Adventures of a Deplorable in the Czech Republic

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‘Who will be strong and stand with me?’ — ‘Les Miserables’

Starting next Monday, life gets increasingly “interesting” and challenging for the 40% still unjabbed in the Czech Republic — me included. The government is instituting what is called the “Bavarian lockdown model.” Us unwashed deplorables will not be allowed into public events nor can we use “services.” It’s unclear what the latter term even means.

They have also upped the ante so that Covid tests can no longer be used to enter and eat at restaurants and bars. The tests are not practical anyway, as they are only good for three days and cost about $45 a pop. You need a vaccine pass.

I had an interesting day on Tuesday as I went to a dental hygienist and was refused service. Dental offices are Class V services where extra precaution is needed. I have an important doctor’s appointment on Dec. 1, so we’ll see what happens at my medical clinic.

Next that day I decided to test some restaurants to see if they would serve me lunch. At my first stop, I visited a locale where I’m a regular. They know me. I was greeted at the door by one of the staff. He did the obligatory request for the pass.

When he realized I didn’t have one, his face literally contorted with anguish. I thought he was going to cry, turning me away. Czechs are not arrogant people. They aren’t as brainwashed. I rate them as rather kind and polite. It’s one of the reasons I like it here. In fact, I wonder how the police are going to behave with the tyranny ahead. It’s not like Australia, which has a different mentality. But apparently there’s a 3000-euro fine for serving the deplorables and for being a deplorable in an establishment.

As I left, he give the thumbs down to the tyrants. There is no way I can give such people shit for not serving me. I told him I understood. As a Deplorable, I’m going to have to eat some shit this winter during this occupation.

So I went to another establishment. It was mostly empty, which may now be the norm since 40% of business customers are MIA. There was no one at the door, so I slipped quickly into a seat near the entrance and the restroom. The waiter, who I didn’t know this time, brought the menu and I quickly ordered. He left and then came back to ask for the pass. I asked him straight up if I should leave. Once again, you could see the abject demoralization of the staff right in front of me.

He excused himself to speak with the manager who was back at the bar, which is visible from my seat. I approached them and proposed I dive into the can if anybody official looking came in. They effectively said, “fuck it, go for it,” and spouted off harsh words about the sistema.

Is this being repeated across the land? One of my friends told me her story of having to “eat fast while unvaccinated.” This is rapidly becoming a farce much worse than last winter when everybody was in lockdown and restricted.

And I predict the hardcore enforcers who do it without grace or with arrogance will lose half their business forever. This is going to be the people-skills test of a lifetime for the whole population. It really asks the impossible and is in complete violation of people’s nature and good will. And it is happening going right into the holiday season.

There is an unspecified fine for breaking the lockdown, although the rules are vague. Supposedly, you can leave home for something called “essential needs,” such as going for groceries or to the drug store. As a Deplorable I will need to figure this out and determine the loopholes.

Now, let’s look at the alleged numbers. At the same time, there was a one day record in alleged “Covid cases” of 22,479. This means 1,907,629 positive tests since the beginning of the scamdemic. That’s about 19% of the population here has already had Covid and 60% has been double jabbed.

Here are the hospitalizations that the sistema is lathered up over. Notice the yellow lines labelled “druha davka.” That means double dosed. “Neockovani” means, of course, non-vaxxed. About half the hospitalizations are the double vaxxed — yet 60% of the people here in total have been double jammed. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to see the correlation coefficient that jabs may well put you in the hospital, not keep you out.

Thus, the reason the Crime Syndicate is now pushing boosters is as a response to the inefficiency of the first two. And how many jabbed in all locales are realizing this is a never-ending game whereby they, too, will be jettisoned along with the unwashed Deplorables?

Social campaign: Graffiti asks when the 36th shot is rolled out.

In fact, data from 100% jabbed Gibraltar confirms the near worthlessness of jabs. It’s many multiples worse than in more lightly jabbed regions.

And we have the case of Austria, which Czech Republic and probably Germany will emulate.-Germany Preparing to Impose Austria-Style Lockdown on the Unvaccinated

And here we have more dead and hospitalized in a 100% jabbed nursing home.

Folks- the harm data is in on these experimental jabs. As PT Barnum said there is a sucker born every minute.

Google search trends:

What’s going to happen in Czech Republic now? The weekend weather forecast is for pleasant sunny weather, so a mass protest shouldn’t be a surprise as the full restrictions are not yet in place. I may try and interview some local people on my Ipad at such events.

If there isn’t a strong protest and push back I will end my eight year residency here and make plans to leave.

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  1. Thank you so much for that very disturbing update RW. Great choice of song.

    To hell with them. I sense it is the quiet before the storm here in a part of Australia. Over the last few days I had noticed that they had removed the “two people only per lift” signs – I suspect they are getting ready for the ‘passports’. I still go about without a mask and utterly ignore the QR tracking.

    So let’s sing …

    • The Internationale Modern Rock Pop Version Chinese French – “L’Internationale”

    Then forgive them (Ivan Ilyin) … and then let’s heal this evil…

    BTW – the relative ‘smugness’ is starting to be wiped off the tone of commenters on ‘Russian’ sites because they thought they were ‘immune’ – they are beginning to see that the Bolsheviks are still in control and maybe they will soon wake up to who the real enemy was in WWII and realise that brotherhood of humanity has to stand together.

    See this site for a few articles back – the only one I know that is reporting it as it is …

    Edward Slavsquat presents in a satirical (“told you so”) manner and always finishes with a song … a couple of threads back he included this

  2. Good luck! You probably know a lot of good folks in all your years there and I hope you are all ‘in this together’ for moral and sustenance support. There’s a guy I used to know very well there in Prague, he’s an excellent photographer and graphic designer and has loads of contacts—maybe he might be a good contact for you? He worked for the Prague Post when we met a couple decades ago, very bright guy when it comes to history/politics, or at least he used to be. Jan Wasserbauer, website: (Tell him Mishelle Shepard sent ya) 🙂

    • Thanks for the list, as well – but read the fine print! RE: Costa Rica:

      “Effective Jan. 8, Costa Rica will require visitors to present proof of vaccination to access restaurants, bars, hotels, museums, and other tourist venues.”

      CR is effectively “off the list”! (of four!)

      Belarus is worth consideration – what would it be like living in Africa ? many nations there (I think) quietly not playing the Covid game. I saw a report from Egypt – Covid essentially not happening – Sisi, the President, recently staged a personal Vax Injection event so obviously and ludicrously fake that it could only have been an oblique way of warning citizens to stay away from the clot shot. Syria? … maybe time to think outside the box. Damascus, after all, was once -oh so long ago – known as the Paris of the Middle East.

  3. Central / East Europe’s heritage from the commie days and previous is to disrespect foreign-influenced authority, and this now includes the EU & international covid vaccine scammers

    Plenty of Eastern Europeans are getting fake vax certificates or just ignoring all the bullshite, especially out in the boonies … even more so in the Balkans

    President of Croatia Zoran Milanovićis is one of the world’s notable anti-vaxers:

    Czechia is a little too attached to the German teat, you can head to Croatia and live cheaply there if you don’t want to go back to the US just yet

    Here’s a Czech nurse on 4chan /pol/ (where national flags per IP of poster are default, not easy to spoof as 4chan blocks VPNs) talking about Czechs with fake vax passes

    “Im antivax nurse. Thanks to friend who works at vax center i got vaccine without jabbing. I already got my 3rd booster shot all it needs is know someone who vaccinates. Vax center here has 3 separate boxes so he justs thros vaccine into bin and im oficially vaxed once. I could work at vax center as well but im not taking money for this shit show so i refused and stay at my cardio unit. No need more more wage hours. I bet there are thousands of people who have real covid pass but not vaccinated”

    Balkan vax pass humour:

  4. Living roughly 50 miles from Mexico as the crow flies, and knowing Max Igan left Australia so they wouldn’t internment camp him being anti-vaxx (he’s in Acapulco or something), may I suggest Mexico…Ensenada (I’ve been there) or Baja California (or Baja California Sur, where Cabo is) would be a nice place and many do speak English what with all the tourists…or Chihuahua state which is mostly rural (just stay away from crime-ridden Ciudad Juarez, across from El Paso), or some other rural area not infested with drug cartels and human trafficking schemes due to the desert conditions (illegals will die of thirst or mountain lions if they cross the Rio Grande into my neck of the woods!). Anyway, Russ, be blessed and safe (and now I know who’s been checking out my omegabooks site from the Czech Republic! Didn’t know you were there, Russ! Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah)

  5. Here in the South Island of New Zealand, we are pretty much out of sink with ACT II since its coming on summer and our Prime Minister has granted the plebes in Auckland, on the North Island, a summer pass from Dec 15 to Jan 17. Once winter rolls around and the ADE kicks in, we will “enjoy” the same fate as the Norther Hemisphere.

    NZ is for the most part, a godless country with a limited history of struggle for individual rights and liberty. We are about 75% jabbed and among that group is a growing frustration that their lives have not been handed back to them and that its NOT the unjabbed responsible for this since they have slowly clued in to the vaxed being transmitters as well.

    Among my observations are the following:

    This is a military exercise, it is not a political or healthcare exercise and as such, dont expect to find any common sense , truth, or human reason outside of the military mindset of Mission Specific Objectives. That is all that drives this exercise going forward and the worlds Military Generals seemed to have acquiesced.
    A “NEW STATE” will be forming. a “state” in which the unjabbed will be seeking alternatives to healthcare and education. You can fight the military if you like along with the 60% of protein shedding zombies , but retreat is the best option. Sorry Russ, learn to cook and congregate with the like minded, they are out there.

    The Greek word for State is Polis so you dont really have a state unless or until you can enforce or Police it. This is many years away.

    The math is on our side and this exercise will ultimately fail. Every jabbed person is a casualty of this war and will at some point (Maybe as soon as after this eclipse on the 322nd day of the year) either disable themselves, or at the very least become less and less effective in their enforcement efforts as the Unjabbed form this STATE OF BEING.
    The Metaverse is their opiate . Greek translation for META equals AFTER. This too is an instrument designed by nerds who lack the interpretive framework to understand human happiness. It too, will fail.

    My plan: Find like minded people in education and healthcare (Homeschoolers and Naturopaths) These people, many of which are recently displaced, will form the building blocks of the “NEW STATE”.

  6. I hope you don’t have to leave Prague, RW. Funny, how things got relaxed for a while and now they are tightening up. I remember Gary D Barnett predicting this a couple of months ago.

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