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Roanoke Shooting: If You Believed This, You’ll Believe Anything

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Various deceptions continue to come on fast; but rather than dig into each one, Winter Watch offers an examination of a prime Black Magik/Mind Fuckery case – the Roanoke shooting of Aug. 26, 2015. The idea is to demonstrate what to look for in repetitive-pattern staged deceptions, especially now that Alinskyite racial conflict is being whipped up and public awareness is rising that something is off.

The topic of black magik/mind fuckery and inducing trance like spells was well dissected in this following podcast. I was surprised at how light the viewership was in our site stats and how small the click through was to the core posts. There was also a recent second podcast on mind fuckery deceptions that deserves attention.

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So I will try again by bringing the focus down to this one event and with further details. The original posts from 2016 have been re-edited as some videos have been memory holed, and others relocated. There were two posts in 2016, but now they are combined. Had to locate another Fox interview video and the times needed readjusting.

This tale featured a black “disgruntled former employee,” Vester Lee Flanagan, pulling a Glock 9mm on three people live on the air and filming them while gunning them down in a hail of hollow-point bullets. This one involved a deliberate, evil and tiresome racial agitprop narrative combined with the standard victimhood narrative.

If you can believe this shooting scene is real, then they have you firmly in their grip. You can be made to believe and accept anything. What you will watch is a combination of twilight language and taking you into a dream-state rabbit hole. The operators will deliberately push the envelope and test the very limits of your credulity. 

Here, all you need to do is evaluate and judge the reality of a 1-minute video, so not time demanding. Use the trivium method with what we have here: who, what, where, when. As is typically the case in these events the film quality is grainy and poor.

The 300-pound shooter strolls up, filming the scene with a head cam attached. The reporters are on the air, and you can hear his rather noisy footsteps. He utters “bitch,” draws and points his weapon and stands for some six seconds right next to the targets and in clear view. Yet, none of the three people conducting the interview even notices.

Shooter closes in a few steps for the kill. He’s at near point blank range, about 5 feet away, holding a powerful handgun with hollow-point bullets. He fires three rounds in rapid succession and a fourth as Parker turns her back and starts sprinting down the walkway.

The intended target, Alison Parker, doesn’t even drop her microphone. The cameraman on the right doesn’t even budge. After the third round, instead of being plastered to the rail, she screams repeatedly, pivots and runs down the hall, where you can hear about eight more shots. Most curiously, Vester’s head cam falls off before you actually see any bullet hits. After watching the quick-moving scene unfold, I would recommend a few pauses so you can see the weapon aimed squarely at Parker.

Watch the wide-eyed, bad acting of the anchorwoman as this all goes down. These “victims” are always presented as “the best” of humanity, squeaky clean and super caring, all part of the emotional deceit and arch-fraud. This is followed up by large, emotional charged charity drives and fundraisers.


The shooter has not only the wherewithal to change shirts from blue to black in the middle of the shooting, but he also posts the scene on his Twitter account. He put out the standard absurd manifesto, all before he conveniently takes his own life during the manhunt. “Vester Lee.” Notice how they use sinister-sounding names, like Dylan Storm Roof, Lee Harvey Oswald, etc. It’s all in-your-face mind fuckery.

This interview takes the cake for chutzpah, even for an arch-hoax that is best of class for insulting your intelligence. Vicki Gardner is the Chamber of Commerce lady who was shot in the back with a hollow-point bullet in the Roanoke “shooting.” Gardner’s husband, Tim, told the Associated Press that during surgery, and while in a medically induced coma, doctors had to remove her damaged kidney and part of her colon. The following video demonstrates the effect of a Glock hollow-point bullet upon exit.

Hollow-point bullet impact on human body

Now, a mere week later, this robust 62-year-old woman shows up for a Fox “News” interview with Greta and appears no worse for the wear. She looks tan with a great complexion, a good range of motion and nicely trimmed down. It hardly looks like the same woman — in fact, much healthier looking than before — and far from being someone hospitalized with a hollow-point bullet wound. Instead, she’s already been living the good life.

Best quote from this farce is when Greta asks, “Did it feel real?” Answer from the poser, “Nope.” As Gardner gets into her storytelling, she is so far off kilter that Greta starts looking visibly annoyed, as if to say to her handlers, “You have me out here acting with this clown?” From 9:

The actress is disjointed as if she can’t remember her lines. Greta eventually has to take over and lead the whole script. Bad casting. How long will it take until the Crime Syndicate “suicides” and quickly cremates this woman so that no further interviews can be given or questions asked. Note numerous duping delights throughout.

Other notable highlights:

At 1:30; “Alison was alongside of me and we saw a motion …” Uh, we? How would she know what the “dead” newswoman saw? She repeats “we” three times.

At 5:00, two police officers arrive after shooting. One asks her if she can “get up.” Do police immediately ask shooting victims if they can get up? That’s the protocol? Gardner claims to have gotten up under her own power, hollow point-bullet wound and all.

At 5:25, she states, “I went into a truck.” Police officers drive around in trucks?

At 7:15, Gardner says she “believes” he came back and shot her. The word “believe” in English is defined as “to suppose or assume.” What an odd word choice to describe one of the most memorable moments of one’s life. 

At 6:45, Gardner says Adam was shot first. No, Vicki, you badly missed your lines on that one. The shooter fired at least a half dozen shots at arch-fraudster Alison Parker first, that was well established. See the side-by-side shooting video above. First, a 300-pound black shooter wearing body armor and a video cam walks up undetected, then he misses at least four close-range point-blank shots at Parker.

At 8:10, Gardner gestures and says that she had two people next to her bleeding to death. But according to the video, Alison took off running down the boardwalk away from them.

At 10:50, she said, “I knew he was shooting the others in the head.” How would she know this? Parker was at the end of the passageway and Gardner was “playing dead.” She never addresses the actions of Adam Ward at all.

After being shot in the back, she was able to lie still and continue playing dead. What fortitude! What super-human strength! What mind fuckery!

6 Comments on Roanoke Shooting: If You Believed This, You’ll Believe Anything

  1. Usually, and by usually I mean always, when I fire a semi-automatic firearm of any sort a casing is ejected. I see no casings?

  2. This phase of shootings was all pre-Trump and there seemed to be a formula at work that was both black and white, fueling this racial division. This particular case is illustrative of what they were doing.

    On the “black” side of the ledger sheet, there was the Trayvon Martin shooting/case. This is the event that most people look to to see the genesis of the white people bad program. It was quickly followed by Michael Brown and Freddie Gray. Brown is where BLM springs up and hits the stage.

    Meanwhile, there were also a number of shootings and events that had “black” players in them, such as Roanoke with Vester as the he alleged shooter.

    There was also the shooting at the Umpqua Community College in Oregon, where again, the alleged shooter was “black.” This time, he was also in the Incel camp like Elliot Rodger. Chris Mercer-Harper also left a manifesto.

    Then there was the strange story out of LA, where a cop, Christopher Dorner supposedly went rogue, and went on a killing spree and wound up dead in a blaze of bullets and fire in a cabin near Big Bear Lake in Southern California.

    Dorner was also “black.”

    He also had a manifesto.

    Dylan Roof of course becomes the face of the so called, “white supremacist” movement.

    But there’s this unusual back and forth, peppering both sides with these Black Magik events, that seems to have been part of the racial, strategy of tension.

  3. Her “father” was also an actor who had been in some crappy short films. And her “boyfriend” (some gay guy) was immediately on TV showing off their photo album… as you do when someone dies. I’m pretty sure the stages of grief now are 1.) Appear on TV same day as the death; 2.) cry without tears; 3.) suggest gun control; 4.) point people to a GoFundMe page that you created 2 days before the shooting.

  4. Yeah I remember this really sloppy production, nothing added up. It’s demoralizing to be under the boot of complete idiots, but then again, builds confidence they will trip up and even MSM will be unable to save them. Shows what moral hazard can do to critters I guess.

    So, apropos of serial productions, what about the recent Surfside building collapse event? Anybody think it could be a planned implosion with detcord and cutters? Why, would be an interesting subject. A couple of tidbits that I think are peripheral but also ‘interesting’ would be the McAfee file stash there and Cuomo’s death head socks, branding the ritual loyalty. That’s so rich it must be revealing something. Officials now claim we cannot know what caused the event..well for sure it was not jet fuel melting our barbecue grills. Some main clues would be a smoking pile (thermite does not need oxygen), pulverized debris (not big blocks), witness testimony of a loud explosive boom, the nighttime scheduling, and the very few bodies coming out despite the number of missing. Some secondaries would be the ethnicity of the area and tenants…thinking about cui bono, what kind of people did Hotel King David and 9/11, Patria and Odigo…any thoughts?
    I’m always hesitant to put out my ‘official opinion’ on something until I review all the evidence possible to review. If it is enough I will state my full case. Here, I would definitely like to hear what smarter people think. Winterwatch does this type of sleuthing so much I’m gonna just throw this out.

  5. I nearly spit my coffee everywhere at the Pulp Fiction reference. 😄 Good grief, these farcical events just get more and more ridiculous. Surely they could do a better job of faking these, so it does appear to be revelation of the method, or “mind fuckery.” Those behind these kind of events seem to want to let those paying attention know they’re ficticious, for whatever reason.

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