Kudos to University of Idaho President for Defending Free Speech

An 'It’s Okay to be White' sign is seen Nov. 1, in downtown Moscow, Idaho. PHOTO: David Harlan/Daily News

‘It’s Okay to be White’ – Explained

Flyers posted in Moscow, at UI part of provocation campaign

By Scott Jackson | 5 November 2018

MOSCOW-PULLMAN DAILY NEWS — Flyers bearing the slogan “It’s okay to be white,” were posted throughout Moscow and the University of Idaho campus late last week.

The stunt was an apparent repeat of a year-old provocation campaign rooted in anonymous alt-right message boards hosted by sites like Reddit and 4Chan.

Participants were encouraged to dress up in silly costumes on Halloween night and wander local towns and campuses posting the flyers in public view. According to one such post, the campaign was designed as a “proof of concept” that left-leaning political groups and the media would react with strong vitriol to the supposedly “harmless” message, exposing hypocrisy and anti-white sentiment and driving more people toward the alt-right. …

UI President Chuck Staben said in a statement issued Thursday he is disappointed to see such expression on campus, but those flyers posted on authorized surfaces like bulletin boards would not be removed by university personnel.

He said while he personally does not value this kind of divisive statement, noting the slogan has been embraced by white supremacist and neo-Nazi organizations, UI supports free speech[…]

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