‘Russian Election Interference’ Hysteria Distracts Attention Away from Blatant Poll Rigging and Systemic Voter Fraud

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The Podesta emails published by Wikileaks in 2016 revealed more than just strange tastes in “art” and bizarre references to a “pizza map.” It also offered evidence of a concerted effort to rig polls and promote election fraud.

The plot to rig polling involved “oversampling.” Without getting too technical, it essentially means creating the outcomes you desire by skewing the sampling. The fake data is then shared with media outlets. The idea is to sway the favor of voters and donors who might be on the fence. Polling fraud tactics are listed in this document in some detail.

Criminal election fraud discussed in the emails involved an effort to encourage illegal immigrants to vote on election day using a driver’s license or other ID as proof of right to vote.

These emails documenting poll rigging and voting fraud relate to the 2008 election. Undoubtedly, by 2016, and certainly the 2020 election such manipulations and operations were even more fine-tuned. The intent was obvious 11 years ago.

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Podesta also weighs in on voter fraud:

“I think Teddy’s idea scratches the itch, is pretty safe and uncomplicated. On the picture ID, the one thing I have thought of in that space is that if you show up on Election Day with a drivers license with a picture, attest that you are a citizen, you have a right to vote in Federal elections.”

In many of the country’s most populace states, you don’t have to be U.S. citizen — or even in the country legally — to obtain a driver’s license. And in California, the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) registers applicants to vote when they apply for a driver’s license. This is called the “motor voter” system, which paves the way for non-citizen voting fraud. Almost half of new driver’s licenses issued in California annually go to illegal aliens.

Californians are not required to register to vote when they obtain a driver’s license or I.D. But there are countless stories about folks who didn’t register — or who were already registered as Republican — suddenly and inexplicably getting a postcard from their local election office confirming that they’ve been registered to vote as Democrat after visiting the DMV.

In the 2016 election, polls revealed extreme-outlier results, suggesting some were badly flawed. ABC’s national poll, for example, showed a Clinton landslide: Clinton 50%, Trump 38%, Johnson 5%, Stein 2%.

“METHODOLOGY – This ABC News poll was conducted by landline and cellular telephone Oct. 20-22, 2016, in English and Spanish, among a random national sample of 874 likely voters. Results have a margin of sampling error of 3.5 points, including the design effect. Partisan divisions are 36-27-31 percent, Democrats – Republicans – Independents.”

The poll with the best track record over the last three presidential elections gave Donald Trump a 2-plus percentage-point edge over Hillary Clinton shortly before the election. The Investor’s Business Daily/TIPP tracking poll had Trump with 42.1% and Clinton with 39.7%. Even it was off 3%, as Clinton took the popular vote. Rasmussen seemed to be the least biased poll.

Here is the bizarre skew of the other major polls:



Pew Research shows voters identifying as Democrats exceeds Republicans by 4%, not 9%.

An even more absurd battleground-state poll was conducted by the Arizona Republic. The methodology used 54.2% women and 45.8% men. Worse, they identified 57% as Democrats, 24% as Republicans and 19% as Independent. Given these parameters, the outcome of a 5% Clinton lead in this poll should have be of great concern to Democrats. Trump took the state by nearly 4%.

These pollsters don’t provide data on the racial and demographic mix of their polls, which makes it impossible to “fact check” the bias. It suggests the racist, sexist, xenophobic, deplorables-shaming strategies of the Clinton-backed MSM might cause some to hesitate to answer honestly to a Cheka run political poll. They may surprise by expressing their true sentiments at the ballot box, similar to the Brexit vote.

Those who researched 2016 polling failures in the U.S. and U.K. also discovered a geographic bias. Pollsters had a tendency concentrate surveys on populations in major metropolitan areas, such as London in the U.K., for example.

As the 2020 presidential primary approaches, the DNC is running flawed polls to create an aura of no clear or leading candidate. Once Joe Biden drops out — perhaps for reasons of dementia and corruption — then someone like Michael Bloomberg, or possibly even Hillary Clinton, will emerge as the party savior.

In the meantime, the DNC’s polls are simply cartoon world and choreographed. Notice that the gay-disco and rainbow empty-suit candidate “Mayor Pete” Buttigieg is somehow leading by good margins in the early primary states of Iowa and New Hampshire. Who is being polled here, hand picked party apparatchiks?

Then, notice two of the national polls: Emerson shows Biden and Sanders neck-in-neck at 27-27. Yet, the Rothschild-owned Economist/YouGov poll shows Biden leading Sanders 30-12. How are such discrepancies even possible?

Anti-war candidate and bane of the establishment Tulsi Gabbard is still smeared and mired at 2-3% in the Democrat rigged-poll field, a tally that strikes us as nonsensical. But when Independents and Republicans are included, Gabbard enjoys much larger appeal. In fact, a more inclusive poll of Independents shows Gabbard nicely ahead of Biden, Sanders and Warren in that category. She absolutely swamps the rest of the Dem field among Independents and Republican crossovers.

And, importantly, she enjoys good crossover voting appeal, even among Republicans. This demonstrates in spades that voters identifying as Independent are not given a voice in the rigged primary polls. No broader-appeal candidate will be allowed any traction in the rigged Democrat or Republican primaries.

There’s a glitch in the Matrix when Chris Matthews asks Gabbard about the establishment neocons. Matthews needs to watch his back or he’ll end up like Tim Russert, another journalist who tended to ask the right questions.

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This support for Gabbard actually reflects a growing body of Republicans who are secret Groypers or America Firsters and would cross over for the right candidate. What this contingent needs is a true anti-war Populist to pick up the mantle and challenge the impostor Trump (or his successor, if removed) in the GOP race. That’s why the other group receiving the most smears from the usual suspects besides Tulsi Gabbard are America Firsters. But I don’t know who that candidate would be. Where is William Jennings Bryan when we need him?

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Verdict: In the end, the elements of large-scale voter and polling fraud by illegal aliens and control by George Soros’ interests in key battleground states will lead to a faux-democracy synthetic mandate for a leftist Democrat in 2020. He or she will make the Barrack Obama era look like the good ol’ days. But, of course, they will skew the election to make it look close and controversial.

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  1. ZeroHedge writer ‘Cognitive Dissonance’ asks: “How is it that political novice Trump not only appeared on the scene, but ascended the obviously rigged primary system to become the Republican nominee?

    “Those who had previously abandoned all hope, & thus were primed for more drastic (read destructive) measures if not properly corralled, have once again been engaged in the political system [thanks to Trump] …false hope & belief must be re-instilled in various sub factions of the population in order to draw them back in …

    “This is the principal reason why I expect Trump to ‘win’ this election … In an effort to turn Trump into a super magnet for the downtrodden, the mainstream media needed to employ reverse psychology & condemn that which they wished to empower with credibility …

    “This occurred in 2008 with the great black hope, Barrack Obama, & once again is happening in 2016 with the great white hope, Donald Trump … Don’t forget Obama was a political newbie with only a few years in public office before being miraculously elevated to the highest office in the land. It is more than coincidence they both talk a thoroughly convincing game to the sub-set they were created to enthrall”

  2. I wouldn’t say Roosevelt was poisoned, just a fast changing of the guard as he was a great friend to the communists and banking cabal.

  3. If we have learned anything post the French Revolution it is that power does not come from the people. The private interest of the Chosen F_w who own the government (all branches) use elections as a shmo screen to cloak their power and manufacture ‘mandate’ for some aspect of their hegemon. People have power through being strong in their culture, its credo, customs, language and heritage. And they can make life unlivable for occupying powers, alien interests. Whites are not strong in our European culture. We have allowed it to be replaced by a fake culture created by the Jews. The millennial faith and culture of Europe was Christianity and the native ‘old ways’ very often existed side by side with it or adapted to it. Christian Europe created many excellent systems of government that served its nations well. And when we finish with ZOG we will create something better suited to our culture and interests.

  4. New York Slimes style writer (((Vanessa Friedman))) had drooled over Hillary’s clothing back in 2016, calling her white pantsuit “presidential.”

    However, when Gabbard, a fierce critic of Clinton, wore virtually the exact same outfit, Friedman said it made her look like a “cult leader” full of “combative righteousness” and that the white fabric has “connotations of the fringe, rather than the center” and even undermines “community building.”

    Remarked a Twitter user. : “Only neoliberals and war hawks can wear white suits apparently,”

  5. The captive government and media are simply the public relations arm of the international finance crime syndicate. They are there to scare you, mislead you, tell you how to think, and (they’re hoping) tell you what you get, in that order. Don’t believe a word of theirs but pay attention to their schemes and encourage others with ears to hear you to the do the same. Don’t finance things and have lots of guns and an Alamo on some land in the sticks away from the roving hoards of pajama people in the metropolitan cesspools. Grow an orchard and be free.

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