Grand Canyon Deaths: After Latest Fall, Tourists Still Drawn to the Edge

Pat Shearer reaches for Victoria Gizhyrova as she pretends to fall from the edge of the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. PHOTO: Suzanne Gamboa/NBC News

‘It’s really tempting because you see the way to go down and you want to go down there to get a better view,’ a park visitor said.

By Suzanne Gamboa | 26 April 2019

NBC NEWS — Victoria Gizhyrova stood on inches-thin rock ledges, grasping the top of a South Rim cliff with one arm. Her friend, Pat Shearer, 56, reached out and pulled on her other arm.

Click. Click.

The moment was captured Thursday on a cellphone for a photo that made Shearer appear to be saving Gizhyrova from plummeting.

“For Instagram,” said Gizhyrova, 29, of Chicago, only partly joking.

Two days after Cynthia Ackley, 69, died from a 200-foot fall from the Grand Canyon’s South Rim, park visitors still were edging as close as they could get to the open space.

Ackley’s was the fourth death in the park this year and the third from a fall in the Grand Canyon over a span of almost four weeks. One of the three deaths was not in the national park but on the Hualapai reservation in Grand Canyon West. […]

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