TV ads: why whites and straights are out

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The obsession with ‘diversity’ in advertising feels a little sinister.

By Patrick West | 31 August 2017

SPIKED — According to a report in The Times on Saturday, advertisers are ‘so worried about being accused of racism or homophobia’ that they are shying away from using images of white people and straight couples. A survey of 500 companies by Shutterstock Inc reveals that a third of advertisers questioned said they had used fewer white models and heterosexuals over the past year, and they were taking this approach to ‘prevent perceived discrimination’. Marketing departments are even putting diversity above relevance to their target audience, ‘to avoid accusations of bigotry’.

That ethnic minorities are over-represented in television adverts has become obvious over the past 12 months. If you live in London, Birmingham or Manchester, where the majority of ethnic-minority Britons live, or places with sizeable or majority ethnic-minority populations, such as Leicester, Bradford, Oldham or Burnley, you may not have noticed this. But I wouldn’t be surprised if the rest of Britain has. I have anyway. The Britain as represented on television adverts these days scarcely resembles the east Kent in which I live. For example, while there are hardly any white faces in current McDonald’s adverts, there are hardly any black faces in McDonald’s in Dover or Folkestone.

It’s a similar story for the over-representation of gay people. Big cities and Brighton have their gay communities, gay residential areas and Gay Pride marches, but the rest of Britain only has gay individuals. I happen to live in a town that has always had a large gay population, but it’s never had a gay ‘community’. Here they have always been middle-aged or pensioners, long settled with their partners and well beyond the age of playing the mating game or needing to proclaim who they are. […]

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  1. ” advertisers are ‘so worried about being accused of racism or homophobia’ “…..that’s the problem right there. STOP being afraid and grow a pair.

  2. From what I have read ((Blackrock)) is pushing the “Woke” Agenda. If their tentacles are in your company you will obey the guidelines or they will crush you, SO promotion of gay, trans, bi-racial and obese unattractive useless eaters..NO beauty, no white men unless they are of the fruity variety…basically what is below, satanic machinations.

    • P.S while surfing thru God awful T.V yesterday something caught my ear, on the stupid show ((TMZ)) the founder of SPANX just sold her company to ((BLACKROCK)) for a crazy amount of cash ..billions…so as a gift to her loyal employees she gave each of them 2 round trip tickets to anywhere in the world. I don’t know how old this show was but I think her employees were wearing masks ….so is she doing her part to inject her employees? I don’t think you can travel right now internationally without the jab of kosher witches brew. What a Cant Understand Normal Thinking

  3. I remember once sending photos of Sodomites at “play” to one of their organizations and asking,
    “Is this what you do with each other”?
    They reported me to the police!
    One picture is worth a thousand words!
    UP YOUR ALLEY 2008

    You are about to view the zombietime report about the 2008 Up Your Alley Fair in San Francisco.

    The “full” version of the report contains the complete, unedited and uncensored photographs.

    The “blurred” version of the report contains photographs that have been partially blurred to obscure the more explicit components of each image.

    From a PRODUCTION point of view, they would be classed as rejects.

    • Hello…as a senior citizens who pays taxes, pays to support failed communities and Pay God (Jesus) by praying, worshiping and servicing. We as “We the People” have a right to see: Whites, Alfa’s, Straights, (married male & female) and righteous beauty to each their on. Maybe we can legislate into law what each individual wants, or like:
      *Our own people of beauty to look at of who we want Not what is force upon us
      *Our own homes or neighborhoods to live in
      *Our own schools of righteousness, morals, civilized, respect teachers and parents
      *Our own City of Counsel leaders who are loyal to what is right, legal by enforcing laws that are currently on books
      *Our own Police Departments who follow rules, regulations, justice, law abiding
      I guess what is clear in this message is…Stop forcing yourself or ideals into our lives we don’t agree with…making us like a world of immorality that we choose not too.
      Example: Create your own schools, cities, states, neighborhoods, communities, malls, banks, books of libraries, wall street, planes, cruise ships, commerce, television channels, land, oil, etc. you get what I’m speaking of. Stop blaming others that have nothing to do with you being creative, It’s a big wide world of land, you can be creative but every race, city and now country is forcing their way into our lives of “Freedom” here in “The Beautiful America” stop making her ugly inside and outside.
      If we follow the above I can guarantee we would “all” get along just fine! Because we would be with who we Want to be with.

      Happiest New Year’s!

      (“I Tell You The Truth”) Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John

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