Researchers: Dodgeball is an Unethical Tool of ‘Oppression’

By Orwell Goode | 3 June 2019

NEW MEDIA CENTRAL — There are no brakes on this wild ride. Now, dodgeball is, apparently, an ‘unethical tool of oppression.’

Anything that involves competition or the possibility of unequal results – all other things being equal – is problematic, since it detonates much of the prevailing socially-accepted politics churned out by academics.

When left to their own devices, in a competitive environment, people will develop tactics to take down their opponents most effectively. Ganging up on and eliminating the most athletic opponents as a means to thin the opposition team or simply eliminating the — ahem — least athletic opponents in order to secure victory is natural, not mean.

Games, such as tag, allegedly ‘dehumanize’ the slowest players given how they will tend to carry the greatest extraneous load. Unfortunately, competition favors the strong and punishes the weak; however, if the bulkier contestants wish to improve, losing a few pounds – improving their health in the process – may do the trick. […]

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