The Kyle Rittenhouse Showdown in Kenosha with the Crazies

Good Samaritan by day

In Kenosha, Wisconsin, 17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse was protecting the business of a friend with an assault rifle. It is remarkable that after months of indiscriminate rioting, looting and burning, a serious incident took this long to occur. Rittenhouse will be the cause célebre that takes the conversation to the different level. The notion that Antifa are normal protesters will be put to rest by the pajama people.

Consistent with Star Chamber justice system in the U.S., Rittenhouse has been charged with first degree murder.

He was initially attacked by one Joseph Rosenbaum, 36, a man with a death wish, who was shot dead while trying to take Rittenhouse’s gun. An eyewitness described what transpired. The eyewitness stated that Rosenbaum pursued and confronted 17-year-old Rittenhouse before grabbing at Rittenhouse’s weapon.

Here is jazzed up Rosenbaum’s zombie behavior earlier in the evening.

Video has emerged that shows the mad dog Rosenbaum pursuing, throwing something and rushing up on the armed Rittenhouse, who can be seen at about 14-15 seconds in this video dispatching the crazy. It is best seen on the right panel.

Rosenbaum spent the last couple of decades in and out of jail for sex crimes involving minors in Arizona. His first bust in 2002 earned him a 12-year sentence. Looks like he was just recently released from his third incarceration.


While incarcerated, he committed over 40 prison violations including assault, arson, narcotics possession and assault with a weapon.

It’s worth noting that Rosenbaum was on the sex offender registry for the state of Wisconsin as of Wednesday. But as of Friday night, his sex offender registration record has been scrubbed. Fortunately, intrepid reporter Andy Ngo got a screen shot. You can see that his lifelong mandatory registration began in 2017, and his status is “non-compliant.”


This is the first assailant drop kick.

Reports initially said Rosenbaum was killed by a shot to his head. The county medical examiner later announced this was not the case. He took rounds to his hand and groin. Death by an AR-15 round to the crotch. What an ironically fitting end for a child sex convict.

Further down this page is a video clip of what went down next. And the last video is in slow motion to condense this further.

Rittenhouse is carrying a weapon as he runs down the road, but you can hear rounds going off all around. Rittenhouse is being pursued by various men. The serious trouble didn’t ensue until Rittenhouse stumbled and went to the pavement at 00:00:26.

You can hear someone yell “get him!” as the Antifa goons moved in. The first goon backs away when Rittenhouse points his weapon, but the others are after blood. Rittenhouse fires two rounds at the light-panted man who is drop kicking him, and apparently missed. This man takes off.

The others must have been on meth or something as they show little fear. This is a case study in social Darwinism. Despite the fact they could have easily calculated that Rittenhouse would defend himself, several more decided to rush and grab at Rittenhouse’s weapon rather than beat a retreat. Perhaps because he’s young, not very tall and a little chunky, they figured he’d be an easy target to beat down and overcome.

Rittenhouse is reacting with men right on him. He shoots the skateboarder, Anthony Huber, in the heart, killing him after being battered with the skateboard.

Beavis Learns an Important Life Lesson a Day Too Late: Never Bring a Skateboard to a Gun Fight

Huber’s criminal history

Huber’s criminal history includes charges of battery and repeat domestic abuse.

Gaige Grosskruetz is next to try and overrun Rittenhouse. Grosskruetz has a handgun in his right hand and is coming for Rittenhouse, but Rittenhouse wounds him in the right bicep, which decidedly ended that quick-draw showdown.

 2nd Place in the 1st Annual Kenosha Quick Draw Competition

What’s in this guy’s left pocket that is so overfilled and heavy that it’s hanging out of his shorts?

A friend of Grosskruetz said Gaige regrets not being able to kill the teen. 


Kyle Rittenhouse – Hero | The American Citadel

The following video is an excellent breakdown and analysis of the event from legal point of view.

After the showdown, Rittenhouse walked backward, weapon at the ready, until he encountered police down the block.

Slow motion of Rittenhouse’s position as he’s being overrun by rioter goons.

The Washington Post aka Compost ran this fake new narrative, describing Rittenhouse as “firing into the crowd” and referring to the mob of felons as “protesters.” You would think WaPo would be a little more careful about how it characterizes the actions of underage white males, especially considering they’re being sued for millions for slandering Sandmann last year in D.C. And the same attorney that represented Sandmann has offered to defend Rittenhouse pro bono.

And if that doesn’t take the cake …

The makeup of this mob led to several observations and prompted a couple of questions: Are felon offenders not supposed to be on probation, and how is it that a Joseph Rosenbaum and the others with criminal backgrounds can travel about freely and engage in mayhem?

Nothing about this group appeared to be organic. How do hardcore Antifa criminals such as Rosenbaum et al support themselves and travel about? There are discordian forces who want to take the U.S. down, collapse it into chaos and turmoil. And it’s not just from one fonte. There could be many, including BLM.

Here’s how the Lugenpresse is spinning these crazies.

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  1. Helpful summary above of a major event seeming to mark a turning point … Rittenhouse perhaps the biggest folk hero for USA youth and many others, in quite some time

    This young man’s gunfighting performance so astonshing and impressive, it is even leading some to claim the shoot-out was staged, in this moment when political momentum seems to be tilting towards Trump, poll numbers for Trump even amongst blacks and Latinos rocketing skywards

    Kyle Rittenhouse was in the front row of a 30 January 2020 Trump Rally in Des Moines, Iowa … He posted a TikTok video from the event

    Photo of Kyle Rittenhouse, wearing white cap, watching near podium as Trump speaks
    Rittenhouse Trump rally


      • I wonder if it’s because he had fallen onto the ground. Most predators assume that once the prey is down, they are an easy target.
        Thanks for providing all these details about that heroic teenager Kyle Rittenhouse. May God bless him for showing such courage against the mob.

      • I think the four were overconfident about their state backing and assumed Rittenhouse knew they were untouchable as well. But Rittenhouse never got the memo.

    • Every cell of my body wants to celebrate the saga of Kyle Rittenhouse – as the turning point where Whitey finally gets really real – and turns things around, at the final minute of play.

      To buy into to it, however, would violate every hard earned lesson I’ve received along the way of watching a decade of media malfeasance unfold in chapter by cartoon like chapter. By midway 2016, I had finally realized that EVERY “event” witnessed to by the ONEMEDIA was staged – in one way or another. But back then, they were still learning how to pull it all off.

      They’ve come a LONG way in the interim.

      It is indeed, an ‘epic’ performance. It will activate a further leg in the death march to Amerikas’ autodestruction.

      The biggest holocaust ever awaits impatiently. The victims, almost to a “man/woman” … “never saw it coming.”

      • This is the most important element of the story.

        Grainy cellphone footage taken at night from yards away just adds to the BLM riot movement “fog-of-war.”

        I am incapable of trusting either group of actors in this scenario. Specifically, I’m curious as to how this kid was split off from the main body of his group. Was he completely unaware that the second that he was isolated he would almost certainly be surrounded?

        Apparently all the information about this alleged “Kenosha Militia” is starting to be sanitized. But, anyone with half a brain knows the deal with these groups.

        • Yup, we all need “something to believe in”, but it gets harder with each “scripted” event. I’m still wondering what happened to all the mass shooter’s. On to bigger and better psyops I suppose.

            • Anywhere else I’d construe this as condescension or an argumentum absurdum. But, if these Antifa dirtbags were indeed killed, is there a more likely explanation?

              Who charges any armed individual from yards away – while unarmed – with expressly lethal intent and tries to seize their firearm and kill them with it?

              Guns represent a nearly insurmountable tactical advantage over the unarmed. An adult man with even the scantest modicum of tactical awareness understands this. Even Dennis the Menace had his trusty slingshot.

              This event had the exact same presentation as the Albuquerque shooting, so much so that it is uncanny. Some tall dirtbag with a skateboard attacking a short dumpy man with a gun. The only difference now is the addition of the “paramedic” whose only qualifications appear to be self administering Fentanyl injections. And the little hobgoblin Mickey Cohen wannabe who either believed himself invulnerable to bullets, was too high to care, or took a squib and a new assignment in Antarctica.

              I’ve been reading my Cleary translation of The Art of War lately and been thinking about the nature of deception. Idiot druggie fuckups, and pathologically incompetent bureaucrats are the face of something extremely well coordinated.

      • I know what you mean. I’m a little torn as well. I’m generally the first one to look
        for and proclaim fake and hoax – basically as a default position. Believe it. But
        this one certainly does seem authentic, just by the body motions, the sort of
        natural but less than well coordinated aggression and withdrawal, etc. Looks
        to my eye to be ‘organic’, unlike so many others and unlike the well known,
        and well funded workings of antifa. Like many here I’m sure, I’ve seen plenty
        of youtube and other site cell phone footage of antifa and human behavior
        in general during these sorts of goings on, and it’s congruent in the main.
        I think I can safely say that they seem neither bad actors nor Hollywood.
        At this point, w/o really good breakdown to the contrary, that I don’t yet
        see, I’m calling what it appears = Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

        • Can’t disagree with your reasoning – indeed, tis only by force of will that I don’t reach the same conclusion, and stay there. A couple of things to consider…

          The storied mind manipulation programs like MK Ultra in operation 50 years ago, had already yielded consider “advancements” in producing totally mind controlled dupes capable of performing “SIRHAN SIRHAN”-like operations under an influence which evaded all post-mortem detection.

          I don’t believe for a minute that they’ve wasted the followed half century, and the abundance of new ‘technologies’ and drugs which have come with it; the covert nature of the enterprise has only gotten stronger, along with the diabolical intent to circumvent all ethical and governmental oversight. I therefore have little doubt that they are capable of running thugs who go under whatever name – “antifa,” LAPD, “DHS,” “FBI”, whathaveyou, with a seamless functionality that eliminate the onlookers ability to distinguish “natural” from “aberrant” movements and behavior.

          As for who “they” might be… that’s a story for another time. Let’s just say that its been made clear since the Floyd thing happened – they own the cops, the governing caste, and an army of media minions capable of twisting ‘reality’ into any indiscipherable form they wish – at any given time or place. Including ‘videos’ shot en mise … by either msm or ‘alt-media’ types.

          The whole world is truly ‘a stage,’ at this point.

          • Ok, but consider this … Why are they always faking everything IF mind
            control assassin ‘technology’ or advancements are off the shelf ready & reliable. Right. I mean if Dylan ‘Storm’ Roof was a straightforward thing,
            or even easy, then why all the fake shootings where nobody dies ? And
            if ‘viruses’ are so deadly, why don’t they actually really kill us in large numbers and negate the need for the avalanche of lying. See ?! This
            is the question I have posed to so many. If we really have so much to
            fear from supposed bio-weapons, gain of function lab created viruses
            and such, don’t you think they would just do it and shut their mouths?
            I would. I mean if the agenda is depopulation – and I’m not saying it’s
            not – and they COULD cause or release a pandemic, then wouldn’t
            they JUST DO IT and not advertise it, then watch. I don’t think they
            really can. Not easily anyway. That’s why IMO they want to & NEED
            to stick a needle in us. I think they also GET OFF on having us fear
            a ‘pandemic’ and having us FEAR the evil vaccine. That’s half the
            fun to these greasy chicken swingers. But back to our hero Kyle.
            I think he’s just a kid w/ hubris who had gas in his car and said ‘F’
            these people for All American right reasons, and he doesn’t like
            punks and bullies for all the right reasons, and he’s got a touch
            of bravado and a touch of decency. He literally put a dumpster
            fire out, right ?! For now, it’s real – until further notice.

            • Very good points – I’m late but I will take this as the last word for now. Fear is key – and yes, that must produce visceral satisfaction for “them” – I have been saying: 95% of the population is terrified of the virus and the other 5% is terrified at how easy it was to produce that result. The vaccine is just the next iteration.

              This Kyle guy seems fearless. That perhaps is another meta-indicator of authenticity. One fearless guy could wreck it all.

                  • Just some kids jumpin’ and rolling around making it look good. When
                    we were in our 20s and 30s how
                    much more easily we moved eh ?!
                    Likely you’ve seen my recent
                    comments. It’s a legal defect in
                    the case your honor. We can’t
                    leave it. As much as I’d like that
                    punk Rosendirtbag to get what
                    he was asking for. Like rooting
                    for the movie good guy to beat
                    up the bully. Sigh. Convince me
                    I’m wrong re no muzzle flash.

  2. From the Racine county news scanner twitter feed , August 24

    I-94 SB
    100 cars driving slow with their hazards on and their plates covered

    Update – Vehicles now exited on Hwy 20

    Update 2 – Vehicles are now Going SB on Hwy 31 from Hwy 20

    Update 3 – The group are now passing Hwy KR on Hwy 31 – Group is now up to around 200 cars
    8:00 PM · Aug 24, 2020·Twitter for Android

    …interesting that they are moving southbound on I 94… that leads me to believe the first set of cars came from the direction of Minneapolis, then joined up with some coming from another direction (south/Chicago?)

    These aren’t lone crazies, IMO

  3. When rosenbaum is shot,they cant seem to find the supposed head wound.
    Because there is no blood pumping out of his head from a round going 2800 fps.

  4. Not buying any of this. Another false flag with evil white boy shooter and what I am guessing is some type of semi automatic rifle. When has anyone seen kosher manginas rush a gunman that’s hilarious! Poor Antifa guess which side drummed up this bullshit? Doesn’t appear the footage was shot by a phone either SO another case of a camera crew in the right place at the right time. Enter another hook nose from a previous pay op Sandmann what a load of crap! Someone will have to prove this is for real to me cause it is a typical divide and conquer psyop as of now!

  5. The “Kenosha business owner”, named Porche Bennett, who parroted the desired official line that these criminals were “loving, sweet protesters” is acting as an agent in place to proffer this lie, which the propaganda complex then runs with in their myriad of outlets they operate. Only 10% of pajama people need to believe the lie to sway the rest into accepting it.

    As a side note, I can find no legitimate “business” that this woman is involved with, besides her own admission that she is an organizer of these protests.

    She also makes revealing statements that Huber “Always would be right by me” and that he essentially acted as her security during their recent protests at Kenosha county courthouse, protecting her when tear gas was shot at them.
    “I, to this day, am grateful to him”. Touching.

    Then a little double speak to lie the sheep into submission, stating “If you’re out here after curfew, you are not associated with us. This is what we do. Peaceful stuff.” Never mind that she just admitted that the three stooges were associated with her, and were out after the curfew doing “less than peaceful stuff”.

  6. Kyle must have spent a lot of time at paintball. Young man showed skill shooting under extreme conditions I n a lot of non-optimal positions. Didn’t shoot non threatening targets or waste rounds. Kid is very impressive.

    • Yes indeed Ted. That’s all I kept thinking after looking at everything. Take a shot,
      (calmly) assess, no more threat, look around, re-position, get up, walk away, look
      around deliberately but not in a panic, weapon at the down ready. I want THAT
      Man on my team. Old days, “city fathers” would commission a statue. The kind
      of young Man that won the west. Trump should find a cabinet position for him.

  7. Anglin over at Daily Stormer predicted this whole thing out the day that ‘the militia’ was discovered protecting those small businesses in Kenosha. One key factor with this is that new boundaries have now been crossed unconsciously in peoples minds moving forward. People will now be less reluctant to take action when the next ‘Kenosha’ happens.

    The world now has two less camel-brained losers thanks to Rittenhouse. Most cops wouldn’t have handled that situation with the adroitness and deftness that Rittenhouse did. He stopped shooting once all threats were neutralized.

    Good job Thomas on providing the disciplinary history of Rosenbaum!

    • Mr. Blake’s dad uses the worst and most elementary non sequitur response imaginable, so much so that even the trained intelligence operations propaganda specialist anderson cooper has to shoot down his idiotic brussel sprouts analogy immediately, on live air… priceless… Only a completely mentally defective dolt, devoid of all logic, would accept this. Cooper made the real time decision to publicly not understand, and thus invalidate, mr Blake’s elementary logical fallacy. Obviously daddy blake has been recently added as a paid agent in place, but is too fucking stupid to adlib. Fucking pathetic.

      Side note- brussel sprouts, sautéed in olive oil for 7 minutes and then drizzled with balsamic reduction, is a simultaneously delicious and healthy food that this fat, mentally defective, recently paid propagandist has never experienced. He’s likely enjoying his favorite fast food extravaganza right now, marveling at his exponentially increased online bank statement. There but for the Grace of Almighty God, go I.

      • Lol Black Throated Sparrow! I still think I’ll pass on the sauteed brussel sprouts! But, even Blake’s father doesn’t surpass one of the all-time gems where Rep. Hank Johnson expounded on the dangers of Guam being an island under peril.

        On a serious note, as each month passes, it is becoming more and more accepted social conduct to target, ridicule, embarrass, and assault white people. More and more, people will turn away, not intervene, and barely acknowledge it when someone of European origin is being physically assaulted in the light of day. We are seeing the early stages of this. We have heard it repeated, “First they target the statues, then it becomes the people themselves”

        And for those who ask why the officer who shot Blake in the back the way he did; why he did not choose another course of action(if what we are being told is accurate); I say, watch this encounter between 2 police officers and a single negro where the said dark man begins heading toward his drivers-side door to get ‘something,’ and ask yourself, “How much time would I have to make a precise and life-saving decision in this real time event?”

        • @Ed in Salt Lake- damn that hank johnson video is priceless- capsize an island… gotta have a sub 80 IQ to ask that question! Horrendously stupid.

  8. Alison Weir’s book, “Against Our Judgement” explains how “the Tribe” set out over 100 years ago – with malice & intention aforethought – to infiltrate, CORRUPT & DEGENERATE U.S. courts, judges, law schools, prosecutors, & the entire legal system, using what I would call “the money power” (The Rotschilds, et al had by the mid 1800s already subordinated, conquered the Old World European monarchies, they had conquered India & gotten the British to impose opium addiction on China via the East India Tea Co., and they funded and encouraged the slave states to secede and start the Civil War here in America. )
    For example, Benjamin Freedman explained how the Jacob Schiff (Warburg, Baruch, Strauss, Meyer etc) NY “tribe” billionaires’ mob had groomed NJ governor Woodrow Wilson like “a poodle on a leash,” and when they made Wilson president (by appealing to Teddy Roosevelt’s vanity and funding his 3rd party “Bull Moose” campaign to SPLIT THE REPUBLICAN VOTE), Wilson promptly nominated the mob’s “chosen” judeo supremacist jurist Louis Brandeis to the first supreme court vacancy. Well, Brandeis and the whole (Zionist) cabal were already engaged in funneling Jewish “settlers” in to Palestine… with the intention of DRIVING PALESTINIANS OFF, i.e. Jewish “ethnic cleansing” of Arabs was proceeding apace in the 1920s, long before Hitler ever came to power much less before the “concentration camps.”
    (It is “ironic” that in the 1920s the “Money Power” financiers used BRITISH SOLDIERS to TERRORIZE, SUBDUE, and kill thousands of Palestinians who revolted against the onrushing inflow of Jewish immigrants; fast forward a century, the “Money Power’ is using Arabs and North Africans to terrorize, subdue, and DISPLACE the entire English peoples!)

    The “Iron Triangle” of the #1. Money Power; #2. buying up all the press & media; #3. infiltrating courts, #4. buying, bribing, and imposing selected political candidates (as just mentioned, all the way to supreme court & presidency) were so powerful that even in overtly white, Christian America the financiers in 1930s could KILL 8 MILLION AMERICANS by an ARTIFICIALLY INSTIGATED ECONOMIC SABOTAGE “great depression” – remember, by the end of WWI, American banks were BRIMMING with the GOLD & ASSETS from selling the products of American farms & factories – food, weapons, & supplies – to Britain & France during WWI, gold & assets that had taken the British & French empires the ENTIRE PREVIOUS CENTURY to amass from their looted colonies!

    100 years later Americans still can’t figure out that the “great depression” was INTENTIONAL ECONOMIC SABOTAGE; that 9/11 and the EPSTEIN, WEXLER, WEXNER global SEDUCTION & BLACKMAIL scams were/are MOSSAD OPERATIONS… and so too are this years’ Gates, CDC, Rockefeller Foundation “covid” and economic lock-downs also mossad / “money power” sabotage operations…

    (as, indeed, the 1918 “Spanish Flu” quite probably was a previous WEAPONIZED VACCINES & VIRUS bio-war op? The 1918 pandemic was or course first reported at the massive U.S. army induction base Ft. Sill in Oklahoma… but the jury is still out how they were able to engineer so many deaths worldwide?)

    • A slight rejoinder is in order, so that an otherwise well presented synopsis of the prelude to the “events” of today does not lead the reader astray – from focus pon the “main enemy.”

      Brandeis, Frankfurter et al, were members of the FRANKIST SABBATEAN criminal cult = a neo-gnostical faction split off from ‘mainstream’ Judaism with intentions of subverting goy culture via a programmatic ‘integration’ which took the form of mass conversion by its’ adherents to both CATHOLIC AND PROTESTANT denominations, in the C18/19th, exactly as Tsevi’s original cult members had produced the same formula to infiltrate Islam in the C17th.

      If it is indeed a “tribe”… it is a divided one – the Frankist-Chasidic amalgamation now in the drivers seat worldwide is as much an implacable enemy of ‘orthodox jews’ as it is of goys. Taking the whole world down via this covid operation is a fruition of the longstanding Frankist desire to “create” the world anew via destroying it; and an accomplishment which could only appeal to those whose spiritual and temporal leader – Yakob Frank – pronounced as his chief doctrine, the “Holiness of Sin.”

      • This is an important comment. More on Frankism from my cornerstone post The Influence of Sabbatean Frankism on the World

        Other prominent Sabbeatians were the Wehles family of Prague. One, Gottlieb Wehle, came to the United States with a large constituency of Frankists from Bohemia and Moravia after the Revolution of 1848. One member of this clan was Louis Brandeis (1856-1941), the Supreme Court Justice and ardent Zionist who was instrumental in promoting the Federal Reserve Bank. Supreme Court Justice Felix Frankfurter is reported to have received a copy of Eva Frank’s portrait from his mother, a descendant of a Prague Frankist family.

      • OrdinaryJews & Orthodox Jews & rabbis follow the Talmud, and that is sufficient to show that any “Frankist offshoot” of the Tribe is NOT an enemy of Orthodox or any other kind of Jew. The Talmud is the basis of Judaism, and there is no getting round that fact, or explaining it away. It is the 2nd part of the Torah, the 1st part being the first five books of the Old Testament. Idiot Zionist Christians try to make excuses by talking about “Torah-following Jews”, pretending that the Talmud part of the Torah doesn’t exist. It does.

        • “The Talmud is the basis of Judaism, and there is no getting round that fact, or explaining it away.”

          In order to manufacture the above assertion, you have to rearrange the rather long-standing narrative whereby those who identify as “jews” – as in, followers of something called ‘judaism” – make no claim to there being a body of law & doctrine revealed by their initiator “Moses,” called “Torah” …

          and instead hold to a doctrine which grants in its place the apocryphal and random enunciations of generations of rebbes instead. I doubt you’ll make much headway convincing either jew or non-jew of that argument… but I certainly admire the ‘chutzpah’ needed to even contemplate such a departure from well known fact.

          “OrdinaryJews & Orthodox Jews & rabbis follow the Talmud, and that is sufficient to show that any “Frankist offshoot” of the Tribe is NOT an enemy of Orthodox or any other kind of Jew. ”

          I’m not intrinsically opposed to your line of reasoning there; but I’d suggest that you bring it into the discussion so as to favor your argument, since any reasoned line of thinking that leads one to your proffered conclusion there seems to have been left out of your presentation. Come again?

          ” Idiot Zionist Christians try to make excuses by talking about “Torah-following Jews”, pretending that the Talmud part of the Torah doesn’t exist. It does.”

          Talking about those jews who follow torah to the exclusion of talmud does not require pretending that the talmud does not exist, any more that professing to being a ‘protestant’ xhristian requires pretending that evil and malice do not ‘exist.’\
          They, btw, are known as Karaite jews, and were at one time equal in number to the talmudically-disposed jews, who used their well known wiles to get rid of their opponents and thereby win the pr battle as well as rewrite history.

          I’m looking forward to your fleshing out the argument that the ‘talmud’ is “a part of” torah, in the same way that I’m alway eager to review new attempts by radical islamists to pretend that their silly hadiths are an intrinsic part of the koranic record!

          • Well, sometimes I prefer to keep things brief.

            1) Every Jewish person takes the Kol Nidre Vow at some point in his life, which perfectly demonstrates their contempt for the rest of humanity. There is no getting round this fact.

            2) Islam is just a branch of Judaism, invented by Khadija, the 40-year-old Jewish Yemeni Slavetrader & Kaballah Sorceress who asked her young employee Mo to marry her, filling his head with spells & demonic “visions”, and helpfully writing down the tenets of his “new religion” for him as the Koran, all taken from the Talmud, though Mo never knew it, because he was illiterate. Islam was invented as a Proxy Army to destroy Christianity while deflecting blame away from the Jews, who have been the natural allies & mentors of Muslims for 1400 years, while pretending to be enemies. Muslims achieved precisely nothing on their own, but were helped and enabled every step of the way by the Jews, as to this very day, swarming into the West. Classical Arabic & Hebrew are the same language, disguised with different scripts, and the leaders of all Muslim countries are crypto-Jewish, from Donmeh Erdogan to the Sunni Saudi descendants of Jewish Abu Bakr to the leaders of Iran. See this interesting article:

            • Unexpected, yet fruitful line of response; though I thought there would be a defense of the torah= talmud assertion, I’ll stay mum on that absence in order to make the most of what has been put on offer!

              I’m onboard with the jist of your “Islam is just a branch of Judaism” premise, there’s not much doubt of where the roots of that religion lie,

              though I’m intrigued by the idea of a “jewish kabbalist sorceroress” as its’ progenitor – since the rebbes’ doing the talmudic thing were very down on women in general and sorceroresses in particular. Original semitic[Arabic] religion was very moon/female centric, and needed to be airbrushed out of the way mightily, just like Hebrew theology needed to removed the female component of the original cherubic duo locked in ecstatic embrace …

              so that by the time of the invention of “Islam”… female sorceroresses would have been in scant supply. Please supply details/links of our Khadijas’ witchy pedigree if possible.

              One thing that stands out in reviewing the judaic origins of the muslim religion is the apparent absence of a willingness to apply a similarly critical analysis to the roots of that OTHER judaic heresy – CHRISTIANITY – with its obvious antecedents and loyalty to the same abrahamic patriarchal fictions as Islam. Such a review is particularly in keeping with objective and non-partisan recountings of history when it is remembered that it was none other than “John” Cohen “Calvin” who was responsible for introducing the “protestant” form of the dominant European religion – in an earlier example of covert judaic culture war!

              As for Mike, and his guest writers covering the Iran deception… they do a credible job of reporting yet lack essential details which make the whole scam even more ‘in your face’ amazing, and – their apparent unawareness of the real story about the background of Khomeni and his phony ‘revolutionary islam’ leads to a big fail at the end of the day.

              For that real story… and the details needed to understand the kabbalist talmudic coup in Iran circa 1979, see my



              and most particularly,



              • Briefly, again:

                1) The Torah consists of two parts: the written part (first 5 books of the Old Testament) and the oral part (Babylonian Talmud).

                2) I didn’t say Khadija was anything to do with rabbis. She was “known as a sorceress even in her own time”, and the Jewish Kaballah is based entirely on witchcraft, as you surely must know. She inherited her vast wealth from her father, and used it to fund Mo’s Army of Beheaders, wiping out whole countries full of Christians, only about 70 years after an alliance of Arabic Christians had defeated her fellow Jewish Yemeni Yousef (Joseph) Asar, after he threw 20,000 Yemeni Christians into pits of flaming oil.

                3) Christianity begins with Christ & the New Testament, Christ & the New Covenant, and the compassionate Heavenly Father of whom Christ teaches. It has nothing to do with the Jewish Old Testament. It was a completely new faith. Another reason the Illuminati wanted to wipe out Germany in WW2 was because the growing “German Christian” movement focused entirely on Christ’s New Testament, breaking free from the Jewish OT.

                4) See Dr. Andrew Joyce’s article “Review: THE JESUIT ORDER AS A SYNAGOGUE OF JEWS”. It was they, led by CryptoJewish Ignatius de Loyola, who introduced Jewish Talmudic tortures to Christianity: beheadings and burning devout Christians at the stake as Talmudic “burnt offerings”.

                5) It is BECAUSE Martin Luther and the Catholics were familiar with the Jewish Talmud that they were so horrified by it, and Luther’s warnings about the Jewish infiltration and corruption of western civilization are well known.

                6) As you pointed out, John Calvin=Cohen was a CryptoJewish Sadistic Mass Murderer, who killed at least 58 devout Christians during his Reign of Terror in Geneva, more than the Catholics killed in the same time period— unlike Martin Luther, who killed NO ONE. And yet, thanks to Jewish support, it is Criminal Calvin’s corrupt version of Protestantism that took over most churches in the US and Britain, resulting in the depraved
                “Prosperity Gospel” based on money.

                • I’m sorry to have to say – special pleading for the right to give xhristianity a pass….

                  at being designated, like islam, as a heretical deviation from judaic theology, requires ‘special powers’ of argumentation, which you have not supplied. Indeed… by supposing us unable to catch the rhetorical device whereby you rest your argument for torah=talmud on the proposition that somehow the utterings of much later generations of rebbes [talmud] have EVER been included with the biblical story telling of the hebrew ‘bible’

                  AT THE SAME TIME as proposing that the two sections of the xhristian ‘bible’ commonly packaged together in one book by all the major denominations of that religious impulse ‘have nothing to do with each other’

                  flies in the face of dispassioned scholarship and basic reasoning both. After that faux pas, I’m hard pressed to continue what seemed to be a productive dialogue…. but to be fair to you,

                  go back and read your suggestion that somehow the ‘kabbalic sorceroress’ Khadija had nothing to do with the rebbes… and then present us with an alternative take on how she therefore became a ‘kabbalic sorceroress’….

                  your answer might reveal much about the underpinnings of the workings of the sectarian mind.

                  Finally, as for Luther, and the dialectical false flags of phony oppositionalist fights tween sectarians ALL working for the same talmudic bosses, please see this extracted quote from my “”

                  “Like Luther, Kant was forced into conflict with an institution steeped in tradition with which he would have been happier to conform; if only it were strong enough to keep the barbarians at bay. But whilst atheists (such as Hume) threatened to wash everything away, the pope spawned bastards and Christian Wolff pontificated absurdities. There was only one answer, revolt in the service of the establishment, and the revolt, once begun, was carried through with a steel dedication. What was also common to both of these reluctant rebels was the renewed vitality that they breathed into the antique institutions they engaged. Within a few years of Luther, the Jesuits, after Kant, Hegel. Catholicism and metaphysics both reborn. After all, fear is the passionate enthusiasm for the same.” *Land – The Thirst for Annihilation

                  Sorry – there are no ‘heroes’ in history.

                  • We have two different approaches to commenting. You seem to relish formal debating and twirling ideas around for their own sake, rather like the Pharisees, while referring people to your own writings elsewhere.

                    I prefer merely to present some historical facts I have discovered over the years, leaving people to consider them, believe them or discard them as they choose.

                    So further discussion with you will not be productive.

                    • My 2 cents on your debate is that the instructions of Jesus in the NT are the truth because they’re simple enough, doable and contain common sense. The OT stories are the “why” as to demonstrate the problems of creating a litany of commandments, many which are counterintuitive, if not anti-human. Both islam and judaism do this-judaism has 613 commandments? So do the catholic and protestant churches. A bunch of shit nobody can understand except the intellectual elite of the church- not difficult to identify “qui bono?” from such an arrangement. And anyone detracting from the original 10 commandments that God gave man isn’t paying attention to the fact that they are the smallest amount of restrictions on human behavior that are necessary. Everyone follows them, and the world’s a decent place to live. Certainly some actions need to be quantified because they’re possibly in a gray area (usury, anyone?), so Jesus came to expound upon such moral intricacies.

                      Side note: The bill of rights of the U.S. constitution is written in exactly the same restrictions-based way as the 10 commandments- only difference is that they restrict the actions of government instead of the actions of man. Pretty brilliant.

                    • Protestant –

                      I take it that you are conceding the field. Before you go, a couple of things to consider as a takeaway.

                      The “sweeping absolutes” [take not black throat pls!]which you applied to the subject of jews and judaism –

                      “all jews” do this” “all jews” are that… are what cause my initial response to your comments. Whether you realize it or not, those declarations are the stock rabbincal formula used to keep control of both debate in general… and the judaic community in particular.

                      By pretending that there is and never was resistance to their own putrid corruptions and hegemonistic strategies from within judaism, rebbes seek to convince us that they and they alone define and arbitrate the judaic people..

                      Allowing for the possibility that you are not wittingly supporting this false narrative, but instead have fallen into supporting it by naively receiving your limited understanding of jewish history from suspect and self serving sources,

                      we still at the end of the day have to recognize that you are serving the cause of rabbinical, talmudic judaism, by passing off historically inaccurate and sweeping condemnations of “all jews.”

                      In the rather long experience I’ve had in confronting those who make such claims with the need to back up their spurious assertions with unbiased sourcing,

                      I’ve consistently noticed an unwillingness to oblige in such details, as well as a resort to petty insult and deviation from the subject to hand – when such persons are pressed on the matter.

                      I’ve also noted that the argument that “all jews” are uniformly on board with talmudic kabbalism criminality and hatred of humanity is a narrative WHICH SERVES ONLY rabbincal talmudism, as it discourages communication between the goy world and those within the judaic one who can be of great help in defeating the main enemy,

                      as well encouraging the fiction that the rebbes speak for ALL of judaism. You’ve chosen to defend the latter narrative …

                      wittingly or unwittinglly, at the end of the day, it really matters not a whit, any more than resort to petty attempt at insult [pharisee?] can save an argument which proves to be without merit when challenged.

                    • @Bel- funny how you are using Protestant’s absolute statement re:jews as your casus belli, while ignoring your own re:Christianity. Situation ethics, anyone?

                      Also, Protestant didn’t call you a Pharisee, either. He said: “You seem to relish formal debating and twirling ideas around for their own sake, rather like the Pharisees, while referring people to your own writings elsewhere.” That statement is NOT saying “you’re a Pharisee”. It’s saying that you debate LIKE a Pharisee. Not the same, so your righteous indignation that he resorted to a ‘petty insult’ is as weak as the day is long.

                      Further, you write this tripe: “In the rather long experience I’ve had in confronting those who make such claims with the need to back up their spurious assertions with unbiased sourcing…”
                      Coming from the guy who makes his own spurious claims, and backs them up with links to his own writings. That, for your information, is hardly unbiased sourcing you’re using, chum.

                      Lastly, not sure why you’re asking Protestant if he’s ‘conceding the field’, as he already stated-(if you care to go back and read the exchange-see what I did there?)-“So further discussion with you will not be productive.” You apparently need to feel like you’ve won the debate. More bad form by you.

                      You could’ve simply said that it’s unwise to paint with too broad a brush, and proven your point that Protestant made a poor absolute statement by citing your karaite jew reference, and been done. But you instead decided to insert foot into mouth by your own absolute statements about Christianity. Any questions?

                    • I have no questions for you Sparrow,

                      your rhetorical flourishes have provided me all the answers I would need to determine your position in this little tete a tete.

                      You’ve clearly been dismayed to see a debate end in a direction manner than what you’d hope for, and have been thrust into the position of trying to revitalize a dead less than successful effort by Protestant via a cute collection of aspersions which are less concealed than you may believe.

                      The word games invested in trying to rearrange the use and meaning of the word ‘pharisee’ in this discussion make that clear.

                      You must be used to a very low level of interlocutor, or have been able to find a forum where bluster and bravado win the day. I haven’t been around this particular site for long enough to know if it is one of them…

                      but even if it were so… looks like you and your prize fighter in distress may be in for some gut wrenching wake up calls!

                    • @Bel Suave- You seem to be the low level interlocutor here, as you still haven’t addressed my issue with your statements… Just more misdirection and efforts to assign an emotional state to myself while not addressing my main point.

                      Dismayed? FYI I’m loving this! Also, I said in no uncertain terms that Protestant’s absolute statement was incorrect in my previous comments, yet you falsely place me into the position of trying to “revitalize Protestant’s effort.”

                      So let me spell it out for you, chum…

                      You take issue with sweeping statements made against Jews, and that’s fine- I have a history of comments here stating it’s not good form to paint with too broad a brush.

                      However you then make a similar statement re:Christianity, namely that it’s a ‘heretical deviation from judaic theology’, with zero qualifiers or compelling evidence. Please address this point, and stop dodging it with misdirection. You’re trying to engage in another circular debate, to no avail.

                    • @Sparrow- Thank you for the excellent points you made about the Old & New Testaments, and your reference to the American Constitution. You are right that Christ’s teachings are simple and easy to follow (if Christians would only take time to read them!), and He often ridiculed and defied the endless nitpicking rules & regulations of the Pharisees & their priestly overlord caste of Levites.

                      In contrast to the false, totally passive, vegan, unarmed, “Pathetic Doormat Theology” pushed by evangelicals, Jesus happily drank wine, ate meat, and was sometimes angry, exasperated, brutally critical and violent, advising His Apostles to carry swords for self-defence. And He said many times that forgiveness was conditional upon repentance.

                      When atheists correctly say that the Hebrews began to break the 10 Commandments almost immediately, the answer is that they refer only to other Hebrews, just like the ban on usury. The Noahide Laws pertain only to non-Hebrews, who are regarded as sub-human, and nowhere in Scripture are Christians actually forbidden to practice usury. The Catholic ban on usury was yet another example of CryptoJewish subversion in the church, which cleverly funnelled complete financial control of church & state into the hands of the Jews.

                  • @Bel (Baal?) Suave- you speak as if you’re the sole arbiter of all of history- you aren’t.
                    “Sorry – there are no ‘heroes’ in history.”
                    Neat opinion. It is wise to refrain from using absolute statements, especially enormously wide ranging ones spanning subjects you cannot possibly fully comprehend. It’s bad form in an intellectual debate.

            • @Bel- I read the exchange. Yes, your “correspondent” did make an absolute statement about torah=talmud. I didn’t take issue with it because it is a semantics argument. He should have said that there were two torahs, and that the second one is by FAR the dominant of the two in judaism these days. If he qualified it that way, I reckon that you wouldn’t have had much to say.

              Further, two questions for you- why, pray tell, would you use an absolute statement in a debate if you know it’s wrong? Just because your opponent did so? Childlike logic. Bad form.

              Your historical representations to back your stance weren’t exactly mind blowing either. I for the record enjoyed your web pages but you treat them as infallible references. Hardly. I’ll give you another reference for the next time you get into this argument- in addition to your Karaite jew reference, talk about the “Jews for Jesus”. Then you’ll really get em!

              I’m sorry to have to say- you also failed to supply the “‘special powers’ of argumentation” to designate Christianity as a ‘heretical deviation from judaic theology’, which oh by the way, is another absolute statement. There’s many types of Christianity, and to ball them all up into one amorphous target to paint with your hasbara-esque and/or atheistic broad brush is using logical fallacy, chum.

              As to the limits of what you can comprehend, happily, I KNOW for a fact that you cannot comprehend the whole of history. It was a silly comment for you to put on the page.

              • Sparrow,

                I’m glad to hear that you enjoyed whatever it was you dipped into on my pages…

                but with that said, I was rather hoping that the takeaway would be more in the way of knowledge than entertainment – there are details there by the score which would have increased your boy Protestants understanding of Judaics/Persia/heretical movements/false flags, and talmudic machinations by many times over from what he could glean from a Mike Mathis & friends drop on the subject.

                Because of my persistent efforts to bring to attention of those who pose as parties interested in overcoming kabbalisms viral takeover of the western body politic

                the background story to movements like Frankism, Sabbateans, gnosticisms, etc., I’ve had endless carpet bombings of invective and jaundiced, poorly conceal attack dropped upon my slender shoulders for year now…

                and its all water off a ducks back for me. Once the crew here get their noggins around that fact, we’ll be in good shape to go at it again… this time without the smug assumptions which have led you and Protestant to fall pon your swords in vain attempt to push the intruder off of the boarding plank!

                • Oh my! Poor Baal wailed, “I’ve had endless carpet bombings of invective and jaundiced, poorly conceal attack dropped upon my slender shoulders for year now…and its all water off a ducks back for me.”

                  Diddums! How have you managed to bear up under all that suffering for so long? And yet still you soldier bravely on, trying to educate all of us benighted peasants with our “smug assumptions” sticking pins in your bloated pomposity.

                  How very noble of you.

                    • Absolutely right— Predators pretending to be victims. Always. They taught Muslims to do the same thing, and even put it in the Koran, where the only “homosexuals thrown off high buildings” are the VICTIMS of sodomite rape, regarded as “guilty” for “tempting the innocent rapist”.

                      Just like goats, who must be killed after “tempting the innocent rapist”, who is not allowed to eat the meat, but must sell it in another town.

                  • oh my Mr Protestant! Looks like you’ve holed your own ship … and gone down with all hands…

                    to flail about in shark infested waters. You might have wanted to rethink that intended sally before putting it in your cannon,

                    as even those possessed of the most modest grasp of English comprehension would realize that far from being ‘victimhood,’ my rejoinder to you was signaling the very opposite –

                    that I am indeed immune to your impotent efforts at slander and insult, from long acquaintance with that style of avoiding debate. If English ain’t your thing –

                    water off a ducks back being a common enough vernacular representation…

                    and your spite has now induced you to paroxysms of sarcastic spittle, do not worry,

                    as I see that your fair knight Sparrow has fallen into the same deep waters as yourself, and is beside himself with angry remorse over having made us divert from rational debate into this long road trip into the sewers of the westerling wankers projections.

                    Swim over and grab hold of him lad – maybe the two of your can ‘hang on for dear life’ to each other. I’d have thrown you a life line, but your chosen direction has put you out of reach of sane and rational persons!

                    • What a troll, @bel suave. You’re getting roasted, and made to look like a fool. You sure that it isn’t you that doesn’t comprehend English? You sure do misspell a lot more than your opponents, just an observation. Of course you weave in plenty of intelligent words, but your ideas don’t support your feigned intelligence. Your website is also drivel- biased and ultimately worthless. Makhno’s writing do look BLM-esque. Please tell me what you’re standing for, besides trying to label this entire site as “jew hating”, and why we should trust your previously proven biased opinion.

                    • No Daryl, not ‘roasted’… it’s called ‘gaslit’… and if you expect that effort to make any more of an impression pon me than the rest of the cheap tricks employed so far, you can be sure of disappointment ahead!

                      Speakin of ‘cheap tricks’ lad,

                      “trying to label this entire site as “jew hating”

                      is a bit of a stretch, if you’re pretending that to represent anything remotely similar to what I’ve written here. QUOTE/UNQUOTE be the rule when attempting to pin something on someone…

                      and if you prefer to just pull stuff out of your neither orifice instead of following it,
                      it’s therefore to be assumed that your nether orifice is your primary communication tool.


                • @Bel Suave- You aren’t erudite enough to hold Miles Mathis’ beer, chum. I’m in fine shape to continue “going at it” with you, as there’s no “swords fallen upon” on my part- as I stated before, I absolutely love this! Are you getting tired or something? I did find it revealing that you place yourself in the position of an “intruder”. Of course you are!

                  Please address my issue with your statement that Christianity is a ‘heretical deviation from judaic theology’ already, I’ve been waiting…

                  • @Bel Suave- So you’re a Mahknovist, eh? Sounds silly… Forming a state based on anti-statism? Nestor Mahkno’s writings read like a BLM organizer’s speech. If you’re such a stalwart for “the toilers”, which is a terrible name for the people by the way, let me give you a clue as to how to secure their prosperity: let them keep what they create without handing them the entire state.





                    • lol,


                      There’s been a meltdown in aisle seven.

                      Clean up crew is advised to don hazmat gear…

                      extremely toxic effluent appears to be dripping from the puddled remains of our correspondent with the dying dream of channeling his inner frat hazing self on the pages of this fine forum.

                    • @baal suave- as weak a response as your narrow (never done a day’s honest work in your life) weak shoulders. Hilarious!

                    • “And you will never understand American history or the history of the Occident durin’ the past 2000 years unless you look at one or two problems; namely, sheenies and usury.
                      One or the other or BOTH. I should say, both.”
                      -Ezra Pound
                      Freedom of speech is grand.

                  • Watching you lads go through your paces is a bit lit sitting down to a screening of an old Marx Bros romp…

                    the sight gags and over the top melodrama are DIVERTING… yes, in both senses of the word, yet the intent of the diversion from the sole matter which engaged my attention –

                    eg., the spurious and well known intent to make the ‘all jews do this/all jews are that/now we are ready to pull out our broad brush meme,

                    has been clear from the beginning…

                    as was the ‘cue’ by which you entered stage left, Sparrow – the moment when a discussion of ideas was replaced by the insertion of the petty personal {pharisee any one?] so as to beat a charming retreat from the front lines of debate.

                    From that point on you’ve both just added to the character profile with which I’ve become intimately familiar over the years of learning what the new style westerling male consists of

                    – a cacaphony[non sic]designed to disguise a snarling malice brought about by envy of those who can think independently and are not afraid to share those thought. Tis sweetly ironic that the fact I’ve gone to the trouble of assembling much information on the subject of talmudic kabbalism is a CAUSE OF COMPLAINT for both of you in your mad efforts to unpaint yourselves from your respective corners.

                    I’ve done my homework on this subject, and offered to share it with those interested in the idea of getting out from under kabbalist hegemony. That’s clearly upset your apple carts, and the resultant scurrying around looking for some insult or slander to stick has been amusing but not hard to see through.

                    I don’t care to hold Mikes beer lilttle fella, nor anything else which rightly belongs to him; I’m more than content to hold to my own path and let you do the same, I’d ask you to provide us access to your own body of work on this and related subjects…

                    but as we both know – you don’t have anything of the kind to offer. Hence the squalid invective and tortured efforts to eliminate the pain and embarrassment of seeing the contrast tween our situations posed for public viewing.

                    Get a grip Sparrow. Being a large minnow in a smallish pond has left you with a self image not suitable to your circumstances.

                    • “The spurious and well known intent to make the ‘all jews do this/all jews are that/now we are ready to pull out our broad brush meme” Lying Idiot!!!
                      How many times have I had to say that I don’t paint with a broad brush, you fucking dolt? Neither does this site. Perhaps I should reevaluate my tolerant inclinations? I’m sure that’s part of your MO… You’re a mindless, anarchist piece of shit- one still emotionally sidelined by a backhanded/indirect (at best) reference to you being a Pharisee… I reckon you are one now, claiming that you engage in “independent thought”, while parroting an anarchist bolshevik enabler that lost his pie-in-the-sky battle, over 100 years ago… For the record, I never “complained” about your assembling info on talmudic kabbalism, you sanctimonious bitch-made, malignant CUNT. What “upset my apple cart” was your naked envy and malice embedded in your narrative, blaming ALL “xhristians” (your repeated spelling, you satanic coward) for your failure, while exempting all jews… You’re more than content to hold your (left hand) path? Here’s mine- the Bible… now go learn something, you soulless PHARISEE. Yeah, I finally called you your trigger word, now go cry to Makhno. I’m not a large minnow, I’m a sparrow. Sparrows work hard and long days for what they have, and I’ll be dammed if I’m giving that to weak, narrow-shouldered, cowards like you. “All too often we take the little sparrow for granted. The sparrow is small, but it has big meaning and lessons. The first is to enjoy the little things in life, and happily embrace simplicity. Sparrows are also a symbol of protection and joy. It is her slightness in size that gives her advantages. She reminds us we do not have to have the big stuff (cars, houses, etc.) to be important, and we do not have to have the loudest voice in order be heard. Sparrows derive power and protection from their numbers. Always in a clan, they move in clusters, eat in clusters, and are always content as such. This can be quite intimidating to some would-be predators. Safety in numbers is a lesson the sparrow has to share with us. The sparrow is ever vigilant in her goals. She is always bustling for her food, foraging for her nests, and gathering for her young. Fastidious and productive, the sparrow is a reminder that idle hands (and idle minds) should be avoided in order to live a full, healthy life. Sparrow is a master of flight, and camouflage, and as such the sparrow teaches us to use our creativity to get around in life – think outside the box, and be creative in solving our problems.“ Now go cook some babies in the belly of a bull, baal. You satanic losers always forget the end of the story… YOU LOST.

                    • Also, regarding numbers of the sparrow- what numbers do you have? Less than 2%? Good luck! You assholes will need it in spades!

                    • Everyone except satanists- Sorry for my abrasive language, but I sensed (after some opposition research) that baal wasn’t sincere- henceforth, sparrows poke your eyes out when they identify a predator. Let’s see baal make an apology for ad hominem attacks to this site and its commenters. It won’t happen. He’ll act like a victim, and pretend he did nothing wrong. Or he’ll just make a non sequitur statement. Time tested cowardly tactics. He should be ignored at this point. He has nothing to say that is relevant. He absolves all Jews of wrongdoing, employing moral relativism, calling them Kabbalists and Talmudists, while condemning all Christians. Situation ethics in action, folks, and I take issue with liars. Curious how he never invokes satanism as a culprit. His hero died ~100 years ago at the hands of the butchers he foolishly backed- the bolsheviks. Should be a clue as to the mental bias of this person. By their fruits ye shall know them, and I feel no regrets for verbally lashing the ideological money changers like baal here.

                    • Howdy Sparrow!

                      Mine of 3:20 was a response to yours of 2:02, but it didn’t go where I wanted it to.

                      If you look up…. waaay up, therefore Rusty, and see the above reply to your toxic meltdown, things will fit together nicely.

                      Winning? Losing? That’s what was behind all the febrile posturing and psychotic outbursts?

                      My, my.
                      “Bad debate form” me lad!

                      This two day outing into the interstices of the dying synapses of the passive/aggressive westerling untermale has had all the appeal of a ‘weekend at bernies’ for me, but because it is so redolent with the similar meltdown of one of my own flock, chosen by the usual suspects as their ‘insider’ on my old site – seems they invariably manage to have/find one on every site where possible rebellion against talmudist trickery could break out –

                      it was probably a necessary diversion. Here on this space without need of playing the diplomatic host, I can freely track the workings of the psychotic mind at play….

                      and present you thereby with this token of recognition… one of my fave stories from the GBTM era –

                      Winter Watchs’ very own “Dybbuk Deputy” has been outed.

                      No – there’s no prize for being selected champ – just the inner peace of knowing you don’t have to hide anymore!


                    • Howdy Bel! So I’m a “Dybbuk Deputy” for this site now. That essentially means demon possessed, for readers not familiar with the term. I feel so naked being “outed” by you! Sarcasm employed there, FYI. Amusing also, that I’m caricatured by you as a “passive aggressive westerling untermale”. I thought that I was being much less than passive…

                      But using your own link as source, it seems you readily employ Talmudic doublespeak when it suits you: “given that the talmudic mind is one which twists and turns all phenomena… all data… and all personas, to best accommodate its’ own ends”, “the endgame of both the original Sabbatean, and the Frankist inheritor, is to insult, usurp, and destroy “the jew” it gets easier to move about in this weird world of ‘uber jew’ jews who ain’t jews… doesn’t it!“
                      It appears that you enjoy playing on both sides of the fence, otherwise why nitpick Protestant’s Talmud comment? To valiantly protect the honor of Karaite Jews, who number approximately 43,000 world wide? Okay, but this seems a dubious motivation unless you are one- and if that’s the case, more power to you, as I reckon if the world’s populations of Talmudic Jews and Karaites were reversed, the world would be a better place… but you’re not a Karaite…

                      That said, the “Maestro Maestro” commenter in your supplied link, whom I reckon you are likening myself to, has a wonderful point that is evidenced in your comments here- namely that you place knowledge over reason. Your comments drip of self aggrandizing displays of your knowledge, while kicking common sense reason to the curb!
                      How about you state exactly what you believe and stand for, so as to make clear to us “profane” folk… And I hope you don’t bring up Makhnovism, lol.
                      You also stated in that thread that there’s “nothing wrong” with the “Kali type left hand path”. I thought that was quite revealing of your spiritual inclinations…

    • “they funded and encouraged the slave states to secede and start the Civil War here in America.”
      Again, this is a very misleading statement. The truth about the cause of the civil war:
      “The cause of the Civil War dates back to long before the first shots were fired by the South at Fort Sumter, South Carolina in 1861. In fact, economic disputes between the North and South existed even before the Revolutionary War (also fought over taxes!), and things got even worse with the Tariff of 1828.

      Called the, “Black Tariff” or “Tariff of Abomination,” (meaning, “the most evil thing ever,”) the tariff was created to repay the national debt (who does that?!) after the War of 1812. However, by 1832 the national debt was paid and there was no reason for such high taxes. The tariff had created a favorable situation for the North, who benefited greatly from such high taxes.

      The South produced and exported most of the goods in America, and under the tariff, that resulted in the South paying about 75% of all taxes in America.”

      True both side had their house Jews. Many of Lincolns Generals came directly from the failed “socialist revolutions of 1848 which encompassed most of the European continent. Many German, English, Hungarian, Bavarian, etc. atheistic socialists flocked to the United States having been banned from their homelands for treason. Ironically just about all of them wound up in the North (for a number of factors including an already strong progressive movement brought on by Transcendentalists and Unitarians) as ardent supporters of the Republican party.

      The South had its house Jew also, one Judah P. Benjamin, whom many say was the cause of the Souths defeat. Here is “his-story”, the one that’s never told.

  9. The jew Chris Wallace, (nepotism- 60 minutes Mike) Chris who has a face made for Radio, had an on air melt down over Kyle.
    Wallace says, “There is no justification”…”Prosecute Kyle”… Blah. Blah. Blah
    All because 2 communist Jews got their asses handed to them in a street fight (and) the young Goys can’t have any role models, even a reluctant one.
    Look for overcharging DA to offer a reasonable plea bargain. Story going down memory hole ASAP,

    • @SirJohnny- You speak the truth. I wondered if anyone would notice that “Joseph Rosenbaum” was an entirely Jewish name. The whole incident was supposed to end with Kyle’s death on the street, but as you said, the young goy gave them a shock.

    • > I believe this incident was real and not faked.< I did too. Maybe I wanted it to be.
      Probably so. But I can't anymore. No smoke and no muzzle flash. None. Not even
      a spark. And I looked from all available online videos and stills, some of which were
      slowed down. IF there was a flash, YOU WOULD SEE IT. Especially when he fires
      at the 2nd guy approaching w/ the handgun and supposedly blows his arm apart.
      You can clearly see the end of the barrel of his "AR-15" when he fires. Nothing.
      No smoke, no fire. No flash. SO, we are in the territory of physically impossible.
      As soon as that bullet is out the barrel, those hot gases from the fiery explosion
      are gonna exit right behind. No way around it. This (IMO) is as 'good as it gets'.
      On the same solid ground as seeing planes disappear into steel and concrete
      buildings at the same 'frame per second speed' as they were just travelling
      through the air. Of course implying that tons of steel and concrete offer no
      more resistance to a moving object than this air. Go peddle that in science
      class. Ah, but I digress. No smoke, no flash at all = no real gun or bullet.
      The prosecution rests. Anyone feel free to post & show me different.

        • I know what smoke looks like. Doesn’t look like smoke. Likely compressed air blast into less dense ambient air. Note what you left untouched > flash. None. Neither ‘shot’. How can that be explained ?! If he was firing blanks,vthere’d be an even bigger flash – like a tongue of flame out the barrel. But a flash from real bullets is inevitable w/o a fire suppressor. Don’t see a way around it. Perhaps because there isn’t one – a way around that it is. Look, I know it’s ‘painful’ (would that be the right word) but there are doors that
          you just gotta walk through. Then shut behind you. A REAL firearm, with real bullets OR blanks creates a flash. Done. Either true or false. Pick. Soooo … can’t be a real gun. Likely an Airsoft. What other choice have we got. YOU DO KNOW that the first 4 letters in firearm spell FIRE ?!

          • Well, it looks like smoke to me, and not only that, but I thought there was also an actual splash of his hand being shot, a kind of spattering. I’m not questioning your expertise, but I still believe this was a real incident.

            • I claim no expertise. Just a guy looking. The lack of flash
              has been noted other places. One can see the LACK of it.
              So what to do ?! Only find ways to explain it away. What
              those are, I have yet to see. The flash results when the
              extremely hot gases- the result of COMBUSTION- are
              suddenly released from the confines of the barrel and
              and immediately expand into the much COOLER air.
              So there’s that.

              • Well here’s an interesting possibility I just stumbled upon:
                “People who’ve been around firearms can quickly spot when filmmakers add an abundance of flash coming out of the muzzle. But it’s a known inaccuracy and it’s done with a purpose. Films, in general, are shown (and often captured) at a rate of 24 frames per second. Without enhancing the muzzle flash, there’s a good chance that the camera won’t capture a flash at all — and that visual bang is an important part of selling the illusion of real gunfire.”


                Do you think maybe that’s the reason Kyle’s muzzle flash didn’t show up in the video film?

                • Rittenhouse’s ar15 looks to have a flash hider, which is proven/designed to reduce muzzle flash so as not to blind the shooter when shooting in low light conditions… Most ar15s come with them. If someone can convert the video to infrared/thermal imaging, you’ll be able to see if he really fired.

                  “In fact, a rifle may produce a visible muzzle flash only part of the time, but through a thermal scope it will flash every time.”


                  • Yes – good stuff. I’m open to all of this because my initial reaction was that it seemed authentic. Would love to see if someone does this kind of analysis. I’ll add this.Initially they showed that scum Rosenbaum with a sizable non bleeding hole in the side of his head,
                    then later I stopped seeing that clip. Now they say the head wound was a grazing, and that body shots did him in. Ok … but if they offered the right odds, I’d consider bets on a multi layered hoax. Love to know

  10. @Black Throated Sparrow- That was a wonderful tribute to sparrows you wrote! You nailed Baal very early on when you called his diatribes “Hasbara-esque”. I didn’t respond to him further, because he’s an obvious attention-seeker, using this website as a platform to lure people towards his own. And as Darryl pointed out, his frequent English mistakes show that he’s not as intellectually superior as he thinks. That is another small-hatted error— they often don’t understand the difference between high intelligence and low cunning. Many of them also like to hide behind deliberate obfuscation, dazzling the proles with science or philosophy, like a squid squirting out ink.

    See how he diverted the whole conversation away from Kyle Rittenhouse into attacking Christianity? Typical Hasbara tactic. But it was fun reading your comments giving him a darned good thrashing. 🙂

    • Protestant- The sparrow tribute was copied from the link at bottom, that’s why I put it in quotes, and it’s a tribute to someone’s mother, so I wouldn’t want it attributed to my hand. I thought my copy and paste of the link was in my comment also….

      Bel Suave is certainly the attention seeking type, regarding his intellect, he seems to be a bit of the hypnotic type, read through his comments and you’ll see that he quickly adopts nomenclature into his follow up comments, (I did, admittedly, do some of this also, but I was caricaturing his style)and he uses the term “Judaic” a lot, a term used frequently by Michael Hoffman, author of “Judaism Discovered”, a (previously for about a decade, now available on his site, highly recommended!) banned book which I own. He said on his site that he’s read Hoffman, but it left him “wanting”, or something to that effect- AS IF the big brained baal has more brainpower or knowledge than Michael Hoffman! Certainly not the common sense!

      What baal apparently missed in M.A. Hoffman’s writings is Hoffman’s dedication to exposing how Judaism puts Jews on a mental plantation. Those 613 commandments are arbitrary control measures that do no one any good, including Jews. Endless nitpicking is destructive- thus we have clues about this truth with the modern stereotype of the “Jewish mother”. That is why the Almighty gave Moses the 10 commandments- to provide some common sense guidance to the Jews. That is also the function of the OT in the Bible- to show how people go astray, giving examples in forms of stories. This is also why I disagreed with your Torah=Talmud comment, and amended your comment’s meaning to “two Torahs”. The written Torah has meaning and shows how not to act, in many ways.

      Thanks to bel, his supplied link in his latest response below (to my incendiary, foul mouthed aggressive response to his smug, sanctimonious, diversionary comments, for which I again apologize to anyone offended, except satanists) gave revealing clues about who he is and what he believes. I was correct in my statement that he was fond of the “left hand path” and his link provided proof that he affirmed said discipline in 2018, so there’s that to consider for anyone thinking that this guy’s real smart. He, like many “educated” types, is thoroughly confused!

      Which brings me back to reason versus knowledge. Baal loves displaying his knowledge, but he doesn’t understand that it’s simply ammunition. Ammunition is worthless if not used/ aimed properly. Reason are the sights on your rifle, in this spiritual war. That is why the msm/ sports/movies is so destructive- it encourages “suspension of disbelief”, i.e. practicing disregarding one’s own REASON, common sense, gut feeling. If one is devoid of reason, one cannot aim their knowledge.

      It also promotes polytheism, and if a human is polytheistic, they are at the end of the day self worshippers, and thus self destructive. Go ahead and worship yourself- you’ll come up with way more than 10 commandments, most containing double standards slanted towards yourself, and that’s not good form, and not good for anybody.

  11. The following video is an excellent breakdown and analysis of the event from legal point of view.

    And that is why it was censored by YouTube. When will these fools ever learn to stop using YouTube as the sole source for video hosting?

    Related commentary

    There’s an angle on the case of Kyle Rittenhouse that I haven’t seen even hinted at in the media. Section 246 of US Code Title 10, entitled, “Militia: composition and classes” reads:

    “(a) The militia of the United States consists of all able-bodied males at least 17 years of age and, except as provided in section 313 of title 32, under 45 years of age who are, or who have made a declaration of intention to become, citizens of the United States and of female citizens of the United States who are members of the National Guard.

    (b) The classes of the militia are:

    (1) the organized militia, which consists of the National Guard and the Naval Militia; and

    (2) the unorganized militia, which consists of the members of the militia who are not members of the National Guard or the Naval Militia.”

    That is, all males of military age who are or intend to become citizens of the United States are under federal statute the “unorganized militia”, and have the duty of the militia to defend the Constitution of the United States against enemies foreign and domestic (as both naturalizing citizens and members of the armed forces swear to do).

    Kyle Rittenhouse is a 17-year-old male and thus a member of the unorganized militia under black-letter Federal law. When he armed up to defend a friend’s business during a breakdown in civil order, he was acting precisely as all members of the unorganized militia have a legal and Constitutional duty to act in like circumstances.

    And yes, shooting violent criminal insurrectionists is included in that duty. Rittenhouse would have been justified in doing so even if he had not been acting in self-defense against lethal threats to his person.

    So let’s not hear any more nonsense about a teenager having no business being in that situation. Kyle Rittenhouse recognized one of his core duties as an American citizen and performed it with exceptional skill and courage.

  12. Hey, Russ.

    I’m in the opinion that the whole event was a well orchestrated sleight of hand hocus pocus psyop, a strategic drama script. I gathered some links for ya. Please check them out if you get a chance. Thanks. And thanks too for all the work you do.

    The shooting aftermath:

    1) Where’s the damn hole?!? 2:56 – 6:01

    2) Dude! Move! I need a better angle! 2:13-4:20

    3) Blood? Who needs blood? And what a Drag. 00:01-00:39; 2:13-6:56

    Kyle may look like Clark Kent but he’s really Superman or I Sucker punched that Bitch! Antifa! You next!!!

    Man! They needs learn to tear up! Dry-Eyed Crying sucks. Got the breathing part down pat though 3:59. Notice at 4:22 a noble soul leaves a box of tissue. Yeah right. Why bother?

    Maybe he learned from the best

  13. Ha, ha, ha. I’m afraid most of you have spent too much time in the Puzzle Palace House of Mirrors down at the fair. You know, once you go in, it can be hard to get out. This isn’t a sin, it’s a hazard of truth research.

    IMO, the Kyle Rittenhouse saga is straight forward and non layered. You just don’t have the words or recognize the players. Both Joseph Rosenbaum and Anthony Huber were psychotically optimistic psychopaths (all psychopaths are, see Fauci and Custer).

    Custer’s Aide: “Should we send up scouts to check out the Indians up on the ridge?” Custer: “What, and miss venison stew Sunday?! Follow me laddies, we’ll clean ’em out ourselves!”

  14. What a great article! This site is so jam-packed with valuable information that I can’t wait to delve in and use the tools you’ve provided. I have a similar piece that will undoubtedly be helpful.

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