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Official Covidemic Narratives Completely Breaking Down

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As the giant experimental-jab hamster-wheel campaign grinds on and consumes the majority of the global population, all the earlier scamdemic claims are collapsing like a paper tiger. It has turned into a monstrous bait-and-switch conducted by thought “leaders” (aka criminals) who never had real credibility to begin with.

First, there was a claim that the jabs were necessary to help “stop the spread” of the scamdemic. This was accomplished by shaming the spreaders. It was then amplified early on by crowding grandmas into nursing homes in certain usual-suspect locales with a bounty on their heads. When grandmas started dying, the fear porn ramped up as well as the blame game.

Fast forward to the present day and the Crime Syndicate has shifted gears yet again. It now admits that the vax has a limited shelf life for prevention, now being put at less six months. But not even this is accurate, as my own son can attest. He had a Covid infection a mere three months after his second Pfizer jab.

Additionally, the Crime Syndicate has switched gears on how the infection is spread. It now admits the vaxxed are just as likely to be spreaders as well.

In fact, the outcomes in the heavily vaxxed locales are among the worst in the world.

Once the notion of protection and control of the spread collapsed, the Crime Syndicate then claimed that the jabs mitigated against serious outcomes, if a Branch Covidian caught the latest strain.

Yesterday, a Lancet study showed the very high levels of vaccinated being infected with Covid-19. In Germany, 55% of infections were among the vaccinated. Note the collapse of the “you won’t get as sick narrative” as high numbers of hospitalized and dead are the vaccinated.

Czech Republic hospitalizations show plenty of vaccinated patients. Druhá dávka translates double vaxxed.

Death jab in Ireland:

Now Fauci admits that the vaxxed are experiencing an uptick in hospitalizations. Even the use of the term “uptick” is yet more weasel language.

In reality, the data shows the hospitalization of the vaxxed is tracking as much or worse than the unjabbed deplorables. Enter the conditions such as heart inflammation that are now part of the equation — that is for the vaxxed.

The latest smoke-and-mirror admissions take the cake and were obvious all along: the delta variant — and the alpha variant as well — is “de nada.”

In other words, many of these “cases” that are being reported don’t even register as a common cold in terms of health impact. But you can still shamelessly spread “de nada” to others.

The latest game of the Crime Syndicate Pinocchios is a razzle dazzle confession about the limited efficacy of the jabs, and then make it about boosters. Yes, very slick. Furthermore, the goal post has been shifted to redefine the word “vaccinated” on the hamster wheel they have put the entire population on with their mandates and passes.

Yes, Martha, if you don’t stay on the hamster wheel, you will be demoted and go to the back of the line with all the unvaxxed deplorables. This is a schematic of how this gaming works — that is, if you live long enough to take those third and fourth boosters.

If you’ve been single or double jabbed, at what point do you wake up and join the deplorable class? The hamster wheel is coming for you regardless. And since the latest scam is boosters, what if you’ve been double jabbed and still got the Covid? Can you avoid the deplorable class? Not in the U.S., where prior infection is never taken into consideration.

Read “Adventures of a Deplorable in the Czech Republic”

Deplorables and soon-to-be deplorables hit the street. Nothing in Prague yet, I am sad to report. The imagery you see online was from the Purple Revolution celebrations during the week.

16 Comments on Official Covidemic Narratives Completely Breaking Down

  1. Some data – call it “bottom line” – and an impression:

    “Vaccinated English adults under 60 are dying at twice the rate of unvaccinated people the same age”

    This guy is good – said to be former NYT reporter; his approach is pandemic-compliant (i.e. not a deplorable convid denier) but he is honestly looking at the data. And with thousands of (or 10s of Ks?) substack subscribers his current income is likely much more robust than many of the soon to be jobless CNN on-screen personnel.

    = =
    I have access to a large group of fully vaccinated. I am hearing essentially zero enthusiasm for “boosters” – from a group that early this year absolutely hung on every state government communication about the pace of the vax availability and rushed out to submit as soon as they became “eligible”. A great number of them became extremely ill almost immediately (no ER level events as far as I know) and it quickly became a real badge of honor to report such reactions. But it seems this cult attraction has quickly faded in the face of twice yearly post-booster illness said to be a near certainty.

    And why this quiescence in the USA? I offer a humble – almost shameful – thank you to the citizens of Rome, Paris, Rotterdam, Zagreb and on and on…

  2. Great article. You used ‘irregardless’- that’s southern US bullshit language, Russ. Like saying ‘same difference’ 😂

    That meme with the Nth-vaccinated being unvaccinated until they get the Nth+1 Vaccine, I’d keep an eye on that. I’ve heard, thought over some interesting ideas as to why that may be, which include but are not limited to just demolishing the health of people. Often times, how the ‘CS’ works, they’ll lead with that, knowing it’ll be widely publicized- only to chalk it up as a ‘mistake’ not in policy but somehow in the finer details. For ex:

    The idea is that you could use a vaccine to ‘target’ a specific demographic or demographics not by what is most obvious, but by a possible catalyst. Heart issues, for instance, a more obvious one- say a certain racial demographic is more prone to this, which could be not necessarily because of race, but correlated to it- maybe because of rural whites or poor blacks, being poor, and not having the best diets in the world at this point in time. You lock them up for two years, depress them, get them addicted to ‘comfort foods,’ simple carbs, high cholesterol, then come these boosters- blast their hearts with shit. I’m not saying this Is for sure what’s intentionally going on, but it’s for sure a relative effect, and if there was ‘foreknowledge of the vaccine causing myocarditis,’ something you don’t hear discussed often, then this kind of targeting could’ve been used as a kind of Eugenic, or to use the newer term, ‘Genomic’ operation. A lot of this really does come down to the military, law, judges, etc doing their jobs and not being malevolent genocidal maniacs, and holding people to account for enforcing this stuff when it isn’t an ’emergency.’ Otherwise, they can just keep making excuses, say ‘they didn’t know,’ it was some element in the vaccine which only affected such-and-such a group, and that ‘they’ll fix it’- using some Blackrock trillions to throw at a lawsuit (where the main beneficiaries are already money-launderers) and leave a shit ton of bodies in their wake. But that’s just the first part of the pattern, which could continue who knows how many times until checks/balances (which includes ‘the people’) step in and put it all to rest- maybe not as an ‘option,’ if you want to poison yourself, that is a whole other ballgame- then you’d have to discuss the ethics of assisted suicide, and if there is enough data, the ethics of using a ‘contagious sickness’ to do so- which also seems pretty unlawful, even by Kevorkian standards. The more I’ve looked material concerning all of this, the more it seems like the only situation where this Vaccine could be useful at all would be in the most extreme circumstances, where someone is very old, with comorbidities, and even then its their decision- just like getting chemotherapy is someones decision. No one should be ‘forced to have chemotherapy.’ Ironically, it is a bizarre strain of Neo-liberal ‘Democrats’- DINOs to your RINOs- which have brought back the Terry Shaivo case on steroids- which (in my opinion) was also another ‘false dialectic,’ made to prime the pump for a eugenic/genomic future where decisions about ‘your survival’ are not allowed to be made by you- but those in charge of you as a ‘human platform’ and its value as ‘human capital.’

    And that brings the second half, which is that the MRNA element has brought in this terminology of ‘Gene Therapy.’ So the first part, any number of these ‘untested’ weaponized vaccines can be used, rushed through as targeting devices, while also keeping a certain demographic profile ALIVE, forcing them not to die, but to STAY ALIVE, to have to be a part of this wonderful new ‘Natural Asset,’ CBDC/ESG, Noahide Law, Carbon-Footprint, Seven-Rainbow-Colors Kabbalah meta-religion. ‘Gene Therapy,’ as I’ve seen many now point out, some who have knowledge of both the scientific and legal space, is the Trojan Horse for endless data-collection on Genes, Physicality, your entire body makeup, which you lose total privacy, ‘ownership’ of through this continual ‘selling yourself’ into this ‘communitarian’ market of ‘human capital risk existentialism,’ signing the contract with every booster. So you have these Orbs reading your eyes, like Corbett report just covered, you have the Peter Thiel-verse CIA-contracted ‘Palantir,’ constantly being updated to connect with ‘wearables’ and the ‘Internet of Things,’ and then they want to take all of that ‘Biometric data’- measuring your heartbeat, breathing, they even had something reading ‘anal imprints’ from the inside of toilets (no shit- a butthole scan). So the MRNA vaccine allows them to continually read your genes, while they can study and correlate it with all of the other data, and they can then figure out who is most ‘compliant’ with their set agenda, and who is most- as they like to euphemize- ‘risky.’ If you are risky, then they start to read what kind of genes you have, what heart issues, what dietary issues, etc- and then the targeting starts. They are trying to replace police- which were already flawed- with private security, logistical Black Cube style outfits, but who needs those when they can just wipe out an entire swath with an ‘accidental addition’ to your required MRNA booster that causes your heart to explode? Or maybe just make your automatic Elon-Musk car go off the road ‘by accident’- either way, wasn’t their fault- one was ‘for your health,’ and the other was the fault of nobody, ‘it was artificial intelligence’ that did that.

    • Francis Bacon was a Kabbalist, Isaac Newton was a Zionist, and this is what has become of that. This obsession with an ‘elite, clerical’ regime, alongside an international espionage/mafia-warrior caste, and the entire rest of the world? It’s supposed to run like some Newtonian model, like a clock or little mechanical device, by ‘likes and dislikes,’ stop or go, on or off, cancelled or not-cancelled, vaxxed or unvaxxed. Kabbalism is arguably the most metaphysically racist literature ever written, surpassing any of the other religions because of its complete dehumanization of anyone not part of its membership, which is mostly Jewish (but also Freemasonic, who are proxy-Kabbalists).

      1.) One of the contradictions with this ‘Theocracy’ is that they refuse to admit they are a source of power, except covertly, or through a kind of systemic, subversive crypto-symbolism, which they like to ‘brand’ everywhere, on monuments, or even on leaders that they prop up and sabotage- as with Hitler and the ‘reverse swastika,’ the original swastika being a symbol of luck & prosperity used by Genghis Khan during his reign- the inverse being another one of those ‘this is a planned failure in plain site’ operations- which was confirmed later with the rat-lines and Paperclip, Transfer Agreement etc (Read Douglas Reeds ‘Controversy of Zion,’ Dan Simmons ‘Abominable’). Either way- now in the technocratic, information age, there is a claim being made that ‘they have abandoned religion in favor of reason.’ This is a lie, a bluff that needs to be called. And it is where this whole ‘science vs scientism’ argument, Thomas Kuhn, Phenomenology of Science etc comes into play- because they are trying- just like in the Renaissance- to hoard a certain set of doctrines for themselves, while using a kind of ‘Enlightened, Dis-Enchantment’- Qausi-Marxist-reductionism on one hand, fanatical romanticism (fake Nationalism/fascism- Mazzini/Evola etc) on the other, while they are ‘determining the meaning of reason, top down, through usurpation of the market, which they describe like a god, like some autonomous being that makes its own decisions- not their decisions, what it actually is.’ You can hear this blatant Kabbalism in the language of Noah Harari, who uses the early ‘Gentile’ Neoplatonic Models, pre-Judaic, which are actually scientifically accurate- why they can make such powerful technology. He talks about different developmental phases- Matter, Mind/Natural Laws, how they meet in conscious experience, but in comes the Judaism- when he starts claiming that ‘We are Intelligent Design,’ that the manipulation of this knowledge is somehow associated with ‘The Creator’ and ‘Makes us Gods.’

      That was something that was both somewhat acknowledged (the ability to use ‘magic’ to create technology’) by the early Neoplatonists, but also cautioned against (Iamblichus, for ex, warned about even the process of imbuing anything with spiritual properties, encouraging it as a mystical practice, but warning that it was only to be done in the most serious, modest way, where it could not invite destruction- not by a bunch of bankster pedophiles hellbent on living forever). The notion of ‘identifying ones self with the creator’ is fundamentally a Jewish-Gnostic one, and may have come from them blending their later reformed, monotheistic Zoroastrian beliefs with early Vedic, Persian/Babylonian myths. So the entire thing is this bizarre, Navel Gazing hodge-podge developed over time, which is clear if you’ve ever looked at the Talmud or Zohar- it is not in any way coherent, cohesive, or very consistent without having some Priesthood to arbitrate over it, because it is such a wealth of random material, much of it syncretic. So what you have, with this transhumanism, is some very genius-level intelligence that has been passed down from antiquity, but it has been washed, laundered through the hands of a number of clerical cadres, who’ve added to it, and they added a shit ton during the Renaissance, when you had what would now become ‘The Usual Suspects’ making their first real appearance, your Italian Dynasties mixing with these newly ‘liberated’ Jewish ‘Magicians’ who had a real way of getting a hold of texts from Antiquity, which had made their way into the ‘East’- where that whole myth about the ‘Ring of Solomon’ was derived. Then that became your Sabbateans, Frankists, Theosophists (many of whom became Fabian Socialists), Speculative Freemasons- the rest is history.

      1.) At 19 Minutes here, he goes lapses into his Kabbalah…-out-there:3

      2.) A little collection of posts, a few from Michael Hoffman, about the history tying Kabbalah to Technocracy, you can hear the similarities with Hararis language, and how that is built into this goofy ‘Total Information Awareness’- where they keep using old Neoplatonic symbology as well, with all these Pyramidal Eyes, etc, but also adding the ‘Judaic Lubavitch Noahide Symbology’- such as the Rainbow and Unicorn superimposed onto all of the Progressive groups, obsessions with the colors orange and purple


      b.) ‘Orange Man Bad’- (Orange-man/Orange-men) Remember how, out of all those statues taken down, he made that comment about how ‘Albert Pike was a Great Man’ and requested it put back up? Well. If taken at its word. It definitely fits the family history- those German ‘Drumpfs’ and Scottish (Rite).




  3. Awkward…

    ‘“We went into this project thinking we would see a higher rate of negative outcomes in people with a history of malaria infections because that’s what was seen in patients co-infected with malaria and Ebola,” said Jane Achan, a senior research advisor at the Malaria Consortium and a co-author of the study. “We were actually quite surprised to see the opposite — that malaria may have a protective effect.”

    Achan said this may suggest that past infection with malaria could “blunt” the tendency of people’s immune systems to go into overdrive when they are infected with COVID-19. The research was presented Friday at a meeting of the American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene’

    Blah blah blah, ‘may’ ‘could’ – but westerners ‘have to’…

    • People in malaria prone countries have been taking 1 200mg of hydroxichloroquine per week. I researched this because I take the pill daily for autoimmune. It is safe, effective, and inexpensive. The researcher is a lackey who turns the truth into a pretzel to avoid giving credit where credit is due.

  4. Neockovani would be a good name for a little boy… I’m still hoping that most people are getting saline shots.. I mean let’s face it, greed and incompetence are factors in this situation also and these syndicate companies aren’t going to cease production because they ran out of polyethylene glycol or some other poison. I also doubt that they even have the capacity to produce a world’s worth, plus endless boosters, of this stuff. Hence the push to mandate them- it creates a perpetual income, which they obviously love, and it leaves their opponents vulnerable to future assassination by syringe. Huge variations in AE events and deaths per lot number suggests placebo usage to me:

  5. Us: “the kill shots don’t even prevent infection or transmission”

    Them: “but they do decrease symptoms, hospitalisations and deaths”

    Us: “symptoms, hospitalisations and deaths were hardly even a thing, especially when dodgy PCR tests and inflated death rates are factored in”

    In short, the kill shots do abso-f-ing-lutely nothing, except prepare us for any early grave or genetically modify of us into something no longer properly human

    • The alert to vaccine tragedy of those vaccinees in my midst (including myself in unwilling compliance) continues as negative, praise God.

  6. One thing to watch is whether the PCR test is withdrawn from protocol in December, as invalid due to the false positives it generates at cycles over 25. Without the PCR “cases” there is no plandemic.

  7. My condolences to Russ Winter on his son getting two of the pfizer ___ jabs.
    I understand it is a kill shot… delayed action zyklon-b in the veins.
    The irony is there were NO “holocaust” gas chambers during WWII.
    Eisenhowere, Churchill, and DeGaulle all wrote memoirs shortly after the war – IF THERE HAD BEEN ANY, THEY WOULD HAVE KNOWN – and THEY NEVER MENTIONED THEM.
    Eli Weisel claimed to be an Aushwitz survivor from the early days (allegedly the worst, most mass murderous of the “death camps”; he wrote a book about his experiences “Night” in which he never passed up an opportunity to paint the nazis as evil-doers…. and he never once mentions gas chambers. But the Communists certainly used poison gas before WWII to “liquidate” opponents, and they have now hijacked our medical industrial financial complex, our military industrial financial complex, our media entertainment “reporting” financial complex, and have “cultural marxism” subtly and/or forcefully lobotomized the vast majority of the population

  8. If the conspiracy is true, it really is an effective way to reduce the world’s population. Just increase the rate at which people are hospitalized for the seasonal flu. Convince them they need vaccines. Go about your business until the vaccines shut down their immune system. People die off slowly and steadily until the population gets to whatever level the corporations need in order to keep the global economy running. If they’re ever caught they will just use climate change as an excuse/reason and the media will sell it to the few people who still care. No incinerators, no trains, no camps, no firing squads.

    • And all the assets are left in tact for those who rule over us. Nice cars, homes, wines, guns, art collections. What people must understand is there are competing eschatological schedules for Christians, Muslims, and Jews. Each faith has multiple variables some of which have active participation from their subscribers. That is what is happening now, the utterly depraved have positioned themselves into positions of power and are now tapping into metaphysical powers to steal the earth for themselves.
      I am reminded of a quote from CS Lewis… aim at heaven and you get earth thrown in, aim at earth and you will get neither.

  9. (((((CASES))))) who cares? Fake virus, fake cures, fake vaccines, fake news. What a wonderful distraction, a never ending circle jerk of demonic kosher deception. So many dim wits lining up for jab #3 they are literally begging for it, and surely they will be begging for #4 #5 #6….My greatest disappointment is in humanity many are as their ((masters)) refer to them as useless eaters.

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