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Russ Winter and Robert Phoenix Discuss Black Magik aka Mind Fuckery in Staged Deceptions

Notice the tell tell harness on the red shoed acrobat.-Charlottesville, Va., Saturday, Aug. 12, 2017. PHOTO: Ryan M. Kelly/The Daily Progress/AP

I joined Robert Phoenix for a podcast on the use of black magik aka mind fuckery in staged deceptions. I rate this show very high for those willing to peal back the onion on deceptions. This show combined with the one last week with Don Jeffries (discusses some additional anomalies) should give anyone a good idea what these deceptions are about. – Russ Winter Joins I Protest with Don Jeffries to Discuss Orlando Pulse, Dylann Roof and James Field

Robert brings a sharp mind to the table and we were able to incorporate some on screen videos and images to the analysis- something I have been wanting to do. He has definitely been paying attention.

The podcast can be viewed here.

Additional layers of research are also embedded in the following posts and it is recommended that you follow along.

@2:30 – The New Pearl Harbor -9/11

@10:30 Sherlock Appraises the ‘Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’ Show-Trial ‘Evidence’

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Still Gagged As Death Penalty Appeal Grinds On

Jahar Tsarnaev’s real voice, completely debunking heavy Russian accent claim in court.

@30:00 and 1:01:00 and 1:10:00 Roanoke Shooting: If You Believed This, You’ll Believe Anything

@34:00 and @40:40  Revisiting the 27-Minute Parkland Video That Showed Absolutely Nothing

@52:30  Mass Shooting Marathon: Red Flags and Anomalies Galore in Gilroy, El Paso and Dayton

@57:00 Dylann Storm Roof’s Arrest Interview Was One Big Conflicting Story

@1:06:00  ‘Missing’ Vegas Security Guard Jesus Campos Shows Up for ‘Ellen’ Show Interview, Digs Himself Into a Deep Hole

@1:22:00  In the Wake of the Series of Hate Hoaxes: Time to Reexamine the Charlottesville ‘Car Assault’. Was it a Staged Deception?


6 Comments on Russ Winter and Robert Phoenix Discuss Black Magik aka Mind Fuckery in Staged Deceptions

  1. Hey Russ, it was great having you on. Another cinematic example of this Black Magik aka mind fuckery can be seen in the film, “The Devil’s Advocate” with Keanu Reeves and Al Pacino. Pacino as the devil is doing exactly what you’re alluding to in the metaphor of the neighbor and your wife. Reeves wife is played by Charlize Theron and over the course of the film, is seduced and violently raped by Pacino. Reeves has an inkling of this, but never acts on it. The film is brilliant because it plants the seeds of what Pacino is actually doing without the audience actually seeing it. We all know it’s happening, but the only evidence we have is the rapid decline of Theron’s mental stability. She’s also privy to gas lighting by women and wives associated with the law firm that Pacino runs and Reeves works for.

    There’s insidious layers in the film connected to the actors themselves.

    Reeves has an odd background. Was born in Beirut. His father has spent most of his life in prison in Hawaii and he’s often portrayed as a savior in many of his films.

    Theron’s mother killed her father when she was a little girl in South Africa, because the father was supposedly abusive. Theron is part of the adopt an African baby program.

    Jeffery Jones who plays a member of the firm, Eddie Barzoon (sounds a lot like Barzoom, Edgar Rice Burroughs name for Mars) was arrested at least once for having child porn on his computer.

    Then there’s Al Pacino, who not only plays the devil here, but was also the lead Nazi hunter (Jewish) in the revenge porn Amazon series “Hunters” created David Weil.

    This film not only gets into Black Magik but a lot more.


  2. One can add the most recent John McAfee ‘suicide’ to our never ending theatre de l’absurde! As the African proverb says, it is not the lions you can see that you must be worried about, it’s the ones you can’t see that must concern you!

    ‘John McAfee is NOT a martyr’

  3. Russ, so glad you hooked up with Robert! Two of my go to’s together at last… You both have different strengths that merge well… keep it up!!

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