New: Unsealed Records detail FBI/DOJ Jeffrey Epstein/Ghislaine Maxwell cover-up

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By Techno Fog | 16 April 2021

THE REACTIONARY — They always knew.

Today, the DOJ published records unsealed by court order in the Ghislaine Maxwell case. These included a motion and numerous exhibits detailing what the FBI/DOJ — and in particular, the Southern District of New York — knew about the criminal activities of Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell back in 2016.

Recall that Epstein was given a sweetheart deal back in 2007. Notes from a meeting in 2016 — read the document here — reveal that a “US Attorney has said [Epstein] could be prosecuted elsewhere.” They failed to act for years, however.

2016 Notes, continued: “Photos of naked girls on Maxwell’s comp.”

Regarding the search warrant on Epstein’s Palm Beach home — someone tipped off Epstein: “Collage of photos included nude girls incl. clients. Epstein tipped off. All computers were gone.”

The victim “wants prosecution.” The DOJ/FBI didn’t do anything for years.

The notes continue: Girls “as young as 12 but younger the better.” Notes from a visit in Thailand with handwritten note “w/ name of girls — written by Maxwell.” […]

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  1. New FBI Documents Reveal Seth Rich May Have Been Assassinated In Murder For Hire Plot After All

    New information shows that Rich’s homicide was in fact the subject of a Department of Justice meeting in 2018. In another document, it is speculated that “given [redacted] it is conceivable that an individual or group would want to pay for his death.” … Most pressing is the revelation that an individual, whose name is also redacted, had snatched Rich’s laptop and taken it home. The FBI is currently in possession of the laptop but will not say if anything was altered or deleted from it. The FBI revealed this information earlier this year, but has stated it has not investigated a pertinent piece of evidence in the case.

    • OT

      linkToday’s The Atlantic has a cover story lamenting the tragedy of America’s Indians and the land and nation they lost to immigrants. … And another long article castigating Americans for the pre-1965 crime of trying to limit mass immigration of aliens taking over our country.

      Author of the piece on Native Americans is David Treuer (link): His parents met when his father, Robert Treuer, an Austrian Jewish survivor of the Holocaust, was teaching high school on her reservation.

      Looking up the editor-in-chief of The Atlantic is left as an exercise.

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