Washington State Gave COVID-19 Relief to Social Justice Groups Working to Get Violent Criminals Back on the Streets

PHOTO: Health Affairs

Democrats exploited mass hysteria to promote their agenda.

By Shane Trejo | 15 February 2021

BIG LEAGUE POLITITICS — The state of Washington has funneled substantial COVID-19 relief funds into the coffers of social justice groups that spread propaganda to demonize white Americans and get criminal thugs back on the streets.

Jason Rantz of 770 KTTH reported about the troubling expenditures that show how COVID-19 was little more than a scam exploited by Democrats to enrich and empower themselves even if it meant putting millions of Americans into a fear-induced stupor to do so.

The state Department of Commerce under the jurisdiction of left-wing bureaucrat Lisa Brown was supposed to “distribute COVID relief funds equitably to the communities hardest hit by the pandemic.” However, racial and social justice considerations took precedence over need.

One organization that received COVID relief funds was Collective Justice, an anti-white Marxist front that attempts to get violent felons back on the streets. The infamously anti-Israel group, the Council on American-Islamic Relations of Washington, received $50,000 despite already having a massive budget. […]

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