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What’s in Store for the ‘Markets’

Lugenpresse pushes Beavis and Butthead revolt against da man propaganda and misdirection meme

I rarely remark on the “markets” but will now as things have gotten so extreme.

The group of wild-men punters known as r/WallStreetBets (WSB) have turned their attention to silver, which experienced a surge over the weekend.

r/WallStreetBets reports the Reddit group has been hit by a “large amount” of bot activity.

see; More Color on Social Media Skuldruggery: A Problem with Internet Bots and Brigading

I don’t consider silver bubbly as yet, but the narrative that there is short squeeze potential is patently false. The CoT managed money category reveals that hedge funds are solid long, with quite low short positions of only 23,113. Yes, there is some room to go further long, and that’s probably what’s happening.

However, going into overnight Tuesday trading, silver has been slammed back lower as CME raised silver margin requirements by 18%. This type of move is routine and I have seen it myself trading precious metals for over 25 years. Somehow WSB thought they would be spared the treatment?

silver CoT

r/WallStreetBets now has up to 7 million punters on their site. Beavis and Butthead’s core trade Gamestop (GME) saw a $100 drop to $225 on Monday, as the counterfeit shorted shares (the real story here) have covered and more. Pre-market as I write, GME traded even lower- down another $50.  Short interest is down to 53.15%.

Tuesday trading update: The bloom is off the WSB trades as Beavis and Butthead learn one of life’s lessons. GME down $110 more at $115, AMC down $5.50 to $7.75 and BBBY down $5 to 25.50. Silver gives up Friday’s and Monday’s gain.

Gad- Plenty of Beavis and Butthead carnage here

And how soon until hedge funds infiltrate r/WallStreetBets with some galaxy-brain lotto trade posing as part of the “new movement.” Will they herd in the sheep and then fleece ’em? If anyone gets caught manipulating anything, we already know the banksters get away with a fine and that’s it. Hopefully, this part of the mania dissipates quickly before more harm is done.

Google search for short squeeze:

In reality, the short interest on the market as a whole is at record lows. There just isn’t much squeeze potential in play, just more Beavis and Butthead magical thinking. Short sellers have already largely covered.

There is, however, an enormous squeezable short bet against the U.S. dollar.

Hedge funds leveraged up the ying-yang in primarily the same trades- basically the same adolescent herding mentality.

Mutual fund managers have less than a 2% cash cushion for the first time in history. Pension fund managers have 2.6% in cash, lowest ever.

The “markets” have gotten quite addicted to stimulus. In fact, the bets are all in and at extreme frothy levels historically. Insider selling is at extremely bearish levels. So corporate officers aren’t seeing bullish prospects in their company’s stock price.

Companies flooding the market with capital raise underwritings. This equates to dilution.

Zombie heaven.

Extreme overvaluation.

The levels of small trader call buying is at mania levels.

17 Comments on What’s in Store for the ‘Markets’

  1. Care to comment, Russ, on the 800lb gorilla in the room? When it comes to silver, this remains a core issue to focus on: The Banks are always net short, particularly U.S. ones which are heavily concentrated short. They almost always increase their number of shorts by opening up several thousands of more contracts (naked shorting), sometimes in 1 day, just to stymie price rises in silver. Its disgusting!

    It appears, yesterday, they added 6,000 new short contracts bringing OI to 185,000. This is in the face of silver bullion disappearing off the shelves of all the major online bullion dealers & even the unfamiliar ones. They are either out of stock or it’s weeks of waiting before product can be shipped, along with rising prices/premiums on physical stock. As for American Silver Eagle and many other government silver bullion coins, they are UNAVAILABLE, except for expensive Proofs or graded ones in slabs or listed on eBay at extremely high prices, etc..

    The data laid out below (with link provided) shows the latest published position of the banks against silver. As usual, they’re highly net short. At 5000 ounces per contract, 4 U.S. banks are effectively net short 182,575,000 million ounces of silver. I sincerely doubt they hold or ever held that much, unencumbered silver if they even possess any, that they’d be able to deliver to a buyer. If their hand is truly forced, they’re allowed to settle in cash, according to the fine print.

    REPORT DATE: 1/5/2021 for CMX SILVER

    4 U.S. banks:
    holding 3,774 long contracts, representing 2.1% of OI (open interest/total contracts open)
    holding 40,289 short contracts, represents 22.9% of OI

    21 NON U.S. banks:
    with 7,451 long is 4.2% of OI
    with 34,459 short is 19.6 % of OI

    25 banks:
    11,225 long futures contracts is 6.4% of OI
    74,748 short futures contracts is 42.5% of OI

    Total Open Interest = 176,005 total contracts still open or trading

    • Yes, I myself have been playing for these schemes to blow up for a couple decades. But I seriously doubt that Beavis and Butthead will force their hand.

      Do you have the latest bullion amounts that the big banks like JPM hold at the Comex?

      • I’m glad you’ve been aware of this, Russ.

        Then, can you help me with this or anyone else? I can’t get my laptop to save & open this file up because I lack the proper software. If you’d kindly peruse the Warehouse & Depository Silver Stocks data and share it with us.

        I think the latest can be found, here, at the following webpage link of the CME. You’ll easily spot “Silver Stocks” under “Warehouse & Depository Stocks”.

        Hopefully, you can discover how much real silver stock is actually sitting in COMEX & NYMEX vaults, whether in the category of eligible stocks (non-registered or ineligible for delivery) or registered stocks (good delivery bars or ready for delivery).

        I don’t think there is nearly enough silver inventory to actually cover or delivery on the bank’s short positions, should they be required. In other words, to prove they are holding illegal naked short positions.

        • There are a total of 149,221,793 oz of registered silver in the Comex warehouses. Then they have this nebulous category called eligible of 248,082,103 oz. Almost half is JP Morgan. Then Brinks has 52,662,634 oz, and CNT Depository has 60,051,498.

          In the past these silver deposits were much less, and I was pounding the table accordingly. Looks like they’ve found more silver. In my analysis when I was following this more closely JPM was bullish and hoarding silver for someone or themselves. The price of silver has doubled since. I profited from that trade accordingly. At the moment I am more agnostic about silver and gold.

          176,005 contracts is 176,005,000 oz.

          • Thanks, Russ, for doing the leg work on this and providing the numbers.

            CNT Depository appears to be a legitimate operation, but they have a lending branch to their business model. For whom is their segregated metal held and to whom is it pledged as collateral (bullion banks?) – acting as a kind-of slush fund/dark pool.

            I suppose Brink’s global network of depository services, being quite sophisticated and highly clandestine for the sake of security and the anonymity of its clients, could be used in crafty ways by its participants to supress precious metal prices through leasing, re-hypothecation, etc..

            As you said, the eligible category is nebulous. It is ineligible/not registered or available for delivery to buyers of futures contracts. To my knowledge, COMEX hasn’t ever been audited nor does it allow it. What, then, is the integrity of the alleged 248,082,103 oz. of silver in the eligible/unregistered category and the 149,221,793 oz. of registered silver in the Comex warehouses? How much really exists & how is it possibly being surreptitiously used? Conspiracies work best in absolute secrecy.

            Anyway, transparent this market certainly is not. The ETF known as SLV is intertwined with some of this, too, and has had some strange dealings going on in its past – as illustrated, here. –>

            Hopefully, you become less agnostic in the future, again, especially regarding silver. IMO, silver is the KEY to bringing it and them all down.

            Be well in all your pursuits.

            • You two gentleman have an excellent conversation going on here about the recent events in the silver market, more specifically the disconnect between the physical inventory, the spot price, and the futures / options markets. All I would wish to add in is a “connect the dots” premise using what you both already are onto here:

              Aside from the distraction, which I believe Sammy has quite rightly made clear (hat tip your way Sammy). We might wonder why this type of distraction right now?

              A visit to Bitchute (which never lies = ) might lead one to believe that we are witnessing a new protest of Wall Street, by Main Street. A rising populist movement that simply does not understand the “very important” flow of markets and liquidity that hedge funds provide, while fleecing the general public.

              Perhaps we might even go so far as to draw a correlation from the alleged, Populist, President Donald J. Trump and the massive “awakening” he has offered the United States citizenry.

              So let’s look at a rough timeline (forgive me for not putting links in and for typographical errors, I am a little short on time):

              1. The United States Mint provides caution last year that they will not have enough bullion to issue certain types of new coins last year (2020)

              2. Hype of a Populist movement, in the middle of a “pandemic”, is rising and has reached levels that have altered normal citizens into terrorists, bent on the over through of a nation (2020 – 2021)

              3. While all this is occurring, many of the citizens who normally do not follow much economic news are being warned of a “Great Reset”, by one World Economic Forum, who was formed by a Bond villain out of Central Casting

              4. The Bond villain is telling everyone that the pandemic crises is not really much of a concern, but the surrounding events (e.g. lockdowns and business closures) are a grand opportunity to remake the entire world from an economic perspective (basically something akin to a mixture of communism and fascism, which will preserve a plutocratic class and treat average citizens as chattel)

              5. Fast forward (and skipping a lot of details), there is news of a wild bunch of young traders who are “breaking all the rules” using a new retail trading site, aptly named Robin Hood (2020)

              6. Now this rowdy bunch of child geniuses are using “social media” similar to that (alleged) Populist President to be the ultimate “disruptors”; their target is the hedge fund establishment on Wall Street

              7. This group is surprisingly well versed in market dynamics (notice I did not say cycles) and spots opportunities to one up the establishment by taking a large, very well organized, contrarian position in a few equities against market shorts

              8. This “flash mob” of Wall Street pirates would make Mr. Livermore blush; they use leverage and perfect market timing to put the big ole hedge funds on their “heels”

              9. Win one for the “tiny populists” / future domestic terrorists; viva le resistance!

              10. (Now cue the music for the Empire Strikes Back) The hedge funds take a beating, but then begin a bounce back; some of the junior Gordon Gekko posse get liquidated by holding their positions too long, while others are newly minted millionaires (here is the carrot, now wait for the stick)

              11. It would seem that the establishment is beaten back, but then I am sure we have all heard, “fool me once, shame on me; fool me twice…”; the raiders of the lost economy then move into the silver markets, because gold and platinum are too pricy and palladium could wind up with a very large Russian gentleman coming to visit your house at an inopportune time (dad and mom would not be happy)

              12. So now our little raiders are fighting the good fight to show the repression of silver pricing that dates back to when the Hunt Brothers took their tumble…

              Now I know you are saying, SC get to the point already! And I shall:

              What I believe we are seeing is a Trojan Horse set up that is more of a psyop than an actual market crises.

              Silver is a very symbolic metal with a long history. Think of the great the Honorable William Jennings Bryan and his infamous “Cross of Gold” speech. Consider the Wizard of Oz (the text) and its silver slippers, gliding over a gold paved road, moving forward into the future together through a bi-metal approach to economic security. Please recall the infamous Executive Order 11110 from President John F. Kennedy, which was designed to add market liquidity. Silver is symbolic for so many citizens as a store of wealth and was never confiscated by FDR or an overwhelming populous (more silver owners than gold historically) would have “swinging him in Lafayette Square”.

              Now what if our little and big corporate raiders moved from video game companies (a sell by the 1% of the 1% as a “youthful” type of trade) to “Fight the Power” on behalf of silver. The futures market and options on futures markets are a very tricky place indeed, so instead there is a rush on physical bullion. What we may wish to all agree on is that physical silver is very illiquid and does not fit very easily into a video game / day trading model.

              The gambit as SK states is that there would be additional pressure put on long futures and options positions in order to force either a tick up or deadlock on the price (basically a squeeze play). Then if the U.S. Mint is unable to source the material, there could be demands for delivery on futures contracts in order to secure more bullion for coin and bar pressing.

              Yet, what if our raiders and the hedge funds are all the same people, or related parties, playing both ends? Maybe this whole situation is an opportunity to crush silver as a means to explain the benefits of the Great Reset? What is they state something to the effect of:

              “See we cannot have an asset based currency ever again! The assets are prone to disruption by ________________ (maybe terrorists?) and their manipulation. The only way our world can grow soundly is through a completely digital currency.” (or some such thing)

              That ends Mr. Schiff’s dream of a crypto, backed by gold. It turns the United States mint into the “AS SEEN ON TV” Franklin Mint and it destroys the credibility of metal backed currencies.

              Then the powers that be begin to hammer the COMEX, with additional strikes in the LME and TCE, when most retail investors are sound asleep (hey no one, but no one, will ever tell you arbitrage is easy). They use the TCE especially due to its low volumes and a lot of cheap Yen.

              If these actions do not work, then they will simply change the futures contract terms at Comex (which happened in 2011) and / or pull a Hunt Brothers scenario, while using the CFTC to pursue “dangerous individuals and their spooky “networks”; yes even the tiny ones”.

              Either way, they can now deal another “blow to Populism” and those “Trump followers or some such nonsense. We have a very elaborate example to make sure average Americans keep their place and “NEVER NO MIND” big ideas like a free / level market and representative government for all.

              Sorry this one was so long, but I wanted to do my best here. If anyone needs me to clarify some of the jargon in the post, please let me know and I will try to do so succinctly, instead of rambling.


              An aside:

              Okay, I will concede, Winter Watch is an awfully hard place to stay away from; here we are with smart people discussing yet another interesting topic.

              So that I make sure to address the white elephant in the room, if anyone happened to catch me on another thread that seemed to be going sideways for me, then I do apologize.

              Your nation’s capitol has been a rough and mindless place as of late and even the “simplest” among us occasionally get our feathers ruffled by the insanity.

              We (our family) are trying to leave and release the pressure valve, but I will admit that our process has been slowed a bit by current events, which adds to the frustration; SINCERE APOLOGIES for being out of sorts for too many weeks now.

              Whoever and wherever each of you are, I keep good thoughts, as well as prayers directed your way.

  2. We have them here at spot no problem so no global merchants banks have pounced. Very nice people too. I’m long in canned corned beef, organic preserves, ghee, whiskey and wine, all things tobacco, hydrochloroquine, ivermectin and over the counter calcium channel blockers, chicken and rabbit feed, Lucerne, coffee, tea, chocolate, etc etc etc. I even sold my truck and as I said before I’m practically a professional shoplifter but only from corporate who make me do the whole satanic slave ritual to enter their store. It’s WAR and I’m planning to trade up for the neighbors gold jewelry when the time comes. Seems pretty straightforward and I don’t like them.

    When is this faffing around going to end Russian? When are they going to tell the people’s they can’t get their dividends without their vxxx ID? I guess it’s about another year so we get these distractions huh?

  3. WSB is not trying to short silver. Most of the posts claim it is a distraction. Any post promoting silver has negative comments.

    • WSB is not trying to short silver

      Right, WW has explained that clearly enough if you read our words and understand the terms. WSB is trying to short squeeze silver by going long and forcing some phantom to cover.

    • Just re-read my original comment. It was supposed to say that WSB is not trying to short squeeze silver. My apologies, that is where our miscommunication is.

      Overall, WSB is not trying to do anything with silver. Going to the source, there may be one or two posts out of hundreds that promotes silver. They are quickly filled with downvotes and negative comments. Trying to pin the short lived silver rally that occurred on WSB is more linked to a media narrative than actual WSB posts.

  4. The tip off is the disclosure that the trader rebellion originated on Reddit which is one of the most controlled forums available. It is actually worse than getting trading advice from your shoeshine boy.

  5. I don’t really speak this financial language. I know enough to know I don’t know. Any book recommendations so I can become somewhat conversant in decoding these endless charts and data streams? Thanks

  6. Most dealers are now advertising pre-sales on silver (meaning they don’t actually have it) with weeks of waiting until it can be shipped, but, somehow, paper price went back down? It’s because the manipulated spot price/paper price set by banks and their minions is FAKE! The real price or market price is set in the physical bullion market place when you go to actually purchase coins and bars. Some of the ignorant shout that online bullion dealers are taking advantage of the situation by excessively raising their so-called “premiums” to price gouge us little guys. They are mistaken. It’s a function of supply and demand. If the spot/paper price operated accordingly, it would be naturally higher in line with the price of online retail dealers. Since it isn’t, “premiums” are raised by these retailers, i.e., fake paper/spot price + premium = real physical market price.

    Now we witness the sudden announcement by the U.S. Mint:

    “The US Mint is limiting distribution of its gold, silver and platinum coins to specific dealers because of heavy demand, and a limited number of suppliers of metals, it said in a statement.

    “The United States Mint said on Tuesday it was unable to meet surging demand for its gold and silver bullion coins in 2020 and through January, due partly to pandemic-driven demand and plant capacity issues… Heavy buying has continued in 2021, it said, squeezing supplies, which had already been tight as the coronavirus affected production.”

    Why doesn’t the U.S. Mint or one of their agents (i.e., the Sunshine Mint who’s contracted to provide the 1 oz. planchettes to the U.S. and Canadian Mints) aquire March futures contracts – since it’s a delivery month – and take delivery of the necessay 1,000 oz. COMEX bars, which they then would process into the American Silver Eagles or other needed silver bullion coins and bars? The U.S. Mint has proven they have the production capacity. So, is it because this would drain COMEX inventories too much that the paper price would have to go up too much in response, to their dislike? Or. perhaps, the alleged COMEX silver inventories are much less than stated and there’s not early enough unencumbered, unhypothecated existing silver in their vaults to satisfy demand from the public via the U.S. Mint?

    There is NO real price discovery! It’s all make-belief by banks & their accomplices.

  7. What is in store for the markets is that which the International Jewish Bankers have decided it will be and has been ever since they created and controlled the Central Banks and will remain so until we disband them for good they are not needed.

    “Banking was conceived in iniquity and born in sin. The Bankers own the earth. Take it away
    from them, but leave them the power to create deposits, and with the flick of the pen they will
    create enough deposits to buy it back again. However, take away that power, and all the great
    fortunes like mine will disappear — as they ought to in order to make this a happier and better
    world to live in. But, if you wish to remain the slaves of Bankers and pay the cost of your own
    slavery, then let them continue to create deposits.”
    Sir Joshua Stamp (1880-1941), one time governor of the Bank of England, in his
    Commencement Address at the University of Texas in 1927. Reportedly he was the
    second wealthiest individual in Britain.

  8. FWIW Russ has had a history of very prescient calls regarding the markets. I realize this is not a financial site nor, I suspect, is Russ looking for business, but for what its worth to those new to this site, he aint no dummy!. He sees the big picture.

    Having said that, lies lies and more lies, how is anyone to figure these synthetic markets out when all we are fed are lies.

    Just recently the BS about Semiconductors holding up the supply of cars? Has anyone ever broken down a modern day car? I have…You have ECU’s galore monitoring everything so that the slightest code flash leads to the vehicle going into limp mode…But here’s the thing, most all ECU’s, sensors, black boxes are located either under the dash, under the seats or in the engine bay, and ALL can be removed and replaced with the right tools within an hour. ALL OF THEM!!

    Why not continue production and set aside for retrofitting-At the dealer? They have all the tools.

    I suspect an easier way to go about disabling production would be with an IP Lawsuit regarding software upgrades…Since car owners essentially rent the software.

    Didnt Ford some time ago state that trucks were held up because of a cast aluminum radiator bracket? As if???

    This whole exercise looks like a round about way of killing faith in the existing market and setting the stage for a “New Improved” and equitable market.

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