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The Smiley Face Killers: More Than 200 Maliciously Drugged Young Men Found Dead from ‘Accidental Drowning’

PHOTO: Rebecca Droke/Post-Gazette

During the last couple decades and increasingly in recent years, the bodies of more than 200 missing young men have been recovered from water and deemed “accidentally dead”. Other than in recent years, it was rare to hear an account of a man leaving a bar or special event venue and then turn up dead in a body of water.

Aside from a cluster in the Northeast, many attended colleges near the Interstate 94 corridor in the Midwest; namely Minnesota, Wisconsin and Iowa. But as time goes on, more and more bodies matching the same profile and bizarre pattern of demise are being discovered throughout the U.S and UK.

It’s a pertinent fact that young women are rarely found “drowned of misadventure” after partying in bars or being out late at night. It seems to be a peculiarly and recent male occurance.  Increasingly in recent years, men who were last seen leaving a party, a bar or event where they were drinking, then go missing and are later discovered dead, are more likely to have the date-rape drug GHB or similar chemical in their system, autopsies find.

Yes, GHB is a popular club drug — but it’s ridiculous notion that someone would mix alcohol (a depressant) with GHB (a depressant) and then suddenly feel an overwhelming need to go for a swim in a cold river alone at night.

The photos below shows the cluster of young men who “drowned” in the Boston area. Their appearance is typical among such victims: good looking and clean cut. Many of them had promising futures. The deviation on build is skewed on the thinner, smaller side.

Some are homosexual or bisexual, but most victims are heterosexual -Update: One of my sources suggests 25-30% homosexual, 70-75% straight.  Perhaps 95% are white. “Cute white men” are derisively described in some quarters, as “Chads.” Is there some underlying hostility coming from organized like-minded perverts toward this type of man? Additionally, there is some type of odd urban myth that men aren’t or can’t be abducted.

The notion that large numbers of young men — many of whom were athletic and swimmers — could just accidentally drown, often in shallow water and sometimes many miles from where they were last seen, is ludicrous on its face. Additionally, the bodies usually don’t turn up for weeks or even longer and frequently in easily spotted locations that were already searched. There appears to be a pattern of in-your-face taunting in the manner in which the corpses are dumped. Autopsies frequently indicate time of death many days after the disappearances. Their bodies are frequently discovered far up river from where they were last seen. Many locations would require considerable effort to access on foot.

Despite matching patterns of unusual circumstance, police and the media tend to ignore the possibility that these men are being murdered. There is something very very fishy about that.

Retired New York City detectives Kevin Gannon and Anthony Duarte researched forensic patterns in these cases and published their conclusions in 2008 in a book, Case Studies in Drowning Forensics, For their time and effort, these two men were attacked and smeared in a familiar and time-worn way.

The detectives and others, such as documentary producer William Ramsey, believe that the victims were abducted and taken someplace, where they were tortured and murdered by gangs or organizations of serial killers who sometimes leave a chilling calling card: a smiley face.

Inordinate Amount of Attention Given to Debunking Smiley Face Graffiti, While Ignoring Smoking Guns Elsewhere

The detectives dubbed their serial-killer theory “The Smiley Face Murders,” but the term is a bit of a misnomer and misdirection. A minority of cases are associated with smiley-face graffiti. The fact that a smiley face is usually not present has opened the way to doth-protest-too-loudly, “see, there’s no smiley face” types of fallacious debunking, as illustrated here. This particular debunker claims there are no signs of injuries and trauma, which is simply not factual as you will see in the Ramsey documentary. Not surprisingly, the mainstream Lugenpresse continually neglects the big picture and instead focuses an inordinate amount of attention on debunking and misdirection.

Nonetheless, the smiley face does show up often in the horror fiction genre. For example the “Watchmen” comic book series from 1986 to 1987 featured smiley faces dripping with blood to symbolize the death of innocence. As William Ramsey demonstrates in his highly recommended documentary available on Vimeo, the symbol is spotted throughout popular culture as a negative, chaos, or evil force.

Among the “suspected drowning” cases — now numbering in the hundreds in both the U.S. and U.K. — 22 had the smiley-face calling card, although that count may now be dated.

Graffiti found near a ‘suspected drowning’ site in Bath, England

In a press release from police in La Crosse, Wisconsin, it states that during the last 14 years nine young men have “drowned” in that jurisdiction. Many others met a similar fate within a hundred miles of this cluster. Police in the statement spent an inordinate amount of effort dismissing the drownings as murders because the smiley-face graffiti played no role. So the La Crosse police dismiss these nine cases as “accidental drownings.”

Clearly, if true, the city has a very serious public safety issue with “inebriate drownings.” Accordingly, they should certainly have surveillance cameras mounted all along the river side. They should have CCTV images from start to finish near the tracks of most if not all of these men. But incredibly, they don’t.

And regular readers know what we think of the pattern of withholding surveillance footage from the public. Should the manner of demise of these men be classified information in accident cases? Of course not. Lack of video surveillance is shockingly common in almost all of these cases. The victims just disappear, at least for a while. And, no, we don’t accept Hanlon’s Razor theories excusing incompetence.

This jurisdiction as well as other cluster locales need closer scrutiny, but anybody sleuthing it needs to be damn careful. I asked the documentary filmmaker William Ramsey, who is well steeped in the details of the cases, the following question at his Vimeo site:

Me: “There seems to be location clusters. Secondly the big gaps in CCTV footage in these crimes makes little sense. The dearth of arrests is also highly suspicious. Could police and coroners be infiltrated, compromised or paid off to cover up these crimes?

William Ramsey: Yes.

Ramsey provided excellent detail on circumstances, including rarely available CCTV footage on 50 of these bizarre cases. If you watch the 210-minute film but find you can’t endure going through the sheer enormity of 50 cases, just try familiarizing yourself with at least a dozen.

Most of these cases look practically cookie-cutter. The similarities go far beyond coincidence. Ramsey states that these are homosexual BDSM (aka bondage/fetish) killings being regularly carried out around a perverted water torture theme. Ramsey located a video made by a well-known, now-deceased pervert named Peter Christopherson. The film shows an extremely disturbing scene of the water torture fetish played out in a dungeon. This can be found at 3:03:00 in the Ramsey doc. Warning: Nightmare material.

Water Torturing

Waterboarding, or water torture, has become more well-known since it was revealed as a military interrogation method 15 years ago. All special operations units in all branches of the U.S. military and the CIA’s Special Activities Division have used waterboarding as part of their survival school (Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape) training to psychologically prepare soldiers for the possibility of being captured by enemy forces. Has this military training and the goons it engendered filtered via the dark web into the extreme BDSM degenerate-fetish community? If I was an investigator, I would look there.

Obviously, such torture gives the evil pervert total life-and-death control over the victim. The smiley-face victims are being tortured and pre-drowned before being dumped in an outdoor waterway. This clip gives more background of what is transpiring. Stop at minute 47:00.

The Modus Operandi

A significant number of readers of Winter Watch are young men. We recommend that you understand the M.O. of these crimes. A date-rape drug, such as GHB or scopolamine, is often slipped into a young man’s drink. Eventually, he leaves the bar/party/event feeling disoriented. (There are also suggestibility drugs out there.) He’s then abducted, tortured (perhaps for weeks), killed and dumped in water.

Read: Is Scopolamine (Devil’s Breath) a Widespread, Undetected Threat?

Seems like a perfect crime, especially when CCTV cameras mysteriously “don’t work.” Slip them mickies, stalk, and, when they leave their location late at night, snatch,  and take to dungeons or hideaways to be tortured, raped and murdered by perverts. It sounds like something right out of “Pulp Fiction.”

Recall that in the movie one of the torture dungeon perps wore a police uniform. Perhaps that is foreshadowing. Could some police or security types at a high level be involved in these crimes? Could powerful, influential people be involved? [ See: The Case of Keith Harding] .Given the dearth of arrests and the lame explanations as to cause of death, it wouldn’t surprise me in the least. [See: “Belgium’s Dutroux Pedophile, Child Rape Affair: A Road Map for Deep-State Criminality.”]

New ‘Kink Pick-Up Apps’ Are Becoming Common

The other cultural and technological invention gaining traction in recent years is the “quick pick-up” app, such as Tinder. In the homosexual scene there is Grinder. There are also BDSM pick-up apps, such as FetLife and Kink. Millions of such apps have been downloaded. [See Vice’s “Kinky Sex Is Easier to Find Than Ever, and That May Not Be a Good Thing.“] [See: Hookup-App Sexual Assaults And Other Crimes Are Skyrocketing]

The Tinder app, in general, is for the more sexually aggressive (promiscuous) heterosexual dating scene. In a number of Ramsey’s examples, you see footage of the targeted men hanging out in bars fidgeting and texting with their communication devices. Then they suddenly leave looking disoriented. The Ramsey doc mentioned that an undetermined number of victims were using the Grinder app.

No way are we suggesting that the majority of these crime victims are lured this way. Alternatively and in other cases, men are lured off and even spotted by eyewitnesses with a group of people. Many people have judgment weaknesses when under the influence of alcohol and will just go off “to party” with unknown people. 

But variations of these elements are going on in the real world. So a target could be approached on social media by someone professing to be looking for some sort of sexual encounter with a cooperative young man. The lure could pretend to be homosexual to target the gay male, or pretend to be a woman to target the straight male. The man is sent to a meet-up location. The murder is set in motion with the drugs and alcohol in his system, combined with the sex lure. The victim is now complacent to the horrific danger that is present.

Winter Watch readers can track these potential cases at this Twitter site. Most incidents have been in the U.S. and U.K. This year, however, it has spread to Canada, and now we have a new suspicious case in Germany.

18 Comments on The Smiley Face Killers: More Than 200 Maliciously Drugged Young Men Found Dead from ‘Accidental Drowning’

  1. With so many dodgy deaths in hundreds, just plain victims as well as suspiciously dead truthers, it can be a wonder some of us are still here on this planet

    An argument that there are perhaps indeed protective spirits who do safeguard some of us for a time from the evil ones, in this battle of good vs evil

  2. I haven’t seen the documentary yet, but I sense a judgement bias by investigators because these are young men. If these were women turning up dead, I imagine there would be a greater interest in investigating these crimes as potential homicides rather them writing them off as “boys wills play” incidents. I could be wrong, but that’s what I sense. Also, I think there are far more national and international predatory serial killers out there than we’re aware of, operating individually and in rings/gangs/clubs/groups. Technology, the “dark Web,” and cheaper/easier travel has made it possible for predators to connect with fellow psychopaths and spread their misery. Look at how politico Enrique Pierce in San Francisco was caught — he was trying to recruit someone And then there’s crap like this going on

  3. David Paulides, “Missing 411″(5 books in the series)author talks about the Smiley Face Killers in this Coast To Coast AM interview with George Noory. It sounds like it is the theme of his latest book.

  4. just a factoid, but Pres. Bill Clinton was in an incident — eerily similar in fact — at age 19 where he was drowning and was rescued by Fife Symington. Symington later received a presidential pardon for some fraud crimes he had committed and was serving. I’ve read that Clinton fell in the water from being drunk, a bit like the cover for these stories. But just looking it up for this comment, Wiki says he was caught in rip tides off Hyannisport. Probably there was no occult symbolism associated with Clinton’s near miss.

  5. This ties in with David Paulides work, missing/411. Another weird fact is that a lot of these men are missing for a month or longer, and when their body is recovered from water(always water) the body has just begun to decay. Indicating that they died recently. So where were they for the rest of the time? Another thing is there is MASSIVE amounts of ghb inside their bloodstream. Oh and I forgot to mention sometimes they have no feet, they’ve been cut off.

  6. In the Netherlands we have the same phenomenon.

    Young men disappearing after a night out. What struck me in these two cases is that the men were with friends, but than left alone for whatever reason; the man in Antwerp lost site of his companion, so tells the newspaper, the other guy in Helmond went home to his friends place while the friend stayed a little longer in the pub. He however never arrived and has ‘evaporated’ in the air.

    Belgian newspapers reporting the missing of the dutch boy tell that he was seen on several camera’s in the area.
    There was no visible sign of intoxication (he did no alcohol according to his sister) until right before he vanished. On the last camera images he seemed uncertain in his movement. Could it be the drug given to him took over??

    • Today, 2-9-2020, the guy that disappeared in Helmond on new years eve has been found in the waters of the Willems Canal.

      Although they had been searching in the Canal as well, they only found him today, how is that possible? The canal is not that broad or like a wild water stream. It is very much like a ‘highway’ for boat traffic.

      Can a body be in the water for more than a month and still be called ‘a corpse’? Did it not decompose already?

  7. There is always someone waiting in the shadows to take advantage of those who have let their curiosities overwhelm their better judgement.

  8. Wonder if this is what happened to this poor kid:
    After an extensive search, MSU Police and Public Safety and our law enforcement partners recovered a body in the Red Cedar River at 12:30 p.m. today in Lansing, approximately 1.5 miles downriver of where Brendan Santo was last seen. The body is believed to be that of Santo, but identification is still pending

    Me: “There seems to be location clusters. Secondly the big gaps in CCTV
    footage in these crimes makes little sense. The dearth of arrests is also
    highly suspicious. Could police and coroners be infiltrated, compromised
    or paid off to cover up these crimes?

    William Ramsey: Yes.
    I think this is a huge organized organ trafficking operation.

    Hired hit men like the Mafia
    Put in cold water to preserve the bodies organs until they are
    sent to a corrupt MedicaI examiner to be removed and sold.
    That happy face could be used like a ID so the hit man can be paid by his handlers

    Harvested organs are big business in this country,
    the poor Black women who would never
    warrant any substantial media attention may also be killed for
    this reason.

    Those crazy excuses detective said like the perps knowing not to leave any DNA. Duh
    No security camera video. dumped in trash cans or empty buildings.
    A killer trying to lift that dead weight up and into a alley trash can. Absurd.

    How about 2 guys in a van pull up and abduct a woman or young man then kill her/him in the
    van and dump her/him to be picked up later where the organs will be removed.

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