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Trial of Former SS Guard, Now 94, Starts in Münster

The Stutthof camp in Denzig, Poland. PHOTO: via The Jewish Forward

6 November 2018

THE LOCAL EUROPE (AFP) — A former SS guard, aged 94, goes on trial Tuesday in Germany charged with complicity in mass murders at a Nazi concentration camp during World War II, in a case bearing symbolic and moral weight.

The man from the western district of Borken was a watchman from June 1942 to September 1944 at the Stutthof camp near what was then the free city of Danzig, now Gdansk in Poland. …

The trial marks a new attempt in Germany’s race against time to prosecute surviving Nazis, after a new legal precedent was set in 2011.

The nonagenarian is accused of being an accessory to the murders of several hundred camp prisoners, the regional court of Münster said, more than seven decades after the end of WWII.

These included more than 100 Polish prisoners gassed on June 21 and 22, 1944, as well as “probably several hundred” Jewish prisoners killed from August to December 1944 as part of the Nazis’ so-called “Final Solution” operation.

As a watchman aged between 18 and 20 at the time, he is “accused in his capacity as a guard of participating in the killing operations,” Dortmund prosecutor Andreas Brendel told AFP.

“Many people were gassed, shot or left to die of hunger,” he added.

As the guards were a crucial part of the camp system, the man “knew about the killing methods” there, said prosecutors. …

But when interrogated by police in August 2017, the accused insisted he knew nothing about the atrocities in the camp, Die Welt reported.

Asked why the camp detainees were so thin, the defendant reportedly said food was so scarce for everyone that two soldiers could fit into a uniform. …

The defendant will be tried before a juvenile court as he was not yet 21 at the time of the crimes. […]

2 Comments on Trial of Former SS Guard, Now 94, Starts in Münster

  1. What a f-ing joke. These pathetic jew-tards just won’t relent even when they are so obviously racial supremacistand pathological liars.

    What about all of the “Allies” who committed genocide against 10 MILLION German men, women and CHILDREN AFTER THE WAR ENDED !!! ???

    When do those trials begin ?

    F-ing scum !

  2. This whole affair, like the trial of the old lady who was a typist at one of the forced labor camps, is a prime example of the kind of lunacy that gave us Covidiacy and the Great Reset. These Syndicate types are vicious but they rely on the inborn human habit of following silverback alpha males off whatever cliff that strikes their fancy.

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