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Curious Yet Underreported Connection of Cleveland Clinic to Trump Team’s Covid Outbreak


President Trump’s Covid-19 diagnosis announcement Thursday evening has sparked a myriad of reactions from the Lugenpresse and left-wing mainstream media outlets, from outrage over Trump and his team’s refusal to wear masks to feigned concern and thinly veiled glee over the prospect of his demise.

Many among Trump’s inner circle have also tested positive for Covid-19 in recent days, starting with presidential aide Hope Hicks on Thursday morning, followed by First Lady Melania Trump, White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany and former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who — along with former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani — has been helping Trump rehearse for the debates.

Members of Team Trump who, since Thursday, have tested positive for Covid-19, in no particular order. GRAPHIC: CNN

Without any evidence, the Lugenpresse is blaming the unmasked Saturday, Sept. 26, Rose Garden announcement of Amy Coney Barrett as the official nominee to the Supreme Court as the “super spreader” event that had led to more than 14 Covid-positive diagnoses. We believe this is a calculated misdirection.

Though details are scant about about the whereabouts of his team last week, there are plenty of important facts that the Lugenpresse is hiding that make the Rose Garden an improbable source. The more probable point of contact with the virus was in fact the first presidential debate on Sept. 29 at the Cleveland Clinic campus at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio.

Timing of Testing and Diagnoses Among Trump Team

The majority of the Covid cases were diagnosed between Friday, Oct. 2 and Tuesday, Oct. 6. That’s six to 10 days after the Rose Garden gathering, and two to six days after the debate. The normal incubation period for the virus is two days, according to the Associated Press. It’s possible that it could take as long as three to five days, but typically it’s just two, just like colds and flus.

We’ve been told since last spring that the reason Trump and his team don’t wear masks is because they’re constantly being tested for Covid, as are those who are permitted to come in contact with them, even if for a brief private meeting. Trump and his team tested negative for Covid prior to leaving for the debate in Cleveland, according to reports on the day of the event. Had they come in contact with the virus in the Rose Garden Saturday, it surely would have shown up in someone by Tuesday’s debate.

The first in Trump’s circle to be diagnosed with Covid was Hope Hicks on the afternoon of Thursday, Oct. 1. She did not attend the Rose Garden event, but she did travel with Trump and Melania to the debate in Cleveland. Trump’s team appeared fully present in Cleveland, but the entire roster is unclear. This Instagram photo however shows the staff on site in a room. Did they arrive with Trump or on a different flight sometime prior? This wouldn’t be unusual, but we don’t know.


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At 1 a.m. Friday morning, after receiving a second positive Covid test result, Trump announced he was infected. Friday afternoon, he was transferred to Walter Reed hospital. Saturday morning, his medical team briefed the White House press corps about his condition. They said his infection was caught very early and his viral load was light. This comment indicates he wasn’t infected a week prior in the Rose Garden but rather at the debate.

Environmental Factors

The Rose Garden event was held outside, because it has been widely established that Covid-19 does not survive in sunlight. Similar to other White House events, and like the rallies Trump has been holding in battleground states, Trump’s team is in control of their environment. Most events are held outdoors. Where testing Covid testing isn’t feasible, such as at rallies (aka “protests”), temperatures are taken upon entry and those with any hint of a fever are turned away. Trump usually is kept a good distance away from crowds.

KXAN (NBC News): In an exclusive interview, Paul Dabisch, a senior research scientist at the Department of Homeland Security’s biodefense research laboratory, said that initial lab tests show sunlight, higher temperatures and humidity are hurdles for the survival of the coronavirus.

“What we have found so far is that sunlight seems to be very detrimental to the virus,” Dabisch explained. “And so within minutes, the majority of the virus is inactivated on surfaces and in the air in direct sunlight.”

President Donald Trump and Judge Amy Coney Barrett in the Rose Garden at the White House on Sept. 26, 2020. PHOTO: Business Insider/Alex Brandon/AP

Knowing that outdoor environments are safer gatherings, it seems odd that an indoor hall was chosen for the first presidential debate. The debate was supposed to be held at University of Notre Dame in Indiana; however, the university backed out its commitment over Covid concerns.

The committee that organizes the presidential debates chose the Cleveland Clinic to advise on health matters involving the debates. When Notre Dame canceled, the Cleveland Clinic offered its campus for the event.

The change of venue was sudden. reports, “Public officials were given short notice. City officials weren’t involved in the process at all.”

It chose a hall in one of its buildings and only 100 attendees were allowed inside the day of the event. Again, according to the Cleveland Clinic, those who were allowed inside the hall for the debate had to test negative for Covid. But what about those who were setting up the debate hall just before the event?

Curious Connections Nobody’s Reporting

Eleven of the personnel involved in planning and setting up the debate hall tested positive for Covid shortly after the event, according to local news reports. All were from out of state. Local officials said it’s unclear whether Trump or his team could have contracted the virus in Cleveland. The national Lugenpresse want the public to believe it’s all about the Rose Garden.

Meanwhile, there are countless photos that show setup personnel curiously lingering around Trump’s podium. Planting an infection there or in the staff meeting room looks like shooting turkeys in a barrel to our sensibilities.

A technician works under the desk where moderator Chris Wallace of Fox News will set Tuesday night during the debate between President Donald Trump and Democrat Joe Biden. [Julio Cortez/The Associated Press]

Trump, Biden prep for contentious first debate, set for Cleveland Ohio

Watch live: President Donald Trump, Joe Biden to spar on 6 issues in first debate -

Tuesday's clash in Cleveland, Ohio, the first of three 90-minute debates, represents the first time voters will have the chance to see the candidates facing off against one another directly

Presidential Debate 2020: Trump and Biden arrive in Cleveland | Daily Mail Online

It’s also noteworthy that the setup crew created a section for Democrats on one side and a section for Republicans on the other. Why? The Democrat side was near the hall entry and unobscured. The Republican side was arranged among the technical crew.

Following the city’s announcement of Cleveland Clinic setup crew Covid cases, the Cleveland Clinic released this non-denial denial in which it seems to try to deceptively parses the words “setup” and “debate.”

Covid cases following the debate were traced to the debate set up crew, according to the New York Post.

Here’s how long Covid is said to survive on surfaces. A wood podium and furniture: two days.

How to kill coronavirus on surfaces, which people often get wrong - Business Insider

“The Cleveland Department of Public Health was not in the debate hall monitoring compliance with the city’s coronavirus guidelines, the city said it was in contact with organizers who were responsible for that monitoring,” reports. “The Clinic was one of the organizers.”

Who’s at the Helm of the Cleveland Clinic?

Isn’t it odd that Trump travels all around the country and holds countless events, and he never gets ill. But when he attends an event hosted by a medical clinic and that’s set up by third parties, he and many other members of his staff become infected — but not anybody in Biden’s camp? Very suspicious indeed.

This made us curious about the Cleveland Clinic. Upon cursory review, we find its CEO is one Tomislav Mihaljevic (Томислав Михаљевић)

CLEVELAND 19NEWS: Dr. Tom Mihaljevic, CEO and president of the Cleveland Clinic, said the hospital system serves as the health security advisor for the Commission on Presidential Debates to provide a safe environment during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The collaboration led to the opportunity for Cleveland to host the first of the three presidential debates in the 2020 election cycle.

A “safe environment”? So far, we’re not impressed. The Lugenpresse reports that clinic organizers asked attendees to wear masks, but Trump’s crew refused. The fact is that they wore them except when they were seated in socially distanced chairs, according to ABC News.

We see that Mihaljevic has grand plans for the $10 billion Cleveland Clinic, including reaching 4 million patients by 2014. To make the facility more of a high-end destination, it partnered with Westin hoteliers to create a quarter of a billion dollar hospital resort. We imagine such lofty goals will not be easy to achieve if Trump is allowed to continue to attack health care price inflation and dismantle the deceptively named Affordable Care Act.

More notable is the Interim President of Case Western Reserve University Scott Cowen.

Cowen is a recipients of a Carnegie Corporation Academic Leadership Award. He holds honorary doctorates from the University of Notre Dame, Yeshiva universities and several others. And he and his wife are recipients of numerous awards from Jewish organizations, such as Chabad-Lubavitch. TIME Magazine in 2009 named him one of the nation’s top “10 Best College Presidents.”

The following year, Cowen was appointed by President Barack Obama to the White House Council for Community Solutions, which advised the president on ways to reconnect young people who are neither working nor in school.

Still think it was a gnome in the Rose Garden that facilitated the outbreak?

George Cortelyou, President McKinley’s Assassination and the Panic of 1907

15 Comments on Curious Yet Underreported Connection of Cleveland Clinic to Trump Team’s Covid Outbreak

  1. The PCR isn’t even a test. The Nobel prize winning inventor of the process, Kary Mullis, seemed like a straight shooter and would’ve said as much. Unfortunately he died in August 2019, what a coinkydink. Probably refused to go along with this con. He explains how it’s not a test in the video below.

  2. If those PCR test videos are true and I think they are, then this whole thing is a set-up and/or psy-op. So I guess Trump thinks by being part of this set-up or psy-op that he’ll win re(s)election? And then you have the Biden crowd saying this means Biden wins…. What a load!

    • What’s clear is that the media and Democrat politicians are deliberately trying to misdirect attention away from the debate site and toward an extremely unlikely source, the Rose Garden. Why? Because there’s a cover up. If the Trump team was pulling a hoax, I suspect the examination of the facts by the DNC-led media would be more honest. Whenever every network and national rag mouths the same exact phrases in unison about a topic of uncertainty, we know something’s up.

  3. Who cares! A killer virus with a 99. Whatever survival rate! A virus so deadly you need to be tested to know if you have it! A virus so deadly your breath or the air you breath are sources of infection YET they stick a swab up your nose almost to the brain to test for it! A virus so deadly it caused a coin shortage! It’s about the economy stupid

    • Yes, generally, the scamdemic is an economic destruction vehicle but not exclusively. Nowhere in the post did I claim “Trump could’ve died!” I pointed out rather glaring deceptions in the narrative being spun.

      The point is that a wave of Covid diagnoses among the Trump campaign during the last three weeks of the election does affect the election.

      Really, there are dozens of conclusions one could draw as to “why” anyone would want to deliberately infect the Trump campaign. I just provided the most likely venue and left it to the reader to speculate as to the where and the why.

  4. I suspect Trump quickly checked out of Walter Reed because he feared he was going to be given the James Forrestal treatment (pushed out a window of that hospital), and his demise would be listed as a Covid death — nothing to see here, move along.

    • Perhaps you’re right about the ‘check-out’. But Torchy, you know THERE IS NO SPECIFIC
      TEST for a particular thing such as “Covid”and NO LEGITIMATE so called Covid diagnosis.
      It’s all Bull – don’t know how to be more plain. You know that right ?! The way parts of the
      article we’re written I really couldn’t tell. First, “viruses” exist, but they aren’t what they say
      they are or what most people think they are. Part misunderstanding and big part lie. We’ve
      all been lied to for a very long time about the nature of disease and so called “contagions”
      Toxins cause disease and lack of nutrients and minerals cause disease, but “germs” have.
      never been shown or proved to cause disease. The ‘infection theory’ of disease has been
      repeatedly and thoroughly debunked. And very long ago as well. Second, viruses are not
      living, so how can they “survive” for alleged varying lengths of time on different surfaces.
      TOTAL NON-SENSE. Zero truth, accuracy or relevance. Look up for yourself and start
      reading. Viruses are supposedly described as inorganic, inert, lacking metabolism, no
      sexual or asexual reproduction, etc HUH ?!! So how do they get around and hurt us ?!
      Oh yeah – they supposedly “hi-jack the cellular machinery” (their terms) and trick the
      cells, our cells, into replicating the virus, since of course they (the virus) have no way
      of reproducing on their own – SINCE THEY’RE NOT f***ng ALIVE to begin with. Huh ?
      Really !? If EVER your BS detector should go off, it would be now. Naturally there’s
      no proof of this – just a big supposition – since they can’t actually see inside the cell
      to observe or confirm this. A test for virus means nothing. NOTHING. ((They)) tell
      you themselves that most people (over 80%) are asymptomatic right ?! SOooo …
      what the hell does the test mean, and how can the virus they’re testing for even
      be correlated with illness much less causality. Ridiculous. ((They)) tell you that
      of those that test positive, less than half a percent will prove fatal. Really ?! So
      how exactly do they know that the half percent were “killed” by the virus while
      the other 99+% “survive” and most of those (over 80%) were NEVER SICK ?!
      Seriously, this is an IQ test of the mocking sort and so many are failing. What
      about this: The only virus we have to fear is of the hebrew variety. Here’s an
      absolutely ‘scientific’ assessment: If a major league hitter got a base hit just
      ONE TIME for every 200 At Bats, (that’s half% mind you) would you put him
      in your line-up ??!! Would he be correlated with runs scored or runs batted
      in ??!! Would he be considered in causing a team to win games ?! This is
      not trivial or absurd thinking or comparison. It is logical. The whole virus
      narrative is total bullshit START to FINISH. ((They)) just didn’t tell you.
      Viruses exist. They’re in us. We make them – our body makes them.
      They don’t hurt us. They’re present in sick people. They’re present in
      well or healthy people. What does that tell us ? Is that a pandemic ?
      I could go on. Pull the tab. Think, & think some more. It’ll come to you.

    • That’s why I like you Torchy. I have just about every book on James Forrestal possible and even the Willcutts Report pdf. I wonder if Trump knew the significance of being there too? Or worse, if he was on the same floor or room as Forrestal. It’s catchy and edgy to say ‘Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself’ but us learned folks like to retort with ‘Forrestal Didn’t Kill Himself’.

  5. Bottom line. I agree wholeheartedly with everything Rommel 41 has to say in his above comment. The problem is, I would say close to 90% or better of the population believe the Covid lie to be the truth. Just look at the mask-holes you encounter at every turn.

    No matter what Trump say’s or does, it is spun by the Lugenpresse as irresponsible, dangerous, and uncaring. He cannot get his message out(frankly, I’m still not sure he isn’t part of the grand charade). The thousands of doctors and health professionals who now agree CV was all a big nothing-burger are being silenced by the greatest tool in the controller’s tool box. They are being ignored and their story is untold. When that fails their work is simply deleted from platforms such as YouTube.

    When a population(such as that in America)has become so brain washed and divided, there is really not much hope. I must say Ron White said it best.
    Can't Fix Stupid

  6. Americans in election years remind me of caged hamsters being hand-fed fear pellets by broadcast news networks and crooked politicians. “Institutional racism!” ** nibble nibble ** “Russian election interference!” ** nibble nibble ** “White supremacists with bulging veins!” ** nibble nibble ** With each passing day until November, they become increasingly bloated and neurotic.

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