‘Markets,’ Algos, the Cartoon World and Trumpenstein

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Among our readers, even those who don’t follow financial “markets” wouldn’t be surprised to learn that there are artificial intelligence algos (quants) that scan news headlines from from questionable sources, like The New York Times (aka NY Slimes), and Trumpian tweets. This information (or disinformation) then triggers the algos to generate buy and sell orders accordingly. Although the algos can read words, they have the intuitive IQs of heavily vaccinated and fluoridated 6 year olds. They have no ability to parse facts from bullshit and lies.

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It’s a perfect setup for an unhinged alter-personality like Trump; because, in this alternative-reality cartoon world, just about any chaotic outcome is possible — and, in fact, is likely. I can’t help but feel like I’ve woken up in the middle of a “Twilight Zone” episode. I knew Orange Man was going to be bad, but even I didn’t think he’d be this bad — or that the system would still take him seriously.

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Secretary of the Mafia Steve Mnuchin

Case in point, yesterday, as the “markets” waited nervously for more developments on various brinksmanship fronts that we covered in Wednesday’s post, the Orange Man tweeted and then trolled his press secretary, Sarah Sanders, who proclaimed that the White House had reliable intel that China wanted to make a trade deal.

The gullibles were immediately whipped into a buying frenzy. I am totally convinced Trump and his criminal cronies are front-running these unethical trading operations.

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Several hours later, Global Times editor Hu Xijin sent a starkly different message when he once again communicated that China is “fully prepared” for escalation.

Foreign buyers failed to show up for Wednesday’s 10-year U.S. Treasury auction.

Later, Trump rolled into Panama City, Florida, for a rally and went full bad-cop by telling the large crowd that China’s “vice premier is flying in” to continue trade talks — but “they broke the deal,” adding that “they’ll be paying.” Is that like his claim that Mexico is paying for the fictitious wall?

Incidentally, the 25% tariff that Trump announced kicks in Friday. Chinese media published earlier in the session a warning that Beijing is preparing retaliatory tariffs should Trump follow through with his promise to raise tariffs on $200 billion in Chinese exports on Friday.

Art of the deal? Really? The guy is a fraud and actor. This is the algo-driven result of the whole shit storm.

Pre-market NQ futures are down another 1% ahead of Thursday’s open. Perhaps it’s time for another artificial plunge-protection intervention or Pavlovian cartoon world tweet.


Right after posting this article came the word that North Korea has stirred up the hornet’s nest by conducting its second missile test in a week.

Also in breaking news, Trump threatened the U.K. over which companies should toxify their populations with the 5G Beast.

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Late Day Update: Trump gets the pom poms out, mutters some platitudes- and wash, rinse, repeat, algos gun market.


May 13 Update:  Trade Lies Unravel and Take Market With It


4 Comments on ‘Markets,’ Algos, the Cartoon World and Trumpenstein

  1. On the day of 9/11 Trump was interviewed concerning the attack. He raised questions about it. Why interview Trump on that fateful day? Had the cabal already decided that one day Trump would be the appointed one to finish off the deplorables and the video would add credence to the charade that Trump was a real anti swamp guy? Now he tweets “We will never forget”! Looks like they plan things many years in advance. There is an interesting link at H Makow to an event where an insider couldn’t resist telling her little audience in 1992 that Obama had already been handpicked as the future POTUS. They have the blueprint. All we can do is react to events they have planned years in advance.

    • Mentioning an interesting link that many here would be interested in checking out and not providing said link and only saying it is somewhere on Scruples king Makow’s website is poor form.

  2. Regarding ‘markets’: we are in year 10 of the tech VC fund cycle that was started after the 2008 banking crime wave had subsided. This is why there are lots of enormous IPO’s this summer, because the funders cash out inside their agreed term limit by agreement.
    Good FT article on how ‘Uber’s enormous, vague IPO prospectus is an outrage…The 431-page document highlights what is wrong with the US public markets’
    It is possible after this wave of IPOs there will be a market crash and the funding cycle will start again

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