Trump as a Conspiracy Misdirection Agent and Takedown Trojan Horse

ILLUSTRATION: The Sacramento Bee

Conspiracies are becoming more normalized with time. As much as we rag on the “normies” and “pajama people,” the fact of the matter is that public trust in the New Underworld Order (NUO) could not be lower. I propose that the Trump administration was created in part to steer that dynamic.

Prior to being elected, Trump was Conspiracy Central. He could be counted on to declare the obvious, such as that airplanes and office fires could not have collapsed the steel Twin Towers on 9/11.

Read “Trump: Only Explosives Could Have Brought Down the World Trade Towers”

But once in office, Trump became one of the greatest misdirection operatives of all time. Typical of his scams was his reference to the “dancing New Jersey Arabs” on 9/11 and faked chemical attacks in Syria. Not a truthful word came out of his mouth in his recent Baghdadi storytelling. Read: Trump’s ‘Wag the Dog’ Baghdadi Theatrics.

His crew has even gone so far as to create QAnon so as to control, capture and influence (through neuro-linguist programming; NLP) the growing conspiracy-inquiry community.

The president points to his political rivals and faceless low-level bureaucrats and says, “They’re the deep state, they’re behind this, pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.”

Meanwhile, Goldman Sachs and the kleptocracy determines economic policy regardless of which president is sitting in the Oval Office, and the Military Industrial-Surveillance Complex continues to gain ground no matter which party controls Congress. I see this as a re-branding effort for the NUO Crime Syndicate.

The Clintons were so closely tied to entrenched kleptocratic power that even Democratic loyalists were concerned. With Trump, the NUO has a president who indulges in conspiracy theories, has an unquestioning base of support and yet still favors the entrenched kakistocracy.

Now, we have more Epstein sleight of hand, as there are assertions from a NUO so-called “famed pathologist” Dr. Michael Baden (concocted the JFK magic bullet theory) that it was nearly impossible for kompromat agent Epstein to have committed suicide. Then, the alternative narrative is framed as murder. Curiously, the notion that Epstein slipped out the backdoor is never entertained in this NLP framing.

Read “Out the Back Door? Questioning the Death of Jeffrey Epstein”

Next, the attention falsely shifts to the Clintons being behind this fictitious hit. Again, more sleight of hand. They give up Epstein — who had already been exposed — and point fingers at Hillary — who was already suspect —  and say, “You’re right. Conspiracies are real, but you can trust this Trump guy because Alex Jones likes him.”

The other aspect of the Trump conspiracy is a Trojan horse takedown of what’s left of the American political system and to fatally divide the country. The next stage of this will be a contrived impeachment process to escalate discord. That whole process will be to tarnish and enhance the impression of unfairness and rigging. It will be plain to see, and Trump supporters will be outraged.

The other operative in the national takedown is House “Intelligence” Star Chamber Chair Rep. “Shifty” Adam Schiff, a Jewish Democrat from California, who will be the lightning rod for all that is wrong with the sistema. Again, more Hegalian contrived dialectic sleight of hand and drama.

While mainstream media keeps the masses distracted with the impeachment noise and other Trump and Shifty Schiff theatrics, the Crime Syndicate’s usual suspects are moving forward with their real objective: a gray state hard tyranny. They will use Gladio 2.0 false-flag terrorism threats as the pretense. Real street fighting over impeachment injustice is just what the NUO wants.

I’ve been warning of pre-crime and militarized-police policies for some time. Several years ago, my readers had little idea what I was talking about.

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Crime Syndicate Scheming for Implementation of Pre-Crime Powers
Latest ‘Police are Yokels’ Video is Finally Out from Las Vegas, Further Setting the Stage for Nationalizing Police

But now, we have several developments that seem to have gone in one ear and out the other among the population.

Yes, while everyone watches #impeachment and faux-conservative and liberal distractions, AG Barr and the kakistocracy are building a pre-crime “justice system” that includes red flag laws, HARPA, psychological profiling, Carbyne911 and other anticipatory Intel, the CLOUD Act and demands to end encryption.

As for online censorship and free speech? Neither kakistocratic party has lifted a finger. Free speech will be further eroded until it is eliminated all together for anyone the New Underworld Order doesn’t like.

18 Comments on Trump as a Conspiracy Misdirection Agent and Takedown Trojan Horse

  1. A complex narrative like this is hard for people to follow

    Even more so, given the predominance in people of the affiliation impulse over the truth-discerning faculty … For one to look at things in this way, the psychological question implicit is – With whom can one affiliate on such views, with some feeling of benefit?

    Belonging to the ‘truth-tellers’ or ‘truth-knowers’ club, of itself, is not that big of a draw … given that both are known to be dangerous

    And you know what the 4chan young guys would say about the above, their new dismissive refrain:

    ‘Ok, boomer’

    The newer generations just have a different way of approaching these topics, even when the awareness of corruption is just as strong

    But it is perhaps indeed most essentially a young person’s war now, their present and future being ravaged before their eyes … they will need to sort all of this out, as best they can

    • GIven the overwhelming evidence of the tyranny the one-party kakistocracy is putting in place, one would have to be suffering from extreme cognitive dissonance to call this a “complex narrative.”

    • Hey now, I’m not a boomer! lol — Get your point though, and all I can say is too bad for them.

      He who walks with wise men will be wise,
      But the companion of fools will suffer harm.

  2. All the pieces are pretty much in place for the take down and then the lock down. American’s are about to experience things they never imagined as they are awakened from their bread and circus slumber. The nightmare is about to begin.

    People have not learned the political system is merely a distraction mechanism, that politicians have no real power and are just operatives of the global corporations and banking institutions. Continued belief in yet another “starry eyed messiah” will prove to be their gravest mistake.

  3. There is always space for the rabbit hole to get deeper and sometimes you can really be surprised at how hidden in plain sight it is. Here is a partial list of famous members of Jaques De Molay international: Bill Clinton, Frank Borman, Neil Armstrong, Smothers Brothers, Walter Cronkite, Walt Disney, Paul Harvey, Chet Huntley, John Wayne, Dan Rather, John Steinbeck, speakers of the house, Jim Wright, Carl Albert. Senators Mark Hatfield and Scoop Jackson, baseball legend Pete Rose. The DeMolay International shapes young men ages 12-22 in the “virtues” and principles of Freemasonry replete with secrecy and sworn oaths never to reveal the secrets of The Brotherhood…..always loyalty to The Brotherhood which will shape you for success. Listed above are some of the most powerful names in shaping the “news” and public perceptions over the last 80 years. Combine the brothers of DeMolay,Skull and Bones and the CIA Mockingbird press and you can begin to approach what William J Casey meant when he said that by the time our disinformation program is complete Americans will come to believe that everything they believed in was wrong. Being a DeMolay member has always had the advantage of being able to deny that he is a member of a Masonic society as official membership ends at 22. What about the ladies? DeMolay has a sister organization for the gals call Job’s Daughters, though it is not nearly as impressive in it’s list of notables, it can boast of Judy Garland as a member….Judy of course is most famous for her role in the iconic cultish movie The Wizard of Oz, a movie which gave the American Public an enduring glimpse at the hidden symbols of Freemasonry.

    Why does official high level American politics have such an affinity for Israel…Freemasonry has been called Judaism for gentiles. Yes, I agree, Trump is the Trojan horse, the circus master, called to round up the last remains of the Republic and conservatism and end it for good and to continue to transfer power to the CS of Jerusalem.

  4. Yes Russ, it seems like a pretty simple formula. If you start with the premise that the “President” has no real power other than to “preside over a microphone” you can see these elections not as a struggle for change but as pageantry for the populace.
    You start with a continuum of diverse thought among each side DEM/REP then you gauge where the populace resonates out of those 9-20 candidates … Trump triggered the nationalism card-he therefore advances to the finals.
    DEM now have to answer back with their continuum of candidates.
    I suspect the calm and collected, anti-war, peace loving, good fairy Tulsi ,has the best shot of disrupting Trump after his 2nd term when the populace fatigues, seeks his antithesis, and the “Department of Peace” offers its solution to 8 years of Trump..
    What is miscalculated in all of this is the younger generations cynicism that is brewing underneath. You see, they are learning to write code, and soon that code will be able to travel outside of the matrix. Once it does you wont get the hypothetical 606 ERROR PAGE when you send data that shows any for of encryption like DLT Digital Ledger Technology AKA Blockchain.
    The big mistake the CS has made is that they have gone too far, as they always do, and the prevailing system, with its “failure” baked in creates desperation and risk taking by the masses.
    Slavery has a way of pushing people to push back

  5. With an awakening population, The Owners have to improve goy management on the plantation. They have to get someone out in front of the schmo screen who will pay at least partial homage to factual, common sense realities and physical laws. At this state of play, they are not going to get away with stuff like burning jet fuel pulverizes steel. The WTC-7 effect is on all channels 24-7 and the goyim are laughing and pointing at the stage management. They pull a black op and run it in the media – in two hours all their crisis actors have fan websites and people are talking about the appearances of the old favorites in their latest shyte. What to do? They have to get somebody in front of the schmo screen who can operate the shell game, read the teleprompter and work some common sense into the official narrative or the entire thing collapses as The Owners shift the scenery and dig out the foundations of the theater. Trump-ey Boy you got your script!!

  6. Russ, what do you know about the new language invented in 1887 by L L Zamenhof, a polish jew, called esperanto. You may be very familiar with it and I just missed it. It sure ties in with your NLP insights. I have only one recollection of ever having come across this invented language…..In Robert Benson’s Lord of the World….written in 1908…futuristic, dystopia novel about the rise of the ruler of the world, who will impose esperanto as the universal language….the language of Hope, brotherly love and world peace. I ran across it again a couple of months ago in an article on George Soros that said he was a devotee of esperanto. I looked into it starting with wiki and found it a much more extensive “language” than I first thought. In fact it is very extensive, embraced by the UN, an official language of China, and much more. Popes Benedict and JPll include a blessing on the world annually in esperanto….a video exists of Bergoglio saying he dreams in esperanto and the vatican has an esperanto website. What?! How could this have escaped my general education? Doesn’t appear to be a red herring, just another massive coverup hidden in plain sight.

  7. Trump is Reagan 2.0, any shit boomers could be made fun of for falling for under Ronald is currently being re-hashed and fed to the neo-boomers by the Donald

  8. just read a piece, the link for which, plus a video, posted on Whoolis chat, which paint Trump as some sort of saviour, whose purpose is to save America. I`m afraid you are correct, and Trump is part of the problem, a puppet, who does as he is told by his jewish masters..

  9. Thanks for the article. It sure seems to hit the nail on the head for me. I have constantly tried to show people the illogic of Trump being the saviour they think he is. But, true to form, most of his supporters continue to believe, regardless of the evidence. I was lucky (?) enough to grow up with a consummate conman, and I know all the signs and tricks. Trump parades them them most boldly, as if there can be no opposition…and in reality, there is none. The fact that when it comes to decision time, they are all on the same page, is easily seen. One look at the war mongering, political interference with other countries, Russia bad, Assad evil…they all agree… so there is little real opposition, That opposition that there is most of the time is false, serving only to ensure success through phony or weak arguments. When you see near complete agreement on the sanctity of Israel, you know what the reality is.

  10. Trump and all the political theater we see today in this country is Protocol 10 of the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. Not much longer and the entire operation will be changed to usher in the fake messiah. Make no mistake that is the plan. Jerusalem will be the place to watch.

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