What Will Trump Do About Anarcho Tyranny?

President Trump holds a Bible while visiting historic St. John’s Church across from the White House on Monday, June. 1. Rioters the evening before set the church basement on fire. Reports later indicated that only a nursery in a new wing of the structure was destroyed.
While walking to St. John’s Church, Trump passed a building that protesters defaced with graffiti in Lafayette Park across from the White House, June 1, 2020. PHOTO: The Star/Reuters/Tom Brenner

NOTE: This looks like a critical 24 hours, during which time we will be updating this post.

Donald Trump has given his views about dealing with color revolutions and rebellion. For him not to follow through on his statements and beliefs would be surrendering to anarcho-tyranny. Anarcho-tyranny is when you give free reign to barbarians to dictate the terms and determine the course of events.

It should be obvious to all that the steered dialectic of the looting and burning is anarcho-tyranny versus Trumpian counter-revolutionary tyranny. This is an old playbook and is central to understanding why and how Trump was inserted for this moment.

Thus, there will be no opportunity for alternatives. It’s obvious now that kakistocrats, discordians and anarchos have heavily infiltrated control of many states and cities throughout the U.S. They will use their authority to resist a counter-revolution. Trump has now warned them to immediately stand down and enforce against the anarchos.

In 1990, Trump gave an interview with Playboy about the use of what he called “the power of strength” in crack downs. He says the Chinese almost blew it before saving the day with vicious repression. He was derisive toward Gorbachev’s soft approach and correctly predicted his failure.

This isn’t even controversial at this point. These are his words! It’s his analysis. We don’t have to read between lines. The lines are right there. Trump understands political power in an authoritarian context. Trump is calling for retribution. His word.

In a civil war or rebellion, that can and will mean death. That’s why the 82nd Airborne Division is on alert. They fight and dominate in urban settings and counter-guerrilla (Black Bloc) operations. The Gray State handwriting is on the wall.

The larger question is who ultimately gets swept up in the counter-revolution that’s coming. At first blush, Trump has identified Antifa in particular as a terrorist group. Most would support that. But that could also be easily expanded to anyone the sistema deems problematic.

And where do they draw the line between protesters and the less-compliant and the anarchos? Then there’s still the issue of enforcing the scamdemic. Once martial law is established to deal with anarchos, it’s a simple step to extend that to the “invisible enemy.”

Trump is also fully committed to fighting the anti-Semite boogeyman canard as well. That would be anybody the Jews don’t like. And what about all of the disaffected unemployed? What to do with them when they start stirring? It becomes a slippery slope from there in this tyranny. Trump, by his very words, looks like a “shoot first, ask questions later” tyrant.

We will see soon enough whether he acts against certain governors and mayors to clean up their mess. Meanwhile, Trump’s political opponents are certainly jumping on the outrage bandwagon.

Trump at around 7 p.m. local time Monday evening announced from the White House Rose Garden that he planned to mobilize “all available federal resources, civilian and military” to put an end to violent protests across the country, while blaming the outbursts on “professional anarchists, looters, criminals and Antifa,” who he described as “domestic terrorists” bringing widespread harm to the nation.

Trump insisted during a brief speech that he would send in military personnel to quell violence and looting, if governors failed to act.

“I am dispatching thousands and thousands of heavily armed soldiers,” Trump said Monday at the White House.

The Pentagon just announced that more troops are on standby ahead of what’s expected to be another night of chaos in Washington, D.C.


Federal agents from the DEA and other agencies have been deputized and are reportedly stopping traffic heading into downtown D.C.

At 10:30 p.m. local time in NYC, looting has begun. In Los Angeles, like NYC, there’s a widely disregarded curfew, but it has driven some protests and looting into suburbs around the nation. High-end stores like Bloomingdales, Gucci, Nike Soho, Chanel, Tory Burch and Kate Spade were all vandalized. Best Buy in Union Square and several drug stores were also hit. St. Patrick’s Cathedral was defaced.

Dozens of cops see what they believe to be looting suspects walking around and riding on scooters but haven’t done anything yet.

Once military fighting units enter the equation, looters and curfew violators, as shown here, will meet their makers. The problem is military tactics always involves collateral damage. That’s because it’s necessary to get the merely curious off the street. The looters can blend in with them too easily. Also they can’t allow interstates to be choked off day after day.

Museum of Modern Art in New York City breached.

As we approach midnight, the nightly shit storms are winding up again. Will Trump make good on his threat to send the National Guard into New York City?

Elsewhere around the country.

Police stand by and watch as their cruiser is taken over by “protesters.”

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  1. I don’t see how Trump could do (or say really) anything and come out a winner here, or in any matter regarding race; the media won’t let him — at least he’s not bleating about ‘lowest black unemployment ever’ anymore.

    Further I don’t see how it is his responsibility — it is a matter for local law enforcement and state governments, which have control of National Guard forces — however Trump should state openly that none of these jurisdictions that allowed violent destruction (looting, arson, etc) to happen (and there was a LOT of that), and whose leaders even encouraged it with imprudent statements and rhetoric, will be getting any federal funding whatsoever to help clean up the mess.

    He should also not allow the FBI or DoJ to get involved in the investigation of what happened in Minneapolis — these things are always interpreted as a sign of ‘institutional racism’ blah blah, and getting the federal government involved gives validity to the idea that the problem is systemic, i.e. some kind of general civil rights issue — Trump should try to put an end to that.

    • the media won’t let him

      Trending on Twitter right now –> #DictatorTrump

      Trump is crazy if he does anything except issue bland rhetoric about it being the responsibility of state and local authorities to deal with this kind of violence, including use of the NG if warranted (it seems warranted).

      • I don’t think he can help himself. He fancies himself a Roman Caesar and loves displays of power. And he has anarchos all lined up for it. I think Antifas will die in the tens of thousands when the military is deployed. Sheldon Adelson boy Tom Cotton wants the 101st Airborne sent in.

        • Russ, your analysis is largely wishful thinking. Antifa is a mixture of Jews (mostly) and cops (a few). In America’s large cities, this gang has become virtually a fourth branch of government. Long before any crackdown comes, Antifa will get the word and disappear like smoke. As for the mobs of looters, they are mere opportunists and will offer no resistance.
          Who gets targeted? White gun owners are the most likely targets. A few incidents where soldiers are shot by “White Supremacists” (Israelis) will get this party started.
          You have been largely ignoring the role that cops have played in this whole sad affair- perhaps you don’t want to believe it.

          • I suggest the Black Bloc are a bunch of paid mercenaries, some ex military, some foreigners. The have capability to cause real havoc. They can’t be left in the field.

          • From what I’ve observed, what “antifa is” depends largely upon where you live.

            In my part of the country, a large number of flag-waving, garbage can-kicking Antifa are union organizers, including teachers unions, university educators and their students, and pro-migrant/open-borders groups. We’ve discovered this time and again whenever they’re unmasked through conflict or capture.

        • > I think Antifas will die in the tens of thousands when the military is deployed <
          Russ, overly optimistic I'd say, perhaps wishful thinking. But we can all wish !
          Hopefully they can get a lot of those virtue signalling white BLM fanboys too.
          When you go bowling, you like to hit all the pins.

    • How to deal with this kind of thing? — 1) imposition of a curfew from the 2nd night on; 2) summon the NG; 3) use of rubber bullets against violent rioters and arsonists, also looters, on the 1st night.

      Issue a clear statement that if there is widespread violation of the curfew and violence or looting on the 2nd night, martial law will be declared, and violent rioters and arsonists, as well as looters, will be shot with real bullets — it would all end very quickly.

        • Yea, right. I’ll believe it when I see it. Hillary and her whole coven are quaking in their boots, the Swamp is almost completely drained, and the troops are all coming home … NOT!! Trump talks the talk and then does what he always does … nothing.

        • Given that they are (still) generally calling them “protesters”, one can imagine the fully weaponized media portraying any violent crackdown as similar to Kent St — given the upcoming election, this is probably a legitimate concern for Trump and/or his advisors should the federal government become involved in suppressing the violence with force — I still think Trump has to keep out of it — he should make simple remarks directed at ordinary citizens concerned about the violence and lawlessness (more than anyone else) that this is not a matter for the federal government — NG forces already under state control are sufficient to quell the violence if appropriately deployed, perhaps combined with martial law where indicated — also the FBI and DoJ will not interfere in any investigation into the incident currently underway in Minneapolis, but will evaluate the thoroughness and conclusions of it when it’s finished.

          Tucker Carlson had a good piece the other day, asking basically: What’s in this system for the average person? — the average taxpaying, law-abiding person?

          AMZN goes full BLM worshipping globohomo; glad I stopped buying stuff from them years ago –> https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EZch8_mXkAI1yfN.jpg

  2. Holding a Bible? He ought to tell the truth about himself, spiritually anyway, and hold a Talmud. Because while I doubt he’s physically Jewish, spiritually he’s a Shabbos goy, a Noahider, and a wannabe member of the Syn of Sat.

  3. I suspect Trump is along for the ride based on this FT piece:

    …’ (neocon Macainite) Kori Schake, an expert in civil-military relations and director of foreign and defence policy studies at the American Enterprise Institute, a conservative think-tank in Washington, said it was “shameful” that Gen Milley wore battle dress to a White House meeting.

    “It militarises what is not a military problem,” she said. It risked damaging the military’s relationship with broader civilian society, she added.

    Peter Singer, a defence strategist, said defence secretary Mark Esper’s referring to the domestic US as a “battlespace” in a call on Monday with state governors was “wholly against his responsibilities to the American public and the Constitution”. 

    “It’s a terrible message to send to create this impression that we are now militarising domestic law enforcement,” said David Lapan, a former Pentagon spokesman who also worked under the Trump administration. 
    etc etc

    The ‘military’ (ie deep state) could be calling the shots

  4. Young white woman wearing a mask told/asked to kneel in solidarity with BLM, she does so — video at the link –> link

    What’s been done to the racial/ethnic consciousness and self-esteem of Whites over the last few decades is a crime against humanity.

  5. I agree with Anglin over at DS that they are preparing the public to get use to a massive military presence on the streets of every major city and that once rolled-out, it will be here to stay. Even here in Salt Lake City last night, they had hundreds of police, a major National Guard presence, and a Black Hawk helicopter flying above for a few hours to get the public acclimated to its presence.

    This coming weekend will tell us much about how much they want to escalate things in the short-term!

  6. Well, what do ya know? Right on cue!

    Another black man murdered in cold blood by some more racist white po po’s. Notice in this one that the person filming moves the camera away right when the shots are fired. Expect them to use this right away as more social incendiary to create even more chaos and confusion with the masses. We will be having another #justicefor? as the Floyd case moves into the rear view mirror!


  7. If someone has pointed this out along the way and I haven’t noticed, I apologize!

    In researching the chronology of ‘official’ events in the arrest of George Floyd, I’ve come across a video that shows that at some point the police took the handcuffs off of Floyd after initially putting them on. This almost never occurs as procedure until one is brought to a local county jail for booking. Police constantly borrow, trade, and exchange handcuffs. Handcuffs will be loosened and/or tightened, but rarely taken off during a detainment or arrest.

    Now, this is subsumed under the ‘official linear narrative’ that tells us that Floyd was moved across the street after being handcuffed and somehow ended up on the ground with Chauvin’s knee on his neck and NOT that what we are witnessing are multiple videos with a differing time-stamp and/or date being ‘glued’ together and constructed to appear as linear and occuring within the same temporal window. Here is the video:


  8. Looks like a rezoning operation…I expect to see a lot of new bright shiny metropolitan “Green Zones” soon…As for the suburbs? You’re next…Followed by the weather dependent rurals…Pretty sinister plan when you stop to consider…

  9. So in addition to the wuhan flu media directives, we are now treated to indignant nonwhites preaching to end ‘racism’ on radio, tv, billboards, etc. getting the message out to whites-most of whom in my midst are glad to share in collective white guilt even though black on black & black on white crimes far outnumber white on white & white on black crimes.

  10. https://www.bitchute.com/video/uZA0BmpCbZqD/
    Chaziel Sunz 15 minute video discussing #BLM. No idea who this is but good to hear an articulate black person discussing not getting duped and being aware


    Post looting surveillance efficacy round up? A lot of retail stock is obsolete right now,
    particularly seasonal fashionable clothes. There may be a wave of raids and arrests based
    on data captured. ‘We know who you are’ social media dragnet face comparison etc

    ‘Detectives in New York City have access to a wide network of city-owned license-plate readers and security cameras on top of thousands of private-sector surveillance systems that are looped in to the NYPD architecture. Investigators are also collecting surveillance images from as many vandalized and looted stores as possible as they try to identify the suspects’.

    Interesting if true and a more serious problem, but why did they know this opportunity was
    happening and why wasn’t appropriate policing in place:

    ‘The culprits are believed to be a combination of outside agitators, career criminals and gang members. Police said many of the perpetrators seemed to display a talent for staying a step ahead of cops with an elaborate scouting and signaling system built on text messages, social media apps and lookouts.’

    As I said yesterday I suspect this is all Deep State/MiC and Trump is a cork on the ocean right now, just a spokesperson who is also being thrown under the bus, contradicted, ridiculed and disgraced. A useful heel….

  11. This is staged.

    One group of “reptilians” control these racist punks, Antifa. “Reptilians” created an event, a spark, and mass demonstrations began.

    They need the violence to escalate. They need a justification for martial law. People should beg for martial law.

    The second group of “reptilians” led by Trump will declare long awaited martial law after weeks of chaos.

    Then second wave of “pandemic” of COVID will emerge. Trump will fight COVID under martial law regime. Military on streets, mass censorship, isolation of dissidents. etc.

  12. A slightly different turn from Russ’ civil conflict scenario above, is from Mike Adams of Natural News, who suggests a major player in US civil conflict may be China:

    First there may well be the Chinese invasion of Taiwan tying up US military in Asia

    And then, Mike Adams notes that as US society crumbles and National Guard and other forces aren’t holding the US together, it is possible the US border would be breached by narco militias from Mexico, which in turn are backed by China, and also linked to the globalist and US tech companies, who are deeply engaged in China and who may view Chinese surveillance totalitarianism as their preferred model … and to top it off other forces can also enter the US under UN sponsorship

    The idea of Chinese / UN forces landing on USA soil to suppress US citizens, has been around for years in the Alex Jones type of sphere, but now it doesn’t seem so far-fetched, especially when you consider that a wing of the US elite and Silicon Valley, may be quite smitten with the Chinese citizen control grid


    For those who like to consider things from a kosher perspective, China has been very Jewish involved since the days of Mao, and today’s China has a dozen of the Mossad-involved Chabad centres, Beijing Chabad having a hotline both to Jared Kusher’s Chabad in Washington DC and to ‘Putin’s Rabbi’ Berel Lazar at Chabad Moscow

    There was a helpful website on the ‘Secret Role of Jews in Founding Mao’s China’, hard to find recently, but 4channers have saved a screenshot (very large image, you may wish to save the picture and then view it on your pc):

    Presented February 2016 by Charles Savoie

    The PILGRIMS Society: A Century of Rockefellers, Rothschilds .

    The PILGRIMS Society: A study of the Anglo- American Establishment; Rockefeller, Mellon, Luce, Rothschild, Cecil, Windsor, the Federal Reserve, WWII, the CIA, and So Much More

    The PILGRIMS Society – Enemy of Humanity – American …
    Aug 07, 2019 • The Pilgrims are dominated by a small group of families including Rockefeller, Kissinger, Rothschilds, Rhodes, Milner, Woolsey (self-styled “British and American Aristocracy” modelled on Cecil Rhodes’ British-American federation dream

    PROOF! British-American PILGRIMS Society Behind Lenin and …
    Oct 03, 2019 • The Rockefellers were also founding members of the Pilgrims Society and financial backers of the Tavistock Institute (for psychological propaganda). In 1909, P.W. Wilson was a member of Parliament as well as parliamentary correspondent for the London Daily News (1907-1917).

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