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America Under Siege? ‘Creepy’ Clown Reports and Hoaxes Keep Coming

By Alex Johnson | 10 October 2016

NBC NEWS — It’s a menace stalking America — a menace called “clowning.”

In something like a dog chasing its tail, more clowns are being sighted across the country as news organizations (NBC News among them) have chronicled sightings of clowns — invariably described as “creepy.”

So many, in fact, that the website Atlas Obscura has launched a useful interactive map to help you keep track of them.

In a widely cited survey, the polling firm Rasmussen reported in 2014 that 43 percent of Americans “don’t like” clowns. More recently, the annual Chapman University Survey of American Fears found that clowns were a cause of significant anxiety for 6.8 percent of Americans in 2015. […]

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