Sweden’s Radicalized Leftist Kosher Media Monopolizes ‘Truth’ About Migration

Multiculturalism oppresses individualism. In a nutshell, that is the simple yet astute view of Nima Gholam Pour, a conservative writer and brave member of the board of education in the small Swedish southern city of Malmö.

A massive influx of migrants has overwhelmed Malmö. An estimated 20 percent of its 300,000 population is Muslim. This city, once considered a “nice, beautiful, safe” place, is now considered by police to be one of the no-go zones of the region.

Historically, Swedes were good nationalist folk. They were not so-called “white nationalists” or “haters.” They were kind neighbors, a generous and loving people with good values in general. Swedes are altruistic. They try to be fair, empathetic and “do the right thing”; or “rite ting,” as my grandfather would say with his Swedish accent. But they were not doormats. Times have changed.

Recently, Malmö became the new home to the largest mosque in Scandinavia. No doubt sensing that this news would not be well-received among locals, Swedish media chose to completely hide the story – much to the ire of Mr. Pour. For him, it seemed to be the final straw.

Mr. Pour wrote a scathing must-read article about the unethical and manipulative practices of Sweden’s media. In his preface, he summarizes his op-ed as follows:

  • In most democratic countries, the media should be critical of those who hold power. In Sweden, however, the media criticize those who criticize the authorities. Criticism is not aimed at the people who hold power, but against private citizens who, according to the journalists, have the “wrong” politicallly incorrect ideas.
  • TV4 and all other media refused to report that it was Muslims who interrupted the prime minister because they wanted to force Islamic values on Swedish workplaces. When the Swedish media reported on the event, the public were not told that these “hijab activists” had links with Islamist organizations. Rather, it was reported as if they were completely unknown Muslim girls who only wanted to wear their veils.
  • The Swedish media are politicized to the extent that they act as a propaganda machine. Through their lies, they have created possibilities for “post-truth politics”. Instead of being neutral, the mainstream Swedish media have lied to uphold certain “politically correct” values. One wonders what lifestyle and political stability Sweden will have when no one can know the truth about what is really going on.

However, what Mr. Pour failed to identify is who’s behind “the media.” This is the eternal question we ask at Winter Watch: Who is doing this? Was this an oversight or a deliberate omission for the sake of being “politically correct”? No, probably not the latter, because that would make him a hypocrite. Rather, it’s more likely that he himself – as well as the majority of the world – hasn’t come to grips with the fact that, by and large, radicalized Jewish leftists and globalists are the owners and operators of the “politically correct” mainstream media and the wealth spring of the vile, self-destructive, hyper-liberal ideology it spews. This is becoming abundantly clear in U.S. as well as European media.

Sweden is no exception. Conglomerate groups Bonnier, Schibsted and Stampen dominate the media market. The following is a list of Sweden’s top seven daily newspapers and their owners:

  1. Aftonbladet, Schibsted
  2. Dagens Nyheter, Bonnier
  3. Expressen, Bonnier
  4. Goteborgs-Posten, Stampen
  5. Svenska Dagbladet, Schibsted
  6. Sydsvenskan, Bonnier
  7. Dagens Industry, Bonnier

The Jewish family Bonnier owns the Bonnier media empire, and the Jewish family Hjorne owns Stampen. Major international banks with Jewish CEOs — such as Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan and Bank of New York Mellon — own and control Schibsted publications. Among smaller publications and television, the pattern of ownership is similar. Even when the owners are not Jewish, the persons placed in controlling positions within the organization most often are. Yet, on the whole, Jews make up a tiny percentage of Sweden’s population. There are only an estimated 20,000 in this country of 10 million.

Even media from outside Sweden try to bully and shame Sweden’s leaders into submission on the migration issue. A perfect example of this is an April episode of “Conflict Zone,” a hyper-liberal/globalist program produced by German state television news agency Deutsche Welle (DW). DW correspondent Michael Friedman interviews (in English) Sweden Minister for Justice and Migration Morgan Johansson about how the country is dealing with the migration crisis. I recommend the entire 25-minute video; but, if you don’t have the time or patience, jump to 8:00-11:00 during which Friedman, with extreme sarcasm, tries to shame Johansson for not accepting more migrants faster.

It should be noted that Friedman, on staff at DW as a “journalist,” is a German lawyer from a Polish-Jewish family. He was also vice president of the German Jewish Council but was forced to resign from this position in 2003 over charges of drug possession and prostitution. Many of the news articles on his fiascos have been scrubbed from the Internet, so this brief story from The Los Angeles Times must suffice:

His crime was discovered almost by chance. Police were investigating an Eastern European prostitution ring when wiretaps led them to the name “Paolo Pinkel.” According to the weekly magazine Der Spiegel, Friedman used that name when he invited three Ukrainian prostitutes to the Inter-Continental Hotel in Berlin and offered them cocaine. Investigators raided Friedman’s home and offices last month and found small amounts of the drug.

Friedman left Germany and lay low in Venice, but the ensuing scandal marred both his public and his private life. His talk show “Vorsicht! Friedman” — or “Watch Out! Friedman” — was suspended and his girlfriend, Baerbel Schaefer, also a talk show host, ended their relationship. …

Paul Spiegel, chairman of the Jewish Council, accepted Friedman’s resignation. “The drug affair is a human tragedy,” he said. “But time heals all wounds. After a certain time, he will reach out for a second chance, and I’m sure he will get it.”

Indeed, he did — at DW.

So we have a country, that just seven years ago ranked among the world’s top economies and high in indexes for quality of life and happiness, trying to face the economic, cultural and security burden of mass migration followed by civil unrest and coupled with attacks and propaganda by domestic and international radicalized Jewish-leftist mainstream media.

Why does it matter who controls the media? Because the media shapes reality for the majority of the people and, in a democracy, that can be a very, very dangerous thing. Media dictates culture and controls politics. Politicians create laws. Next thing you know, a 70-year-old Swedish woman is being arrested for hate speech after complaining about migrants on social media. Constitutional rights be damned.

See Word Games: Thought Police Label Speech as Crime

This is not my grandfather’s Sweden. It’s a world gone mad. It’s institutional capture.

In close, here’s a troubling tale of a Somali journalist who visited Sweden then fled following threats for telling the truth.

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  1. The infamous American Jew Barbara Lerner Spectre shows up in Sweden founds Paidela Stockholm and proceeds to offer up demographic advice to a country in which she has no roots.

    • This woman totally grinds me: The arrogant jew dynamic. Anti semitism. Puhleeze. “it’s a trick we always play,” said by Aloni Shulamit, former Israeli minister https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D0kWAqZxJVE
      Barbara Spectre is from Madison, Wisconsin. She studied at Columbia, a very CIA uni. Jews have no roots, they parasitize on other’s cultures. People try to be nice, accepting. Whatever. Well their holocaust narrative is dying. Like a stale fart in a jew deli. Their power needs to discussed and brought into the public narrative. Constantly.

  2. Today’s Sweden article was 90% downvoted at r/swedishpolitics. We can only pray this was the result of online brigading. If it is genuine then shame on you: Sweden is finished, may as well re-name it New Mogadishu.

    Head of Swedish Ambulance Drivers Union: No-go Zones are Reality for Us

  3. Speaking to religious Muslims from time to time, I hear them tell me that they see the ‘hand of Allah’ in all this media support for importing millions of Muslim migrants & the censorship of crimes involving those migrants

    Just like Christian missionary conversionists from the USA, these Muslims see the priority as the ‘opening of Europe’ to becoming Islamic. Their cheering of Muslim arrivals & Muslim fertility in having children in Europe, overwhelms any concern about the demonisation of Muslims re the arguably false-flag dodgy-seeming ‘Muslim terrorist’ attacks.

    Notably, the same forces helping to import the migrants & censor related media in part, are allied with the people behind websites like Gatestone Institute who are so loudly cataloguing Muslim migrant crimes from another corner … and one wonders whether the cabal chaos goal is not only the ‘Weapons of Mass Migration’ as per the 2011 book by Pentagon advisor Kelly Greenhill … but also engendering the backlash that is visibly building amongst existing European citizens, who say astonishing things privately re ethnic cleansing etc, comments which they know they must not make on the interwebz

    • On the subject of backlash, we can see increasing initiatives in Europe to ban dual citizenship, or enforce such bans, amongst people from Muslim countries, plus more strictures re veiling

      Related is that, to popular approval, Belgium has just deported a travelling Muslim woman wearing the niqab full face veil, back to Tunisia from whence she arrived, tho she apparently had a Danish passport, after she refused to remove her veil for airport security

      Under ‘Schengen zone’ rules, the 1st country of arrival is responsible for border security, and a Brussels-Copenhagen flight would be an ‘internal trip’ as if within the same country … The strict view of Belgian authorities, is that since the Muslim woman would not show her face, there was no way to verify she is actually the Danish person on the passport, so back she went to the place from whence she flew into Belgium … The Islamic full face covering is illegal in Belgium, tho there is ‘Muslim charity’ paying fines for women cited for violations

    • Or rather, perhaps ‘was’ on an Iceland web host … I just checked again and that link for Anglin was suddenly down too LOL

      Also not functional at the moment, is the Web 2 Tor link people have been using to read Anglin’s site ever since the Charlottesville aftermath shut-down
      That link now yields a note that Anglin’s server (his home or other computer rig) is down, or a ‘There is a temporary hiccup in the Tor network’ HA – The (significantly Jewish, including a rabbi) Tor people had been talking about how to choke off Anglin, tho they apparently never had much problem with the paedophiles who use Tor … which Anglin called the tool for the ‘paedo-web’

      The Anglin / Daily Stormer case is significant, not because one wants to defend rubbish or extremism that was there … but because, as we have seen, the censorship net was quickly thrown much, much wider with Anglin as the pretext, and will be ballooning from there

      • What concerns me far more are the loss of many top notch You Tube videos. We use them frequently and if you go back to older articles you will often see them scrubbed. This leaves a hole in our work. They have really hit the staged deception research community hard. A number of been outright banned.

    • So the muslim community does take their invasion of the West seriously. We are often chided for fearing Islam and overlooking the toxicity that is Talmudi Judaism, but clearly, the Muslims are determined to islamify the world if they can and considering that the ones that get displaced are helped by the talmudic zionists , I have no doubt that they’ll find a way to work together to the detriment of the Christians such as they are. Are there many Egyptian, Iranian or Syrian refugees? Sums it up for me.

  4. Somalia is actually a great case study in free human will and self determination. Since the days of anarchy and government overthrow, the Law of the Somali’s has taken control, aka cultural law and customs over bureaucracy (US hand picked at that). The somali shilling has risen like 400% in the past two years in relation to the US dollar and as all wars are banker wars and the Somali’s are finding their own self determination outside of the Jew World Order, they are demonized and ridiculed in the media as a third world nation or dirt poor.
    Please check out this book https://www.amazon.com/Law-Somalis-Foundation-Economic-Development/dp/156902250X/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1505827124&sr=8-1&keywords=law+of+the+somalis

    We westerners could learn a thing or two from Somalia.

    • Please – if you love Somali so much > go live there. Spend 10 years then tell us how
      great African blacks are. We’ll be waiting. Till then, shut yer pie hole.

  5. Article was 90% down-voted at Sweden Reddit. To recap, it called out the repeatedly unidentified Jewish capture of media there, which is hiding truth and pushing globalism from inside and outside the country; reminded Swedes of their good nationalist heritage; and used sound voices of good, intelligent Muslims to illustrate the problem rather than unfairly demonize them all as criminals. So in other words, there was something for both political sides to hate.

    By the way, Trump to UN just said he puts America first just as all leaders should put first the people of their own countries. This comment was met with a few claps from audience members but mostly silence. Truly sad.

  6. It’s all about who controls the media and thus the thoughts and beliefs of the populace. Limit the information available and 90% of the people will only be able to feed on it and nothing else. Most people can’t think for themselves and are reliant on the herd to know which way to go. Media steers the herd. Simple.

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