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A land without faces

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We are people of faces. Take faces away and the damage done to human interaction, to human relationships, because we cover our faces is incalculable.

By Austin Ruse | 23 March 2021

CRISIS MAGAZINE — At least some of the country was riveted by the images of an autistic boy writhing on the floor of an airport after he had been kicked off a flight for not masking. I say “at least some” because a large cohort of Americans couldn’t care less about his discomfort. They are the Maskers. And God help you if you stand in their way or even criticize their new faith.

Conservative apostate Bill Kristol snarked on MSNBC that “mask refusers appeal to liberty” but that the only argument against masking in COVID-19-time is “nihilism.”

Columnist Peter Wehner chimed in that there are “cost/benefits” to reopening the economy, but there are no arguments—“none”— against wearing a mask. He says taking off the Mask is nothing more than “a lethal form of virtue signaling.” Lethal. […]

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  1. Yesterday, after entering a bank & wearing a transparent face shield that covers the face without sealing off the nose and mouth, the teller would not serve me- even after putting on my muzzle that has 2 nostril holes in it! Even with her Burking muzzle on & thick plexiglass between us, she issued me a bank provided Burking mask which I removed when she turned her back. She stated that it had to stay on, that she didn’t make the rules but was there to enforce them. My retort was that ‘we are now informants & enforcers’. Her reply was ‘to keep our community safe’ to which I added ‘by removing our civil liberties’. After rolling her eyes (yes- that is a legitimate communication of the eyes only) , the teller finally completed my transaction & called after me to keep the Burking mask on & exit the building. It was removed before going through the doors & tossed on bank property.

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