Salon Magazine: Church of Political Correctness About Everything


Foremost among the Lugenpresse that writes slurs and propaganda demonizing white and “straight” people is a rag called Salon. Its very name denotes some sort of snobby cosmopolitanism. Salon writers are notorious for pulling crap out their ass and serving it up to the public as “news.”

The magazine was founded in 1995 by a college dropout neo-Marxist homosexual named David Talbot, who was a self-proclaimed member of the Hollywood Left. Salon’s target audience are Social Justice Warriors with useless gender studies degrees. In recent years, it has became a fonte for Perv Justice Warriors as well. Pseudointellectual neck-beards and land whales tune in regularly.

Salon, based in San Francisco, has been unprofitable through its entire history. Since 2007, the company has been dependent upon repeated cash injections from board Chairman John Warnock and investment banker William Hambrecht.

In 2009, Hambrecht bought the Las Vegas Locomotives football franchise. To help fund his Salon loss-leader cultural depravity rag, Hambrecht stiffed his football players. In the spring of 2013, he was sued by 138 players and former coaches who did not receive their 2012 salaries. He lost the case in Las Vegas courts.

Hambrecht has significant financial ties and investments in Israel. He also has a history of working with Jewish businessmen and activists to advance radical liberal-socialist domestic policies within the United States.

There is every indication that contributing writers are junior college dropouts. The following is typical, as they describe the location of the Statue of Liberty. The rhetorical style looks like the outcome of too much anal hazing.

One Todd Nickerson wrote an article on why it should be socially acceptable to be a pedophile. He insisted that sexual attraction to children is completely natural and healthy. A simple search of “pedophilia” on Salon brings up articles on why “it’s time to change our stance on pedophilia.” However, reacting to what it called “attacks from the vile right-wing hate machine,” Salon pulled the articles. The inference is that in their brain-fogged Pervert Justice Warrior world, only Nazis and extreme right-wingers have a problem with pedophilia.

On Aug. 31, 2015, Salon posted an article on the Video Music Awards and commented on Nicki Minaj’s performance, writing, “The look on Miley’s face during Nicki Minaj’s savage, expletive-laden rant says it all.” The use of the word “savage” triggered the SJW cognescenti, resulting in a feeding frenzy. Once again, Salon had to apologize and edit the article. Naturally, the apology wasn’t sufficient for the SJWs.

Salon goes all-in on anti-white rhetoric. Hardly a day passes without a recycle of the same basic lame articles. Listed below is a sampling of its whitey-hater headlines, containing the same go-to words repeated over and over. It follows a Rule of 12, which is how many times these epithets are used per article: Nazi, fascist, misogynist, racist, homophobic, classist, white supremacy. And it is a rare article indeed that doesn’t contain the word “problematic.”

Naturally, of late, they use the staged deceptions involving white males with manifestos to bolster their claim that whites in general are terrorists.

Salon writers are almost always dull and slow on the uptake. They use one-trick-pony insults and comebacks, primarily just pulling the race card in order to “prove” their points. No black person writes for Salon.

This is what Salon headlines would look like if the word “black” were substituted for “white.” Can you even imagine the hue and cry?

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  1. The dramatic public suicide by poison of Bosnian Croat General Slobodan Praljak, 29 November 2017 in a ‘war crimes trial’ courtroom in the Hague, Netherlands … Was actually the 15th death in custody of the small number of Balkan defendants at the Hague over the last few years, 3 by suicide and 12 by ‘disease & natural causes’ … It is statistically virtually impossible that so many deaths in a small group of middle-aged men occurred ‘naturally’

    Many of the people suddenly dead were said to be the most insistent on exposing the war crimes of Nato, such as Slobodan Milosevic

    Tho it is true various war atrocities were committed in the Balkan wars, what is also discrediting about these ‘war crimes trials’ is that only certain ethnic defendants were chosen for prosection … It was forbidden to prosecute war crimes by Nato, and in practice war crimes by Muslim militias were also avoided by the Hague court

    Another corrupt aspect is that Balkan nation leaders and military commanders, were being convicted not for committing atrocity acts themselves, but on grounds of ‘conspiring’, ‘allowing’ etc atrocities

    By those same grounds, why are not many Western Nato leaders on trial for ‘war crimes’, for ‘conspiring’, ‘allowing’ etc war crimes in Libya, Syria, Iraq and many other places?

    USA war crime manipulations, included conducting a fraudulent ‘impeachment’ of US President Bill Clinton, in order to extort him into approving an illegal bombing of Serbia & massacre of civilians, which even the murderous Clinton found difficult to stomach … when Clinton agreed to do the bombing, he was ‘acquitted’ and allowed to remain alive for 2 more decades

    Another aspect of the Hague ‘war crimes trials’, is that the judges at times, especially some USA ones, behaved as openly sadistic, psychopathic abusers of their defendants, obsessively seeking to cover up for Nato crimes, with CIA etc agents weaponising militias amongst the Balkan populations

    The age 72 General Slobodan Praljak, whatever his past crimes, did act with heroic courage, giving his life to help inform the world that the Hague ‘war crimes tribunal’ was a fraud meting out ‘victor’s justice’ for Nato propaganda … He died as a warrior telling truth, and perhaps earned some forgiveness for what he had done in the past

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