TNN Gives Trump a Qualified A on New Immigration Policy, but Watch for Other Shoe to Drop

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Details on the new welfare provisions of Trump’s immigration policy are forthcoming from the administration. So far, it appears to go right to the belly of the beast — namely, stopping aliens from showing up in the U.S. to feed at the trough. The New Nationalist (TNN), in this case, gives credit where credit is due.

On the surface such a policy and counter to weaponized migration should be welcomed by American citizens of every creed and color. It promises to be contentious, however, and will be a topic TNN will follow closely.

The administration will need to reconstitute the culture of immigration control entirely. The risk and other side of the coin is the further implementation of extensive citizen-state security police-spy networks.

An aspect of this is organized gang-stalking, whereby “vigilante” snitches and low-life bottom feeders of all stripes harass and turn in the millions of aliens and illegals, and the people who aid them. This in turn spreads to target other generally “suspect people” and “faux terrorists”. Watch for a reward system, which can be badly abused and launches a snitch racket and revenge model.

The only caveat is that the source of this story is faux news Wapo, so we will need to be cautious about being set up for a flip flop, which is becoming par for the course. The White House would not comment on the Post’s story.

The measure seeks to deport — when possible — “immigrants” already present in the U.S. who are dependent on taxpayer aid. The measure would also develop standards for “determining whether an alien is deportable … for having become a public charge within five years of entry.”

The first draft reads: “Our country’s immigration laws are designed to protect American taxpayers and promote immigrant self-sufficiency. Yet households headed by aliens are more likely than those headed by citizens to use Federal means-tested public benefits.”

The order added the Trump administration would strive to “deny admission to any alien who is likely to become a public charge.” The Post noted the standards would apply to those who receive public assistance, including food stamps, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) and Medicaid.

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The second part of the measure is a step in the right direction but is more dicey and will depend on administrative discretion. The measure would rescind any work visa provisions for foreign nationals determined as outside the “national interest” or who had violated U.S. immigration laws. The plan additionally considers how to make America’s immigration system “more merit-based.”

Tech industry insiders expect Trump will direct DHS, which runs the H-1B visa lottery system, to start a rule-making to re-prioritize the visa allocation to give preference to higher-paying firms.

California House members Darrell Issa, a Republican, and Zoe Lofgren, a Democrat, are pushing bills that would raise salary requirements for H-1B visa holders. Tech companies generally support those efforts to de-prioritize Indian outsourcers that they claim “clog up” the oversubscribed lottery system with bulk applications.


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  1. All efforts to rein in the H1-B should be applauded. They cannot be drastic enough. I’ve been teaching smart kids for years and the claim that our kids just aren’t smart enough is pure BS. They’re plenty smart and they learn fast. Companies don’t want to train and they get a better deal with cheaper foreign workers. It’s got to stop. There are aspects of Sessions that are of concern but his dedication to the end of H1-B trumps everythinng else for me now. Nothing can be too drastic on this front. Deportations as well. Taxpayers are fed up and have been for years. I don’t think even the big tech companies should be allowed to hire them. A one year moratorium would be a great start with incentives for hiring US. We’ve got to turn this around.

  2. Russ Winter’s home base Czechia, jails 2 Czech politicial leaders on fake ‘anti-semitism’ charges after they oppose USA & Nato & express concern about Jewish influences … Poland also jails an anti-Nato, anti-USA political leader

    “In March 2016, two Czech politicians, Adam Bartoš & Ladislav Zemánek, were sentenced to 12 months imprisonment, two years probation. According to the court, they are guilty of defaming Jews and inciting racial hatred. ‘National Democracy’ was founded in January 2014 with the aim of leaving the European Union and NATO, & to defend traditional Christian values, national identity, and interests. They fight against Zionism, American imperialism, globalisation, & the dictate of global plutocracy.”

    “Dr Mateusz Piskorski, chairman of the Zmiana ‘Change’ political party, is a renowned Polish scholar & anti-NATO activist who has been held in prison in Warsaw on no charges since May 2016, when he exposed NATO plans to suppress protests in Eastern Europe.”

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