The Ashli Babbitt Capitol Hill Staged Deception Psyop

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Over two years after the purported shooting of one Ashli Babbitt at the U.S. Capitol, the case has been closed with no details provided and no revelations as to who the shooter was. This, on its face, makes zero sense. We don’t even know where she was transported and treated.

The Wall Street Journal merely reported, “She was transported to a local hospital where all lifesaving efforts failed. She was pronounced deceased.”

Ashli Babbitt was a 14-year military veteran who served four tours with the U.S. Air Force and was a high level security official throughout her time in service. Babbitt served in the U.S. Air Force under the name of Ashli Elizabeth McEntee.

Coroner (name redacted) would have weighed the body and put it at 5’3 -150 pounds. There is no way she was that much of a porker. The beach photo below was taken in June, 2019. The videos of her on Jan. 6, 2021 don’t combine with a heavy girl.

Aaron and Ashli Babbitt
Newlyweds Aaron and Ashli Babbitt

McEntee was the surname of her first husband of many years. They divorced in May 2019. She married Aaron Babbitt, a former U.S. Marine, the following month. Veterans Aaron and Ashli had a pool service business in San Diego, according to reports.

She left active duty in April 2008 and served in the Air Force Reserve from 2008 to 2010 and then served in the Air National Guard until 2016, according to records.

Although she was described as a mentor to others, she didn’t rise to become a noncommissioned officer after years in the reserves and National Guard, according to official records.

Babbitt was with the 113th Security Forces Squadron. She served in Afghanistan and Iraq in the Air Force before other deployments with the National Guard to Kuwait and Qatar.

The Air Force initially said Babbitt’s Guard service ended in November 2016. When Babbitt separated, she was with the 113th Security Forces Squadron of the D.C. Air National Guard.

Her former unit was mobilized to protect the Capitol during the Jan. 6 demonstrations.

The Air Force gets her service dates wrong. The Air National Guard said she was a guardsman from July 2010 to July 2016. There is an overlap with her Air Force dates and her employment at Exelon’s Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant from 2015 to 2017. It’s unclear what her job was at the plant.

It looks like Babbitt was sheepdipped in 2016. This is where the military pretends to separate you, but you secretly still work for it — in Babbitt’s career, to a security or counterintelligence role.

Almost immediately, this exemplary military veteran started exhibiting running foul of the law undisciplined behaviors. According to court records, two restraining orders were issued against her over a year, although they don’t provide details on who requested the order.

She also was charged in Maryland that year for “willful motor vehicle damage without the owner’s consent” but was found not guilty. She was charged again in 2016 with reckless endangerment, for which she was found not guilty, and malicious destruction of property, for which she was acquitted, that same year, court records show. In 2019, she had a complaint filed against her for aggressive driving that was thrown out based on a lack of jurisdiction, the court records show.

In October 2016, Babbitt opened a Twitter account and, wouldn’t you know it, “… includes retweets and comments supportive of conspiracy theories. The account also shared posts against wearing face masks to limit the spread of the coronavirus. On Dec. 9, responding to a news report of an underground party being broken up in Los Angeles, she tweeted that Covid-19 was a joke.”

Then, out of the blue, Babbitt became a die-hard Trump and QAnon supporter.

In a recent posting, she included the hashtag #WWG1WGA, or Where We Go 1 We Go All, a slogan associated with QAnon.”  

Yes, that’s the ticket.

MAGA posing

Oddly, the erratic, “unpredictable” Babbitt also voted for Obama and opined, ”Obama did great things …I think he jacked some s— up,” she wrote in November 2018, “but I think he did do a lot of good.”

Her grandfather said he was perplexed by her Trump support and didn’t know the reason for it.

”She’s passionate about everything, particularly Donald Trump for some reason,” he said.

On Jan. 6 and in the days prior to her death, she posted on social media comments about going to the Capitol to #StopTheSteal.

Was Babbitt a “patsy” like Oswald?

Babbitt builds her “crazy” pro-Trump cover and, like Oswald did with pro-Castro propaganda, gets swerved into an inexplicable and non-investigated shooting incident for show in the Capitol building.

Ashli’s husband Aaron was also at the Capitol building on Jan. 6, near the front line that pushed through the lobby and into the corridors, as the following 44-minute video shows. Starting at around minute 17:00, he’s the bald man with a beard that comes forward to talk to police. Ashli doesn’t appear to be in the area. Later, at around minute 38:00, you see her shot. Her husband was no where to be seen as she lay on the floor.

In the end, she was technically the only person to have been “killed” on Capitol Hill that day, as the narratives surrounding other “killings” broke down and were revealed as merely unintentional or natural deaths.

Here is the clip of this prop job. We are now led to believe that the cold-blooded gunning down of an unarmed woman in the eyes of the “Dept. of Justice” isn’t worth a hill of beans.

And, finally, where’s the civil suit? A jury wouldn’t find this actionable, if it was real?

Further analysis of anomalies and inconsistencies.

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  1. Still didn’t answer the question. The article contained shiny things and rabbit holes. Let’s start by answering the simple questions first.

    Shot in the neck close range by a large caliber bullet.

    Where is the blood?

    • You don’t know trauma do you!? You can still bleed internally and die of blood loss, hence the brachial artery that runs along the shoulders and close to the neck, a shattered bone from a bullet will cause death if that artery is cut open.

      • You don’t know biology or medicine, do you? A neck wound bleeds out. There should have been blood located in her hair and on her clothing. She is seen smearing a red substance across her face from a capsule that was handed to her. The only collection of “blood” was a small, approximately 5” puddle of some type of coagulated material which clearly, was not blood.

      • Brian, you need to watch the footage of just the gunman. Pay very close attention to the second right before he pulls the trigger. You can see him step forward, pull his firearm to the left and then pull the trigger. It wasn’t aimed in her direction when he fired. And yes, there would’ve been more blood because feds use hollow point rounds and they leave a mess. If you knew anything about first aid, you’d know that when you know someone is injured or think they may be injured, you do not want to move them. So, why does that man in the suit with the ear piece (maybe undercover) literally pick her up and adjust her so she’s lying more on her backpack? There’s also another “rioter” there who has a medics backpack on. Any time the gov has crisis training sessions they always have medics around just in case. It seems like the guys bashing in the glass with weapons would’ve been more of a threat. All the guy inside the door had to do is walk up to her when she came through and handcuffed her. That would’ve been protocol seeing that she wasn’t visibly armed. Still…no info as to what hospital she went to, no obituary ANYWHERE to be found. The gov has lied about so many things, yet you don’t think they’d lie about this?

    • She is lifted up briefly right after being “shot” and you can see from the angle from the stairs there is no blood on the floor under her. Fake, it’s all fake.

    • “Shot in the neck close range by a large caliber bullet.”
      Define large caliber. A 9mm hole isn’t big.

      “Where is the blood?”
      I’ve seen plenty of deer not leave a blood trail.

      “A neck wound bleeds out”
      No… Arteries bleed. If it’s easier to fill a lung than to pump out a 9mm hole, that’s where it’s going to go. The blood sucks your lung in when you inhale.

      “can see him step forward, pull his firearm to the left and then pull the trigger. It wasn’t aimed in her direction when he fired.”
      You’re wrong. I stepped through it frame by frame and drew lines on screenshots which put the shot in the vicinity of her chest and neck. The frame rate creates a fudge factor.

      “would’ve been more blood because feds use hollow point rounds and they leave a mess.”
      Internally, yes. Externally no.

      “That would’ve been protocol”
      No, it’s not. What the fk do you think the gun is for?

      “no obituary ANYWHERE to be found”
      Has been for awhile now. Did you bother to search?

      • federal officers do not carry 9mm. They carry 45 caliber pistols…likely a glock 21 and they use hollow point rounds…much different than a pointed round normally used to deer hunt.

  2. Devil’s advocate question: how do you know she was shot in the neck? Where is the proof of that? As for your blood question – she was laying on a pool of (fake) blood.

    That’s why I proceed in the way I do on these. Your questions are legit, but your method allows for easy razzle dazzle rebuttals by debunkers. I take a different track from experience on these by focusing on the sketchy tell tell anomalies of her background. It is also more illustrative of how the sistema works.

    • I could not find anything on Google about this topic. I found this site by using BING. How come nobody is talking more about this??? I am convinced that Babbit was a FED asset, on assignment to breach the capitol that day along with other cells. I don’t think she was supposed to get shot and killed. If you think about it, that would just amass sympathy for the conservatives, which it has. If you want to increase the dramatic acuity of the day, it would make more sense to have a Capitol officer as collateral damage, not a T. supporter.
      From the beginning, it made no sense to me that Babbit (a former military and intelligence police officer) was in DC “alone”(?) at the speech and ended up in the inner sanctum of the Capitol, around complete strangers who were smashing windows to breach the Senate quarters, and then climbing through one of the broken windows. WTF??? If you are an upstanding patriotic citizen that loves your country, not to mention a former law enforcement officer, that would just feel wrong on every level. On the other hand, if you are an agent provocateur on assignment, it would feel perfectly fine to be among “strangers” (other agent provocateur on assignment, doing the same thing), breaking windows and attempting to breach the Senate chambers in order to amp up the drama, criminality and optics against T. supporters and true patriots who had legitimate questions about the 2020 election. Remember what Ray Epps said on video?, …”we don’t want to get shot.” So of course, the Capitol Officer who shot agent provocateur Babbit was cleared of all wrongdoing. Isn’t it curious though, that four Capitol Officers responding to the Jan 6 “riots” have all died by suicide…? I wonder what they knew?

  3. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. It has been driving me mad that virtually no one took this stance from January. Not one bit was believable and I was not aware of the discrepancies by the Air Force. A DD 214 is the most common document available on former service members. They’re tough to misread.

  4. I have been waiting for this! – You posted a video some weeks back from some researcher … “23 minutes ….” flawed but ultimately convincing claim of hoax –

    WSJ says: “She was transported to a local hospital …” – final 20 seconds of that video shows 2 guys in civilian clothing (maybe the “medic”) lugging (in their arms) her purportedly dead body down an interior capitol stairway – – that’s when I was convinced – that is so very often an element of these operations -obviously non-EMT/medical personnel moving supposedly injured persons – all the way back to the man in the straw hat moving the guy in a wheelchair with his lower leg (purportedly) blown off in the Boston Marathon operation – May 2013.

    Weekend reading!

  5. Fair enough. I have to admit I don’t know crap. And neither does anyone reading this.

    Somehow, it seems fake blood is blood, regardless. And scripted court room dramas following a phony murder are gripping. In my sistema, someone getting shot in the neck bleeds all over the place until the heart stops pumping. The stairs she was last seen being carried down would have a trail of blood.

    I don’t know what sistema you are in. WTF is a sistema? Razzle dazzle baffle me with bullshit.

    • “I don’t know what sistema you are in.”

      I sense you and I have a failure to communicate at times. That’s OK, nothing to take personally.

      Sistema is not what I am in, it is the cartoon world aka Matrix we are dealing and presented with.

      “Still didn’t answer the question. The article contained shiny things and rabbit holes. Let’s start by answering the simple questions first.”

      Feel free to write any analysis of “the question” in comments. If you can find anything showing she took a neck shot that would be useful, but I didn’t find that in the narrative. But yes, there probably also should have been wall and floor blood splatter.

      I am skinning other cats however. Just don’t constantly show up here critiquing my approach is all I ask. You’ve done that for two straight days now.

      • Your video reply doesn’t look well onto WinterWatch. Is this what you are about? I prefer to take it in jest and move on.

        … and don’t call me “dude”.

        I will retract my statements when the Ministry of Truth says she got shot in the shoulder and every single eyewitness who screamed, “She got shot in the neck” is wrong.

        I Love Big Brother.

      • I compared the boyfriend and the bald guy speaking with the Capitol Police. It does not appear to be the same guy. Her boyfriend has tattoos to the top of his shoulder. I also saw him on an interview recently where his story was that he stayed at home and didn’t want her to travel to DC. Thoughts?

    • One of the things I know is that human blood when it outside the body (i.e. you are bleeding) very quickly turns from bright scarlet red (particularly arterial) to dull dark brown (ish).

      In May 2013 – after Boston bombing, a shot-from-above photo of the bomb site where victims were purported mangled appeared on MSM. Some hours after the event, the site totally deserted – piles of medical waste/wrappers etc etc lying about … along with pools of bright red scarlet blood.

      Must be some weird camera filter effect I mused … and I “moved along” … but I came back … and started working back … e.g. to the empty triage mats at Sandy Hook the previous Dec.

      The “23 minutes … ” video I mentioned spends considerable time on blood/bleeding issues. A single, small pool appeared after some delay, near the victims neck.

    • >US Capitol Special Agent David Bailey

      Not long after the incident there was speculation the shooter was a black lieutenant in the Capitol Police — some other sites claim his name is Michael Leroy Byrd; for example:

      Allegations Surface That The Identify Of Ashli Babbitt’s Shooter Is Lieutenant Michael Leroy Byrd As Biden’s DOJ Closes The Investigation

      Twitter/TaylerUSAThe Identify of Ashli Babbitt’s shooter is … Lieutenant Michael Leroy Byrd. Multiple Mainstream Media Outlets have known this, but they REFUSE to run the story. Why is that?

      If you search for “michael leroy byrd capitol police” e.g. on DuckDuckGo, one of the first results is a LinkedIn page for ‘Michael Byrd — Federal Agent — US Capitol Police’ (link — but if you click on it, LinkedIn tells you “An exact match for michael-byrd-3986736b could not be found”, which may indicate the profile was scrubbed at some point — ? — interestingly, I could not find a cached version of this page anywhere — ?

      An image search returns a few results.

      Apparently he exists — here is a Feb 2019 Roll Call article saying he left his service weapon in a bathroom:

      Capitol Police weapon left unattended in Capitol bathroom, again

      A U.S. Capitol Police lieutenant left his service weapon in a bathroom Monday night and the unattended gun was discovered later by another Capitol Police officer. … After the House adjourned on Monday, Lt. Mike Byrd left his Glock 22 in a bathroom in the Capitol Visitor Center complex, according to sources familiar with the incident. Byrd is the commander of the House Chambers section of the Capitol Police

      Also the job description in Roll Call seems to match.


  6. Separately interesting developments with the Daunte White shooting: turns out the woman who shot him instead of tasing him as he ‘struggled to escape arrest due to outstanding warrants after being stopped for a broken tail light’ was previously his school teacher.

    ‘Kim Potter’ the police person shooter will be worth following, it may well be a similar logic dead end to the Babbitt trail petering out. As millions are rejoicing at getting experimental vaccine injections and the prospect of release from their Stockholm syndrome ‘lock down’ martial law sentence, and getting their STASI style freedom paper work, what better way to distract and isolate ‘vaccine resisters’ and anyone thinking about what the future looks like.

    #BLM/identity politics, plenty of shootings and isolating dissenters is a great way to distract and misdirect while the #DNC quickly move forward with their agenda in the US and bigPharma move to the next stages of ‘safety’: annual booster shots C19 ‘prevention’ and chips under the skin to ‘detect Covid19’ (or Windows22 or whatever the next viral operating system is called) and contact the authorities…

    • NO SOUNDS OF THE BULLET fired from the gun…she had to tell the other officers she shot the guy??? So the cops nearby didn’t hear the bullet discharge either?? Using 3, 33, are hoax codes, this woman cop says taser taser taser. KIM =33

  7. Nice, the analysis of the Ashli Babbitt “shooting” is still up on bitchute.

    From the wrong angle of bullet travel, to the wound simulator blood pump, and the hilariously befuddled Capitol Police SWAT team. Now, you throw in her Air Force OSI service. One would have to conclude, all major events are hoaxes.

  8. Well, we know that Former Lieutenant Keith Sullivan’s son John Sullivan was deeply involved in the Capitol Hill charade. Possibly some in the Air Force resented Trump for making Space Command a separate branch?
    A security expert showed that the Duante Wright was a similar false shooting. Michael Jaco also doubted it. Security Expert Calls Bull***t On Daunte Wright ‘Police’ Video

  9. Just another false flag psyop. Wasn’t it nice that tRUMP rallied his most loyal supporters to participate in said psyop, what a great guy. Didn’t it happen while he was giving his “limp dick” speech keeping most folks out of the false flag area? Obviously none of these people including the tRUMP have learned anything since Charlottesville…well I guess this may be 10D chess. Watching the cops do nothing the whole time is enough to say its just the FBI or whatever groups run this garbage. Since all these 3 letter agencies NGO’s and our government lapdogs run these tired things maybe we need a law to take away their guns cause they appear mentally challenged and dangerous.

  10. See Nick Kollerstrom “False Flags Over Europe” book for good info on European fake terror Psyops.

    Also Richard Hall “Night of the Bang” book for Manchester Psyop.

    See Vivian Lee channel for Babbit videos that show it was a Psyop.

    At least they did not go through with a fake trial etc. They have been having fake trials and coroner investigations in the UK. Bizarrely, a Judge called Mark Lucraft, is often the judge in these. The clues in the name!!!!

  11. What is her real name?
    They wouldn’t actually use a real name would they?
    Do we think they disappeared the crisis actor or actually took the crisis actor out?

    • Cut outs are a key to Deep State stagecraft- and they do these with ease. I think she has just blended in somewhere after a little plastic surgery and more liberal use of cosmetics to make her more feminine looking. She looks in appearance like any number of American women. If one met her in person it wouldn’t jog 99.9% of the population that sleeps through these events.

    • Meant only blood on his hand is some trickle from mouth area where we see a blood pill inserted earlier. Looks like the other blood source didnt function properly.

  12. Whatever this person’s real name is, she was a crisis actor and is NOT dead just like George Floyd is not dead. Both are crisis actors

  13. Perhaps the Babbitt shooting (real or fake) was intended to provoke a more violent backlash from the demonstrators so the media could run with the ‘violent insurrection’ narrative.

  14. Hey Russs
    Curious with your take on a few things
    Ashli’s mother has recently been demonstrating in front of the white house and supposedly arrested for j walking. Seems mom was part of it

    Recent news indicates FBI and Antifa were at active prior to the Trump supporters arriving. I noticed the entire scene where Ashli was “shot” seemed to be staged prior to the supporters arriving.

    Also read that Nancy Pelosi had a film crew there the morning of.

    And not to change the subject, read good investigation reporting for the Waco event and how some of the deceased have been seen alive.

    And to top it off, one of the American airline pilots who perished on 911 was identified in Vancouver Canada

    Seems to be lots of this shit around.

  15. Start here at this link:

    After you’ve watched this, do a search on youtube for .40 cal “Super Slow Motion – Hollow Points Hitting Ballistic Gel & Food. Now, you’re ready to ask yourself why there was no blood or tissue splattered on the wall behind her. A petite female shoulder, neck or even chest would not have stopped a .40 or .45 round. That’s just silly. The exit wound would have been at least 2” in diameter or more. Now, ask yourself what emergency medical techs would carry an upper body gunshot wound down the stairs…HEAD FIRST!! If you’ve watched the bitchute video above, you saw the squib belt when she was on the gurney. It was six inches wide and had a tube coming out of it. This WAS NOT AN ACTUAL SHOOTING. If you get really curious, do some pausing in the bitchute video and check out the angles of the pistol. The shooter was short. He aimed slightly uphill but not to a height of 8 feet where her neck and shoulder were. C’mon folks. Get real. This was a bogus. It’s what the democrats do and so many idiots fell for it. Lastly, where have you ever heard of a medical examiner demanding the body be cremated immediately? The Next of Kin determines the disposition of the remains.

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