Flight 11: David Angell’s Odyssey on 9/11

To make a sophisticated false-flag operation like 9/11 work and seem believable, it was necessary to have a few carefully placed prominent people on board the alleged hijacked flights. One of these was David Angell and his wife, Lynn. They were alleged to be sitting next to hijacker Mohammed Atta on American Flight 11. Angell was the executive producer of the “Frasier” sitcom series.

Indeed, in this 1997 episode of “Frasier,” we get predictive programming with black magic thrown in for good measure. Listen to the non-sequitur phone call where she says, “… coming in on American [Airlines], Flight 11, 10:30.”

Getting Sloppy With the Storytelling

In the official website of the film “American Identity,” Stephen Rollins dedicates his film to David and Lynn Angell and claims to have been very good friends with the couple.

According to Rollins, Angell called him from Boston, where they were visiting David’s ill mother on the evening of Sept. 10, 2001, to wish him happy birthday. Rollins was celebrating his birthday in the “Windows of the World” complex atop the World Trade Center!

There’s a major problem with this story: David Angell’s mother, Mae Angell, died 31 years earlier, in August 1970. Nor could the couple be visiting David’s sick father, Henry Angell, who died in August 1973.  The only surviving parent at the time was Lynn’s mother, who lived in Birmingham, Alabama.

Curiously, American Airlines and FBI sources indicate that David A N G E L L [FFAA KK01116] [PNR CUFNSG]
cancelled his 9/11 flight reservation at 7:30 on 08/27/01 , the same time as his wife
Lynn A N G E L L [PNR CUFNSG] [FFAA KJ66928].

Nothing to see here, move along?

The next video covers theories on what actually happened to the flights on 9/11.

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  1. I don’t believe those flights were ever logged, and hence the passengers were entirely fictitious. The first person to have made me reconsider my views on the official story – the late Gerard Holmgren – did a very simple cost/benefit analysis of the planes/no-planes approach which I think has stood the test of time. http://www.911closeup.com/

      • Yep. Sites of real plane crashes have debris everywhere. Shanksville had nothing. Can’t wait for all the gas lighting this week on the boob tube…

      • Agreed. But beyond the question of the means used to create the damage, it’s the (((MSM)))’s active role in the planning, execution and aftermath of 9/11 that still shocks me most.

        • bob saffron, wow, in what way does (((MSMs))) role shock you most? i mean i have an idea as to their role which of course was critical in pulling it off as they essentially did, but there are many details i know i am shamefully unaware of & so much info is disappearing as we speak. pains me to no end as i read through the many excellent articles on new nat’l, only to find that in 9 out of 10 cases the included videos are sadly long gone :'(

          • I’ve changed my mind about the “planes”. Of course, that they weren’t the passenger planes the official story holds is obvious on numerous levels. But I have shifted to embrace Richard D. Hall’s research, which posits that the flying objects were real rather than CGI, but that some form of visual masking might have been used. Perhaps to give a missile a crude appearance of a plane.

            • wow, this clip with richard hall was fascinating. i’ve not seen that one before & it gave me goosebumps. they sure do love their tomahawk missiles, too, don’t they? was also not aware of cnn and/or any other media monopolies offering $ to any with known video taken…i have seen that footage a ton of times. where the plane is doing the ol knife thru hot butter….the cartoon effect….i didn’t see that til looking online, however, i do not recall ever having seen that footage on fakery TV, as even they could not possibly have the nerve to show that, could they?

              • There’s also the mystery of the 9/11 “birds”. I’ve no special insight, but don’t remember them being the focus of much discussion at the time.

                The fact that passenger planes didn’t cause the explosion is obvious viewing the smoke that rises immediately afterwards. No wake vortex is apparent, the smoke plume just lazily floats upwards.

          • Last, I’d take a look at Judy Wood’s work. The WTC debris is completely anomalous and a dead give-away that sophisticated and novel technology was used. Now, I’m not endorsing fully her view that DEW was the means, but it deserves consideration. She’s no great media performer, but it’s the questions she raises the important part of her pitch.

            Morgan Reynolds’ site is worthwhile, too.

          • P.S.: With the caveat that I have come to believe that September Clues is, on balance, disinformation, it does have some good bits on the actors. Nauseating, but fascinating in its awfulness.

            • how many people died 9/11? this is where i get confused. they have these actresses making appearances with photos of people who did not exist, but there were people in those towers prior to their being brought down via controlled demolition, minus the Jews who were tipped off ahead of time not to show up for work this day, correct? as with larry shekkelstein, who just so happened to have had a rescheduled dermatologist appointment that morning, instead of being at one of the towers where he normally would be having breakfast with his kids between 8:30-10am, their little familial staff meetings, if you will…so why the need for actresses traipsing around with fake photos? gosh i hate to sound like a dope, again, i’ve really not delved into this, but nonetheless i do realize there were no planes and all 3 towers came down via CD. but i guess i am wondering about people in the building and of course the FDNY.

              • Fake victims and their actor families are always on message. Genuinely grieving and angry people are unpredictable and inclined to open their mouths at inopportune times and say the wrong things. People died for sure, but the exact numbers, I don’t know.

                The number of victims of 9/11-related ailments vastly overshadows that of the direct victims.

                • Also, invented victims can be used to champion causes, like Flight 93 gay, rugby-playing “hero”, Mark Bingham.

  2. No airplanes were used in the 9/11 attacks.
    No airplanes means no hijackers means Saudi Arabia was not involved.
    Who was ? You already know the answer.

    All video of airplanes was Jewish CGI fakery.

    Have you ever seen a bird strike the fuselage and/or the nose cone of
    an aluminum passenger airliner ?
    The damage is nearly catastrophic.

    Given similar shapes and thickness a weaker material cannot every pass through a stronger material regardless of the speed.
    Bullets pass through steel plates because of their small shape and speed results in concentrated pressure in a small area and the steel plate must be very thin.

    Remember Newton’s 3rd law of motion: For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.
    The millimeter thick aluminum airplane’s nosecone cannot pass through the large thickness of the structural steel of the WTC building’s outer wall to say nothing of the interior columns.

    Imagine if you punched a concrete wall at 1000mph.
    Do you really believe your hand will go through the bricks ?
    Your hand will disintegrate.
    Just like an aluminum airplane cannot pass through a structural steel high rise.
    Look at the image shown.
    Carefully note how the nose-cone is perfectly intact and shows zero damage
    after travelling through a structural steel building.
    This is impossible.
    You were watching Khazarian Jewish TV CGI fakery during the 9/11 attacks.


    No airplanes means
    No 19 Arab Hijackers which means
    No Osama Bin Laden which means
    No Al Qaeda.
    Who did 9/11 ?


    911 airplane nosecone perfectly intact which is impossible

  3. Does anyone have the full list of those Israelis and others arrested on 911 and during the year of 2001? Ryan Dawson speaks of a Arab Israeli that spent 10 years in jail for being caught with fake security badge for a sprinkler company. ??? true?

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