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The Postmodernist Cargo Cult Creates Carte Blanche for the Kakistocracy

'Believe Anything' by Barbara Kruger at Hirshhorn, Washington, DC. PHOTO: The Conversation/Steve Rhodes

Postmodernism is a political ideology that developed in the late 20th century. It’s characterized by subjectivism and relativism and deconstructs Enlightenment concepts of reason, objectivity and merit. The root idea is that “everything is a social construct.” Thus, it asks, how can one identify and qualify merit.

“We choose truth over facts.” — Joe Biden

The other root idea is that no real effort, insight or knowledge is required to achieve and have value in society. The end goal is leveling and is little different than the Illuminist revolutions described by Nesta Webster.

For further reading on Illuminism and Nesta Webster, see:

Postmodernists don’t truly believe everything is subjective, or “not real” (aka Cartoon or Clown World). After “disproving” existing reality, they choose a very specific new reality. They use subjectivism as a strategy to destabilize established thinking and tear down the pillars of Western establishment so that they may recreate society with their own Illuminist vision.

That vision is a socially-engineered “utopia” of anti-meritocracy, tyranny of the minority, pseudo-science, Orwellian double-think and control over speech and behavior.

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The very word “postmodernism” is Orwellian double-think gibberish. A better word is counter-Enlightenment.

This is the “everyone is a winner” cargo-cult philosophy. Cargo-cult thinking is the belief that if we simply emulate the visual evidence of achievement through materialism, then real achievement will follow automatically. If you build it, they will come.

Postmodernist grievance land rush

Special status and rights are given based on victim status. Additional power is gained by these “identity groups” by claiming they are oppressed, “not equal yet,” and for perpetuity. But it’s much like a land rush given that 99.9% of the people on the planet can claim some sort of ancestral oppression. So the “winners” of the postmodernist land rush are those con-artists who whine, and manipulate the loudest about so-called “grievances.” In practice it is not diversity, but shallow land grab diversity.

Ultimately, the postmodernism cult is about raw power. Once infiltrated into various institutions, they can infest and advance fellow cultists and useful sycophants.

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The cult, once in ascendancy, can pursue the subjugation of the majority of the population (in this case, by targeting majority “identity groups”) on behalf of a numerically faux-oppressed elite (minority groups), who tell everyone else how they should think and what they can do and say. This is a bizarre “tyranny of the minority” or idiocracy/kakistocracy.

Since judging and criticism are considered “oppressive” under cargo-cult postmodernism, it can serve as cover and smoke and mirrors for the kakistocracy — or rule by the worst. Kakistocrats thrive in a relativist, subjectivist or “do as thy wilt” system. It’s an environment made to order.

One of the tricks of postmodernism is to define it as a solely leftist phenomenon. Although it’s most definitely based in discordian Illuminist Marxism, it can more accurately be thought of as a strategy for asserting political and economic power than a true belief system.

Read “Portrait of Evil: Karl Marx, a Disciple of Hell on Earth”

Thus, we arrive at the age of warring postmodernist cults. Here, the warring cults on the left and faux-right accuse each other of “post-truth” and “fake news.” They set up a fake Hegelian dialectic. At this point, postmodernism seems to be the establishment ideology across the West.

There was a huge bandwagon effect. But having altered the environment so that objectivity and facts no longer matter, the strategy was opened for use by anyone, not just the postmodernist left. Enter Donald Trump, who just borrowed it. If facts don’t matter, and it’s just about subjectivity, then my subjectivity is just as good as yours. And so the postmodernist-right was born. This is personified by the Ben Shapiro soft-toss types.

Indeed, the large corporations have undeniably seen value in postmodernism. We know this because they have used their corporate media arm (five Jewish owned and managed corporations, headquartered mostly in New York) to widely spread the ideology and have strictly enforced it through their individual human resources departments. It shows up in inexplicable loss-leader advertising, such as with Gillette. Or it’s pushed to the limits with pornographic incest promotion. The more perverted, the more it is celebrated.

For further reading on this subject, see

As the plebs inevitably begin to struggle and revolt against corporatism due to the externalities of predatory profit maximization, the Crime Syndicate Owners can opportunistically use postmodernism as an efficient way to suppress them. Again, this is accomplished through the suppression of majority groups, using the façade of “freeing minorities” from oppressive majority-group tyranny (an imaginary enemy fabricated using their media assets). Additionally, the plutocrats can posture as “good” as they “protect” their minority tyrants.

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They can even go so far as to develop snitch technology so that brainwashed divided-and-conquered plebs can police and report on each other, making it cost effective.

For further reading on this topic, see

Winter Watch Takeaway

This coalition of ideological postmodernists, pragmatic manipulative kleptocrats and opportunistic psychopathic politicians have utilized the no-accountability counter-enlightenment postmodern movement to broadly seize and exercise power.

10 Comments on The Postmodernist Cargo Cult Creates Carte Blanche for the Kakistocracy

  1. Postmodernist view: We both know that good and evil are socially determined and are relative.

    Simple truth: Incorrect, and it is this line of thinking that has created the bulk of the problems we face as a society today. Things are made to look endlessly complex more so than they are, actually. That is the great tragedy of the human condition. Actually morality is very simple. Don’t steal from anyone or harm another person (unless in obvious self defense). Period. The end. There really is nothing more to it and if humans would come into harmony with this natural law, we could create an incredible world that is a paradise. The bulk of what you learn in school and media are just obfuscations designed to distract you, divide you and make you feel like you are not smart enough to really understand the world, so that our manipulators can maintain control over us.

  2. The thought occurs to me that the postmodernist movement is just one more aspect of the overarching Satanic drive to turn God’s created order upside down through embracing a false reality, celebrating sin, and calling evil good and good evil.

  3. No doubt postmodernism, relativism etc have been important for the cabal

    But a theme I’ve picked up from Unz especially via Anatoly Karlin there, is that the main thing that is really afoot is a form of ‘Leninism’ –

    The key insight of the successful Marxist revolutionaries being, that you get a group of people who are lower status in the existing order, to be the marching army for the oligarchy that is taking over or seeking to destroy the potential opposition of middle class, petit bourgeois etc … This is the core of ‘Leninism’. The people raised in status, will be fiercely loyal to the oligarchy, as otherwise they fall in power.

    Part of the reality now tho, is that the oligarch-tied forces, are not so much ‘oppressing the majority’, as harnessing a coalition which IS the majority, against the group they find the most dangerous – European-heritage males, who are *not* the majority against the massive group including feminist and single women … plus LGBTers, and migrant and minority populations.

    This is what is behind the current common opinion that, ‘We can’t vote our way out of this’ … Single women plus minorities plus LGBTers plus cucked males … will tend to dominate in Western ‘democracy’, it is simply the numbers when groomed by the usual suspects

    This is also behind the opinion that ‘women’s rights’ to get supported by the state or by ex-husbands etc, is what lights the match that burns down the house, as J D Unwin’s 1934 book ‘Sex and Culture’, argued would be unstoppable in the West. Unwin went back to ancient times citing historical examples showing that every ‘woman’s rights’ culture eventually collapsed.

    Whereas in 1917 Russia the ‘Leninism’ was a combination of class interests plus of course the heavily Jewish Marxist cadres, today the categories are essentially ‘biological’ (led once again by Jewish cadres) … A European blogger in Asia using the name Spandrell, writes about this as ‘Biological Leninism’:

    « In order to build a political movement, you must give people higher status than they presently have. The key innovation of industrial-era politics was Leninism, which built a movement with those who were socially deprived in traditional society due to their class; peasants, workers and foreigners, which were loyal to the Communist project in exchange for erasing the class and tribe distinctions of traditional society.

    « In the post-industrial world, the mainstream political force, Progressivism, has built an effectively one-party regime by recruiting those who were lower status in both traditional and industrial society, ie. pre-1960 society due to their biological characteristics: unmarried women, homosexuals, people of different races. »

    Another Spandrell theme is how pretending to believe lies and absurdities, is how one demonstrates loyalty to the new order … it is like a uniform, and with a uniform, you have an army.

    Spandrell also puts it bluntly, that the appeal of political Islam is secure patriarchy (actually instinctively appealing to women as well). Hence Islam will grow and the West will likely implode in a death spiral.

  4. The blind faith in “science” is a characteristic of this post modernism. This blind faith really is apparent in tech products like social media, smart phones, vaccines, 5G and even electric cars. The mantra of “change” that can only be “good” reinforces the entire scam. Just look at people lining up to buy the next iphone whenever a model comes out. Never in history have peoples been so willing to discard “old technology” and accept anything that is “new”.

    Here is a great Catherine Austin Fitts interview:

    We are Watching the Mother of All Debt Entrapments

    She ties the financial collapse to CV19 to the black budget to the coming mark of the beast vaccines.

    She makes a great point that with these nano chips, we will all become like iphones constantly downloading the newest updates. Everyone will be comparing what version their current OS is on, and that will be more important than race or gender. This is a post modernist paradise.

  5. In a famous exchange between a high official at the court of George W. Bush and journalist Ron Susskind, the official – later acknowledged to have been Karl Rove – takes the journalist to task for working in “the reality-based community.” He defined that as believing “that solutions emerge from your judicious study of discernible reality.” Rove then asserted that this was no longer the way in which the world worked.

    We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you’re studying that reality – judiciously, as you will – we’ll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that’s how things will sort out. We’re history’s actors . . . and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do.

    The truth here is that the entire planet has been subjects of a Freemson empire for centuries. Postmordernism is just one of the many “realities” created by the freemasons. But the “enlightenment” was just another masonic reality as well, just like all the revolutions between. The enlightenment and liberalism were required steps to destroy the Catholic Church, like the Reformation before.

    “We’re history’s actors”. The Renaissance. The Reformation. The Enlightenment, The industrial revolution. The USSR. Weimar. A centuries old sequence of creative destruction, or order out of chaos, where the Catholic Church and European culture, Dixie, and now even Post Modernism, were destroyed and the next masonic reality created. They were are all merely stepping stones to some ultimate masonic destination.

    The next reality by all appearances is Trans-humanism. Fighting will just make it worse. Just take your nano-genome-vaccine, goyim. The next release will fix all the bugs.

  6. I’ve been reading a good amount of miles mathis’ essays on the essentially false mathematics used by Einstein and others, specifically in the field of physics. It’s pretty fascinating really, it falls right in line with the the rise of scientism replacing actual science. The field of physics is a poster child for this takeover it seems, with most “work” done in this field now being done on paper/blackboard/computer by mathematicians, with virtually no actual physical experimentation being done to try to confirm the math is actually correct. These ‘physicists’ have also inserted unnecessary new mathematical concepts and variables that essentially obfuscate or change the known and agreed upon values and thus the ability of a mathematician to confirm that an equation is actually correct. In essence, these supposed big brained geniuses have been doing the math wrong for a long time, probably for a crime syndicate reason. They’ve turned science and math into occult disciplines, complete with their own sets of situation ethics. There’s not much that’s real anymore, I reckon. I think Americans don’t even know what is really American anymore since the syndicate has been in charge for over 100 years- like sports, for example. Are sports quintessentially “American”, or are they simply “Americana” that we’ve all been conditioned to pay attention to, many times before we can even talk? Now bubba wallace is pulling a nascar jussie smollett psyop. FBI investigating. Please. Why anyone would spend one penny on any of this syndicate owned and controlled ‘sports’ is beyond me. Sports, at least in its multi billion dollar international form, is by definition public relations. If you watch sports, you watch propaganda, and whether apolitical or not, you will eventually believe that shit after you’ve heard it repeated a hundred times. MLB, NFL, NHL, nascar are all syndicate controlled and are working against the people that they patronize. Their propaganda narratives of course filter down to the little league level also, so the kids get the message early. Voting with wallet and attention would sink these propaganda organs in one season.

    • The Jews have a lot of fun creating these various movements. Will the Goyim believe even this garbage? Yes they will. The Goyim will believe anything. They really are cattle

  7. When the bankers and usury got control that was the real beginning of the modern social disintegration. Usury is correctly understood as the taking of ANY interest on a loan. Usurers were cursed by Christ and christendom.He drove them out of the temple. The Church of Rome found clever ways to subvert this mortal sin. The former holy church of Rome fully merged with the Rothschilds in the 19th century. A social order that embraces mortal sin is total BS. Ezra Pound on usury…..oh contra naturam. Everything that follows will be false.

  8. You blocked my IP because I’m not an obsequious sycophant? You seem to have confused me with a troll who flames you. I’m not that troll. You’re mistaken. I do Frontyard Art in Albuquerque and my Bondage Barbies covered by KRQE were picked up by last July.

    • I didn’t set up this site to be a forum to critique and criticize (often with stupid shit) Russ Winter. It is like going into someone’s living room and leaving a stool. You may call my fans sycophants but I encourage those who appreciate and support the site. I will just dispense with the others and could care less about your soliloquy (actually trolling) about real men taking criticism.

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