Syria War Photos Go Viral, Except They Are NOT From Syria

Israeli jets bombing Gaza. PHOTO: The Quint/Twitter/@Sami Sharbek

By Kritika Goel | 27 February 2018

THE QUINT — Two powerful images of wartorn Syria have come to light, which define the horror of civil war that has destroyed the country. But as it turns out, the images that are being passed off as pictures from war-ravaged Syria are not actually from Syria.

Over the past week, Syria’s army and its allies have subjected the rebel-held enclave of eastern Ghouta near Damascus to one of the heaviest bombardments of the seven-year war, killing 541 people in airstrikes.

Hundreds of images have flooded social media, drawing the world’s attention to what’s going on, of which these went viral on 25 February. […]

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