EU Warns of ‘Waves of Migration’ Caused by Global Food Crisis

Millions of Africans could leave as a result of famine caused by war in Ukraine.

By Paul Joseph Watson | 12 July 2022

SUMMIT NEWS — The European Union has warned of a new wave of migration caused by a global food crisis exacerbated by the war in Ukraine.

Aija Kalnaja, the newly appointed interim director, told reporters in Prague that the bloc was already prepared for refugees leaving Ukraine, but that the wider problem would likely be an influx of people from other areas of the world.

“We have to prepare also for refugees coming from other areas because of food security,” said Kalnaja. “You probably know that grain transport from Ukraine is hampered and that will create waves of migration.”

Her warning follows the release of a 27-page internal EU report last month which highlighted the threat of “a catastrophic famine” facing North Africa.

A global hunger crisis might trigger “new waves of social protest, internal displacement and migration to neighboring regions and possibly towards the EU,” the report said.

A similar warning was sent by Italian League party leader Matteo Salvini, who back in May said that up to 20 million Africans could try to enter Europe if the disruption to grain supplies continues. […]

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  1. Aija Kalnaja, the newly appointed interim director, …

    Apparently, she is the interim director of Frontex, a nominal border security agency of the EU, one that is, admittedly, hamstrung by asylum law.

    Frontex left ‘traumatised’ says caretaking leadership

    Some staff at the EU’s border police agency Frontex refuse to go to work because of its poor reputation on rights abuse, said its caretaking chief, Aija Kalnaja.

    And what is the reason for the ‘traumatization’? — the former director was forced to resign after being accused of illegal ‘pushbacks’, i.e. turning away asylum seekers without giving their applications due consideration:

    The comments come after the recent shock resignation of Fabrice Leggeri, who had headed the Warsaw-based agency since 2015. … Leggeri had courted controversy over the years following numerous reports of illegal pushbacks along the external borders of the European Union.

    That’s a funny kind of ‘trauma’ for a border security agency to suffer, which is one reason I referred to Frontex as nominal above.

    One really has to ask: how does a callow woman like this get a job like head of Frontex, even in an interim capacity?

    • Aija Kalnaja

      Recently she posted the following text in a thread on her Twitter account (link):

      Having been subjected to threatening and hostile language directed to my personal twitter account recently, I chose to block the accounts of the originators. Unfortunately, I am not the only one with this experience. … Many of my hardworking colleagues at Frontex have experienced similar treatment. I have no reason to shy away from engaging with public, I appreciate doing so in a civil tone and preferably in a dialogue. I believe it is through a dialogue we together can make progress. … I have now unblocked the said accounts in hope that what was described above will change. Abuse and threats, however, is not the way.

      It is reasonable to assume she received abuse because she seems more concerned with the ‘rights’ of migrants and asylum seekers with than border security.

      Of course both asylum law and legal precedent are huge problems for every white country, especially in Europe since they are very close to Africa and the Middle East.

      But make no mistake: an empathy-driven woman like this does not belong at the head of a border security agency — this feminization of policy and bureaucracies is only accelerating the decline.

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