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Jewish Forward: Liz Truss could be the most pro-Israel British prime minister ever

Jewish Forward | Sept. 5, 2022

This article originally appeared on Haaretz, and was reprinted here with permission. Sign up here to get Haaretz’s free Daily Brief newsletter delivered to your inbox.

Few expected Liz Truss to be a leading candidate to become Britain’s next prime minister when she visited Israel in June 2021, on her first and only visit to the country.

Her arrival coincided with the visit of the Royal Navy frigate HMS Richmond to Haifa, and the British Embassy took the opportunity to hold its summer party on deck – with the then-Secretary of State for International Trade the guest of honor. Only one, not very senior, Israeli minister (briefly) attended.

Truss, who was in Israel to negotiate a post-Brexit trade agreement, made a short speech extolling Britain’s excellent exports, ignoring the massive trade deficit – in Israel’s favor – between the two countries, and was hardly the life and soul of the party.

Two months later, in a cabinet reshuffle, she was promoted to foreign secretary and, as then-Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s scandalous premiership began to wobble this summer, emerged as one of the leading candidates to replace him.


6 Comments on Jewish Forward: Liz Truss could be the most pro-Israel British prime minister ever

  1. Hi ,
    I had to come through duck duck go search engine to see this article,
    Google blocks this article.
    All connected to a hive mind to bring the 1 world order ,
    The Anti-Christ.

  2. Jewish hyperobole…😃
    “Liz Truss could be the most pro-Israel British prime minister ever”

    The Jewish aristocrats have controlled Britain since Cromwell whom was supposed their “messiah” then Napolean was going to be messiah…
    How about that degenerate balfour, Rothschild and Rhodes, millner
    I guess what I’m saying is …
    It’s kosher and unless your into oral circumcision and the Talmud mandate to control the world…
    You AIN’T in it!,of%20it.%20He%20completed%20the%20epilogue%20in%201956.

  3. “Only one, not very senior, Israeli minister (briefly) attended.” That about sums up the relationship between Israel and its Goy pee-ons.

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