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The Intrepid Unvaxxed Warrior Encounters the Omicron Boogeyman

PHOTO: The Garden Island

After dodging the Covid hysteria and Mind Kontrol boogeyman for almost two years, yours truly finally encountered the common Omicron cold that is sweeping through Prague at the moment. Apparently there are about half dozen mutations of this boogeyman, including one labeled Omicron Y505H that unvaxxed me caught over the weekend as I turned 71.

There are so many mutations emerging that there’s no way vaccines will even dent this Y505H common cold I encountered. Highly infectious, but it will burn through the population with minor impact. How well the vaxxed do with their spike protein responses is the question. Will they do as well as an unvaxxed 71-year old-timer? I do have some creeping age-related health issues, but you’d have to be near the end of life for this to affect you.

The Associated Press is claiming 50,000 cases a day anticipated of this highly infectious cold.

PRAGUE, Jan 10 (Reuters) – The Omicron variant of the COVID-19 coronavirus has become the dominant strain in the Czech Republic, the country’s National Institute of Public Health (SZU) said on Monday. The central European country of 10.7 million expects the Omicron wave to culminate in late January, with about 50,000 daily cases detected, but that may not be a complete picture because of the expected strain on testing capacity, the government and independent experts have said. The SZU said that Omicron had accounted for more than 50% of positive tests as of Jan. 8, with samples from mainly big cities on Jan. 9 showing 79% of COVID-19 cases were the Omicron variant.

For me, this is night No. 4 of this overhyped boogeyman terror. Yes, I have been sleeping extra, but now I’m wide awake, perky, alert — dare I say feisty. I even wrote a new meaty post for tomorrow. I had only 10 tablets of ivermectin that Torchy sent to me (2/day for five days). Par for the course, ivermectin is not available over the counter or by prescription in Czech Republic. Did it help? Can’t argue with my outcome.

Body aches are gone, good sleep, only minor cough, one sneeze all night, residual nasal congestion but reduced, no fever even in the first days, restored appetite. I went out in 26 F weather looking for food earlier. Right now, I have that slight familiar sweat that comes with system defeating an illness. Omicron, what a crackerass affliction. Jab kids and young adults, really? Criminal.

Only thing different about this boogeyman common cold was first 48 hours of body aches. Lower back pain was rough for about eight to 10 hours. The pain moved around my body randomly, hit triceps, but not biceps. Hit lower left groin hard for about one hour and interrupted sleep during night No. 2. Doctors would be fascinated with my case (sarcasm).

The worst part of this little life adventure was the testing center. I went there after testing positive on a home test and at the request of my medical clinic in case I needed extra treatment.

A few wags criticized me without understanding the circumstances here. In Europe a Covid recovery can get an immunity pass for six months. I am not going to throw myself on a phony virtue bayonet over an action (refusing the swab) that would land no blow against the Crime Syndicate and only harm me. Nor would I dare criticize others for similar calculus. A swab is far different than a vaccine.

The bitch jammed a swap up into my nasal cavity to such a degree that I growled like an angry dog at her to dissent. At that moment, I still had ample snot to blow into a Kleenex. She could have helped herself to that rather than risk injuring me.

Don’t fall for the Omi-CON scamdemic fearmongering.

48 Comments on The Intrepid Unvaxxed Warrior Encounters the Omicron Boogeyman

      • Regarding dosage, visit the FLCCC i-MASK+ Protocol [pg 3] for guidance. Dosage is based on your body weight. After figuring that out, you should be able to answer your own question. In other words, try to avoid having to split a pill into anything smaller a half.

        Yes, the pharmacy is almost always “sold out” — but if it lets you place the order, do. They will ship it out as soon as they restock, which seems to happen every couple weeks. They used to send out alerts when they restocked but, as ivermectin demand grew, the massive sudden rush to their site after sending alerts caused their website to crash. Now they seem to be more low key about it.

        A few other tips:

        • When you process/pay for your order, there will be a box to enter the name of your doctor. Put whatever name you want. Nobody checks.
        • They don’t take credit cards. I use the electronic check option. It’s easy, safe.
        • I use their recommended shipping, which tracks the package via USPS. Normally, if your package doesn’t arrive within four to six weeks, they will reship at no charge.
        • About a day after you order, they will call you to verify that you’re you and the charge is valid. They typically won’t send your order until they speak with you, if it’s your first time ordering. So don’t ignore the call.
        • Expect delivery to take anywhere from 10 to 20 days. This is due to U.S. Customs processing.

        I’ve ordered various things from this pharmacy for about 15 years. I’ve rarely had an issue, and when I did they worked hard to resolve it quickly. They’re reliable and responsive.

        • Big thanks for this, Torchy!

          My mother’s doc refused to give an Rx for ivermectin to have on hand, of course.

          Subsequent visit, she brought a printout showing the horrendous VAERS data for the gene gabs vs all other vaccines for the past 30 years. Her doc didn’t even know about VAERS, and showed no interest. Big surprise (Not). Hopefully Mom will drop this doc.

  1. Hi ,
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  2. As WHO’s Tedros says, half of Europe may have the omi-cold soon

    Tho there is this new ‘backing down’ narrative now too, EU Medicines Agency cautioning against too many boosters, UK people saying the same, US CDC admitting many deaths are ‘with covid’ not ‘from covid’ … something is afoot, even whilst national death rates are quietly 10%-20% over norm ‘not from covid’, so many vaxed having heart attacks like the hundreds of athletes now dead … deaths claimed to be from ‘pandemic stress’ – ‘climate change’ – ‘sudden death syndrome’ LOL

    With the new Czech lefty gov sadly it’s not an optimum freedom environment now … covid-vax freedom on-the-ground in Europe seems better in the Balkans, from Croatia through Serbia to Bulgaria and Romania

    This week the fully-vaxed-up President of the EU Parliament, age 65 David Sassoli of Italy, has just died of ‘serious complication related to his immune system’ – classic lethal covid vaccine side effect … ironically he had been an aggressive vax pusher sponsoring the 3G rule to enter EU Parliament buildings

    As for another of the EU top troika, President Ursula von der Leyen of the EU Commission, a big vax pusher herself asking EU countries to mandate vax for citizens … she has her husband Heiko earning riches as an exec in the vax business, when she is herself helping distribute billions in vaccine contracts
    … husband Heiko is Med Director of Orgenesis, doing ‘covid-19 vax platform’ work, so can maybe get the Pfizer-bux under sub-contract … good photo meme on this with the key data

  3. So you got a seasonal flu/cold and you went, as instructed by our ((overlords)) and got tested, OH MY! Thanks for adding to the paranoia of the MORONIC variant, thanks for helping ((them)) prove their ridiculous narrative by boosting their numbers, thanks for voluntarily submitting your DNA to the dark side. I do not understand you people at all, I had a summer cold during the Delta scare and NO I did NOT feel the need to be nasally raped. All the information you have and you still submit to the ridiculous just like Alex Jones and Harry Vox, WOW, Very Disappointing

    • Its always ((them)) at the helm of every disaster…”disaster capitalism” I think is the term, for the international parasites who always profit off misery of the masses.

    • Seriously you put a nasal swab in the same class as an injection, absurd. Trolls here today.

      Besides the pass, my medical clinic also wanted to know the variant in case they needed to treat me if my condition worsened.

      You see in the real world, as opposed to your imaginary hypothetical scenario, I was initially sick. I knew the test showed Covid as I had done the Abbott home test with a lighter personal touch on the nose swabbing. Really not a difficult calculus for a sensible person to make.

      • Hi Winter Watch,
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      • Russ, Why do you find it necessary to have someone else’s confirmed science in order to see the truth. For example, You don’t need to know anything more than that one of the Jabs leading proponents, Bill Gates, comes from a family history of Eugenics YET he offers a medical treatment to SAVE lives? Or, you can get locked up in prison for life with a spit DNA Swab, but for a non isolated pathogen, you go up the nose?

        • Hellooo, reading comprehension!!

          Where Russ lives they’re making it damn near impossible to engage in the basics of life without playing their game, either by getting injected, presenting a recent negative test result, or demonstrating that one has had it and recovered and thus has natural immunity.

          It’s BS, but it has to be navigated. By demonstrating he’s had the ‘rona (BS test or not) he can dodge the jab and still shop for groceries, do his banking, etc.

          It’s understandable why he would do it, and also understandable why others would choose not to.

          Where I live, after promising no mandates, the gov tried to impose the rules starting Jan. 1. No entry into banking institutions of any kind — and here just to pay water and power bills one needs to enter a bank. No getting on inter-city buses. And of course the more trivial stuff, like entering bars, restaurants, theatres, etc. Grocery stores wasn’t an issue because there are informal street markets everywhere.

          I won’t be submitting to these BS tests, but obviously this was going to present some challenges.

          But I was confident that they couldn’t make it stick, and I was right. It lasted all of about 2 days before they postponed it for a month. I’m confident they’ll never make it stick. The government will fall first.

          Yay for the low-grade chaos of ‘less-developed countries’! ‘It’s always been crazy, but it’s kept it from going insane.’


  4. Hi Mr. Russ,
    Get well Soon, funny but not really, also got the same crud that you describe and I had made a home version of hydroquinone, which helped remarkedly till I stopped taking it. So I am back on the medicine and recuperating. Like you I am an anti-vax person. Can’t understand why anyone would fall for all the buzz of the media, Apparently they are all hypnotized. Keep on informing the world in these troubled times. And thanks for the link for the Pharmacy. May try that?

  5. Happy 71st birthday, Mr. Winter. Good to hear that you are recovering easily, both from the omicron cold and the nasal swab test. Godspeed

  6. It’s relatively easy to avoid COVID nonsense in the northern plains of the US. No lockdowns, no vax requirements. We did have a mask mandate for a little while but it’s gone now. Any winter watch readers would be welcome in my part of the world. Just avoid the biggest cites like: Omaha, Sioux Falls, Sioux City, Minneapolis (of course). None of the small and medium sized towns shutdown for the pandemic and we’ve had the lowest infection rates as well. I haven’t been sick for almost a year and the last time wasn’t even that bad. It’s difficult to sell people fear and paranoia when you look around and see nothing to be worried about. The only drawback is the weather but when people are worried about surviving the winter they worry less about nonsense.

  7. Glad to hear you’re feeling better, Russ; and, please, ignore some of the more critical comments above; as we are living in unprecedented times and, consequently, do not have an exact blueprint or template for acts of commission/omission to be performed on a daily basis. Interestingly enough, I, too, suffered a physical ailment not too long ago (approximately a year ago); wherein I was forced to visit a local hospital here in Vancouver, Canada. During the diagnostic process (i.e., they tested me for a possible heart attack; fortunately for me, however, it was later found out to be a case of pericarditis) I was subjected to said nasal swab (i.e., no attempt at consent; as they literally informed me that I had to be tested for Sars-CoV-2; and, thereafter, jammed the swab up my nose). I only bring this anecdote up for the simple reason that each and every one of us is simply trying to survive at this point in the game; hence, let us all be a tad more compassionate and empathic towards one another during these dark and dreary days of madness. RGB-Y1 out!!

    • Apparently a few took exception to my title of “intrepid warrior” for taking the swab. Other than that it is hard to argue with the reality of the maneuvers and steps necessary. Refusing my clinic’s request and the opportunity for a immunity pass only hurts me personally and does zero to impact the Crime Syndicate. That would have been a no return proposition in the larger picture. But if we need somebody to flail themselves on a bayonet we have some good candidates today.

  8. Very good to hear you’re recovering. The delta variant might have been harder on the lungs. Omicron was a fine choice to contract. Next 70 years ahead!

  9. There is no Omicron variant, no XV#$%^%XX subtype. and probably no covid at all. IvertinXX stuff might be a hoax too.
    Solar cycle and Atlantis stuff are all fake, new age hoax myths.
    But I do respect your aged wisdom on many area, and your effort to educate people.
    Believe in Jesus before your time come. that is true wisdom of all wisdom.

    • Six months ago the head of the household made an appointment for me to ‘shoot up’ as ‘fully vaccinated’ despite my protests. My refusal of the ‘booster’ was recently clearly expressed. No matter what, the societal ‘we’ are at each other’s throats. As this ‘cold politicized/theologizied war rages, what is the symbolic iron curtain that needs to be demolished?

  10. You actually believed in it enough to test yourself, and go get tested again? Lmao

    Why don’t you look up what the ‘reference standard’ for ‘covid’ is back from Wuhan 2020. It’s literally a computer model of a coronavirus. The Chinese fed RNA fragments from a lung fluid sample of one dude from the supposed ‘seafood market pneumonia cluster’ (itself surely another fake story) into a million dollar computer algorithm and told it to construct a coronavirus. Then they sent that to the WHO, who sent it to the rest of the world. That’s why all sorts of ordinary preexisting colds are now testing positive for this phantom ‘pandemic’, to say nothing of the bogus PCR and antigen ‘tests’ which are themselves another layer of the fraud.

    Please don’t post about the ‘covid’ scam again when you yourself are helping to perpetuate it by running out to get tested. Embarrassing. Expected better from this blog.

    • What is it about immunity pass in the world we live in that you don’t understand? How many more times do I have to explain it? I am entitled to it starting on Monday. Believed in it? Not relevant, the test paved the way to the pass.

      Do you really think my only function in life is to fall unnecessarily on a sword for your fanatical and irrational views about a test? Go fuck yourselves and the horses you rode in on trolls.

      • The fact that there are so many home tests and self tests that are available makes me think the conspiracy isn’t in the tests. The inaccuracy of the tests adds to the obfuscation of facts which creates a better environment for a scam to be carried out by financial criminals. At worst some of the tests could be collecting DNA but I doubt it. Russ, at 70 I wouldn’t fault you for playing it safe and doing everything outside of vaccines to keep yourself healthy. You don’t need to defend yourself against the trolls. I briefly skimmed the negative comments and most are just trying to have a gotcha moment. Forget them and move on. Letting the trolls bring you down is just as bad for your health as any pandemic, real or perceived.

  11. That’s right All or Nothing- you are now banned here, We will now see which of your “brave” friends want to follow you to fall on bayonets (somewhere else) while having no effect whatsoever on the enemy.

    Johnny and Jerome are double pile on posers using same IP address. He is banned as well for duplicity and stupidity.

    Rommel 41 is a peanut gallery low brow that I have had far too much patience with. You are banned – Go join the others in a turd box somewhere and howl to your heart’s content.

  12. Huh…seems my comments got caught up in the ban hammer, though supportive of Russ & sharing some useful info…

      • Figured that’s what it was. I’ll repost the one, with a couple of leads on the swab question.

        Henry Makow posted these in the last day or two, but seems to have deleted them.

        For more info follow the Galalae.pdf link at this link

        This info isn’t as high quality as I would like, but I am concerned that they may be correct. I’m willing to go to considerable inconvenience to dodge the swab.

        Dr. Ryan Cole did offer a reason for why they probe so far in, and I think he’s one of the best sources of info in general. In this case, though, my thinking is: If it’s so G-D- contagious that everyone needs to wear a (useless) mask, why do they need to practically poke my brain to take a sample? I might be willing to spit in a cup, blow my nose, hock a loogie, or probe gently inside my nostril myself with a Q-tip of my own. But that’s about it.

        Hmm… One more idea. There are other tests that don’t require the deep nasopharynx probe. Dr. Cole, again, ‘If you don’t have antibodies, there’s a good test, the T-Detect test to see if your T-cells remember the virus’. More expensive, but this would be the a more reliable way to establish one has natural immunity than a PCR or antibody test.


        And yes, I do have my doubts about the virus, yada yada. But if one is in a situation like Russ’s where demonstrating natural immunity provides a benefit, this info is useful. The disregard of natural immunity in the USA is one of the most glaring red flags in a sea of them.

  13. The issue isn’t the Q-Tip. It’s how the jackass who’s administering the test uses it — or rather misuses it. But if your big fear is the actual Q-Tip, then it might be time to crawl back into your bunker.

      • But, btw, no bunker for me. I’m lucky enough to live in a nice small town where most people neither wear masks nor want an injection, and different points of view on the ‘rona and jabs can actually be discussed without things getting all tense.

        So I’m fine, and r.e. the tests, just like the jabs, I don’t need ’em, don’t want ’em, won’t do ’em. But I’m certainly not gonna rip on Russ for his decision, tailored to his circumstances and with a very sensible calculus.

        Those commenters who piled on were clearly a bunch of knobs, more than likely just here to sabotage WinterWatch and Covid skepticism.

      • Interesting. Thank you for the link. There are so many agents in our environment and methods of contaminating us with god only knows what. It seems like a swab is a rather far fetched theory.

  14. Unbelievable that after all that you still believe in the existence of a corona virus, in germ theory in general, in the isolation of a virus or its mutation and in the ability of a PCR test to detect such non-isolated virus…

    • If you consider that these are bioweapons it becomes easier to comprehend. I was infected with a mutated omicron the y505h.It was isolated in the test. You are barking up the wrong tree. I now judge it worse than a seasonal cold. It has a lingering weakening effect. If we had warmer weather and sunshine recovery would be better. But conditions are the worst including windy, poor air quality and gloomy. I wasn’t able to get more ivermectin.

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