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Global Warming Industry is Hiding Developing ‘Cold Sun’ Dark Winter Phase

“A hungry mob is an angry mob.” — Bob Marley

After a period of gradual global warming, the Earth is poised to enter a “Cold Sun Dark Winter.”

A 206-year cycle of solar and planetary warming and cooling has been established through historic research and climate science. Some climate researchers and scientists are now warning we reached the end of a long cyclical warming trend and, are entering a 30-year cooling trend.

But their warnings are being suppressed by the highly politicized and profitable climate change industry.

Up until recently, even the foremost expert on climate science, Valentina Zharkova, was rather tight lipped about the fact that old warming-trend models and carbon impact conclusions were flawed. The latest models have shifted to colder and sooner. She provided these revisions in November 2018 to a group of leading solar physicists — and before she began her address, received a thinly veiled warning about saying too much.

The following original film created by Newsmax covers the scourge of climate propaganda and explains global cooling through interviews with climate scientists, including John Casey, a former U.S. Space Shuttle engineer and author of “Dark Winter.”

The Grand Solar Minimum, or Cold Sun, Explained

The biggest driver of the Earth’s climate is the Sun, not carbon emissions. The Sun controls 99.5% of climate, not trace CO2. Whodathunk.

Climate scientists have tracked and confirmed a direct correlation between Sun-spot activity and the Earth’s temperature. Greater Sun-spot activity equates to higher solar temperatures, and that equates to higher Earth temperatures. The inverse is also true, and this dormancy phase is known as a “Cold Sun,” Grand Solar Minimum (GSM). Casey is predicting a degree of GSM called the “Dalton Minimum.” Russian scientists are now predicting a period of zero sun spots, or an even deeper Cold Sun cycle,

Climatologists have also theorized that Sun-spot activity follows cyclical trends. Right now, Sun-spot activity is very diminished and diminishing. This will rapidly manifest as colder weather. Furthermore, historic cyclical temperature patterns indicate the Earth is on schedule for a 30-years cooling trend, which will likely include four extreme troughs with virtually no Sun-spot activity, or cold so extreme that it’s as though your thermostat shuts down in the winter.

It is important to recognize that Sun-spot activity is shutting down now and pronto, and the decline is expected to continue between 2019 and 2022. It’s generally agreed that we are entering a Grand Solar Minimum during at least the next two to three years.

The following chart shows the latest Sun-spot activity and its very low levels. Beside the standard 11-year solar sunspot cycles, at the same time we are approaching the 206-year cycle.

Strange, cold weather with moisture is already baked in for the near future. More cloud cover causes cosmic rays to seed clouds, resulting in more moisture. Grand Solar Minimums cause the jet streams to be more erratic.

For reasons not completely known, volcanic and earthquake activity intensifies as the planet cools. Any large volcanic eruptions would further add to cold and precipitation. Pinatubo and El Chichon lowered global temperature a half a degree F.

Volcanic activity worldwide is currently very active, especially in Indonesia. Massive eruption of Mt. Etna in Sicily on Feb. 16.

The Cold Sun phenomenon has been on my radar, but I haven’t been a full believer thinking it would be very minor. However yet another wake up call is at hand as it now looks to be actually occurring and largely as has been predicted. And now NASA’s Langley Research Center is weighing in that this Cold Sun phase is showing its face. Corrupt politicians bully their corrupt media outlets into continuing the warming narratives and freeze them into inaction, literally.

Sun-spots activity is expected to see a small uptick between 2023 to 2025, but it will be a fraction of average levels- more akin to a drowning victim coming up for a gasp of air before being pulled under again. As you can see in the chart below, activity is not linear, but bottom line is that the planet is on the cusp of a Cold Sun phase, which last at least a quarter of a century and lead to a global food crisis. The ramifications are immense. Casey estimates that a Dalton Minimum scenario could equate to up to a 30% crop-loss per year.

Meanwhile, in cartoon world … the global warming industry continues to thrive.

Winter Watch Takeaway

It is incredible and beyond belief that the Crime Syndicate’s usual suspects would encourage foreign alien populations to flood into areas that will be coming under cold and hunger stress over the next several years. Almost all major revolutions were accompanied by food shortages.

More social cohesion and trust will be required, not less. Societal trust is greater in ethnically similar populations. Ultimately, even in high trust populations, there will likely to be a die off. Populations will shift to warmer regions. Low-cohesion, weaponized low-trust populations like Sweden could see massive conflict and discord. Starving people take desperate measures to survive.

Read “Britain’s Genocidal Starvation of the Irish — or So-Called ‘Potato Famine'”

Of late the National Weather Service (NWS) said an Arctic air mass spread southward, well beyond areas accustomed to freezing weather, with winter storm warnings posted for most of the Gulf Coast region, Oklahoma and Missouri.

The freeze also took a toll on Texas’ energy industry, by far the country’s largest crude producer, shutting oil refineries and forcing restrictions from natural gas pipeline operators.

Apart from Texas, much of the United States was in the grip of bone-chilling weather over the three-day Presidents Day holiday weekend.

The cold snap sweeping Texas reached the northern part of neighboring Mexico as well, where authorities said 4.7 million users lost power early on Monday.

German research news site Forschung und Lehre reports how climate researcher Professor Stefan Rahmstorf of the Potsdam Institute concedes: “cold waves like the one currently occurring in Europe may become more frequent.”

14 Comments on Global Warming Industry is Hiding Developing ‘Cold Sun’ Dark Winter Phase

  1. I strongly recommend you guys follow Ice Age Farmer in telegram or webpage. He was banned from jewtube about a month ago.
    He captures and discusses news around the world about policies or event that will result in food shortages. He also covers global cooling (well, his name tells it). The guy is good at what he does and is genuine.

  2. Sunspots have been counted and studied for thousands of years. People will tell you that they have been more accurately observed for the past 400 years due to the development of the telescope. I’d like to know more positively what minimum we’re about to face. Dalton minimums are the smallest and best case scenario, lasting ~25 years. Maunder and Sporer also discovered minimums that lasted much longer, 70 and 120 years, respectively. Perhaps it’s a moot point, as a 25 year minimum is probably big enough to cause the cull that the world’s psychopath “leaders” are hoping for. A Maunder or Sporer minimum would nearly set us back to the Stone Age. Internet image search of Time magazine shows that they were writing about a “coming ice age” in the 1970’s. Then the crime syndicate changed their narrative to “global warming” in the late 1980’s, only to have to change it again later to “climate change”. Perhaps the change to global warming was caused by their overconfidence in their carbon taxation scheme, which they thought we’d all buy. Sorry I’m digressing. My point about the Time magazine thing is that they have likely known for many years what is to be expected, giving credence to the theory that there are significant earth changes coming that are serious and that our “leaders” are not telling us about. Also looking at the chronology of minimums, I had a thought that maybe the dark ages were named the way they were because they also experienced minimums.

    • Thanks so much for the link. I hadn’t heard of him before, but listened to a bunch of his videos. Very interesting info and seems to fit with what others have said about catastrophes every 12,000 years.

    This guy has a channel that explains that the sun goes nova roughly every 10,000-13,000 years, causing ice ages afterwards. He says that the USG got nasa going after a solar maximum to figure out what was going on with the sun, and discovered glass on the lunar surface during the Apollo missions that proved this fact. I don’t believe all of it, but it’s interesting that the moon missions were named after a sun god. Warning: this guy makes hour long videos. Some of the things that make me skeptical of his take: 1. He bases a lot of his conclusions upon nasa (acronym for never a straight answer) data and moon missions that I don’t believe happened, and 2. He confidently states that the best places to be will be 15 degrees or less north or south of the equator, when the location of the equator is likely not going to remain in the same place and could be totally different, for all we know the current equator region could become the poles (tropical coral fossils have been found in the current pole regions) and 3. He sometimes brags like he’s the only one who figured any of this out- nobody likes a braggart- and they’ve been building DUMBS before space agencies existed. He also claims to know the side of the earth that is facing the sun when it goes nova (Europe/Africa) and when it will happen (~25 years). These predictions of his seem too exact to me, but these are my layman’s sentiments..
    Aside from his occasional bragging and self assuredness, along with his questionable faith in nasa, he seems like a nice enough guy and brings up a lot of good points, and makes some observations between solar science and government activities that make one think…
    Even if he or someone like him is right, I still haven’t figured out a plausible reason why they would want to depopulate the planet BEFORE an ELE, which he even talks about. What, pray tell, would be the purpose of that, if all us profane surface dwellers are going to perish underneath a mile high tidal wave, or subsequent ice age anyways? Perhaps bets must be hedged, and the government doesn’t want to put all their eggs in one science based basket, seeing as science regularly gets it all wrong. Or maybe all the talks of cataclysmic earth changes are just a global warming related psy-op and this guy is just another snake oil merchant. I reckon it makes for good black pill entertainment when one is bored.
    I still consider the biblical stories to be more believable than any science. Maybe they tell the same story but it’s lost in translation- perhaps when The Almighty said “let there be light”, He in modern parlance commanded the Sun to go nova.
    Science was once called natural philosophy. My sentiments are that it has been degraded through time due to the decision to separate from considering the Divine. Either way I’m still starting an orchard. I’m just trying to figure out if I should plant more cold-hardy types of trees than my current hardiness zone recommends, hence my interest in solar minimums.

    • Thanks for posting. I’ve listened to some of his info–very interesting. I feel the same way about the moon info (don’t believe they went), but his info does seem to fit with what others have said about a catastrophe every 12,000 years or so. I also found some of Joe Rogan’s podcasts with Randall Carlson and Graham Hancock interesting, though their focus is on the evidence of past catastrophes and not on what’s coming next and when.


    So many have noticed that Texas is having a time of it right now (please do not think I am discounting other struggles in the nation due to the weather, Texas is just very noticeable as I am typing this morning), and one of our friends in the WW community has made clear that she is in Texas.

    Therefore, I am (very humbly and sincerely) requesting that we keep a good prayer and / or thought (depending on your own personal guidance) that

    SOMETHINGSHAPPENINGHERE (somethingshappeninghere)

    and her family, friends, as well as neighbors are going to be healthy, as well as safe.

    Please be clear that I am praying for all of you; however when I was reading:

    and a few other articles on ZH, I did think of shh (although I have had other friends in TX before, I have not been in contact with them for many years) and considered that we could send positive actions (prayers and thoughts) her way. To be clear, I do not know her other than WW and reading her blog once or twice; yet, she is very supportive of us over here and I thought we could be the same as a whole.

    I will re-post this message on the thread before and after this one (this is currently the most active, so it made sense to begin here)

    Many thanks to all at WW.



    RW and Torchy, please feel free to delete this message later on. It well not age well on the thread overall since current event change; however, if you could give it 24 – 48 hrs; I would be very appreciative.

    Thank you.

    • Something Happening Here is here, and thanks SC for this comment post!

      I am fine and have been out here in far west Texas where the tri-towns Alpine, Marfa, and Fort Davis all lost power for the most part…hubby is head of an EMS in this area and to keep warm he had to sit in the ambulance! Had to grill outside in frosty cold as well. Daughter also lost power and hunkered in her bed in dark apartment…son in Houston area but we’d given him a gas generator a few years ago and he and family needed it badly. Sunday night Feb 14-Monday morning 15th stayed up most of the might with temps at 7 degrees making sure water stayed on and pipes didn’t freeze and crack. Turned on water every hour at least. All is well out here and now local towns have power back. Internet came back on Thursday. So here I am. Much of the outages were AEP/ERCOT’s fault, but at least in the rural areas AEP did not turn off power…had it done so the heat tape on pipes would have shut off and we’d have lost all water and pipes…Hubby doesn’t need to break his back replacing them all again (which he had to do in the Big Freeze of 2011…that event is legend out here at the 30th latitude parallel…)


  5. The link to increased volcanic and earthquake activity now has a likely explanation. Using extremely accurate laser measurements it was discovered that when the sun goes into a minimums the Earth also shrinks a small amount thus increasing internal pressures. It is most likely that both phenomena are caused by a fundamental of the universe we do not yet recognize and for which there doesn’t seem to be much interest in pursuing. Too bad so much treasure has been wasted lining the pockets of bureaucrats and climate activists at the IPCC. After 30 years they still cannot prove that CO2 has much of anything to do with a warming planet.

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