The Myth of Boomer Privilege

By Jim Goad | 2 November 2019

TAKI’S MAGAZINE — The major theme of my writing is guilt — how blaming others is maliciously used as a disabling mechanism and how people and cultures toss it around like a hot potato. No one, unless they’re masochists or are trying to earn social-approval points, ever wants to accept guilt — they want to tie it around someone else’s neck and let them sink to the bottom of the lake with it. This is why I believe Christianity has such perennial appeal — because Jesus takes the rap for you.

I’ve been making this point for years, but you’ve all been too busy projecting your guilt onto others and blaming them for all your problems to listen to me.

The reason I get fixated on certain topics is because they in some way powerfully reflect this theme of misplaced blame. This may burst quite a few of your bubbles, but the fact that I’ve focused on the endless bashing of whites for years is not a sign of how deeply in love I am with white people but rather a fascination with the fact they’re getting blamed for many things that demonstrably aren’t their fault. It’s the same reason I focus on the gender wars — men nearly aren’t as awful as they’re being depicted, and women are nowhere near as innocent as the current narrative says they are.

If you haven’t been paying attention, there’s been escalating intergenerational hostility across our fair land, and people are increasingly identifying with dumb, media-manufactured generational names—AKA Baby Boomers, Gen X, Millennials, and Gen Z—as if they were scientific categories that are predictive of human behavior rather than arbitrary designations along the lines of Virgo, Capricorn, Scorpio, and Leo. […]

3 Comments on The Myth of Boomer Privilege

  1. Blame? Try the nonsense theory of Strauss and Howe, the Fourth Turning crap, and idiots like Jim Quinn of The Burning Platform website for pushing this generational guilt garbage.

    • Quinn does good work on the false data and the false economy. I don’t follow him enough the spot the generational guilt Boomer messaging. Could you cite an example? Issues like unfunded pensions and medical are the sad reality. The Crime Syndicate will deepsix them.

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