Equitable Math: California’s Latest Plan to Collapse Civilization

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The state plans to promote anti-racism by focusing on ‘depth, creativity, visuals, and mathematical beauty’ over correct answers.

By Bob Zeidman | 7 April 2021

THE AMERICAN SPECTATOR — The California Department of Education recently decided to update its “Mathematics Framework for California Public Schools: Kindergarten Through Grade Twelve.” A section entitled “Supporting Equitable and Engaging Mathematics Instruction” promotes “an anti-racist mathematics practice” where the goal is for teachers to “help grades 6–8 Black, LatinX, and linguistically diverse students thrive” by emphasizing “depth, creativity, visuals, and mathematical beauty” rather than correct answers.

Usually arguments about mathematics being somehow a product of white supremacy or somehow racist have been attributed to extremists who have gained little traction other than sensational news stories that have quickly faded. But this situation is much more serious, as these ridiculous and harmful notions are being seriously considered as part of the curriculum for nine million children in the largest and one of the most influential states in America.

California intends to promote the idea that mathematics is racist and that the point of solving mathematics problems is not to get the right answer, but … well, I’m not sure what the goal is, but the description is “anti-racist math,” where Black, Latinx, Indigenous, women, and poor students” only solve an “authentic problem, activity, or context is one in which students investigate or struggle with situations or questions about which they actually wonder.” But most of us studied basic household economics and budgeting as children even though as children we didn’t run a household or have money to budget. Education is supposed to be about learning new things and not about reiterating the things one already knows. It’s about expanding one’s experience rather than narrowing it. And, most importantly, it’s about getting the right answers, not being made to feel good about getting the wrong one. […]

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  1. >Usually arguments about mathematics being somehow a product of white supremacy

    Actually on average Asians score higher than Whites on the math part of the SAT.

    Something similar is happening in Virginia — Virginia Department Of Education Eliminating Accelerated Math Courses In The Name Of Equity

    As I pointed out before, this is a more or less logical consequence of denying the genetic nature of racial differences in cognitive ability — if Blacks and Hispanics consistently perform significantly worse than Whites and Asians in math, it can’t be because they are on average less intelligent, so it has to be due to ‘systemic racism’ or something like that in the educational system.

    • >so it has to be due to ‘systemic racism’ or something like that

      Hence whenever there are unequal outcomes across racial/ethnic lines, this is viewed as prima facie evidence of some kind of systemic bias requiring corrective measures — the classic example of this is the Vulcan Society vs NYFD (link) — because Blacks did not pass the NYFD entrance exam at nearly the same rate as Whites, the Vulcan Society, a fraternal organization of black firefighters (in case you’re wondering, there is no fraternal organization for white firefighters; one would not be allowed) sued — a court decided in their favor; this is where the phrase ‘disparate impact’ comes from — as a result, basically the NYFD dumbed down the test so more Blacks would pass, and then they picked more Blacks from the pool of applicants that scored a passing grade on the test.

      In the same way, whatever criteria Virginia schools were using to select students for accelerated math courses produced ‘disparate impact’, i.e. not enough Blacks and Hispanics met the criteria — so they either had to change the criteria, which does not make much sense given the nature and difficulty of the subject, as well as the need to have kids smart enough to make the program worthwhile, or drop the program; they are dropping the program — more conscientious parents will have to ante up and send their kids to private school, and even there they may not be able to escape this nonsense.

    • Here’s someone describing what’s going on somewhat less diplomatically than me (<a href="https://twitter.com/CitizenAnalyst/status/1385713849811230722The US is being pulled underwater by low IQ gutter trash … It has to be one of the craziest implosions of an empire in world history

      And re “gutter trash”, search for MS-13 activity in Virginia (or Long Island) — or check out this recent story from Georgia:

      ‘GANG RITUAL’ Boy, 15, ‘stabbed girl, 14, to death and dumped her body in a creek so he could join brutal MS-13 gang’, cops sayA TEEN boy is accused of brutally murdering a 14-year-old girl on Wednesday as an initiation rite to join the MS-13 gang.

      And make no mistake: if there was the will, security forces in the US could prepare and then coordinate strikes on MS-13 gangsters that would practically eliminate the problem overnite — and just to be clear: I’m thinking of something along the lines of the ‘Night of the Long Knives’ — no prisoners, no trials — and then put any/all remaining family members on planes back to where they came from.

  2. Can I get some reparations due to the fact that I repeatedly failed math after getting back home to Arkansas’ Deep South in 1970 after 2 volatile years in the Middle-East, with undiagnosed PTSD (until August 2016) from what I saw and survived there as a 9-10 year old child?

    Maybe the Scottish-Dutch-Bavarian-Irish-French-Cajun-Creole part of my heritage/ancestry should be rewarded?

    Is the Gift of Life not enough?

    What’s next? Are people going to start suing Jesus Christ for being born, and then calling God a racist for Giving US All the common struggles that come with Life?

    All life-experiences, including struggles and challenges, are a Gift that makes US stronger, bonds US together (in common) and have helped me grow from a once young boy in fear to a man of moral principal, and a more compassionate soul for others less fortunate. That’s good enough reparation for me, a Classed White-Male, now under constant attack in Southern California.

    In September 2018, as a long-trusted 14-year contractor/preferred vendor, I was Mandated to sign a City of Los Angeles Slavery Disclosure Document because I am a Classed White Male. The 4 questions were; 1) Do you own Slaves?, 2) Have you ever owned Slaves?, 3) Do any of your business associates, employees, clients own Slaves, or have they ever owned Slaves?, 4) Are you currently contracted/working or bidding on any services contract with regard to “The Wall” between Mexico and California?

    The City was pushing out Classed White Male Contractors, and I was one of them. My question remains, “If they can do this to their long-trusted Vendors/Contractors, what in the world are they doing to their Sworn Police Officers, Fire Fighters, and other City employees, who are all under their employer-employee-level thumb?

    Like it or not, we’re All in this together, and Life, Education, and Struggle does not discriminate against any one of US – Its just God’s Creation to help US grow, and the rest is just God’s Gravity. Just my humble opinion. I wish Doctor Martin Luther King was still here to see all this – His Dream was God’s Dream for US All.

    • Oh yeah; one other thing. I was extremely offended by that Mandated Slavery Disclosure Document, of course answered No to all 4 questions, and sent a stern email back to the Unit I worked for, not only canceling my Contract, but called them out on the near $100k they shorted me on my written contract. Now look at L.A.!

    • “I wish Doctor Martin Luther King was still here to see all this – His Dream was God’s Dream for US All.”

      With all due respect, that makes one of you — here’s a message guys like you need to hear:

      linkIn the last year, civic nationalism was stabbed, shot, boiled in hot oil, doused with acid, poisoned, flayed alive, disemboweled, killed with a sledgehammer, buried, dug up, killed again, and the bones crushed under a steamroller to be dispersed on the wind.

      Recently even Asians were blaming ‘white supremacy’ for black on Asian violence (link) — multiracial, civic nationalist America just isn’t working and quite obviously will never work; this is especially true for Whites — it cannot work due to innate racial differences that produce big discrepancies in average SES, e.g. between Blacks and Whites — these are seen as a kind of social pathology demanding a remedy — these remedies are always some form of government coercion or other harmful interference — and living inside such a polity, one that employs coercive taxation, is simply incompatible with being free.

      Think about it …

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