The ‘OK Boomer’ Fake Identitarian Psyop

In a nihilist world absent of any kind of virtues, people will desperately search for any kind of meaning in their lives. Thus, they seek meaning in some kind of abstract, constructed identity that the New Underworld Order (NUO) Crime Syndicate put forward to them. Don’t get me wrong. There are important identities. However, the main one is “good versus evil,” ponerology and kakistocracy, the primary topics of our pages.

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But there’s a rising tide of superficial ones, too. The NUO seeks to balkanize society into these small tribes of controlled identitarian groups,  and then pit them against each other based on flimsy narratives.

In George Orwell’s “Nineteen Eighty-Four,” the battlefronts were all faked. That’s basically what’s happening here. Fake battles and fake conflicts manufactured to keep the population divided and in conflict while the Crime Syndicate gets away with their dirty deeds.

And it’s not just identity gaming. It also involves fake issues designed to misdirect from real ones.

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This is the classic divide-and-conquer tactic used by parties, such as Julius Caesar in Gaul and the British imperialists. This is re-branded as identity politics. Today this can be astro-turfed and made to look like the divide-and-conquer tactic is completely normal, organic and trendy so as to suck gullible pajama people in.

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Our ‘Theory’ Confirmed: Social Media is Largely Faked

The Crime Syndicate’s goal is to atomize society as much as they can and turn everyone into self-centered, narcissistic/nihilistic individuals who are completely apathetic to anything that goes on around them and who participates in society only in a superficial way.

The key to knowing that you’re being gamed with divide-and-conquer identity politics are memes that distract from actual behavior. They are often very generalized, too. The same is true across the board, whether it be blacks, Jews, Muslims, females, males, the Left, Right and so on. Never give anyone a pass just because they belong to an identity, but over-generalizing any of these groups is problematic behavior. Winter Watch attempts to focus on and name the bad actors within any group, not the entire class or group.

Psyop looking trend

The latest example of this is the “OK Boomer” meme.

This is more divide-and-conquer gaming, this time between the old and the young. As a Boomer myself, I recognize that there might be real conflicts between these groups. And it’s easy to heap blame on Boomers for the ills that surround us and bad actors among the Boomers.

But the goal of the “OK Boomer” psyop is to dismissively silence the voices of reasonable people within the Boomer group by branding them bad actors. This is not new either- I heard the scam meme “Never trust anyone over 30” when I was young.

The playbook has been one of destroying all inherent sources of wisdom. Old customs and traditions seeped in the experiences of older people are the targets. When you make a generation devoid of any foundation to stand on – cultural, spiritual, national, and their elders – they become unhinged and can then easily be swayed.

It’s not in the NUO’s interest for such superficial disagreements to end and for people to live with reason and logos. The kakistocracy are warmongers. If peace were to happen, they would lose all their power. It’s as simple as that. The Crime Syndicate draws their power from conflict.

To be perfectly honest, the “OK Boomer” meme is getting old, nasty, tiresome and stupid fast — just like the other cesspool of overdone shit. LET. IT. DIE. Quit falling for inane buzzwords. Replace this insidious platitude with the totally appropriate, “OK, plutocrat.”

The other false meme right now is that Epstein didn’t kill himself. It’s another example of framing discussion around a dialectic of suicide or suicided. The theory that Epstein is still alive isn’t even entertained.

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36 Comments on The ‘OK Boomer’ Fake Identitarian Psyop

  1. Try as we might, it is almost an impossibility to awaken people to the dialectical process that is being played out in every aspect of their lives. Society is filled with Trumpanzee’s and Obamabots who are unwilling or unable to see there is a force far greater than these circus ringmasters running the show. They will never be able to admit they are being played like a cheap fiddle. They are unwilling to pull the curtain back and see who and/or what runs the greatest show on earth. Perhaps some day that will change. Perhaps it never will. Until then all we can do is keep trying to awaken the sheeple..

    The Dialectical Process

    “The intentional process of radical social change demands continual tension or crisis. These may be spontaneous or manufactured. This book helped lay the foundation for the psycho-social strategies that have transformed education and culture around the world. Based on the research begun at Tavistock (England), continued at the Frankfurt Institute (Germany) then moved to MIT, Columbia University, Stanford and various tax-funded “Educational Laboratories” after World War II, it established the strategies for brainwashing that now permeate our schools, media and organizations. See Brainwashing in America.”

  2. Holding any generation responsible for the actions of the ruling “elite” or the cultural poisons that social engineers during their time subjected the populace to is unfair. The Boomers are no more responsible for the garbage that came out during their time than millenials are for the transgender mania, drag queen story hour, Greta Thunberg, David Hogg, slutwalks, pussy hat marches, black lives matter anarcho-tyranny, etc. Sure, there’s a certain portion of each generations that play into these tricks, but we are all subjected to this. It’s forced upon us.

    With that said, millenials have a legitimate resentment against Boomers for letting TV and the schools indoctrinate us, but instead of playing the blame game, we should learn from the mistakes of the past and try not to repeat them ourselves. And even though many Boomers hold onto their precious TVs, spineless & cowardly conservatism, etc., efforts should be made to bring them up to speed rather than play into the divide and conquer game. We’re all subject populations and we need to work together towards the lives we want, not the lives the ruling class wants for us.

    • I agree with you, for the most part. But let me give you an example of typical Boomer behaviour in the UK: Owning multiple properties, because they bought their home for 1/15 what it’s worth now. In a country where affordable housing for my generation is scarce, Boomers buy all of it up to then rent out (to millennials), or as a vacant investment. Of course, not ALL boomers do this, and that’s why I stand with you on the ridiculousness of this finger pointing. Millennials are guilty of so much too, but there are clear examples of selfish behaviour among Boomers.

      • What you are describing is New Underworld Order Bubblenomics and Easy Money. I personally benefited from this. It results in intra-generational transfer of wealth leaving the young high and dry. This and the student debt racket are real grievances. However I never lobbied or even cheerled for housing. property and education bubbles. The blames lies with banksters and captured government not boomers.

        • But we can’t wait for the gatekeepers to change culture and legislation to be more just, and more inkeeping with the interests of the nation (past, present and future). The argument that “we’re not guilty of X because the establishment’s liberal policies allowed us to do X” is pretty reprehensible in my opinion. We need to start taking individual responsibility and setting our own moral standards, ‘cos lord knows the gatekeepers aren’t going to set the right standards for us.

          • The course I took with Bubblenomics was to write and critique it when I was a financial writer. I was not a lone voice, but we were ignored. I said at the time the young would be screwed. I am not sure what individual responsibility I should take for the subsequent damage other than continue to speak out on the criminality in general. I am still being largely ignored and increasingly censored.

            Frustrating – but calling me Ok boomer isn’t the answer and is very misguided. It is fair to point out to boomers the generational injustice of what happened if they don’t get it. The young need to get educated on the underlying causes of Bubblenomics not diverted.

            • I’m not calling you ‘Boomer’ or ‘OK Boomer’ or anything else. I’m making the general point that it’s not okay to do things which are harmful to the nation/culture/values just because law permits it. We know that the legal system is at odds with proper justice and well-being, so we need to live by our own moral compasses. Otherwise where does it end… “It wasn’t me who allowed porn to dominate the internet, so I can’t be blamed for watching it”… “It wasn’t me who opened the borders so I can’t be blamed for hiring illegals”… “It wasn’t me who started the war in Iran so I can’t be blamed for fighting in it”…

              This isn’t an attack on you, but you did say you personally benefitted from multiple home ownership (unless I misunderstood).

      • Blaming your misfortune on someone else’s fortune is a dead end street. Tell me you would not do the same thing if the opportunity presented itself. Life has or never will be fair. What has always set the winners apart from the losers is their ability to adapt and willingness to work hard. No doubt you are living in yet another decline in Western civilization, and yes it sucks. The question is will your generation or the next learn from mistakes made by those before you? The German philosopher Hegel (1770-1831)doubts it. He knew that just because men and women learned about the past, that didn’t mean they’d make better decisions about the future. He once cynically commented, “What experience and history teach us is this—that people and governments never have learned anything from history, or acted on principles deduced from it.”

        The Life Cycles Of Empires:

        • Your points are inconsistent Johnny. You tell me that I would act in as predatory a manner as the generation before me, but then ask me “will your generation or the next learn from mistakes made by those before you?”. My answer is: Yes! I will learn from those mistakes, and I will not make the same decisions as they, which I believe to have been harmful to my nation.

          Let me reiterate, I am not saying Boomers are uniquely responsible for the downfall of the modern west. What I am saying is that anyone – of any generation – should be refusing to act in a manner which robs the generations that follow of them of their birthright.

  3. I just read online a bit of John Coleman’s book about Tavistock ( He says Tavistock was created in Britain in 1913 and was the major source of propaganda to convince the US population to get into WWI and WWII.

    I’m an almost 65 year old boomer. I figure that my grandmother, born in 1885, just 20 years after the end of the Civil War, was 28 when the Tavistock propaganda seeped into the US. That means my grandparents as well as parents and my generation have all been subjected to intense mental manipulation and emotional shocks. Now I don’t automatically believe anything written in standard history or other publications going back to Grandma’s age–actually earlier.

    Also I note that Wikipedia has some snarky things to say about boomers, like we are “associated with privilege” and consider ourselves “a special generation” that will put an economic strain on the US due to Medicare costs.

    One more thing: my younger daughter and I got along pretty well politically until she went through a graduate social work program. Since then she has been very intolerant of even opening any discussions about politics. I conclude she was brainwashed by the female SJWs in charge of the school. I’m hoping her daily experiences as a social worker will eventually disabuse her of the junk she was taught.

    • Coleman also wrote “The Conspirator’s Hierarchy:The Story of the Committee of 300,” a book that really woke me up, and I mean woke, not “woke”!

    • Generalizing about generations never makes any sense. Terence McKenna fit right into the boomer hippy era demographic, but really his ontological preoccupations were more in tune with the Gen X people. Hence his love of 1990s rave culture.

  4. Of course the elites are to blame (since they really are psychopaths), but so are Strauss and Howe with their “Fourth Turning” crapola, and folks like Jim Quinn of Burning Platform, who basically blames everything on Boomers. (Quinn is GenX…naturally!)

  5. A social engineering/policing tactic I’ve noticed online is similar to physical policing of street demonstrations using the technique of ‘kettling’
    The police essentially squeeze a group of people into an uncomfortably small space. ‘English usage may come from “kessel” – literally a cauldron, or kettle in German – that describes an encircled army about to be annihilated by a superior force’.
    The idea is to divide the population online and then psychologically ‘kettle’ specific groups with intense pressure, discrediting their views, disgracing them in public, making it clear this segment of society are outcasts etc etc
    Despite the Wikipedia editors description here this street demonstration technique is often used with small groups to separate them from the main group. The same technique seems to be deployed online to disarm any potential threats to messaging with smears, allegations, discredits etc from all sides of a circle…

    • Yes. They love to put people in boxes to make them easier to manage. It’s being done at every level of the pyramid.

  6. Jim Goad did a recent piece on this contagion of boomer hate. He made the point that it very well could be engineered to begin the process of boomer asset confiscation or at least set in motion divesting boomers of social security and Medicare benefits. Found it plausible really.

    • Jim Goad did a recent piece on this contagion of boomer hate.

      It isn’t ‘hate’, it’s ridicule — believe it or not, there is a difference between hating someone and ridiculing their political beliefs — these two concepts should not be confused or conflated.

      The mildly pejorative term ‘OK boomer’ is used to ridicule someone for having a set of political beliefs — while what is exactly meant by ‘OK boomer’ depends somewhat on the context, everyone has a general idea of what it’s supposed to imply, and the specific meaning is often fairly clear from the context.

      As another example, the term ‘anti-racist MAGAtard’ is similar, and perhaps gives an idea of a typical context where ‘OK boomer’ is also used: it’s often used in the context of race blind civic nationalism, as a way to ridicule older people who, somehow, and despite all the evidence to the contrary they’ve seen throughout their lives, including very recently (2020), for some reason still believe that a multiracial society can work.

      Agree, I will have something on this soon.

      If you do, be sure to note the distinction between ‘hate’ and ridicule (of political beliefs) — unless you do, your time will not have been well spent.

    • Yes, the ol’ “approved publications” of fear porn. This is one of many reasons you are despised, not because of a meme, but because you act as if you did nothing wrong, deceived or otherwise. The boomer generation fell for it and refuse to own it. There’s your answer tardsquatch.

  7. Linkedin has no fewer than 2 generational warfare articles per week about millenials or boomers being the problem of our ills today. It is quite sickening. But it seems like a lot of people (bot accounts?) buy into it or take it seriously and indulge in the hate.

  8. I’ve always found the whole idea of defining generations as absurd. I have no idea what “generation” I am supposed to be. Stupid. I recognize that if people remember a certain landmark event that bonds them but they could be 7 or 70, quite frankly. Babies are born every single day so there’s only a spectrum and your friends are your friends so it’s blurry with older and younger siblings and I understand reference points are created m but that’s community and they should FO with their weird definitions and people stop buying into it altogether

  9. The way I do battle with “woke” people, is to flip the “White Privilege” narrative on its head.
    I tell them to acknowledge one group’s privilege, you must therefore be supporting the notion that the opposite group lacks intelligence/ambition to ascend for themselves. So when supporting affirmative action for blacks, what you must believe (as a woke person) is that blacks (or any minorities you advocate for) are too dumb to succeed on their own merits.

  10. I have noticed a “teen spirit” us vs them technique used to divide people. Every generation, the youth are told that to rebel against their parents is to rebel against the evil establishment obsessed with rigid moral laws. The hippies, the punks and the social justice warriors are prime examples.

    Little do they know, that creating divisions between child and parent is a control mechanism. Your mom is less powerful than the Hollywood Actors and Rocktards you worship as “subversive”.

  11. Yes the 60’s era was the first step of the Rocktard hero worship and the break with the old american way of pride for what the country had created with a sense of respect/enjoyment of the authentic old world way of life. It has set up the young vs old, and then the music sub genre divide to the most minute detail to be ridiculous. It was one of the reason I had to leave the leftoid plantation the division on every little detail in life is just over the top.

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