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Pittsburgh Synagogue Gunman Robert D. Bowers Nonexistent in the System

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With the latest alleged synagogue shooting in Poway, near the Southern California city of San Diego, we have nothing yet to observe other than to say they’re sure picking on poor ol’ PewDiePie.

Brenton Tarrant of the Christchurch, New Zealand  shooting invoked PewDiePie out of the blue as well. Who knows what kind of wizardry this is about. The California shooter, one John Earnest, of course also has a stream of consciousness manifesto.

I had the help of a man named Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg. He was kind enough to plan and fund this whole operation — the sly bastard. Apparently, Pewdiepie hates Jews as much as Pajeets. Who would’ve known?

And there’s this.

This is one of the reasons cowards so shrilly screech that Brenton Tarrant and [Pittsburgh synagogue shooter] Robert Bowers were Mossad false flag operations. They can’t fathom that there are brave White men alive who have the willpower and courage it takes to say, “Fuck my life — I’m willing to sacrifice everything for the benefit of my race.” He projects his own cowardice onto the White race. To the coward it is just a hobby. He is a LARPfag and a traitor. Ignore him. He has nothing useful to offer. That or it’s just a Jew shilling, “Don’t oppose us.” Or possibly a schizo boomer off his meds.

But enough of Mr. Earnest, for now. Until details are known, this “schizo boomer” will just stick with the Trivium method. And given that the “Pittsburgh synagogue shooting” involving Robert D. Bowers was back on Oct. 27, 2018, there should be ample online records now available for research, and we decided to have a look.

There’s not much in the news on the fate of Bowers, now age 47. Last month, he allegedly showed up in “federal court” in a wheelchair. No photos are available of this, but a story reveals that he is being held in an unnamed “federal detention center.”

In fact a Google image search of Robert D. Bowers reveals the same photo over and over. Such a high-profile criminal hasn’t been photographed in the last six months? Interviewed? Why wouldn’t a fanatic with a lengthy manifesto want an interview and a soap box? Why so closed mouthed?

We also learn that Bowers is being represented by Judy “Deep Six” Clarke. We discussed Clarke in our post “Why Haven’t Certain Notorious Mass Killers of the Last Decade Been Interviewed?

The news piece goes on.

Bowers’ attorney, Judy Clarke, has a reputation for keeping serial killers and mass murderers off death row. Among her former clients are the Unabomber, Ted Kaczynski, and Zacarias Moussaoui, convicted of helping mastermind the 9/11 attacks. Both pleaded guilty and were spared the death penalty. Clarke has already expressed interest in striking a plea deal for Bowers rather than taking the case to trial.

Since this is ‘Merika, surely we could locate Mr. Bowers somewhere in the justice system, right? Bowers’ case is listed in the Federal court docket. However, in a rarely invoked and frankly star chamber manner – lo and behold all evidence and documents have been sealed. Us proles will never be able to see what allegedly transpired -no facts or evidence for you.

Next, we checked the federal inmate locator. Bowers isn’t there. Nothing in the Pennsylvania state inmate locator either. Inquiring minds would like to know: Is he in some special gulag star chamber somewhere?

Our initial observations of this event may be gleaned from this post: “Observations on the Squirrel Hill Synagogue Shooting (Updated).”

Pennsylvania arrest records search for the last year for Robert D. Bowers and Robert Bowers turn up two unrelated misdemeanors, but nothing for murder.

12 Comments on Pittsburgh Synagogue Gunman Robert D. Bowers Nonexistent in the System

  1. More Fake Mass Shooting news- remember the Waco Biker Shooting Hoax from four years ago, with nine people allegedly shot to death and over 100 weapons allegedly confiscated?
    It has just been announced that no one is going to jail for any of that. April Fool!

  2. The most obvious clues, so far in the reported Chabad Poway synagogue shooting narrative :

    1. The reported time stamp : 11:23 am

    Poway synagogue shooting

    Date April 27, 2019 @ 11:23 a.m. (PDT)


    23 minutes past 11

    23 is the 9 th Prime Number = P9

    So, P9 minutes past 11 in occult speak … >911


    2. The reported perp, John T. Earnest, reportedly born on June 8, 1999

    Fabricated shootings always target the Constitution & the 2nd Amendment.

    If that dob is correct then we have another exemplar of the kabbalistic method, once again applied to perp selection, as for the reported Parkland perp Nikolas Cruz.


    From the US Constitution Ratified on June 21, 1788

    to the birth of the alleged Parkland shooter, Nikolas Cruz on September 24, 1998 is :

    INClusive =

    = 666 + 666 + 666 months
    + 666 + 666 + 666 weeks
    + 666 + 666 + 666 days


    From the US Constitution Came Into Force CIF on March 4, 1789

    to the birth of the reported Poway shooter, John T. Earnest born on June 8, 1999 is :

    ISUAF =

    = 666 + 666 + 666 months
    + 666 + 666 + 666 weeks
    + 666 + 666 + 666 days


    • Dude, I can simplify it for you. Three weeks ago, a federal judge in San Diego, one Richard Benitez, ruled that Californias 10 round limit on firearms magazines to be unconstitutional. THAT IS WHY this fake shooting took place in Poway, which is quite near San Diego.

  3. CCTV? The most self-aware and protective community in the nation and no footage except the press reports afterwards? Stories with no corroborating evidence are best taken cum grano salis.

    • Precisely……every mass shooting event without official CCTV footage must be investigated by volunteer members of the community. This would include live interviews of the shooters in custody so as to actually ascertain their involvement and protect their civil liberties while in custody. Have these manifestos attributed to them have any positive links to the alleged perpetrators or have we suspended all of the usual protocols associated with evidence and normal procedures commonly used to investigate these crimes. Where are our legal experts when we need them? Oh…..I see. Professor Dershowitz is too busy mobilizing the academic law personal of Harvard in public events to support himself and his pedophile clients downwardly spiraling defense. Not good news for the hopeful Jewish Chabad families of aspiring Harvard law progenies. They may have to settle for an appointment at the Trump musical chairs cabinet or in one of our perennial Jewish Senate staff. One has to wonder if all this is actually good for Israel?

  4. Call me crazy, but how many 19 year olds have a “maifesto” in them just waiting to come
    out ?! With multiple ‘alt right’ jewish power structure awareness talking points. Hmmm.
    But it’s always some poor synagogue elders, high school students, night club patrons,
    or random members of the public ‘at the wrong place’ who happen to be in the line
    of fire and take the bullets. Never any ‘jewish power’ notables. Well, all I can say is
    what the politicians and newscasters offer: Our thoughts and prayers go out to …

    • Precisely on the zero value targets. I won’t mention names, but on several occasions I have come across individuals and groups that we could define as part of the Kakistocracy. One was on the same aisle at Barnes and Nobles and had no visible protection or bodyguard. Another was sitting in a restaurant and quite visible from the front window.

  5. ‘Accelerationism’ may be a goal of the satanic cabal itself right now … This synagogue shooting, curiously, is a ‘pro-gun’ event, with an off-duty armed border patrolman ‘having prevented a larger massacre’

    7 people shot at a black church in Baltimore the same weekend, but that is not really ‘news’ like a synagogue shooting

    Some other dodgy elements in the Poway Chabad synagogue shooting, from Aangirfan on her site

    This event *exactly* 6 months after the ‘Pittsburgh synagogue massacre by Robert Bowers’ on 27 October 2018

    We are told the rabbi, whose life was saved when 60-year-old Lori Gilbert-Kaye jumped between him and the shooter … then continued his sermon after Gilbert-Kaye was shot and dead … Wot?

    The off-duty border patrolman was shooting back … and didn’t hit him? But then the young man who survived a gunfight and successfully escaped … immediately called the ‘911’ emergency number and invited the police to come and accept his docile surrender along the motorway?

    As noted above, the ‘shooter manifesto’ once again seems fairly fake … plain text version online here:

    ‘John T. Earnest’ makes a pre-emptive move to dismiss criticism of possible fakery: « … remember Robert Bowers, remember Brenton Tarrant … and filter the schizos who will inevitably call this a ‘false flag’ … »

    ‘Earnest’ joins the disaffected right in trolling Donald Trump, asking himself:
    « “Are you a Trump supporter?”
    You mean that Zionist, Jew-loving, anti-White, traitorous c-cks-cker? Don’t make me laugh. »

    Chabad of course known for its connections with Mossad … and Chabad synagogues are often seen as Mossad safe houses and operations centres

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