(Henry Makow) Entertained to Death

We are becoming more “externalized” than ever.  What does that mean?

We seek satisfaction, knowledge and meaning outside ourselves, i.e. souls.  Our happiness depends on manipulating the world to give us “ego strokes” . Facebook has turned us into “likes” addicts. If we write on someone’s wall and they don’t reply, we are miffed.

We are like squealing chicks waiting for benefactors to bring us juicy worms in the form of money, sex or recognition (“love.”) This sense that our happiness comes from outside ourselves is the cause of all addictions.


The biggest mistake is conformity. In Thoreau words, is that “All anyone knows is the wind that blows.”  Humanity is pretty clueless as to where it came from, why it is here and where it is going.  Satanists control education and the mass media and their first priority is denying the existence of God, and our spiritual connection to Him.

We are born alone, tread a solitary path, and meet our maker alone, yet we spend our lives evading God, our constant companion. This Self evasion is experienced as emptiness and loneliness. Seeking happiness or guidance from society is looking into a “wilderness of mirrors” in T.S. Eliot’s words. When we watch a movie or even listen to music, we are stuck in the mindset of the artist.  Entertainment rarely inspires, uplifts or nurtures the spirit. Human companionship often leaves us feeling dissatisfied and empty.

I once saw this graffiti: “If you hate being alone, other people must find you boring too.” 

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  1. I’ve read a lot of Henry Makow…
    He does provide: facts, ideals of both freedom and kosher obeisance of the world to this “tribe”.
    The ONLY issue is…
    he wants the jews to survive any repercussions of
    Their co- religionist actions against humanity.

    Other than: Myron Fagan, Benjamin Freedman, Brother Nathaniel Kapner, James Perloff, I don’t know ANY Jews that humanity ought save or respect,

    • I demonstrate anti- American criticisms and am American to a tee. Although I don’t see Americanism as a universal sin for all Americans, I hope Americans can dodge general retribution for their conduct. So fail to see how this kind of sentiment as applied to Makow is an issue.

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