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Jew Confesses After ‘Antisemitism’ Furore in Marseille: Jewish-Owned Shops Tagged With the Word ‘Juif’

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By Czakal | 24 November 2017

Diversity Macht Frei –Last weekend in Marseille, graffiti appeared on the shutters of Jewish shops. …

The businesses were not chosen at random according to representatives of the Jewish community of Marseilles, who are convinced of the antisemitic character of the inscriptions. “The shops and shop fronts chosen belong to members of the community,” warns David Assedou, an official at a synagogue in this sector of the town. [Source]

The main Jewish ethno-activist group in France, the CRIF, quickly went into action.

CRIF Marseille-Provence must express its indignation following the antisemitic inscriptions found in the streets of our city centre last week-end.
… CRIf Marseille-Provence remains shocked by these acts. Writing the word “Juif” on a shop recalls the darkest hours of our History. We cannot tolerate such actions, either in substance or in form.
CRIF even disseminated this weak attempt at a meme.
Other Jews also rushed to exploit it.
This weekend in Marseille we had Dieudonné* in front of 8000 fans in a state of delirium and the word “Juif” written on the shutters of several shops. And there are so few reactions from politicians that you wonder how much more repetition of history we need before we wake up

 *Dieudonné is a brown skinned comedian in France who has been accused of popularising antisemitism and has suffered legal penalties because of that. (link)

But now …

The person responsible for the “Juif” tags that have appeared in recent weeks on some Marseille streets and which provoked strong emotion in the Jewish community was himself a Jew and created the tags without any political intent, police sources said on Friday after he turned himself in..

According to initial indications available on Friday morning, the tagger confessed after having seen the massive media coverage of his tags in recent days. Europe 1

No doubt next year these “attacks” will appear in the annual chronicle of “the rising tide of antisemitism.”

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