Lie Spotting, Duping Delight and Deception Techniques

‘You can fool some of the people all the time, and those are the ones you want to concentrate on.’ –– Former U.S. President George W. Bush

Given the massive, out-of-control, large-scale deceptions and lies from the criminal network, or kakistocracy, that’s in control, it’s useful to have some methods and skills for spotting them. One excellent method is described in a short TedTalks video (below) about spotting lies. It’s called “duping delight.” A self-explanatory term, usually this is manifested by a smirk, or less-than-genuine grin.


There’s an incredible book out written by Russ Baker on the Bush family called “Family of Secrets.” This book is well researched and footnoted, with numerous new documents. Besides his book, Baker also has a website that I now follow.

Baker, who’s hardly a “fringe” journalist, believes George H.W. Bush is the greatest master criminal of the last 50 years. Through his lifelong CIA and intelligence network, he was involved with manipulating events up to the present day.

It’s well documented that this cabal was involved in everything from drug trafficking to arms dealing to Murder, Inc. Starting with Poppy Bush’s father, Prescott, the Bush family was deeply involved in money laundering and the rat-lines of the elites. Papa Bush was the equivalent of a KGB gang chieftain from a criminal oligarchical background put into a position of great power. A terrific Baker radio interview follows:

Family Of Secrets Part 1

The “coincidences” surrounding George H.W. Bush are astonishing. He seemed to be continually involved in spook activities of various types. In the JFK assassination, for example, his role was misdirection. An example was a curious phone call made to the FBI a mere hour after JFK was assassinated. This FBI memorandum describes the call.

A FBI memo written by J. Edgar Hoover on Nov. 29, 1963, advised that the FBI office in Miami warned the Department of State on Nov. 23, 1963, one day after the assassination, that “some misguided anti-Castro group might capitalize on the present situation and undertake an unauthorized raid against Cuba, believing that the assassination of President John F. Kennedy might herald a change in U.S. policy, which is not true.”

In the last paragraph of the memo, Hoover noted that “Mr. George Bush of the Central Intelligence Agency” furnished the background information contained in the report.

There are some who believe that both George H.W. Bush and his 17-year-old son, George W., just so happened to be lurking around at the Dealey Plaza at a veritable spook convention that fateful day. According to Baker’s book, George H. W. Bush may be one of the few, if only, Americans of his generation who cannot recall exactly where he was when John F. Kennedy was shot in Dallas on Nov. 22, 1963. At times, he has said that he was “somewhere in Texas.”

It’s easy to spot when Bushes are lying. They blurt out what are called “psychopathic reveals.” In fact, George W. managed to turn duping delight into an annoying personality characteristic. He often managed to combine duping delight with verbal slips. After awhile, people became numb to it, attributing it primarily to stupidity. That observation would be a mistake. This is a man who “knows things.”

George Bush STILL Lies About 9/11

On 9/11, Bush watched the first plane impact

But when Poppy Bush engaged in duping delight, it had a much more sinister appearance. Bush’s eulogy at Gerald Ford’s funeral is a classic for lie spotting. Watch the duping delight smirk at minute 00:00:17, when he refers to a “deluded gunman” JFK narrative combined with his pathological urge to mock his nemesis, “conspiracy theorists.”

Rule of Four – Evidence – George Bush at President Ford’s Funeral

Unlike George W. Bush, Barrack Obama is very careful with his words, which are largely fluff.  He has also learned to be poker-faced and rarely deviated from his script. He’s a skilled A-team lifetime actor. However, in this instance, speaking on Benghazi, he seems to be engaged in some duping delight, as you can see in the following video.

It’s a little challenging to distinguish between Obama’s cocky strutting demeanor and duping delight, but I think it may be one in the same. I’ve looked over Obama’s speeches, and the best place to spot duping delight is during press conferences and interviews during which he can’t read from teleprompters. He’s too skilled and scripted at the latter.

Body language experts who examined Obama’s micro-expressions actually see signs of low leadership self-image and even feelings of regret. This would be consistent with the concept that’s he’s more of a willing-but-trapped marionette, carrying out cabal orders rather than a real holder of power.

Obama Confronted on Benghazi – Stutters Through Response!

The latest controlled criminal that the Cabal has brought in is Donald Trump, who’s a snake and a practitioner of gaslighting. He also uses deliberate confusion, bait and switch and entrapment. He relishes in calling just about everybody else crazy or stupid. He treats foreign leaders like they are children. He holds most of the public in disdain and has surrounded himself with supremacist chosenites who reinforce this behavior. This actually works because his whole system is rife with psychotics and neurotics.

It’s not that hard to find foils and set them up, and a good percentage of the Trump-related drama-queen foils are staged and faked. This, in the end, serves little purpose other than intensifying and feeding the mental illnesses of the swamp creatures. That’s the idea, because the Trump presidency is a self-destructing Trojan Horse destabilization operation.

Joe Biden takes the cake for communication weirdness and deception. However, he is able to fall back on his dementia to cover for this, making precise identification more challenging.

Bill Gates duper-thon on Covid scamdemic.

Bill Gates giggling through Ellen interview about corona virus (dupers delight) #coronagiggles

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  1. It’s not “Papa Bush”, it is “Poppy Bush”,as pointed out by Cathy O’Brien in “ACCESS DENIED For Reasons Of National Security: Documented Journey From CIA Mind Control Slave To U.S. Government Whistleblower”. Poppy Bush loved his Mexican brown heroin.

    “You correctly predicted the rise of heroin while Bush was in office,” he said. “And people still don’t think to ask why his Yale Skull and Bones fraternity name is ‘Poppy.’ Since Clinton is more heavily involved in cocaine ops than he is Bush’s heroin ops, the price of coke and crack will probably drop in this country while availability soars. ” Mark agreed. “The Presidency switched parties all right, from a heroin party to a coke party with all the same players involved.” “Except for the kids Bush used and abused,” I said. “Neither Hillary nor Bill believe in pedophilia. From my point of view, that is a major difference between the Bushes and Clintons. Other than that, they’re playing the same DARPA-Sandia Labs computer game.”

    • Despite what I have to say about Mark Phillips, and Cathy O’Brien to a lesser degree in that she has been programmed to fall back in line, I still recognize “Trance-Formation” to be a useful entry point into this topic.

      Additionally, I do not doubt anything about “Poppy.” as Johnny Walker Read has written above to be accurate.

      However, if what Sue Ford (pen name Brice Taylor), author of “Thanks For the Memories,” is saying about her treatment by Phillips and consequently Cathy O’Brien’s is true then “Trance-Formation” should be taken with a grain of salt. Phillips told Taylor “it was all in her mind” and that she had never experienced any trauma.

      To those who are curious, I would skip “Trance-Formation” and instead read Brice Taylor’s “Thanks For the Memories” for a less redacted version of a Monarch slave’s experiences.

      I am only 3/4 of the way through Taylor’s book, and I was already reading it when I came across a web post accusation below indicating O’Brien had found a new handler, Mark Phillips. Their statements and treatment toward Taylor seems so mean and insensitive that it almost seems counter intuitive that they would take such a position and even try to say that. But not if we consider the safety backup programs and self-destruct triggers which Phillips may have been trying to access in Taylor.

      This page describes that situation:

      I think Brice Taylor may even discuss this incident in the novel a little later, but like I said I have not finished it yet. I will surely follow up if I change my mind about this but do not anticipate that to be likely.

      When I heard about this incident, I decided to examine and interpret my first impressions of Taylor’s book, while trying to compare them to those from “Trance-Formation” which I read probably about 8 maybe 10 years ago.

      Initially, my thoughts were drawn to my reaction to her description of “servicing” JFK.

      Now let me be clear here, the one true person to whom she payed and owed allegiance to at the end of the day was Henry Kissinger. He was the string puller extracting intel from her on all sorts of people she might “serve” in an assignment. The fact that so much of her book is an exposition on how this omnipresent advisor on international affairs operates in manipulating global players to serve his desires is a nod to Brice Tayor’s credibility and a definite feather in her cap.

      Initially, I thought Taylor’s description of her JFK experiences to be a little too misty and Harlequin Romance-esque for my tastes. This was probably a stupid pre-programmed belief that “journalism has to be unbiased and unemotional to be credible” is how I now interpret that first impression. For as I thought of my overall impression, I felt Taylor’s interpretations of her observations and memories to be more honestly evaluated as to how they could be integrated into future news stories and the NWO future plan as she had overheard over the years.

      Another factor adding credibility to Taylor’s story was including the mafia role and influence with Presidents and politics in general. When she describes their ignorance of the fact they were being pushed aside and discarded as new technology they were unaware of emerged (this would include organic “unbreakable” assets like herself along with other mechanical, digital, technology).

      I definitely recommend Sue Ford’s testimony over Cathy O’Brien’s. At least I’d say read “Thanks For the Memories” first if you feel the need to examine both.

      In the link above you can read Brice Taylor’s statement below about her treatment by O’Brien and Phillips which is very telling:

      “I also reconnected with another Kissinger survivor that Mark Phillips had worked with for a time. Mark Phillips told her the same thing he told me-‘THIS NEVER HAPPENED TO YOU!’ ”


  2. While all the names mentioned in this article are indeed pathological liars and sociopaths, always keep in mind they are all prostitutes of the system. None of them are the pimps.

  3. You have been informing us of the esp. vile form of these devils in their Sab. Frankism. Total diabolical evil has ruled this country for 80 years. Is RFK Jr. about to bust Goliath? You murder a mans father in cold blood and there may be payback someday.

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