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Tolerance Is Not A Virtue

IMAGE: Renegade Tribune

By Seaxwulf | 3 February 2017

RENEGADE TRIBUNE —  When I was younger I dreamed of writing an inspirational self-help book. I had a title and everything lined up. “The Healing Power of NO(!!)” by Paul John Morse. The idea ended up occupying the dusty shelves of my peripheral memory along with my patents for the Mossad Bacon Launcher and the Negro Amigo Hard-Time Hard Helmet (with optional leather padding and sippy straws for portable purple drank.) Instead I’m going to write about tolerance.

Speaking of tolerance. I am intolerant. It annoys me that every time I write an article using the WordPress editor, it strongly recommends I add my “focus keyword” in the first paragraph. You know, because the average idiot will not read anything unless it is all laid bare within the first page, most preferably, the first paragraph.

I can make it real short. Tolerance is not a virtue. It’s all in the title. In fact, excess tolerance invites malady. It encourages a distinct lack of virtue. Allow me to preface. The mere existence of the word ‘tolerance’ suggests there is already a problem. When everything is hunky-dory, you don’t call a doctor. When everything is swell, you don’t point out problems. When you are tolerating something, it simply means you are increasing your chances of contracting a polyp in your ass from sucking up the good stuff.

Tolerance, like everything else, began with temperance. Indeed, it starts that way in the beginning of every individual’s life. It starts with sweating the small stuff. It ends with everyone looking like a caricature from the obtuse comedy film ‘Office Space.’ Let me save you the trouble of googling it. The movie is stupid. You don’t even need to pretend there’s something clever about it. There isn’t. []

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