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Liz Truss’ Cabinet: No white men in top positions

Strait Times | Sept. 7, 2022

LONDON – British Prime Minister Liz Truss made key appointments to her government after being formally appointed leader on Tuesday.

The leading Cabinet lieutenants of Britain’s third woman prime minister share her right-wing ideology.

They are all also people of colour. For the first time in British history, no white men will occupy any of the four “great offices of state”: prime minister, Treasury, foreign office and home affairs.


3 Comments on Liz Truss’ Cabinet: No white men in top positions

  1. The absurdities of flooding your country(all western countries), with third world immigrants is coming home to roost.

  2. IMO all of these people are compromised and have a control file on them. If something happens to them, I would lose no sleep over it. They deserve everything that’s coming to them.

  3. Just like here in the former U.S.A., where nonwhites & females pretty much run the show in accordance with what our ‘masters’ offer us as ‘candidates’ (brown nosers) for whom to vote.

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