Is Scopolamine (Devil’s Breath) a Widespread, Undetected Threat?

“It’s not a drug you can buy in the way you might buy some other new psychoactive substance, some legal high, or whatever. It’s not available in that sense because it’s not a drug you would want to take for any pleasurable purpose.” — Dr. Les King, chemist and forensic scientist

Scopolamine is a drug doctors prescribe in low-dose trans-dermal patches to treat nausea associated with anesthesia; however, in higher-doses, it can cause paralysis and amnesia. Sold on the black market in powdered form, it’s a street drug referred to as “burundanga,” “the voodoo drug” and “devil’s breath.” It’s extracted from the flowering pods of the Datura arborea tree. The tree itself is popularly known as the “borrachero.” In its processed form, scopolamine is a light-yellow, tasteless, odorless powder.

The drug can be covertly administered to unsuspecting victims via laced chewing gum, laced chocolate, spiked drinks or merely by dusting it on sheets of paper. The most common and effective method of delivery is by adding it to food and drinks. Over the last couple of years, scopolamine has been identified as being commonly mixed with cocaine and heroin.

It can also be blown into someone’s face or dispersed into the air of enclosed spaces. When administered, intoxication occurs almost immediately. Complete amnesia occurs while the subject/target is under the influence of the drug. The subject/target is totally unaware of their condition even after the effects wear off.

Scopolamine powder is readily soluble. It does not have a very long half life. Even high doses leave the body within three to four days. It’s excreted (unchanged) in the urine within the first 12 hours after oral ingestion, which makes it challenging to detect with urinalysis. Few hospitals have HPLC testing (high-pressure liquid chromatography), which is the best and most accurate way to test for the drug. As such, use could be widely under-reported, medical literature admits. We suggest this may be an understatement.

Incredibly, even tiny doses are sufficient to cause people to succumb, leading to complete loss of normal nervous-system control. The question begs: Could this be an airborne threat to large populations?

Victims become submissive, disoriented and can be led around like zombies. Criminals have used burundanga to take victims on what’s referred to as a “million-dollar ride.” When properly administered, the drug causes absolute obedience without being obvious to others. Who needs MKUltra with scopolamine around?

Dr. Camilo Uribe, head of Bogata Colombia’s toxicology clinic and leading expert on scopolamine, says, “It’s like chemical hypnosis.”

In the July 3, 1995, edition of the Wall Street Journal, Dr. Uribe is also quoted as stating, “When a patient (of U.S. date-rape drugs) is under hypnosis, he or she usually recalls what happened. But with scopolamine, this isn’t possible because the memory was never recorded.”

In brief, scopolamine interferes with the transmission of nerve impulses and depresses the central nervous system, causing memory retention to be nonexistent. Because Scopolamine completely blocks the formation of memories — unlike most date-rape drugs — it’s virtually impossible for child and adult victims to ever identify their assailants or describe the crimes to which they’ve been subjected.

Scopolamine has escaped the boundaries of the intelligence community. It’s no longer contained to Special Operations and Black Ops. It’s now readily available on the street for any criminal element to exploit.

Scopolamine is identified as being used in a variety of criminal activities, including; rape, pornography (adult and child), abduction, human trafficking, robbery and murder.

Winter Watch Takeaway : Our open-source research on this drug revealed a rather suspicious narrative. We are told it’s a huge problem in Colombia and in particular Bogota, where it’s utilized as an assault weapon in a high percentage of crimes — some 50,000 per year. Of course, it’s grown there.


In North America, there are accounts of hospitalizations in which people thought they were taking rohypnol (roofies), but were instead taking “counterfeits” containing scopolamine. The narrative holds that, as a crime, it’s mostly a date-rape drug.

A site called Cruiseshipdrugs. com tells us:

In more recent years, the plants are being grown in the U.S. Americans are growing the drug legally, buying the seeds over the internet and raising them hydroponically or in gardens. A savvy greenhouse grower can grow the plant indoors anywhere, legally. This means the end product could originate anywhere in the U.S. or worldwide for that matter. There is a huge following of American growers on the internet.

The question of the use of devil’s breath in Crime Syndicate/intelligence black ops is starkly unspoken. Awareness seems strangely muted in that regard. But any criminal or corrupt law enforcement or government could use the drug as a means of setting up a person to commit a crime or to be controlled and exploited in some manner.

Could MKUltra sleeper assassins and operatives be handled with scopolamine, to exert mind control as super soldiers and brainwashed killers, being used to do secret dirty work? And what about entertainers? What about the large numbers of young men found dead in water aka the Smiley Face cases?

The Smiley Face Killers: More Than 200 Maliciously Drugged Young Men Found Dead from ‘Accidental Drowning’

Smiley Face Murders: More Victims, A Mother’s Torment and Strange Parallels to Belgium’s Dutroux Murders

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  1. Scopolamine has been used by South American criminals for many years. It’s nothing new. The ideal targets are single, wealthy gringos. The best remedy is to beware of over-friendly bolt-on babes, and to always stay and eat at the best hotel in town. If General Matanza lodges his guests at this place, you can be pretty sure that the malandras will be afraid to try their tricks there.

    The original ‘date rape drug’ at least in the US, was a substance called GHB. GHB is very easy to make, about as difficult as making a batch of brownies. Thousands of college kids made it, the cost was about five cents a dose. It was thoroughly demonized by the media, and then outlawed. This was some 20 years ago.

    A few years later, GHB made a comeback, legally. It’s now called Xyrem, and it costs not five cents, but $140,000 a year. A gang of Jews in San Jose calling themselves Jazz Pharma acquired the EXCLUSIVE, WORDLWIDE rights to make and distribute GHB. Try to make it yourself, you do five years in a Federal pen. Even possess the precursor chemicals to GHB and you go down for five years. Quite a monopoly, eh?

  2. This will likely be followed by another comment. The mention of this FORNICATING drug makes me so angry this comment may stink of sulfur. It was used on my own Dad in the military for nefarious reasons. Then on me as a child when they continued their family abuse in the alleged name of vision therapy. At least three other cousins too. Miraculousily I got away at age ten from this. Yes, I’m writing a book. Meanwhile I would have everyone realize that this is hugely common. I guarantee you that within what is called the medical and dental community is a satanic cartel who are using this on young children who are their their patients to sexually imprint them as they please. This is the epidemic of homosexual ideation. One can easily learn that scopolamine has been used in the delivery room since well before WWII. Which probably explains why families previously had eight to twelve children before about the 1940’s, but almost invariably had about one to three pregnancies thereafter. They didn’t stop copulating. This was before birth control was readily available, that birth statistics plummeted. They have been sterilizing women during delivery trauma like mad. I guarantee the world that scopolamine is at the root of a huge crime spree among the medical/dental/psych cartel. Include priests, clergy, academicians and all the rest of the invisible-card-carrying cannibal cartel psychopaths. This is widely known and abused. So pissed to even consider this I can hardly type…

    • Addendum: 1) The reason childbirth would be opportune for sterilization is that the cervix is dilated. Normally it would be difficult to impossible to put anything into a woman’s womb.
      2) We know scopolamine was used in an abusive way on my father because ten years post-mortem the VA finally let loose of military medical records they previously claimed had burned up in the 1973 fire – same hokum they tell so many veterans. The medical records outlined a hideous series of events which are beyond the scope of a comment to describe. Definitely worth a book. I can’t condemn the VA vehemently enough for all the ruin it has brought servicemen, their families and all people everywhere. It exists to obfuscate.

      • Horsegirl e mailed me and is sending more background on Scopolamine medical abuses.

        A quick search online is suggesting low dose medical applications are quite problematic.There is a Wikipedia write up on “Twilight Sleep” in childbirth. There is a study on it being one of several OTC drugs causing elderly delirium.There are warnings about using it on cruises for motion sickness in combination with depressants, alcohol and tranquilizers.

      • Funny you should mention fire and records. Not sure if you are aware of Cody Snodgres. Snodgres claims he is an ex black ops guy and that he was offered the patsy job in the OKC bombing before Timothy McVeigh. He states one of the reasons for the bombing was the elimination of Gulf War I vets records who were going to sue the DOD for the condition known as Gulf War Syndrome.

        • My friend…how have you been? Great to see you here!


          — RW and Torchy, sorry about this aside —

          JWR has been helping me out with some excellent resources and ideas regarding truth subjects that we often discuss here on WW, yet since I have not been on the blog in a while and have had this question for him waiting to be asked for about a month now…the fault is my own as we have just not seen one another on the boards for a while now and I am mainly the one who has been absent.

          Now I have been meaning to ask you do you think I am a little out there for believing that Hillary Clinton did in fact die years ago while campaigning, which has been my belief since at least 2016, but I could even make a case for 2008. If you do not think I am a little out on the limb with this idea, do you have any of those excellent references on this topic?

          Oh by the way, I am rereading Ms. Vary Baker’s book on Ferrie. A while back, I had made comments on WW about this text that I felt were not 100% accurate and it seemed prudent to re-read the text so that I do not make future mistakes.

          I was right about her descriptions being vague on Mr. Ruby and had forgotten that she recommends that someone do a book on him and his sister in the Ferrie text, but I was wrong on some of the details regarding how she describes the late Mr. Ferrie (basically she really does have more details than I was giving her credit for).

          If I come across anything exciting, I will let you know. For now it is a good book, but I still think Me and Lee is far better all the way around.

          JWR, please be well.

          All my best,

          • Wow this is a crazy world! So I was trying to look at something for RW and have been all over the web, winding up passing through Benjamin Fulford’s site just to see if he had any leads worth following up on (50% f the time he may have something decent), when I come across:

            Khazarian Mafia Running Biden Psy-ops Out of Switzerland

            and this paragraph form the post:

            “The NSA for their part says the current Hillary is the sixth one being used. We all remember how during the 2016 presidential campaign Hillary was stuffed into a black van and ABC news subsequently reported her death. However, she appeared 20 pounds lighter and much younger several hours later. Also, the picture below clearly shows the current “Hillary” is much shorter than the original.”

            There is a photograph showing what he means by the paragraph.


            What an odd sort of day this Saturday is turning out to be.

      • For good research on the organized effort to imprint children, here is one new resource: Sister Keri Burnor’s book “DIVINE CHALLENGE”

        This is not new information. Many have done great credible research about the cartel submerged within the AMA. MK Ultra is considered a crank topic but everyone knows it happened. Read the work of Kathy O’Brien, Kathleen Sullivan, Bryce (?) who worked with Ted Gunderson. All of this has to do with fiends masquerading as psych or med professionals systematically raping and torturing children.

        The only thing new I bring to the discussion is the use of scopolamine I’m sorry I have to add insult to injury by being called names for my contribution here. Truly I have suffered enough already including years of blindness due to the scopolamine drops regimen on my eyes and all else.

          • The name “burrundanga” comes from my Venezuela: when someone or something is tough and aggressive, we say it’s “candanga con burrundanga”. I gather it comes from the Indians, but can’t tell. The most important fact is that Chavez used it to combat political enemies: a very famous case, in which the Chavez’s regime got caught red handed, was when they drugged a priest of the Catholic Bishops Conference and made him do homosexual acts and felonies and recorded him; after that, they killed him, Father Piñango. But God is great and even the lab that made the burrundanga was exposed!!!!

  3. From around 1900 to 1960, women in labor were given a cocktail of morphine and scopolamine to ease the pain of childbirth and wipe the memory of it, as horsegirl mentioned. But the practice stopped due to infant motility (still births). The drug got passed through the mother to the baby, which made the baby difficult to resuscitate. Mothers also complained that they felt as though they were being robbed of the experience.

    • Actually Torchy for some odd reason I was expecting that this was a thread you authored (before I opened it and saw Mr. Winter); perhaps it is because you have helped inform us of other drugs in past threads.

      Wow, I am speechless. Although I had heard of scopolamine, I had no knowledge (other than the name) of the drug. Many thanks to WW for the information; also, I want to thank Horsegirl for all of the supplemental information (below); really helpful, relevant and fascinating stuff!

      This is what really hit me:

      “Could MKUltra sleeper assassins and operatives be handled with scopolamine, to exert mind control as super soldiers and brainwashed killers, being used to do secret dirty work? And what about entertainers? What about the large numbers of young men found dead in water aka the Smiley Face cases?”

      Well based on the rest of the thread, I would concur that scopolamine could very well be a root cause to death and in use for these operations.

  4. Could go a long way to explaining the compromise of Congress. Freshman rep gets scopolamine in a drink, follows someone to a room where he commits a sex crime on command, and receives photos in an envelope under the door.- 8 x 10 glossies of an event they can’t recall. Could explain a lot.

    A most powerful and diverse weapon.

  5. Didn’t know scopolamine had Datura in it, but I do know about eating or injesting Datura, which grows out in far west Texas in the wild. Not knowing what it was, friend of ours had his wife cook the leaves as if they were a vegetable and nearly died after eating just a little. It is called “Devil’s Weed” for a reason. Used it once or twice for seasickness, no problem. Used it once to help me sleep due to a serious rash. No problems.

  6. I live in the outdoors with open windows all year around right next to a Datura tree that I planted for its fragrance. Maybe I can offer some balance to the fear of Datura and the Solanaceae. This scopolamine is a nasty alkaloid in its effects on the body and should be avoided. I hate its effects, but Datura fragrance does not cause them. Some of us who worked in ag and landscaping had brushes with the Daturas and other poisonous plants in many different families with many different types of poison. It becomes a workaround situation with natural exposure to plant poisons, and there is also a degree of immunity you acquire.
    The only downside to growing Datura is they are too rampant and send up root suckers. Occasionally I have had to chainsaw my Daturas and that sends up a spume of plant material off the spinning chain. It must be that I am already pretty immune to that kind of small dose exposure. I have had many unhappy experiences of central nervous system poisons in landscaping, such as with oleanders, and even working with coffee gave me a bad reaction to caffeine until frequent contact growing it led to immunity from the effects. I developed an immunity to the araceae irritation and it let me take jobs others could not. Native Americans acquired an immunity to the poison oak protein through frequent exposure. Another example of adaptation in evolution to these noxious chemicals, is the tobacco grub. Tobacco spends ten per cent of its energy on producing defense toxins and depletes soils to do it. For any insect to overcome the toxins requires an adaptive selection. The tobacco grubs when newly hatched recoil from tobacco leaf but soon reconcile themselves to it and will eat nothing else.
    My advice is avoid scopolamine because the substance has horrible effects, but don’t necessarily fear the plant family it comes from if you know the workarounds and how to acquire immunity from small dose exposure.

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