent events will recede into history; however, it will take more time (no guesses on that one from me) and, like the Founders, I do wonder how long it will be able to be maintained. You can see, taste, feel, hear and touch a movement toward a quieter time that is more rational / humble / reasonable — it is building from the inertia, but just like market timing, I am horrible at predicting when such events may reach the turning point.

        While I am very happy about your extremely small and very wise debt footprint, around a tangible asset; I would have to disagree with you on what may happen once that mortgage is paid off. This statement is not to worry you at all, but to simply help you think about it.

        So I have had this conversation before with Black Throated Sparrow, if you have read it before and it seems redundant, then I do apologize in advance:

        As we have no ALLODIAL TITLE in a majority of this nation (there was only one successful case regarding Dartmouth University, originally), all property owned is not technically “FREE AND CLEAR”.

        Although BTS pointed out to me that Nevada has moved to permit allodial title, if you do not live in Nevada then your single ownership recourse could be limited if the tax authority in your location got down right draconian. Further, you would also have the possibility of adverse possession, which the United States Supreme Court has held up for Uncle Sam in nearly all challenges.

        So once a mortgage is paid, there are still a few way in which the powers that be could become a royal-pain-in-the-neck (speaking of royal pains, if you are in Canada, even in the French speaking province, the Queen still technically owns your land by law). Now there are a few ways to protect against such actions that I could mention generally (not any form of professional advice and / or financial advice here):

        A person or family could place the home into a trust or LLC to add a layer of protection to the overall ownership
        A person or family could form a nonprofit organization and sell the property to said organization for use in its mission
        A person or family could use a foreign trust and / or corporation to own the home / land, which would not make the property sovereign, but could impede a foreclosure by a local government until a negotiation could be worked out

        None of these remedies would be very effective in an adverse possession situation in which the FED is the counter party; please think of any war in which the U.S. wanted more territory and how the laws were shaped to permit such a change in ownership.

        Other nations, have other laws, and (depending on the country) it would not be as easy for a government body to go on a “land grab”. This is why it is often very hard for some nations to remove indigenous dwellers to rain forests when big corporate comes’-a -knockin’ for the wood and mineral deposits. By comparison, we both know how the U.S. not only created a reservation system, but has been “chipping away” at that system’s rights since inception…they want the land, and by golly they will eventually get it (by hook or by crook).

        My best recommendation for that cave would be somewhere else in the world, or Uncle Sam could get that too. This is why that meme and video about owning nothing by 2030 is even plausible since so many nations only seem to protect land owners at the surface level (pun intended), but could outright steal land if they so choose.

        Heck, HRH could take any of the land she wished to, in any nation where she still has the ability to shutdown a nation’s parliament, and (basically) tell everyone it is TIME TO GO…crazy world we live in.

        Well, I have to run; however, I really appreciated your response. Many thanks!


        • Oh yeah…you were absolutely correct about the debt amounting to a bunch of journal entries and not much more. The illusion of a fair debt (which 95% of it is not), reasonable terms (a joke) and a civil society (the punchline) is what keep it in place. Still the U.S. has “put more debt points on the board” over any other nation in history…always going for the gold medal I guess.


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