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WHOOPS! Goldberg Displays Freemasonic Allegiance. Feigns Ignorance When Confronted — But Check This Out

On the Jan. 26, 2021, edition of 'The View,' hostess Whoopi Goldberg sported a cardigan with large Freemasonic patches, including one that read 'PHA' for 'Prince Hall Affiliate.' PHOTO: Screen grab/ABC

Whoopi Goldberg Caught Wearing Masonic Sweater, Prompts Public Outrage

The People Are Woke and Red-Pilled

By Patrick Howley | 31 January 2021

NATIONAL RIFLE — Whoopi Goldberg apologized after she was caught wearing a Prince Hall Masonic seal on her sweater during an episode of The View. The scandal represents a victory for free-minded Internet truthers who realize the role elite secret societies play in the world power structure.

Goldberg claims that she did not understand the implications of wearing the Masonic seal on her sweater, but her excuse does not seem credible considering all of the years Whoopi has spent in Hollywood among Masonic elites.

Masonry at low levels is portrayed as a kind of gentleman’s group like the Elks Club. But many prominent Freemasons at high levels drive or promote the globalist agenda that sustains the rule of the plutocrats and the oppression of the people, all while duping regular people with poisonous entertainment and fraudulent news. Why do celebrities keep flashing Masonic symbols? Some people believe that Masons or Mason-sympathizers telegraph their secret doings to make their “craft” even stronger. Others, like those who believe Goldberg’s explanation, think the entire phenomenon is more benign. […]

Whoopi Goldberg, 58, becomes great-grandmother for first time – VIDEO

ILLUMINATI EYE BABY JAMMIES: In 2014, Whoopi Goldberg posted to her Istagram account this picture of her newly born great granddaughter. PHOTO: Hello! Magazine/Instagram

2 April 2014

HELLO! MAGAZINE — Whoopi Goldberg is a proud great grandmother for the first time and shared the news of the latest baby to join her family on Instagram on Tuesday.

The TV show host recorded a video of and her tiny great-grandchild on the social networking website, which uses pictures to communicate with the world, and beamed as the tot debuted in moving image. …

It came a week after she posted an image of Charli on her Instagram account, gushing over how gorgeous the little was.

“Oh my GOD… Please my damn bobo!” she exclaimed. The 58-year-old has daughter Alex Martin from her six-year marriage with Alvin Martin, which ended in 1979. […]

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3 Comments on WHOOPS! Goldberg Displays Freemasonic Allegiance. Feigns Ignorance When Confronted — But Check This Out

  1. I was always in close contact with Scottish Free Masons, though not one myself, because of my musical hobby. Freemasonry is still only for Men? Or has that changed?

  2. Well she has been a good slave to the cabal for years she is probably a witch and surely inducted into some demonic group or we would not be seeing her on tv..She is a huge ahole if she thinks anyone believes she had no idea what she “ordered of the internet”😂😂just a sweater ..tool!

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