‘False Memory’ Narrative Used to Gaslight Child Pedo Victims

Pope Francis in 2018 accused victims of Chile’s most notorious pedophile of slander, an astonishing end to a visit meant to help heal the wounds of a sex abuse scandal that has cost the Catholic Church its credibility in the country.

Bella Dodd Warned of Diabolical Pederast Conspiracy Against Catholic Church

Francis said that until he sees proof that Bishop Juan Barros was complicit in covering up the sex crimes of the Rev. Fernando Karadima, such accusations against Barros are “all calumny.”

Those of you old enough may remember the satanic child-abuse panic of the 1980s and early ’90s. That was a period when broader, “big picture” pedogate realities were more out in the open.

The FBI Declassifies Files on The Finders and McMartin Pre-school Child Trafficking Cases

On the issue of child abuse/pedophilia, in 1991 more than 80 percent of media coverage was weighted toward stories of survivors, with recovered memory taken for granted. In the ensuing three years, a full-court counter-offensive by dubious characters was waged to sway public opinion about sex abuse memories. By 1994, more than 80 percent of the coverage focused on alleged false accusations from children.

In 1992, pedophiles, ritual abusers and their perv justice warrior (PJW) allies had set up an entire organization devoted to gaslighting victims under the notion of what they dubbed the “false memory syndrome” (FMS). This is not to be confused with poor or suppressed memory.

Rarely has such a strange and little-understood organization had such a profound effect on media coverage of such a controversial matter. The foundation was and is an aggressive, well-financed PR machine adept at manipulating the press, harassing its critics and mobilizing a diverse army of psychiatrists, outspoken academics, expert defense witnesses and litigious lawyers. With a budget of $750,000 a year from members and outside supporters, the foundation’s reach far exceeds its actual membership of about 3,000.

The board is dominated by research psychologists and biologically oriented therapists — inclined to seek physical reasons for problems and treat them with drugs.

These actors had little, if any, psychological qualifications. Indeed, the key co-founder, Peter Freyd, besides being an accused pedophile himself, was a mathematician.

Freyd and his wife, Pamela, started the FMSF foundation in early 1992. Freyd had been accused by their grown daughter, Jennifer, a respected University of Oregon psychologist and memory researcher, of childhood sexual abuse, the memory of which she said she recovered as an adult. It wasn’t Jennifer Freyd but her parents who made her allegations public. The Freyds went back and forth for several years over the “memory wars” thus giving attention to this so-called syndrome.

As the story and witch hunt narrative against the children unfolded, more family dysfunction emerged when Peter Freyd’s brother suggested that the couple fabricated FMS as a result of their own abuse issues. The brother also revealed that Pamela and Peter were step-siblings.

The Freyds were reinforced in their PJW crusade by one Ralph Underwager, a former Lutheran pastor who, prior to co-founding FMSF, had set up shop as an “expert witness” on “false memory” in criminal trials involving child rape, etc.

In the courtroom, he is repeatedly exposed as a charlatan. In 1988, a trial court decision in New York State held that Dr Underwager was “not qualified to render opinion as to whether or not (the victim) was sexually molested.”

Other court rulings on his testimony on memory was ruled improper, such this one in 1990- “in the absence of any evidence that the results of Underwager’s work had been accepted in the scientific community.”

And in Minnesota, a judge ruled that Underwager’s theories of “learned memory” were the same as “having an expert tell the jury that (the victim) was not telling the truth.”

Well after the Foundation successfully swayed public opinion, Underwager was forced to resign from the Foundation’s board. He and his wife, Hollida Wakefield, remained advisers and gave an interview to a Dutch pedophilia magazine in which he was quoted as describing pedophilia as “an acceptable expression of God’s will for love.”

In the interview, he prevailed upon pedophiles everywhere to shed stigmatization as “wicked and reprehensible” users of children. In keeping with the Foundation’s creative use of statistics, Dr. Underwager also told a group of British reporters in 1994 that “scientific evidence” proved that 60% of all women molested as children believed the experience was “good for them.”

A forerunner and ally of the Foundation, based in Buffalo, New York, was the Committee for Scientific Examination of Religion, best known for the publication of Satanism in America: How the Devil Got More Than His Due, widely considered to be a legitimate study. The authors turn up their noses to ritual abuse, dismissing the hundreds of reports around the country as mass “hysteria.”

Cult researcher Carl Raschke reported in a March 1991 article that he coincidentally met Hudson Frew, the Satanism in America co-author at a Berkeley bookstore. He stated, “Frew was wearing a five-pointed star, or pentagram, the symbol of witchcraft and earth magic.”

In Defense of Carl Raschke’s ‘True Story of How Satanism is Terrorizing Our Communities’

Regardless of the quackery, “false memory syndrome” — a catchy slogan invented by the Freyds but not scientifically accepted — was promoted by the usual suspects and became implanted in our collective consciousness, complete with its own heading in the Reader’s Guide to Periodical Literature. The disingenuous psycho-babble is off the charts. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist or great logic to understand that small children are in no position to accuse adults of much of anything until they are at a more secure and independent place in life, if ever.

A Nov. 29, 1993, TIME article by the Jewish Leon Jaroff — who calls himself TIME’s longtime “resident skeptic” — quoted several foundation advisers and conveyed the impression that “literally thousands” of people were coming forward with false memories induced by therapists.

Even earlier, in a July 21, 1992, a New York Times story, Childhood Trauma: Memory or Invention? by the science and New Age Jewish writer Daniel Goleman, a psychologist, became one of the first journalists to popularize the foundation’s contention that accusations based on recovered memories were modern-day witch hunts.

Fortunately, in recent years, there has been some revisionist push back against FMS skullduggery. The “witch hunt narrative” is superbly examined in the book The Witch-Hunt Narrative: Politics, Psychology, and the Sexual Abuse of Children. It is based on 15 years of careful research by Ross E. Cheit, professor of public policy and political science at Brown University and his students. Cheit shows that almost all daycare cases in their study were based on real evidence of child abuse. This book documents how misinformation promulgated by the media and by so-called professionals “led to the public perception of an epidemic of false accusations.”

Par for the course an excellent video on this topic has been scrubbed from You Tube. You can not find any interviews or presentations on You Tube (or Bitchute) by Ross Cheit.

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  1. FMS is an important part of the disinformation game and needs to be called out. Unfortunately, once such a meme gets implanted publicly in people’s heads, it takes on a sheen of credibility. It’s a lot harder to rid the collective mind of it than to implant it.

  2. It’s interesting re the paedos and the Roman Church, the media history

    It was known since forever that legions of Roman Catholic ‘celibate’ priests were gay – and that there were lots of child-violating crimes in the ‘Catholic schools’ etc – but for decades the victims were unable to get any traction in courts or major media

    Then all of a sudden it all exploded in media and courts, journalists and judges suddenly ‘discovering’ the truth in the cases they both suppressed for years … seemed like a cabal agenda to use these old cases, to swing a wrecking-ball big-time against Christianity

    But there was also a gas-lighting counter-attack as described above, now endorsed by Pope ‘death squad Frankie’ himself

    There is a serious historical question as to whether ‘celibacy’ and ‘monks’ amongst the world’s major religions, were always a scam run by gay people to give themselves power as tools of ruling elites

    And today, a question is whether a gay-paedo mafia is a central mafia preferred by oligarchs to do their bidding, perhaps even a rival to the Jewish kosher nostra … and perhaps even one that could replace the kosher mafia, with the oligarch cabal running a clever anti-Jewish and anti-Israeli take-down as a fake ‘populist victory’

    • I don’t see where the gay mafia is running a populist narrative- and certainly not anti-Kosher. But they are definitely an infiltration lever in the power control grid.

    • They don’t have to replace them, they’re a subset and a popular one at that. There have even been 2 exposures of paedophilia within the orthodox community that hit the mainstream, one out of Mamaroneck and I forget where the other was. It was all swept quickly under the table. But none of it is surprising considering women are basically dogs and you can’t become attached to them or there’s something wrong with you, but children- well now. The Talmud allows, condones, dare we say recommends it. The gays are easy to control. They have no attachment to children and live very much in the present. Humanity doesn’t exist for them as such, they’re only interested in themselves really. I know many of them and they are all fundamentally the same. The Kosher gays run the media, the press, guidance departments in schools, and the music world. Supposedly their orientation gives more sensitivity but they’re actually the least sensitive humans on the planet unless it’s about them.

      Don’t forget, you still can’t utter a word against Judaism, Israel, or the Holocaust. Until that changes, you know who’s in power.

      • Crown Heights, Brooklyn, maybe? (The other, after mentioning Mamaroneck)….that is, a Hassidic community with bath houses and rabbis raping young boys there–exposed by a Hassidic Rabbi named Rosenberg, whom may have already been expelled by that community. Even Talmudic Jews do the right thing every now and then….

  3. There is little doubt the FMS Foundation was a CIA creation. As Ken Adachi states: “The CIA created a front group called The False Memory Syndrome Foundation (FMSF) to debunk, ridicule, and defame victims (and their advocates) of Satanic Ritual Abuse, pedophilic sexual abuse, and CIA cult mind control activities. The board members of FMSF reads like a Who’s Who of CIA contractors and ‘consultants’. Incredibly, Peter and Pamela Freyd, executive directors of the FMSF along with FMSF founder, Dr. Ralph Underwager, have fallen from public grace because they, themselves, have been involved in the very abuse that they claim is a result of ‘false’ memory on the part of the child.”

    This term and the organization that followed was nothing more than the efforts of the guilty parties attempt to cover their tracks in their involvement in Project Monarch, along with other MKUltra mind control projects. Pedophilia was only one tool in tool box used to cause dissociation and the resulting Dissociative Identity Disorder. Severe physical, emotional, and/or sexual abuse before age eight will have profound effects on the laying down of neuronal pathways as well as how memory is stored. Other techniques included hypnotism, electroconvulsive therapy, food/water/sleep/sensory deprivation, drugs, and pleasure/pain reversals to induce ‘splitting’. It was found victims of generational childhood sexual molestation made for the best mind controlled slaves.

    The FMS Foundation served to steer the public away from many evils, pedophilia being only one of those evils.

  4. Much as I agree with the majority of this article, my own experience sheds another light: In 1991-92, my sister was seeing a (therapist) who dragged out BS ‘memories’ of our childhood of sexual abuse by my parents on her and her brothers, including me. She argued hard to me that I was also suppressing these ‘memories’ but I was aware it was pure BS, we had an overly normal childhood with nothing like this anywhere near us. It was clearly fed into her (leading to worse psych problems for her later) for some pseudo-therapist to milk. Now in her case, it was absolutely false memory (long story, but very certainly false), planted by a charlatan for profit (come back next week for more regression hypnosis). But that fits in the scenario of disinformation created for mass confusion. Some, in fact, many of those treated by fake professional scammers and CS apologist/whores were actually fed horseshit and spread it, leading many like myself to acknowledge that many of the ‘memories’ were, indeed, false. But that led us to discount some of the real victims, I’m sorry to admit. It’s a convoluted web, but the fibers are clearer, now.

    Their orders were clear, defend the pedo-network and sow doubt on the victims by using the sham-psychologist networks to create and spread false memories in many random patients in order to create a group of fake victims with clearly BS memories. As many of those ‘recovered memories’ will be proven false (like my sister’s), as they were created by some quack (therapist), it creates a large group of real fake memory fake-victims. Once they created a group a real fake victims who seem to still believe the actual fake memories fed to them by that sick fake doctor, that creates the FMS that is used to distract and gaslight the real victims of the pedo-networks.

    WOW! This shit just keeps getting sicker and sicker. I used to assume that bitch who fed her those BS memories was just a greedy fraud () but now I see that she was actually a pawn in the creation of pedo-defending fake foundation used to gaslight real victims of pedophiles. God will judge that vile form of life in the harshest possible way, and it can’t come soon enough!

  5. I remember researching this back in the day. The couple who ran the front group to cover up ties to MKultra monarch CIA programs and networks had a small circulation pedo zine they produced many years before. The Mcmartin preschool trial testimonies were so beyond the pale of what any likely juror would be able to comprehend as real that the prosecution decided most of the witnesses would hurt the case. The entire case began when a mom sought a second doctors opinion and thought to make sure it was a significant distance away where a doctor corroborated evidence to her sons story. Even more convoluted, Ted Gunderson had complaints from some of the victims he appeared earnest about protecting and briefly was married or in a relationship with Anton Leveys wife. Also came across some information long ago that made me question the possibility of a damage control agent in regard to the Boys Town case lawyer who also appeared earnest in his desire to help raise awareness and authored a book on the topic. But it would not be false to say that in that case and with Gunderson, subtle forms of questionable behavior and legal mistakes in court deserve more scrutiny. My remarks carry no condemnation, just concerns. Its become obvious these days how many organizations set up to help are just there to minimize damage outside their networks.

  6. My parents hired a renowned psychologist to meet with me and confirm their feelings that I was making up my father’s sexual abuse for attention because I thought I didn’t get enough attention growing up. In addition to not being believed by my family, I had to carry the additional burden of their accusations that I was just feeling sorry for myself. The psychologist interviewed me and told my parents he believed everything I said. It was true. But my family still doesn’t believe me and I remain an outcast. I cannot adequately express how demoralizing it is to still be abused in such a way.

    • Feminist and christian fundamentalist actually got together to lead the charge of accusing everyone and their brother and destroyed MANY lives. I was falsely accused of raping my next door neighbor my first week of 1000+ student public HS. The kids mom and dad were screaming at each other every other night leading him to hide under his bed. His mom finding this behavior strange of course brought him into a counselor (feminist). Using leading question of yes/no’s supposedly got him to say my name . I couldn’t stand this kid and tried everything in my power to separate myself from him during the time we lived next door to each other. The police were called and case filed with SpecVicUnit, children were interrogated in the local elementary school, it was eventually just dropped a year later. I feel sorry for both sides of this situation like Marilyn commenting above who was abused or random people like me who were accused out of the blue. Hysterical feminist shit stirrers like Andrea Dworkin claiming all hetero sex is rape helped the general atomization of the US. My situation left a mark on my that still hasn’t healed. People should research the book “A Courage to Heal” by Ellen Bass it was one of the main sources of this type of therapy written by two lesbian separatists without any formal education in psychology. Can’t believe it’s on Amazon with 4.5 stars. She rewrote it without some of the more outlandish ideas. These were your original “woke” activist feminist lunatics.

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