The Mysterious UN Illegal Migrant Debit Cards

Sept 28, 2023

UN’s illegal migrant racket and shitstorm

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  1. The billions of dollars Biden gave to the UN is now financing the illegal migration of the low IQ third world. The mantra has been for decades to get America out of the UN. This alone proves that. And how many other countries are being infiltrated by illegals with the help of the UN debit card? Or should it be renamed the “UN crash the border card”????.

    • I recall this script from the globalist orchestrated migrant mass invasion of Europe ca 2015. No matter how right you are or how much evidence you have, arguing against it isn’t going to work. It’s just a waste of energy and only leads to further division. Great deal of the Western populations are thoroughly brainwashed to believe welcoming migrants is a moral duty and you’ll never convince them otherwise. Many others would never oppose it for social status reasons.

      I tried my best to convince others of the harms and the fraudulent nature of the mass immigration and despite having the truth and plenty of evidence in my side it very rarely, if ever, worked.

      If you want to convince others that the mass immigration has sinister intentions, that immigrants aren’t being helped but rather mass trafficked and exploited and that it’s intended to do harm you first have to undermine the social justice credibility of the Globalists. It shouldn’t be hard as rather than being philantropic and egalitarian saviors of the oppressed, they are actually feudalists and oligarchs and guilty of all the injustice, oppression and destruction they claim to strive to remedy.

    • Yes, but it’s also about diversion and division. We need to keep focus on the true enemy. Also, rather than arguing about issues like immigration we should be striking at the paper thin veneer that is the Globalists social justice credibility. They are responsible and guilty for all the injustice and oppression. They’re the enemy of all mankind.

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