Why Does the Left Betray its Own?

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo via Newsverse

HENRY MAKOW — Mike Stone mentions three Leftist widgets that got thrown to the wolves (Weinstein, Degeneres & Cuomo) but there are more: Kevin Spacey, Charlie Rose, Les Moonves, Roger Ailes to name a few. Even Rubert Murdoch was menaced by “sexual misconduct” charges.  What did these people do to upset their masters? Did they refuse to sacrifice children? It may be a way of keeping the go-fers living in fear. Or, it is another example of Satanism destroying its own. Because that’s what Satanists do. Destroy.

By Mike Stone | 13 March 2021

Remember Harvey Weinstein? He was the biggest producer in Hollywood, winner of multiple Academy Awards, the man responsible for launching more careers and creating more movie stars than anyone.

He was friends with the Clintons, a donor to every leftist cause under the sun, and a man everyone wanted to meet and know. Then, seemingly out of the blue, he was levelled with a series of phoney rape hoaxes and now he’s in prison, alone and forgotten. What happened?
There were rumors at the time that Weinstein was silenced because he was planning to make an anti-vax film. In today’s context, that seems plausible. But could that story really be true?
Surely, if someone had explained the situation to him, he would have dropped the film. In fact, someone with Weinstein’s talents could have been used to promote the current virus hoax. There has to be more to the story. What happened?
Fast forward to today and New York governor Andrew Cuomo is getting the same treatment. Just like with Weinstein, women are appearing out of the blue, months or even years after the fact, and levelling accusations at him. […]

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  1. It’s what ‘organized crime’, aka ‘secret societies’, & fraternities/sororities do based on the talmudic model.

  2. What can you expect from ” beings ” that have abortion as a religion , and buttpluggin’ as Alpha and Omega ?!?

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