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TradCatKnight Radio’s Eric Gajewski, Russ Winter Talks Ground Zero of Scamdemic, Trump Team’s Exposure to Covid and Color Revolution

Russ on Friday participated in another monthly podcast with intrepid stalwart Eric Gajewski of TradCatKnight. If you haven’t tuned in to these podcasts, you’re missing something. These are all short in length (approx. 40 minutes or less), but they’re fast-moving and hard-hitting.

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11 Comments on TradCatKnight Radio’s Eric Gajewski, Russ Winter Talks Ground Zero of Scamdemic, Trump Team’s Exposure to Covid and Color Revolution

  1. I have thought from the beginning that this whole thing is a hoax / psy op . It is hard to know who to believe and what to believe but I prefer Trump to win the Biden . The PCR is no good to diagnose any illness and was invented 40 years ago ffs ( check it out )

  2. I think they are using the NFL’s testing program to help roll out some of the ‘contact-tracing’ measures that they intend to apply on a much larger scale in the future. Each player, coach, or staff member that tests ‘positive’ for each team now has their test shipped off for analysis. Then, once a ‘positive’ result is determined, they are now beginning to establish who that specific individual came into contact with over the course of a certain time period so that they can determine how the said individual became infected, with who, and where while keeping a large database of this information as the season progresses.

    Of course, we know this is all just a ruse to deceive the general public so that they will think that this is how the so called infections are spreading themselves by human interaction. Very, very few people will call into question the whole ‘contagion theory’ paradigm itself’.

    We are a long way away from nipping thisglobal psychological operation in the bud. I see more and more commercials now on TV showing people wearing masks, plus they are overhauling the infrastructure of airports, schools, stores, etc. to make them more ‘Covid-compliant’ if you will, so that people will have this ‘new normal’ shoved in their faces. Also, I believe Heathrow Airport will be rolling out Covid-test passports beginning this week for passengers travelling to and from London. As each week passes, we see more and more the implementation of this sinister, totalitarian, technocratic agenda! I shiver to think were we might be in a year or two!

  3. As the Pelosi’s, the Getty’s, the Brown’s, and the Newsome’s are for California, the Rothschilds are for the whole world!

  4. Although this is my first time contributing to Winter Watch, and only my second time contributing to any blog or website in the world, I have stated to family and friends that this is a very sophisticated psy op. Therefore, I would have to concur with Mr. Beeby.

    From my understanding, the COVID-19 (or as I call it the Conjob-19) was developed as a weapon, which was contributed to by a few nations programs that are conducted in BSL4 facilities. The weapon was either utilized on a small number of folks, and then spread a bit or the utilization was small, then contained and the numbers were “juiced”.

    Even if I am completely wrong, one could question:

    1. If this pandemic is so horrible, then why isn’t there a single nation on the planet calling for a halt on all research in BSL4 facilities so that the world can catch its breath and understand more of what has occurred?

    This would allow an opportunity to really use deep analysis to pose the question of whether we really need BSL4 laboratories at all. Perhaps humanity just does not need these types of laboratories.

    2. Since China said “NO” to WHO laboratory inspections in Wuhan, why hasn’t the U.N. Security council taken up the issue with a vote of the permanent members?

    Considering how Conjob-19 affected all of the member nations quite severely, if we are to believe the spin, the vote should be 4-1 for inspections, and the Security Council should have the means to at least make a statement (because in the end they are not really too effective) for inspections and possibly take a few actions to drive home the point.


    3. Why is no official and / or leader seeking to institute a standardized safety protocol for BSL4 facilities across the globe?

    BSL1, BSL2, and BSL3 facilities all have standardized safety protocols across the globe and are far more secure than the most dangerous facilities ever created. Now I am not an advocate of either BSL3 or BSL4 laboratories, because their “peaceful” research may be weaponized with very little modification, against U.S. and international law.

    Although I am leaving off other questions and observations here, I would suggest that the lack of interest by the United Nations, a lack of pushing for inspections, and a lack of desire for a BSL4 safety protocol would indicate that this is quite a psy op.

  5. Since I have now listened to the podcast, I wanted to add one more comment about the future.

    Although I have ZERO “insider” information and I cannot read tea leaves, I have been seeing a few threads that I do think indicate the future outcomes headed our way. This list is just a quick and easy way to put it up here:

    1. I agree with Mr. Winter, there will be a heavily contested election, which will be followed by violence and destruction (this has been gamed by the CIA since the Nixon administration and the Weather Underground).

    2. In early 2021, President Trump will be certified the winner (even if he has the Electoral College votes in November, it will not matter); however, he will resign in the first half of 2021 and we will be back to having a President that no one voted for (Pence = Ford). President Trump will do the for the “good of the American people”, and to end the bloodshed in the streets (also, he seems to wish to be a private citizen again and be done with the job — think about the debate when he spoke about how much his family has lost since becoming public servants).

    Should this happen, the swamp will be back in harmony again, and his future fate will be decided by how well Vice President Pence plays ball (which he will).

    3. President Trump will leave with a message of having “won” and always being a “winner”. He will then more than likely seek to become the new Mr. Rupert Murdoch. My guess is that he will live for a time in Panama (where he did have property a while back) for his own safety, and Trump TV will be launched as an alternative to the Disney owned Fox.

    He will have the backing of many of the same folks who have always financially staked him. The same people will be able to provide him with the technical personnel. He will also be able to get a good deal of the “talent” that is on Fox.

    4. This whole process will be the “Great Compromise” in the U.S., which will fall lockstep with the “Great Reset” to take place in Davos. As many of us know, the Federal Reserve is in the process of either putting the United States Mint out of business or making them into a gift company.

    Money will go fully digital in many of the G7 nations, while some nations will still have physical cash for only about a decade (think Latin America) more.

    The best case scenario would be a polite succession in the United States, which has been gamed before as well; however, I believe it is unlikely. Without any hesitation, I agree with Mr. Winter that the United States is in its final chapter as we know it to have been up until 2019 (and we could speak about the steady decline dating back to not too long after the nation’s founding, but especially in the 20th century).

    No republic has ever lasted 300 years (maybe the Swiss will get there, but I am doubtful). The fall of the Roman Republic began with the nations debt and a lack of faith in its money. We are under the largest debt ever created in the history of the world. There is very little faith in the currency of the United States and other nations that we have propped up (e.g. China and Russia) seek to replace us in the world. Meanwhile the masses in the U.S. are provided bread and circus (or open liquor stores that are essential and a broken political system that has become sport in a way many of us could never have imagined).

    The Democrats are fully throwing the race on purpose. They are fully aware that their candidate has nothing to offer, yet the bigger powers in our national intelligence apparatus, and their controllers, are calling all the shots. The end goal (as Mr. Winter pointed out) is to embarrass and destroy the entire American political system once and for all.

    Wish I had a brighter perspective here.

    P.S. Either one or both of his sons might run for Congress in the future (which was unthinkable in 2015), but his daughter will more than likely not run for the Presidency (which I believe was a plan in 2016 – 2017).

    There may however be a Purple Ticket looming in a Nikki / Gabbi ticket in the future. This will finally bring in the true acknowledgement of the uni-party.

    • @simple citizen- for “not being able to read the tea leaves”,you sure make a lot of predictions! Are you a cfr/trilateral commission correspondent?

      • No.

        Actually, I truly am a simple citizen who reads a lot and thinks on matters. Just the way I was brought up.

        Thank you for the question.

  6. A few observations after listening to the interview:

    – I see no evidence that this so-called virus is a ‘bio-weapon at all!

    – The problem to me is in the RT-PCR test that they are using. The whole agenda is being driven by these tests and how they interpret them and what they are exactly testing for.

    – It has never been proven that ‘a virus’ lives in the ‘open air’ or lives on various ‘surfaces’ for a period of time,

    – When you type in ‘viruses’ into Google Images, all you get are CGI produced images.

    – Has the existence of a ‘virus’ actually been proven? Electron microscope? How would it be proven?

    – No ‘contagion theory’- no pandemic!

    – Just how much are the people being deceived?

    – William Barr will do nothing on voter fraud or anything else. The head of the Justice Dept. is one of the key positions that they always control!

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