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In Soviet Sweden, a Social Media Snitch is a National Hero

Soviet Sweden granny hunter Tomas Aberg is considered a national hero for snitching on pensioners who make anti-migrant comments on social media. The obviously socially awkward Aberg was deprived of the national award, however, when it was revealed that evaded an arrest warrant for grotesque animal cruelty. PHOTO: Aftonbladet/Thinkstock/TT/Erik Kammerland

Meet one Tomas Åberg, a steaming lump of subhuman excrement who Sweden’s Marxist elites chose to bestow the honorific of “National Hero.”

Now, you might be asking, “How does a piece of shit (PoS) become a national hero?”

First, you allow radical left-wing Social Democrats (aka Bolshevik communists) to take over your government and capture your press. Then, self-appointed Cheka sadists like PoS Åberg naturally float to the top like a turd in a still toilet bowl.

PoS aBERG, to which he will be referred herein, makes a lucrative taxpayer-funded living as a self-appointed speech-crime narc on social media.

Is he risking his personal welfare by exposing dangerous extremists? No. He’s Soviet Sweden’s Great White Granny Hunter.

PoS aBERG monitors the Facebook pages of Sweden’s pensioners (seniors/elderly) for anti-immigration comments and reports them to the police. You see, in Soviet Sweden, anti-immigrant speech is considered a crime punishable by up to four years in prison.

Soviet Sweden’s obtuse phrase for such speech crime is called “committing hardship to an ethnic group.” It is not immediately clear whether this new draconian law applies only to online activity, shudder to think.

Granny’s House

Once Upon a Time in Sweden

So, let’s say you help great grandma set up a Facebook account so you can share family photos. She gets the hang of it and adds her friends, members of her sewing circle and her bridge club to her account. Now and then, she posts a little comment or pictures of reindeer grazing on her homemade Knäckebröd.

Then, she begins sharing her opinion on politics and culture. Keep in mind that the social orientation of granny and her peers stem from a different time in history, one of free speech and national pride. She wasn’t indoctrinated in modern-day culturally Marxist ideologies and anti-Christian values. Traditionally, this was simply accepted as a “generation gap.”

Using the language and views of her bygone era, she posts a few Facebook comments expressing concern over the negative impacts of migration on her country, be it economic, cultural, political, criminal, whatever. Well, in Soviet Sweden, granny just committed a crime.

Enter PoS aBERG (formerly named Tomas Bergstrom). Somehow, he “discovers” granny’s comments — and submits evidence of her speech crime to Soviet Sweden’s thought police. Granny is arrested and released with a summons to appear in court.

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PoS then alerts his buddies at Soviet Sweden’s communist newspaper Expressen that he’s successfully nabbed another hater. Why? Two reasons: to draw publicity to his so-called public works (rally more public funding for himself); and to shame granny and ruin her life (make an example of her).

Expressen sends a news crew to granny’s house to interrogate her and find out how and why she became a “right-wing extremist.” And, on her day in court, Soviet Sweden’s news monopoly sends a gaggle of sycophant reporters to follow her around and intimidate her.

Interestingly, in many European countries, it’s against the law to publish the name of someone merely accused of a crime. Names are withheld until conviction. But, from what we’ve observed, this rule doesn’t seem to apply to crimes relating to speech.

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The outcome of granny’s case is irrelevant. Sweden’s gulags are more posh than summer camp, and four years to granny feels like the blink of eye. What matters is that she’s now a marked woman. Her sewing circle and bridge club expel her — not because they dislike her or disagree with her but out of fear of association. Neighbors are no longer friendly. She’s placed on an NKVD watch list. Will she lose her pension?

We provide this bucolic fictional tale to merely illustrate the absurdity of Sweden’s speech crime law and the obscenity of its enforcement. Reality is far more terrifying.

The Case of Christina Nilsson Öberg

In 2016, 66-year-old pensioner Christina Nilsson Öberg told Soviet Sweden authorities that she had been beaten and robbed by a gang of Afghan youths while she was out on a bicycle ride, newspaper Nya Tider (New Times) reports. Several witnesses saw the incident, and she was hospitalized because of her injuries, according to the paper. Yet, police closed investigation into her assault.

Perhaps incensed by the experience, Öberg — who was the daughter of a chief of police and former Social Democrat — vented  her frustration on Facebook. She posted a large number of comments criticizing the Swedish government’s inability to properly manage immigration. Little did she know that she was being monitored by “Johan Eriksson,” an anonymous member of a state-sponsored thought-police group called Näthatsgranskaren, during the summer of 2017.

“Johan” submitted to Swedish authorities eight screen shots of comments said to have been made by Öberg that included phrases such as “black mold,” “bearded child”  and “deport all paperless.”

What followed for Öberg were “six long, humiliating interrogations and searches,” Nya Tider reports. Her cell phone and iPad were seized, and a “200-page preliminary investigation was initiated.”

Öberg succinctly describes what happened to her in the following 11-minute video, provided by It’s in Swedish, but English subtitles are provided.

In district court, she maintained that the eight posts “Johan” gave to authorities were not written by her and made no other comment, according to Nye Tider.

Öberg’s attorney explained to the court that the term “bearded children” is not about skin color or race but simply refers to a person who is lying about his age. And “deporting all paperless persons” is about maintaining Swedish immigration law. Soviet NKVD Sweden’s Prison and Probation Service testified that such comments reflect “pro-criminal attitudes and values.”

Ultimately, the judge dismissed the case because the prosecutor was unable to provide technical evidence that she was the author of the eight posts.

Swedish pensioner Christina Nilsson Öberg (second from left) speaks to the media while awaiting trial for the speech crime of racist and anti-immigrant comments on social media (“committing hardship to an ethnic group”). PHOTO: Nya Tider/New Times

Sometime later, however, Öberg was summoned to an appeals court, where she was sentenced to three months in jail for eight counts of committing “hardship against an ethnic group,” Pettersons reports.

Is Öberg a racist? Did she make those comments? Maybe, maybe not. What matters is that speech should never ever be criminalized. Freedom of speech is the foundation of a free and just society. America’s founding fathers understood that speech is our most crucial civil liberty, and that’s why they made freedom of speech first among amendments in the people’s constitutional Bill of Rights.

As American Civil Liberties Union Legal Director Steven Shapiro explained to National Public Radio on Oct. 10, 2010:

“The First Amendment really was designed to protect a debate at the fringes. You don’t need the courts to protect speech that everybody agrees with, because that speech will be tolerated. You need a First Amendment to protect speech that people regard as intolerable or outrageous or offensive — because that is when the majority will wield its power to censor or suppress, and we have a First Amendment to prevent the government from doing that.

Animal abuser and granny snitch aBERG in his Cheka uniform

Soviet Sweden’s Instruments of Evil

Politicians can craft laws until their blue in the face, but it’s merely words on paper. What matters is the will of the people to enforce those laws and the manner in which they are enforced.

Without social media snitches like the mysterious “Johan” and PoS aBERG, truth-telling grannies might be able to live out their lives in relative peace, playing bridge and feeding Knäckebröd to reindeer.

The obviously socially awkward PoS aBERG, age 44, was at one time an actual policeman, according to Aftonbladet, Soviet Sweden’s largest newspaper. Both Aftonbladet and Expressen are part of media monopoly owned and controlled by the Social Democrat crypto-Jewish Bonnier family.

Image result for bidet

In a puff piece last March, Aftonbladet (aka Afton-Bidet) reported that aBERG and “a friend” created a “search program” that finds words or phrases on Facebook that disparage ethnic groups. Until October 2017, his social media snitching project, called Nätthatsgränare, was aBERG’s self-financed, sadistic pastime. Now, he told Afton-Bidet, Nätthatsgränare has team of 15 Cheka policing Facebook and has delivered 750 speech-crime reports to thought police.

Image result for tomas åberg

Though the state media rag makes no mention of why PoS aBERG left the police force or how he finances his pet project, other media sources shed some light.

He received at least 150,000 euros from the Youth and Civil Society Issues Authority (MUCF), which finances left-wing extremist organisations such as Expo, according Voice of Europe.

And he has received over one and a half million kronor in grants, according to Fria Tider. The bulk of these funds has gone to toward his own salary. In 2018, Soviet Sweden’s Social Democrats provided MUCF with nearly four million tax credits.

Fria also reported that aBERG “researched, collaborated, lectured among the Council of Europe’s conference on criminal networks.”

Last spring, Afton-Bidet nominated Pos aBERG for the national “Swedish Hero” award.


National embarrassment soon followed the “national hero” endorsement.

Afton-Bidet’s competitors revealed that some years back PoS aBERG fled the country to avoid a being served a court summons for extreme cruelty to animals. An investigation into the mass die off of animals at his home concluded that they had starved to death. Is this why he is no longer with the police force?

Image result for tomas åberg
On his farm, three dead animals were lying, but Tomas Åberg (Bergström) couldn’t even tell the inspectors how many animals he actually had. PHOTO: Nya Tider/County Administrative Board
Inspectors examine the remains of an animal. PHOTO: Nya Tider/County Administrative Board
The moisture content showed that the animals had not been fed for a long time and starved. Photo: County Administrative Board
Empty stomach. When the abdomen was opened, starvation could be observed. PHOTO: Nya Tider/County Administrative Board

Pos aBERG fled to Africa, where he changed his named to Tomas Bergström to avoid avoid detection. While waiting for his court summons to expire, he probably killed more animals.

Related image
Great White Granny Hunter PoS aBERG pictured with a slaughtered lion. PHOTO: Nya Tider/Private

PoS aBERG’s nomination for “national hero” was quickly withdrawn, as was Afton-Bidet’s article lauding his Marxist extremism. Perhaps it was just too embarrassing given that the cash prize that accompanies the award is sponsored by pet insurance company Agria. You can’t make this stuff up.

Related image

And More Skulduggery

On Jan. 1, PoS aBERG announced on Twitter “218 police reports 2017-2018. 144 retention sentences, from 214 filings. Many are waiting for prosecution!”

Meanwhile, reports are emerging that PoS aBERG lied on his grant application to MCUF and lied about creating special Facebook-search software to detect hate speech, reports. And it appears he has lied more than once about his identity.

Öberg’s snitch “Johan” of Näthatsgranskaren and PoS aBERG of Nätthatsgränare are the same person, according to information extrapolated from reports from Voice of Europe, Nye Tider and Fria Tider. Do 15 people really work on project Nätthatsgränare, or has this one sick fucker adopted 15 online identities?

Image result for tomas åberg

Image result for shit awardTorchy Takeaway

Don’t fret, Tomas Bergstrom/Tomas Åberg/Johan Eriksson or whoever you are. Winter Watch is providing you with special recognition. We are bestowing upon you the title of “Biggest Piece of Shit of 2018,” and a Cheka uniform.

Image result for orwell 1984 movie

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  1. What words come to mind. Sickening. Infuriating. No single adjective seems good enough.
    If that was my grandma (thankfully no) the Pos would meet the same fate as his animals.
    Only lots quicker. And my conscience would be clean.

  2. Torchy, you rock !

    Great article.

    The Soviet Freemasonic Chosenites etc …. have controlled the European ‘Social-Democrats’ since the 1970’s at least.

    And yes, Sweden is f**ked. A so-called ‘feminist’ government and the rape capital of Europe.


  3. If this POS was a right winger he would be locked up right now, facing more time than a serial killer. The lefty PETA folks would make sure of it. This is what cultural Marxism gets you.

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